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Thread: Todays Boating
25/07/2021 09:29:35

I enjoy your weird builds Ashley.

The magazine content will always be contraversial. The name "model boats" means different things to different prople. Yachts, warships, lifeboats, fast models etc all have their advocates and then we divide those into detail ehthusiasts (including static modellers) as opposed to less demanding scale modellers. My father regarded anything less than around 50in as a toy whilst I increasingly like small models.etc etc. An ever growing contingent are RTR model boaters, some only buy kits whilst others are scratch builders. Judging by forums bait boats are important as well!! Add to all that the range from beginner to expert.

To cram all that lot into around 50 pages of content takes some doing.

At least part of the trick must be to include articles that the majority will enjoy reading. That is where your articles come in. They raise a smile and are very welcome. I am not about to build a flying saucer but I am delighted that you did.

The are occasionally articles that I just wonder how they ever got included - there was one in the July issue (not from Ashley).


Edited By Chris E on 25/07/2021 09:32:40

Thread: New Ferries
24/07/2021 09:18:57

It obviously isn't a problem with ferries but with the new LNG cruise liners I wonder how many ports have LNG bunkering facilities. They don't need them in every port but availability might have an impact on cruise schedules - along with the Covid effect + others.

I guess it might be like electric cars. Great idea but be wary of a shortage of recharging facilities.

Thread: Todays Boating
20/07/2021 15:57:37

Thats it although the ones that I knew about had a rather more streamlined motor housing than that..

There are now lots of thrusters on ebay although I know nothing about how well they work nor how waterproof they are.

Edited By Chris E on 20/07/2021 15:59:03

20/07/2021 12:44:40


I can well believe that they work well as thrusters.

Some bilge pumps can have the complete waterproof motor unit removed from the housing and connected directly to a normal prop - making an azipod. The whole lot can then be used as a underwater steerable drive system. The underwater ROV crowd used them.

20/07/2021 11:18:53

Paul T

That is quite some drive system that you have got there!

I expected that they would not be very efficient but if you don't ask...............


19/07/2021 16:30:40


I have been reading your "Flying Saucer" article in the August Model Boats and it set me wondering.

The Bilge Pump says 12v 3W (36W) although you run it at 9.6v. You say that it gives strong quiet power but how does the amount of thrust that you get from it compare to a normal propeller drive of the same power?


Edited By Chris E on 19/07/2021 16:30:57

Thread: 18650 batts in model boats
11/07/2021 20:04:49

18650's are one of a series of batteries with different capacities but similar construction. I believe that they are used in very large numbers in most scooters and even full size car battery packs as well as many laptops etc.

They are great where weight matters and are much more robust than LiPo packs.

Be aware that the best manufacturers - Sanyo, Panasonic etc only make them up to around 3000mah. The 9000+ chinese cells that you see are works of fiction.




Edited By Chris E on 11/07/2021 20:19:06

Thread: Expanding foam
10/07/2021 21:31:13

The examples that I am aware of are not fully closed cell. If they get wet they absorb water & get heavier .

They also really do want to keep expanding and can break your model doing so.

I believe that you need something like this:

Edited By Chris E on 10/07/2021 21:34:20

Thread: Testing Your Pulling Power. Model Boats July 2021. Phil Scalesi
29/06/2021 13:31:47

Ok I know people with Voith Schneider drives and for that matter water jets. Neither invalidate the basic value of data from a given motor/ battery / prop combination and the vast majority of models I see use traditional drive systems..

The article referred to in the winter 2019 issue - Boston Lock - states that the ".........the model performed well going ahead.........". Whilst the design might not be optimal for propeller efficiency it is unlikely to be that much of a problem going ahead. As I said before going astern is a whole different subject. The design modifications were to address problems going astern.

Edited By Chris E on 29/06/2021 13:51:16

29/06/2021 12:18:05

How many of us use Voith Schneider drives to get confused? For the rest of us the data is largely transerable between models when going forward.

Going astern is a whole different ball game.

29/06/2021 10:41:49

There is a very interesting article on tug bollard pull in the July 2021 Model Boats. The last page has a potentially very valuable guide to bollard pull from various propellers. Unfortunately it doesn't include details of the motor used, the rpm of the propeller nor the amps/watts consumed etc.

I don't know if Phil Scales (the magazine contributor) is on the forum but if he is then is there any chance of getting the extra information? If anybody is a fellow club member of Phil perhaps they would be kind enough to pass on the message.

This is potentially a very good extension of the Colin Bishop articles of a couple of months ago.

Edited By Chris E on 29/06/2021 10:42:46

Edited By Chris E on 29/06/2021 11:11:15

Thread: Swordfish, Jetex & Ashley's Article July 2021 Model Boats
23/06/2021 20:49:25
Posted by Colin Bishop on 23/06/2021 19:53:09:

.............................Changes will come but they will do so in an evolutionary way rather than by a revolutionary quick fix.


