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Thread: Tips on restoration of the hull
08/12/2021 11:24:05

I agree with the above. What looks like an upgrade to some will look like vandalism to others.

I would suggest that you very carefully, but thoroughly, clean what you have got before making any decisions.

Thread: Lesro575
03/11/2021 20:59:22

For those who don't remember these very popular models:

575 Pictures & Instructions

02/11/2021 19:01:54

I had a 575 in the day & I agree that it was great for shallow and /or weedy lakes due to its shallow draft and the shape of the keel which didn't want to snag weeds. That, I think, precludes bulb keels and hence the Micro Magic.

Regretably I am not aware of a modern alternative. It was a simple shape so somebody might still form them.

Thread: Returning modeller
29/10/2021 21:34:17
Posted by Richard Simpson on 29/10/2021 19:10:16:

I built a rubber band powered plane with my Dad when I was a teenager. If I remember correctly it was a Veron Impala, but I might be wrong. It was a lovely flier though and a little offset on the wing positioning could bring it back to where we launched it.

I remember the Veron Impala as a glider.

I never had much luck with rubber powered models of the 50's and 60's, partly at least, due to a very poor choice of models - cheap & cheerful + easy to build sheet wings! .

I am also very impressed with 10 years from a foam Acro Watt!

Thread: Model Boats - Classified Adverts
21/09/2021 12:31:38
Posted by Ray Wood 2 on 21/09/2021 12:23:51:

Hi Richard,

I suppose speaking to somebody initially gives you a chance to decide if you want to give them the address of your front door

Regards Ray

Gumtree, Mayhem & others offer this facility. Initial contact is via message or email (your email address isn't revealed to the prospective buyer) and it is then up to you whether you exchange phone numbers or arrange meetings etc.

Personally I would never buy or sell a model unseen as I can foresee all sorts of problems as Ray mentions.

21/09/2021 11:26:09


I am not in favour of reintroducing the free ads. Ther are many ways to sell items these days beyond the bounds of ebay and with as near to face to face contact as Covid allows.

There are frequently items for sale (& sold) on Mayhem and I use Gumtree which is both free, if you use it as I do, and always allows face to face contact. If buying you tell Gumtree where you are & how far you want to travel etc. Just like the old days of small adds but with lots of pictures.

As Richard says the magazine space would need to come from somewhere & I fear that it would be editorial. I can also imagine that preparing the page would end up as being time consuming. I think that there would also need to be pictures for it to work.

Sorry but no.

Thread: How Big is your Club Lake?
20/09/2021 13:02:29

What size/ type of model and speed are you expecting?

20/09/2021 12:13:22

The size that you are asking for is a river, lake or reservoir and all three will have rules.

Are you sure that you can see your model well enough at 1000m, even if you stand at 500m, for good control at the sort of speeds that you expect?

You would need a very calm day (an hour at dawn or dusk often provides calm water) and a rescue boat of some sort.


Edited By Chris E on 20/09/2021 12:18:08

Thread: Todays Boating
14/09/2021 07:59:48

Bushy P Bell

As usual something different. I don't doubt that the public like it which I suspect is at least partly to do with all the figures.

Do you own a plastic moulding company? I don't know the scale but there are a lot of them.

25/07/2021 09:29:35

I enjoy your weird builds Ashley.

The magazine content will always be contraversial. The name "model boats" means different things to different prople. Yachts, warships, lifeboats, fast models etc all have their advocates and then we divide those into detail ehthusiasts (including static modellers) as opposed to less demanding scale modellers. My father regarded anything less than around 50in as a toy whilst I increasingly like small models.etc etc. An ever growing contingent are RTR model boaters, some only buy kits whilst others are scratch builders. Judging by forums bait boats are important as well!! Add to all that the range from beginner to expert.

To cram all that lot into around 50 pages of content takes some doing.

