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Thread: My Time Media
16/06/2021 09:22:08
Posted by ashley needham on 16/06/2021 08:51:18:

...................most firms have a small print whereby you cannot leave and immediately re-join?


But you & your partner can alternate.....................

Thread: Swordfish, Jetex & Ashley's Article July 2021 Model Boats
12/06/2021 13:41:20

Thinking about it I also remember the thin wire which was in the centre of the fuse and which was supposed to blow clear of the jet hole when the pellet lit .................. but often didn't meaning no thrust.

As you can tell I never had much luck with Jetex even though I loved the idea!

Perhaps I should mention, for those who have not yet received their copy of the magazine, that Ashley has fitted a small ducted fan to a Jetex design.


Edited By Chris E on 12/06/2021 13:46:22

12/06/2021 12:51:35

Jetex was always one of those models that had mystique. The catalogues were great & built childhood desire but the models............

I am sure that Ashleys model is a vast improvement in so many ways on the original. Seeing a Jetex model actually work is great. Well done Ashley!

Ah............... the memories of Jetex.

I had a Jetex brand speedboat as a kid except that as a kid I couldn't get it to work properly but did anybody?

I remember the fuse that came coiled in a little can but which "cracked" ever so easily making it useless as it stopped burning when it reached the crack.

I remember the difficulty of threading the fuse through the orifice at the back of the motor which helped causing the cracking mentioned above.

I remember the gauze that had a notch that the fuse had to fit round also causing the fuse cracking problem ............ and I remember the gauze clogged so easily and which was a problem for my fingers to clean - if I didn't drop it down the plug hole - don't ask.

I remember filling the bathroom with smoke the first time I got it lit & the trouble that I got into.

I remember the total disappointment at the lack of power - it certainly wasn't a speedboat.

Did anybody get theirs to work any better?

Thread: Todays Boating
05/06/2021 12:45:30

.............and the RAF Jaguar was said to be the only plane to need reheat to fast taxi! smile smile

04/06/2021 10:59:10
Posted by redpmg on 04/06/2021 09:43:28:

.........................You could have called the good lady who was so rude by the RN nickname for the Walrus - if anyone wants to know what it was you would have to PM me as its very rude..............

Edited By redpmg on 04/06/2021 09:47:16

Do you know how or why it became known as a promiscuous Chiroptera?

Thread: November 2007 Magazine on Digital
26/05/2021 20:45:45

All now work!!

Thank you Beth & the IT Department.

21/05/2021 08:38:39

So Nov 2017 just doesn't open in Windows?

The 2018/19 issues problem is presumably true for everyone. I can't believe that anybody still uses Adobe Flash Player.

20/05/2021 14:50:45

There are several issues that won't open. They were reported to the magazine when they had finished the conversion but nothing has happened to rectify the situation.

November 2007 will not open for me either.

Winter Special 2018, December 2018, January 2019 and February 2019 are all still in Adobe Flash format & thus cannot be opened.

Thread: Todays Boating
14/05/2021 18:16:48


Don't let it worry you. Yes- to some people we are adults playing with toys but I really don't care. I look at some of the things that others regard as being a good way to spend money, good TV to watch, good music to listen to, food to eat, things to do on holiday etc etc etc & I conclude that you & I are the only sane people left - and I am not entirely sure about you. thinking wink

Yes some people are rude but that is their problem. It's your hobby so enjoy it.


Edited By Chris E on 14/05/2021 18:17:51

04/05/2021 08:28:44


If all else fails you could send a screen grab of the picture with the URL clearly visible.


Thread: May 2021 Model Boats Mag
01/05/2021 20:26:26

Yes things happen. One measure is how the problem is dealt with. As I am sure that the issue was sent to print 3 weeks ago there might not have been much urgency with sorting out the problem.

We will see.

30/04/2021 18:25:01
Posted by Charles Oates on 30/04/2021 15:41:31:

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I read mine on this site, I've never used pocket mags, and didn't see any reference to it on this thread. Is it Pocket mags that's the problem?


You get a better quality on Pocketmags. The archive, whilst very welcome & useful, is definitely lower quality.

30/04/2021 14:00:28
Posted by harry smith 1 on 30/04/2021 11:51:45:

Hi Colin

Logged on again, but still no May Issue !!!

Harry Smith

I haven't got it either.

I phoned them Tuesday and the team that I talked to could not see the problem so they escalated it. I was promised an email by the end of Wednesday with the resolution. It is now near the end of Friday and if I don't get a reply within the next 3hrs it won't be before Monday.

It is in the digital archive if you look there but it is not the same quality.

25/04/2021 12:36:02

The lack of plans feature has been explained but nobody has ever explained why the articles are published lacking basic information that would make them much more readable for digital subscribers.

There cannot be a good reason that digital issues are published later than print issues.

I realize that fan boys will forgive anything and everything but the wider market will not. If they are serious about selling digital issues then things need to improve.

Going sailing.


Edited By Chris E on 25/04/2021 12:39:17

25/04/2021 10:54:39
Posted by Ray Wood 2 on 25/04/2021 09:28:17:

Hey Chris,

Look on the bright side, this months free plan is smoking hot

Do you get the plan with the digital issue ??

Regards Ray

Unfortunately no plans in the digital issue. This is very unfortunate as many plan articles are written assuming that the reader has access to the plans. Quite often even really basic information like the size of the model is missing from the article but included on the plan.

It is very easy as a digital subscriber to fell like a second class citizen. When the time comes I don't think that I will stay with digital unless it becomes more than an afterthought.

25/04/2021 09:24:17

Still no digital issue. Faith left me years ago.

If you consider how long it must take to get an issue printed and then packaged + postal time - say 2 weeks - it is very hard to understand how a digital copy that surely only takes minutes/hours couldn't have been done in the 2 week lead time of the print issue.

23/04/2021 20:58:34

So it is just the digital issue that isn't available yet.

23/04/2021 13:51:48

Has anybody had their May 2021 Model Boats mag yet which was due to be available today - either digital or print? Or is it delayed?

Edited By Chris E on 23/04/2021 13:52:33

Thread: Commodores Challenge
13/04/2021 09:03:57

I too love a slipper lunch.

I wait to see what you do about the figures. Open models including Slippers can look great on static display without them but I haven't seen many open models of quality where the figures don't let them down (or be non existent) when on the water.

Thread: Todays Boating
08/04/2021 08:59:39
Posted by Richard Simpson on 07/04/2021 12:08:57:

A bit like the old 'Star' yachts when I was a youngster. Both myself and my brother had one. All you could do was to set the rudder and hope it ended up somewhere on the opposite bank!

Yours had a rudder? My SY7 just had a fancy shape steel fin. You set the direction with the sails (very approximately)

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