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Thread: SLEC Mr Tom
25/06/2022 13:47:42

tome for the hull sides. Looks like I need to shape the stringers to give something to add glue too. Any suggestions, I was thinking just sandpaper. I have permagrit sanding blocks, but what sort of angle am I looking for.

21/06/2022 19:03:11

Thanks Dave. Steaming will be my next step.

19/06/2022 15:22:26

Looks like I need to tidy up the very front part but happy enough so far


19/06/2022 15:21:44

ce3ed8eb-4eb2-4a6a-951c-f83ab5330645.jpegThanks Ray

Not sure what this particular balsa is, but after soaking and leaving to dry a little the super glue did hold it around the breast hook. 64838f99-b322-4f82-a678-1ec9e20c109a.jpeg

19/06/2022 12:27:34

Thanks Dave.
the front is quite a severe bend, and not much give in the balsa. The rest is a pretty straight line. I did a test fit and it will break if I force it. Wondering if I can steam just the part that actually bends rather than trying to soften the whole thing.

19/06/2022 09:24:06

Hi all

Finally building something again. Mr Tom from SLEC. Nice little model, instructions could be better, but it’s coming along. Now need to fit the stringers along the top and bottom. These are balsa and the instructions call for them to be soaked to make the more pliable. Not done this before so no idea how long they need a soak for.

Any guidance, as a, much appreciated.


Thread: Todays Boating
05/09/2020 20:37:44

Cool. See you there.

05/09/2020 14:18:18

Hi Ashley

looking at coming to the lake tomorrow but looks like Hampton Crt has a car show on. Traffic was awful coming back from queen Mary’s reservoir this afternoon. Will you be giving it a go.


Thread: Avenger Too
09/12/2019 21:37:28

How about this as a base. Project 66 from Meccano. 
Meccano Magazine.

Edited By Andy C on 09/12/2019 21:38:06

Thread: Todays Boating
18/11/2019 06:42:22

Good to see you again Ashley. The lads enjoyed the morning. Busy, with lots of bystanders asking questions. Always nice to see jaws drop when you answer the “are these bought from a shop” question with nope handmade.

going to add the fins to 5he hover/skimmer thing and see if it travels straight


15/11/2019 21:34:33


have some friends staying over Saturday night so thought I would bring the lads down to the pond on Sunday, weather permitting. Won’t be nice for them if it’s chucking it down.

Thread: Creating Interest in Model Boats
30/10/2018 08:03:15

Bob,it would be a shame if you stopped, or at least stopped posting about your creations. I think they are pretty awesome. Not in my skill set at the moment that is for sure.

As for the younger generation not wanting to get involved, mostly it will be down to time and maybe computer games. Okay definitely games, but not all is lost. One of my issues is that for me to go boating I have to drive 40+ minutes depending on traffic, to get to Bushey Park.  Wimbledon might be an option but still a good hoof away.  Tom has so much going on with school, after school clubs and finding time to spend with friends etc, that spending a 3 hour round trip does not appeal. Wonder why.

However, as I said not all is lost. He was fortunate enough to have a couple of friends over last Wednesday as it was half term. We planned a day around playing in a park, boating at Bushey and geocaching. So I charged the batteries packed up the boats and off we went. Spent a hour in the park and then off to the lake. You know what, they had a absolutely fantastic time spent ages pottering around finding things to do with the boats made up games around docking them and trying to be careful not to disturb the passengers. They even found a log close to the bank that they discovered the boats would fit in between. Made for another game. That is what they do. Find things to make a game out of.

It seems one of them had such a great time he wants to do it again. I think it might call for printing of Ashley’s lander plans, cutting them out and letting him glue it together. Then he can call it his own. So there is a future, you just have to be patient and choose your timing.

BTW, got the cannons working, much to the ducks disappointment.


