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Thread: Sarik Styrene Hulls
20/12/2020 20:26:44
Posted by Colin Bishop on 20/12/2020 18:50:12:

That could be a moving feast Chris. As the styrene hulls are pressed out the thickness will vary in different places depending on how the plastic is stressed when it is warmed up and pressed over the plug...............


That is why I asked about the thickness of the base plate. from which the hull is pressed.

20/12/2020 18:14:50

I don't like things that flex unnecessarily.

I would still like to know how thick the styrene sheet used by Sarik is before it is drawn. The flat surplus around the edge of the moulding is the thickness of the sheet.

20/12/2020 14:44:17

What thickness styrene are Sarik Hulls drawn from?

I have seen a couple of ABS (???) German kit hulls recently which seemed very flimsy to me. I don't think that they used to be like that.

Thread: Digital Archive Not Accessible
19/12/2020 14:13:09
Posted by Colin Bishop on 19/12/2020 10:54:04:

Who was the email from Chris?


Colin - you have a message.

email from

Beth Ashby-Njiiri

Subscriptions Executive

Edited By Chris E on 19/12/2020 14:35:40

19/12/2020 10:01:42

The actual words from my email:

" Thank you for your email, please be assured that I am working through this as fast as I can to get everything up and running on the new platform before January. "

18/12/2020 23:17:14

If they don't convert the files from 2007 I will very much feel that I have been cheated.

My email stated that they hoped to have them available before January and I expect them to honour that. I trust that they will.

18/12/2020 18:26:33


A digital subscriber gets access to all back issues 2004-current issues. Some can be downloaded and some can only be put up on screen. This is a good reason to want a digital subscription.

I guess that is why they are so worried about piracy.

I think that you can download  new issues but I am not due for one yet!

Edited By Chris E on 18/12/2020 18:35:02

18/12/2020 10:00:13

I have had a reply that they hope to have it sorted by January. Fingers crossed.

This is not a Covid delay as the advise not to use Adobe Flash Player has been around officially for over 12 months and unofficially for much longer..

Thread: Modelboats Dec/Jan
16/12/2020 07:57:22
Posted by Dave Milbourn on 15/12/2020 23:08:28:


It was my birthday on Sunday but I didn't receive my cards. I'm thinking of cancelling all my family and friends...


Funny that. I didn't get any post on Sunday either

Same story with the postal delays here. We ordered some bits on the web and they were posted separately, but at the same time from the same place. The first arrived next day & the last (identical size box/packaging/weight took nearly 2 weeks.

We are living in strange times.

Thread: Spammers December 2020
14/12/2020 19:46:52

Has anyone safely seen what happens if a link is clicked? Do you get something nasty?

Thread: Digital Archive Not Accessible
14/12/2020 12:55:44

As nobody here has picked this up I have emailed the editor (for want of anyone else) and she has referred it to someone who will hopefully sort it out.

11/12/2020 12:47:18

I have a subscription to the digital archive but I cannot read any issues prior to March 2019 because they require Adobe Flash player.

Due to security issues this is not supported by Firefox and it will not be supported by Microsoft Windows etc from 1 Jan 2021 (3 weeks away). It won't just be not supported but will be blocked

Microsoft Flash Player Blocking Link

The pre March 2019 issues of the archive need converting to allow continued access for Windows users. As the change is due to concerns about the awful security problems of Adobe flash player this is not optional.

I understand this has already been done for the RCM&E archive but I might be wrong.


Edited By Chris E on 11/12/2020 13:11:37

Thread: Model Boats December 2020/January 2021
08/12/2020 13:01:10

I am actually very impressed that they actually have another copy to send out. This is particularly true as they don't sell back issues.

Another weekly magazine that I subscribe to has occasional problems. If you call them to complain of non delivery they say that they will send a replacement - then you get two copies of an issue in a few weeks time which is just what you wanted.

I have learnt and ask for a subscription extension followed by a dash to the shops.

Well done Model Boats Mag.

Edited By Chris E on 08/12/2020 13:03:20

Thread: Todays Boating
03/12/2020 12:11:56

Absolutely fabulous. Those tick every quirky model box that I can imagine.

Are the foils wings airfoils or just flat planes? Do they point for/aft or is there a twist somehow?

I am trying to work out why they want to lift. idea question dont know

Thread: Bluebird K4
03/12/2020 09:34:09

In the old glow motor days I always put the inlet pipe in the propwash behind the prop blades to get as much water forced up the pipe as possible.

