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Thread: How to access Model Boats archived mags
08/02/2021 13:40:31


I am not expecting you to do anything as I realise that you can't.. Th editor says she has no knowledge and passes on my emails and then I get what seem to me like platitudes from the office.

Thanks you for the suggestion of Owen Davis. I will follow it up.

One of the main reasons that i took the digital subscription was the archive. I am feeling cheated.

08/02/2021 12:45:04


I really do think that it is time a little pressure was applied. It is now 2 months since I was told that the conversion was underway and that they hoped to have it done by the new year. In the two months (6 weeks excluding Xmas) they have converted around a dozen magazines. At this rate the archive will take years to complete.

It doesn't matter to print only subscribers but it is very important to the value of the digital subscription.

Surely this conversion is ideal for work from home?

Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
07/02/2021 14:09:07

That is a really nice neat small coaster. For a 10 year old with a razor blade she is quite amazing and we are seeing it around 60 years later. Judging by its location I am guessing that she is quite small.

Are 10 year olds allowed, by most parents, to get near razor blades now?

I am afraid that electric and underpowered were comfortable bed fellows until quite recently.

07/02/2021 12:55:25

That is one of the problems of a forum. If you are speaking to a beginner you can read from their body language and voice whether they are understanding what you say. With a forum their is no such interaction.

Having said that there are times when you think that you have explained something face to face and it appears that someone has understood it - but then they turn up with what they have done putting it into practice.....................

Then there are times when they don't need something explaining but you don't know that and finally..

Very very occasionally you get it just right.


Edited By Chris E on 07/02/2021 13:03:23

Thread: Todays Boating
07/02/2021 10:28:37
Posted by ashley needham on 29/01/2021 17:07:35:

Tested a 1000kv 28mm outrunner on a 7.2 Nimh battery and x50 prop. Massive shove, 12A, spinning Like there was no prop connected ..................................


Around 1.4w/gram. Sounds useful

I guess that it depends on your bath capacity but I have never found pond measures very different but a great deal more difficult to get. Pond water level / knees / mud etc.

One day I will invest in telemetry.

Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
07/02/2021 09:44:12


That is a nice model & much more convincing than the Alligators that are proliferating everywhere. yes




Nobody is wanting to "lecture" to you. We all have our experience and are offering it to help you. It is entirely up to you what you do with it.

We would like to think that we are helping make your model a success.


Edited By Chris E on 07/02/2021 09:44:28

Thread: Todays Boating
06/02/2021 18:16:11


Please report the results of the 1000kv 28xx and the 40X prop. I suspect that it will be a useful combination.

Thread: Model Boats March 2021
06/02/2021 11:15:33

My digital copy arrived this morning - Saturday 6th February

Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
02/02/2021 13:25:50
Posted by redpmg on 02/02/2021 12:47:11

.................................George Turner used to use the Graupner 2mm Shaft units with 7.2v Speed 400 motors and 28mm 2 blade props for his fast boats - worked very well (there is a difference between the 6and 7.2v versions) . Not sure you need a 4mm shaft at all if its not too long - very long one could cause whip at high speed. .

A 7.2v Graupner Speed 400 had a kv of around 2300. Given the greater willingness of brushed motors to slow down as the load increases this is probably not a bad comparison with a 1200kv CF1200 although the Speed 400 might well end up turning the prop a little faster.

Was George Turner putting this combination in a 14in vintage model?

02/02/2021 11:06:19


I am not looking to confuse the issue further but why have you recommended a X30mm prop when you similar sized Ferret MTB looked to run so well on 25mm which had a much lower pitch?

A CF22 isn't all that loaded with a 30mm prop so should achieve say 75%+ of its 1200kv x 7.4v which is around 7000rpm. I don't think that your 280 with a 30X prop (or even on a 25mm lower pitch 4Bl brass prop) would got anywhere near that.

Overall I suspect that this model is overpowered and probably heavy. Not a good combination for a hull that was designed for a small motor and a bell battery.

I agree about reducing the rudder area but I would add that it should be by reducing the height rather than the width.


Edited By Chris E on 02/02/2021 11:36:28

02/02/2021 09:06:17

These shafts did not come with a propeller lock nut. I would strongly advise that if yours doesn't have a lock nut then you should fit one.

If necessary, because the shaft is too long, you can knock out one of the nylon shaft bearings and then shorten the tube, shorten the shaft & replace the bearing.

That motor looks enormous in the model. Is it a 1200kv CF2822?

01/02/2021 09:48:02

That looks like an very large rudder for what is going to be a fairly fast model.

Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
29/01/2021 16:49:12

That is going to look really nice on the water. To my eye it is much more interesting than more modern shapes.

Thread: Digital Archive Not Accessible
28/01/2021 14:15:05

Something is starting to happen.

Archive issues January 2018 to November 2018 are now HTML5 and available. Hopefully we are now being converted and an extra issue will appear frequently.

Issues from March 2019 have always been HTML5 and available.

Model Engineering has now been completed from late 2016.

Edited By Chris E on 28/01/2021 14:22:44

Thread: Todays Boating
25/01/2021 10:13:22
Posted by ashley needham on 24/01/2021 18:44:14:


Is that a Tupolev A3?

Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
22/01/2021 16:04:13
Posted by Ray Wood 2 on 22/01/2021 14:58:41:

Hi Chris,

I get the feeling we have had this debate before on here many times ? the only specs I know about or the ones I wear the Ferret MTB had a Robbie Slow Fly 280 it was one of 4nr I bought for an aeroplane I never built 20 years ago. I ran the little boat on a 2 cell lipo giving 7.4volts.

I was frightened by the photo of the brushless motor and surface piercing/ flexi drive set up in in Carl's opening post !!

Regards Ray

Yes it is one of by frustrations in life!

The brushless motor frightened me as well. It looked much much larger/ than any I would want to put in a model aircraft as a 280 replacement.

Keep Well




Edited By Chris E on 22/01/2021 16:04:36

22/01/2021 12:56:48

This is what I don't like about brushed motors. The specs are generally so imprecise. I note that Component Shop list 3 different spec 280's & I am sure that there are many more out there.

I agree that the motor in the video looks like a 280 but what spec? I note that Ray's Ferret is about the same size & also has a 280. Perhaps Ray will be kind enough to tell us which spec?

22/01/2021 07:44:41

You might care to have a look at this video.The model is powered bu a 180 motor!

Weight is a critical factor with a model like this.

KK Mermaid

Thread: Cheaper power pack/vac
21/01/2021 11:47:48


Any good?


Thread: Returning modeller
19/01/2021 09:45:11

Ashley's motor mounting method works well with 2 provisos both of which are to do with overheating and a third practical issue.

1. That you don't block any ventilation holes

2. That you are not working the motor anywhere near its limit as you are reducing its ability to dissipate heat. The bit of the motor touching the filler is effectively wrapped in a blanket. The idea is not to have half the motor sitting in a bed of filler.

3. There is no adjustment. The prop shaft / motor alignment needs to be spot on before you bed the motor on the filler. A solid coupling for setting this us is a very good idea.

Edited By Chris E on 19/01/2021 09:47:35

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