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Thread: large r/c yacht
19/05/2010 08:35:26
Hi Roger.
A hard chine is where the side of the boat hull meets the bottom of the boat with a hard corner, rather than one blending into the other in a smooth curve. As a generality most planning hulls are hard chine and displacement hulls are frequently all flowing curves.
I have a hard chine yacht called "Dab Chick" that I restored and fitted radio control, it was from a model boats free plan I think. It sails very well.
I think a hard chine yacht would be a very good one to do as a first build.
Thread: Problems with Electronics
12/10/2009 07:51:42
Ashley, the cheek of it, Luddite clap-trap indeed. Does he realise that you are twice published? So what if the flying boat doesn't fly, the New Zealand mascot is a flightless bird and the mighty Toyboata has got to be a strong contender if there is ever a straight running competition on dry land. Turn the other cheek Ashley You have got fans.
Your supporter.
Thread: The Weather
07/09/2009 00:02:04
Hi Bob.
We have a pond in a similar situation (surrounded by trees) at Queen Elizabeth Park. We sail on it when it is too windy at Henley lake. I am a novice sailer so find the fickle winds quite a challenge.
Thread: need a small water pump for a 32cm model and monitors to squirt water from
06/09/2009 23:47:06
 Dave wrote, "A bit large for a model barely a foot long, methinks, and a 12v power supply would be even larger."
Fair enough.
06/09/2009 09:37:10
What about the electric windscreen washer pump from a car wreckers? It would be 12V dc.
Thread: The Weather
06/09/2009 09:32:26
Nice photo Bob. It looks a nice venue. What is the wind like for sailing yachts?
Thread: Oberon submarine
23/07/2009 07:41:22
It is looking very smart Ashley. Don't forget the odd rust streak.   How are you going to show us it in action? It will be under water. We will just have to take your word for it. You could take up scuba diving.
Thread: Vigilant Build
16/07/2009 06:54:41
Hi Peter, I had a look at your album, the ship looks great. I see you have built it entirely in timber. Look forward to seeing any future photos as you finish the model and a picture on the water of course.
Thread: Large Rc Yachts
25/06/2009 07:55:07
 Hi Dave
Here is a plan of a model yacht from an Italian site.
Thread: Grand Banks Cruiser build
17/06/2009 22:15:44
Hi peter. Thanks for the reply. I was worried about corrosion of the electrical contacts.
Sounds like a great day was had by all. It is good when everyone gets involved in a community project like that, then more people take pride in the area.
16/06/2009 07:44:32
It looks a lovely spot Peter. We are having a southerly blast and it is freezing. Sleet is comming down with the rain.
How do your boats stand up to the salt water? Especially the electrics. What precautions do you take to protect things?
I haven't sailed any of my boats in salt water yet, but if I did it would open up more opportunities to sail as we travel around NZ.
30/05/2009 09:47:15
It looks great Peter. I particularly like the top photo it looks really purposeful.
18/05/2009 08:29:31
Gee Paul how old are you? But seriously that setting looks lovely and is something that I would like to see some day. When you live in a recently civilised country like NZ you just don't get to experience the sense of history that you are surrounded with. Most of our 100 year old houses are on their last legs. 
16/05/2009 08:01:41
The boat looks really smart Peter. It is beautifully finished. What do you use for glazing the windows? They look nice and clear and there is no encroaching glue showing. How do you mount them?
Cassey looks pleased with life, I suspect she is one lucky dog and knows it.
Our corgi likes to come for a ride on the boat rescue canoe at the pond, when ever she gets the chance.
Thread: how to tune a yacht
07/05/2009 09:19:34
Moving the mast forward did it for me too. I bought a Monsoon Yacht (900 mm long) and it tended to turn away in strong gusts and it was difficult to turn across the wind when tacking. An old hand at the pond suggested moving the mast forward about 1/2", so I went home and modified the mast to deck fitting so it was adjustable and did what he said. It is now a different boat to sail.
Gordon also pointed out that the jib was to flat and suggested that I put an adjustable thread from the leach end of the jib boom to the top of the mast so I could put some camber in the leach of the sail. This has helped increase boat speed. There is a wealth of knowledge and help at the pond if you are open to a bit of advice. I have gone from knowing nothing about yachts, to knowing that I know nothing about model yachts and that is an important step.
Thread: I fancy an MFA Fantome
07/05/2009 09:01:04
It looks great going through the wave Ashley. It must be good to have a regular swell like that to cruse through rather than the chop of a pond.
Thread: Grand Banks Cruiser build
04/05/2009 09:28:09
Hi Peter. The boat looks great, you have done a lovely job on the planking. Why did you choose ply for the hull planks and not pine as for the deck? I couldn't help noticing your little helper in one of the pictures. Looks very much like our Rosie.
Thread: Jeanie Deans at War
26/04/2009 09:53:21
Fabulous looking ship Bob. You must have been chuffed at having no hitches on the first voyage. There is an impressive amount of water turbulence from the wash.
Thread: How many people still scratch build?
16/04/2009 08:43:11
Tom said.
"What is needed beyond that point are three things, which each person must decide how much of each he will use to accomplish the task...talent, time and tools.
You can use any two of the three, or all three, but noone can build a model using just one."
Tom. I get the gist of what you are on about in your first three paragraphs but I cant for the life of me under stand your above statement. How can you build with out time? Also you need some level of talent. If your fingers were running out of control, there is an edit function available. I know, I have used it many times.
Thread: Dhow Design and Scratch Construction
04/04/2009 09:17:31
It is a bit late for this thread, but in case anyone is interested here is a link to a website of free plans with a plan of a Dhow. It is the fourth plan from the top called (Dhow de cabotaje del mar Rojo). 
You will have to use a Spanish translator like to get  any sense from the text.
Hope this is useful to someone.
PS. I have just noticed that there is a plan of a Chinese Junk on the same site .It is the 2nd one from the top. There are some good sketches showing detail which would be very helpful in making an authentic model.

Edited By David Meier on 04/04/2009 09:33:26

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