I do hope that you are right as it is at least possible. I shudder when I hear politicians give dates for things to happen about which I guess they know very little except the value of a soundbite.

Having said that I am aware that the majority of the worlds population don't have a car or heating/ air conditioning etc but would dearly love to do so. To reduce total global average pollution whilst also accepting the right of others to a standard of living similar to ours means an enormous reduction in our pollution. It also means that they will need to go straight to the technically sophisticated, but often expensive and difficult to manufacture, solutions that we are developing. Without our help they will go to the cheap solutions that are affordable and easier to make but more polluting.

I am sure that it can be done but it is going to be an enormous investment in all sorts of ways. At the moment I hear lots of soundbites but no real political will nor recognition of the scale of the problem.

23/06/2021 14:55:11

Nobody said that answers were impossible but rather that they are not simple nor necessarily obvious.

22/06/2021 15:51:54

Wind farms are fine until it isn't windy witnessed by the very variable power output.

Solar panels are fine until it goes dark or the light quality is poor. This is a particular problem in the winter when power demands are highest. Most want to charge their cars at night when the panels are not doing much.

Storage to cover the bad times becomes an issue unless you are going to have expensive power stations sitting doing nothing for a lot of the time ready to leap into action if needed. We have no viable idea how to store such large amounts of electricity.

Small wind turbines are very inefficient.

We don't want to build nuclear power stations but we are happy to buy nuclear power electricity from the French (untl they decide to turn it off).

Don't start me on the ecological damage that all these batteries will cause. There is enough known Lithium to let the 1st gereration of electric cars be built but after that............... (Lithium cannot presently be recycled for repeated use in batteries)

There are no easy solutions but I agree that if we all wanted an electric car the grid would collapse. Electric cars might be part of the answer but they are not the whole answer.

Subsidising solar panels - or anything else- is fine except the subsidy has to be paid for. National debt is around national income. If it gets any higher the market will demand higher interest rates & that will cause real problems.


Edited By Chris E on 22/06/2021 15:54:32

21/06/2021 16:05:27
Posted by Philby on 21/06/2021 14:49:35:

a jetex motor was a sealed chamber where the burning of the fuel pellet created heat and oxygen .....................


Agreed that the only source of oxygen must be the burning of the tablet but that oxygen is then consumed by the burning process to create the horrible smelling smoke that came out of the very small orifice at the back.

I was amused by a post earlier which talked about enlarging the jet hole and modifying the gauze to make the motor more useable. This was a toy and purchased by people for children who knew nothing of drills (& whose parents didn't own any of the very small size required).

The Jetex motors were possibly OK for modellers but not as toys.

Thread: My Time Media
16/06/2021 09:22:08
Posted by ashley needham on 16/06/2021 08:51:18:

...................most firms have a small print whereby you cannot leave and immediately re-join?


But you & your partner can alternate.....................

Thread: Swordfish, Jetex & Ashley's Article July 2021 Model Boats
12/06/2021 13:41:20

Thinking about it I also remember the thin wire which was in the centre of the fuse and which was supposed to blow clear of the jet hole when the pellet lit .................. but often didn't meaning no thrust.

As you can tell I never had much luck with Jetex even though I loved the idea!

Perhaps I should mention, for those who have not yet received their copy of the magazine, that Ashley has fitted a small ducted fan to a Jetex design.


Edited By Chris E on 12/06/2021 13:46:22

12/06/2021 12:51:35

Jetex was always one of those models that had mystique. The catalogues were great & built childhood desire but the models............

I am sure that Ashleys model is a vast improvement in so many ways on the original. Seeing a Jetex model actually work is great. Well done Ashley!

Ah............... the memories of Jetex.

I had a Jetex brand speedboat as a kid except that as a kid I couldn't get it to work properly but did anybody?

I remember the fuse that came coiled in a little can but which "cracked" ever so easily making it useless as it stopped burning when it reached the crack.

I remember the difficulty of threading the fuse through the orifice at the back of the motor which helped causing the cracking mentioned above.

I remember the gauze that had a notch that the fuse had to fit round also causing the fuse cracking problem ............ and I remember the gauze clogged so easily and which was a problem for my fingers to clean - if I didn't drop it down the plug hole - don't ask.

I remember filling the bathroom with smoke the first time I got it lit & the trouble that I got into.

I remember the total disappointment at the lack of power - it certainly wasn't a speedboat.

Did anybody get theirs to work any better?

Thread: Todays Boating
05/06/2021 12:45:30

.............and the RAF Jaguar was said to be the only plane to need reheat to fast taxi! smile smile

04/06/2021 10:59:10
Posted by redpmg on 04/06/2021 09:43:28:

.........................You could have called the good lady who was so rude by the RN nickname for the Walrus - if anyone wants to know what it was you would have to PM me as its very rude..............

Edited By redpmg on 04/06/2021 09:47:16

Do you know how or why it became known as a promiscuous Chiroptera?

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