Edited By Andy C on 30/10/2018 08:03:51

Edited By Andy C on 30/10/2018 08:04:32

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Thread: What am I doing wrong now
04/10/2018 13:32:01
Posted by Charles Oates on 04/10/2018 12:00:26:

I would glue a plate of wood over the inside of the hole, and when it's dry use filler from the outside. Sand, paint and it should be fine.


hmm. That's a good idea. I could use both ideas. Plate it from the inside and stick the plug to the plate. fill the edges of the plug and paint. A bit of Cap'n Tolleys crack sealer would not go a miss either.

With the graupner pump does it matter which way up it is fitted. looks like, from the writing, it should be fitted upright.

Thanks Charles


04/10/2018 11:17:43

So, the saga of the non pumping pumps continues. At the lake on Sunday once again nothing. So, change of plans. Bought a Graupner pump, like that fitted in Richards pirate ship (working very well by the way, as the wet kids on the dock will attest too). New bit of pipe and an inlet. Inlet is tiny but seems to be a match to the pump and pipeworts. So should work. The question I have now is how do I fill the massive great big hole in my hull. I was thinking using an appropriate sized hole saw to cut a plug and glue it in. Bit of filler and some sealing etc and it should work. Shouldn't it? Any other options. Not really wanting to replace the whole hull bottom as the motor mount and rudder are all fitted and aligned.

Cheers in advance


Thread: Brutus
27/09/2018 08:23:44

Hi Paul

Thought the article was extremely well written. Proof in the pudding will be if people can build the boat from the plans, forum thread and your article. I will let you know in a while. About to finish my Vivace.

I also think there is not enough in the model boating area about the future of ships. Both military and private. Things like hydrogen power has been around for a while in cars, but not very mainstream yet. Most are concentrated on hybrid or full electric. Putting it in a shop makes sense if you can build smaller scale desalination plants. There are articles around about power generation plants combining desalination, so maybe it will be in the future. Especially for nuclear powered vessels. Sail boat design has also shown some interesting sail development over the years too. With ridged sails etc.

Maybe some of this will filter down into the scale world too.

Keep pushing the boundaries


11/09/2018 06:32:34
Posted by ashley needham on 10/09/2018 16:51:49:

Andy C. Does this mean you have finished all the other boats and will be coming down to Bushy???

Ashley wink

Hi Ashley

Nearly. Started again on the Vivace as I did not like the way it was going together. Now putting the last skins on the hull bottom before sealing and building the superstructure.


10/09/2018 14:16:05

Okay. Question number 1 of many. Where do you get 8mm ply. Big box stores only have 9mm. Even tried slec.


Thread: Todays Boating
10/09/2018 13:27:53

Young boy and father had a go with landing craft and tug. Very enthused - encouraged them to go to Addlestone model centre and browse the boat stuff there

soon to be the only model shop for a long way around. Mick Charles model is is closing down due to retirement Not much for boaters but always had a stock of wood and glue etc. Not as cheap as the internet either but at least you could actually talk to him about various servos and motors etc before buying.


28/08/2018 20:33:10
Posted by ashley needham on 23/08/2018 20:43:17:

The lander has had the new shafts fitted and a complete repaint in grey/black/white. The tank deck has been altered and some interior detail fitted. Have to put lettering back on and some rope bits, then all done.

Have several EDF units at home....must have a use for them??

Noel came round yesterday and we chopped up some ply for his barge. Design altered slightly but not much. Centre well sized to put the tug INTO for storage.

Should be down Sunday with refurbished lander, Herald and one other...woteva.

Considering a cheaty 3 decker...may have to get the card out for a quick prototype......


There is a plan online for a pvc pipe and foam bottom. I made one with some left over small motors. It looks a bit like a hovercraft type thing. Might work with edf’s instead.

Thread: MB. Free Plans
28/07/2018 10:55:03

A lot of work maybe, but you could list the plans here or another site. There is also a Facebook page for roc boat plans. They need to be electronic copies though. So even more work.  In case anyone fancies a particular one. 

Edited By Andy C on 28/07/2018 10:55:42

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