The outlet pipe came out of the side of the model well above the waterline so that I could see that the cooling pipe hadn't become blocked.

03/12/2020 08:42:45

I agree with Ashley about outrunners  needing the mount cooling as this is the bit attached to the core of the motor and the coils..

What often isn't recognised that it is the centre coils & core of an outrunner that get hot and that the bell can still be cool whilst the coils melt with overheating. This can happen very quickly.

You often see people testing how warm their outrunner motor is by touching the bell. In reality this tells them very little.

Edited By Chris E on 03/12/2020 09:12:37

Thread: Helicopter Esc to Brushless Fwd/Rev for Micro Models
29/11/2020 16:26:41

The new Model Boats has an article about converting a helicopter esc to a forward and reverse brushless esc for small brushless motors.

How general is the idea to model heli esc?

Guidance as to suitable alternatives would be appreciated.

Edited By Chris E on 29/11/2020 16:34:34

Thread: Model Boats December 2020/January 2021
22/11/2020 10:29:42

As I have said before costs are split into two groups. Those that arise whether a magazine is published or not including head office costs, loan interest, staff wages etc and those that vary with production ie print costs (although those might also be partly fixed if your own the press). Reducing the number of issues reduces variable costs but leaves fixed costs unchanged. Reducing the number of issues makes it more difficult to cover fixed costs.

From an income point of view I expect that advertisers pay per issue and casual buyers definitely pay per issue so less issues equals less revenues and increases the possibility that some outlets might decide to stop carrying the title. As subscriptions are , I think, sold for a fixed number of issues they will last longer which again has the potential to reduce revenues as renewals will bot be arising as often.

The above doesn't really encourage subscribers to renew however much we want the magazine to continue and uncertainty certainly doesn't encourage new subscribers.

I do hope that they have got their calculations right! As Colin says magazines are not charities.

I also wonder how many issues you are buying with the different length subscriptions. A one year subscription is clear "Model Boats Magazine publishes 13 great issues per year" (except it isn't) but 6 month and 3 month subscriptions when issues are coming out less than once a month? I think that it is time that they sold subscriptions of a number of issues basis rather than a number of months.

The communication with loyal readers has been appalling. I get emails from various companies that I deal with advising me of updates to their trading plans and methods but absolutely nothing here. I can easily appreciate uncertainty makes life difficult, and can cause plans to change, but basic good business practice says that you should keep customers (magazine buyers and advertisers) informed.


Edited By Chris E on 22/11/2020 10:30:43

21/11/2020 09:13:39

For anybody interested in Brockley Combe there are some lovely pictures here which can only add to the Model Boats review. It appears to be a model of real character although I am not a total fan of the weathering on the review model...

Brockley Combe Review/ Pictures

Edited By Chris E on 21/11/2020 09:37:35

Thread: Is Model Boats Magazine Going to 12 Issues per Year?
18/11/2020 10:06:23
Posted by Colin Bishop on 17/11/2020 10:14:53:

I don't think people are not interested, they simply understand the problems.

As already said, tjhere isn't a Winter Special this year, hence the extended publication gaps this Autumn. I believe (but don't quote me) that the present intention is to return to 13 issues for 2021 but obviously that could depend on the impact of lockdowns on newstrade sales etc. The editors and designers have been working from home for many years now but sale receipts have to cover salary and production costs etc. It's pretty straightforward really.

I'm sure we'd all like some certainty ona lot of things but we live in uncertain times at the moment.


Firstly Colin I don't think that most people do understand the problem. It is easy to blame everything on Covid but that is not really understanding the problem.

Until this post I had never really thought of the "special" as anything other than a name for the 13th issue, which obviously couldn't be a month, which was slightly different to the other issues. It was simply 1 of 13.

I have no idea of the economics of magazine production but since subscriptions are for 13 issues the fact is that the fewer magazines issues you print merely means that subscriptions last longer and you don't get more money (subscription renewals) in as quickly to help pay fixed costs. The same is true of shelf sales. How advertisers react to the number of issue I don't know but the total advertising revenue is surely smaller if you produce 12 rather than 13 issues.

Don't get me wrong I am delighted that they are trying but the communication with loyal readers/ subscribers has been woeful. I regard it as counterproductive to try and sell subscriptions that are not reality as it hardly increases confidence.

As an aside since the December issue is due to be published on the 3rd December the next issue, 4 weeks later, would be 31st December. I anticipate a third 5 week issue.

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