At least part of the trick must be to include articles that the majority will enjoy reading. That is where your articles come in. They raise a smile and are very welcome. I am not about to build a flying saucer but I am delighted that you did.

The are occasionally articles that I just wonder how they ever got included - there was one in the July issue (not from Ashley).


Edited By Chris E on 25/07/2021 09:32:40

Thread: New Ferries
24/07/2021 09:18:57

It obviously isn't a problem with ferries but with the new LNG cruise liners I wonder how many ports have LNG bunkering facilities. They don't need them in every port but availability might have an impact on cruise schedules - along with the Covid effect + others.

I guess it might be like electric cars. Great idea but be wary of a shortage of recharging facilities.

Thread: Todays Boating
20/07/2021 15:57:37

Thats it although the ones that I knew about had a rather more streamlined motor housing than that..

There are now lots of thrusters on ebay although I know nothing about how well they work nor how waterproof they are.

Edited By Chris E on 20/07/2021 15:59:03

20/07/2021 12:44:40


I can well believe that they work well as thrusters.

Some bilge pumps can have the complete waterproof motor unit removed from the housing and connected directly to a normal prop - making an azipod. The whole lot can then be used as a underwater steerable drive system. The underwater ROV crowd used them.

20/07/2021 11:18:53

Paul T

That is quite some drive system that you have got there!

I expected that they would not be very efficient but if you don't ask...............


19/07/2021 16:30:40


I have been reading your "Flying Saucer" article in the August Model Boats and it set me wondering.

The Bilge Pump says 12v 3W (36W) although you run it at 9.6v. You say that it gives strong quiet power but how does the amount of thrust that you get from it compare to a normal propeller drive of the same power?


Edited By Chris E on 19/07/2021 16:30:57

Thread: 18650 batts in model boats
11/07/2021 20:04:49

18650's are one of a series of batteries with different capacities but similar construction. I believe that they are used in very large numbers in most scooters and even full size car battery packs as well as many laptops etc.

They are great where weight matters and are much more robust than LiPo packs.

Be aware that the best manufacturers - Sanyo, Panasonic etc only make them up to around 3000mah. The 9000+ chinese cells that you see are works of fiction.




Edited By Chris E on 11/07/2021 20:19:06

Thread: Expanding foam
10/07/2021 21:31:13

The examples that I am aware of are not fully closed cell. If they get wet they absorb water & get heavier .

They also really do want to keep expanding and can break your model doing so.

I believe that you need something like this:

Edited By Chris E on 10/07/2021 21:34:20

Thread: Testing Your Pulling Power. Model Boats July 2021. Phil Scalesi
29/06/2021 13:31:47

Ok I know people with Voith Schneider drives and for that matter water jets. Neither invalidate the basic value of data from a given motor/ battery / prop combination and the vast majority of models I see use traditional drive systems..

The article referred to in the winter 2019 issue - Boston Lock - states that the ".........the model performed well going ahead.........". Whilst the design might not be optimal for propeller efficiency it is unlikely to be that much of a problem going ahead. As I said before going astern is a whole different subject. The design modifications were to address problems going astern.

Edited By Chris E on 29/06/2021 13:51:16

29/06/2021 12:18:05

How many of us use Voith Schneider drives to get confused? For the rest of us the data is largely transerable between models when going forward.

Going astern is a whole different ball game.

29/06/2021 10:41:49

There is a very interesting article on tug bollard pull in the July 2021 Model Boats. The last page has a potentially very valuable guide to bollard pull from various propellers. Unfortunately it doesn't include details of the motor used, the rpm of the propeller nor the amps/watts consumed etc.

I don't know if Phil Scales (the magazine contributor) is on the forum but if he is then is there any chance of getting the extra information? If anybody is a fellow club member of Phil perhaps they would be kind enough to pass on the message.

This is potentially a very good extension of the Colin Bishop articles of a couple of months ago.

Edited By Chris E on 29/06/2021 10:42:46

Edited By Chris E on 29/06/2021 11:11:15

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