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Thread: Large scale ship ideas.
11/07/2010 00:12:07
You should contact The Fat Controller he is a big model man, or should I say a man who makes big models. Just type in "barrel back" in key words at the top of the page to see a thread on one of his builds.
Thread: prop shafts
10/07/2010 23:58:02
Sigh -----------------------------ince friction.
Thread: Armidale Class Patrol Boat
10/07/2010 23:46:40
It is looking great Peter. I cant wait to see a photo of it on the water at full speed. What are you powering it with? Have you gone brushless?
Thread: National Warship Weekend 2010
10/07/2010 23:42:24
A very interesting slide show David. A lot of fabulous models.
Thread: Motor Mount - How Do I Get the Right Angle
10/07/2010 23:34:24
Hi Alan.
A method I have done quite successfully is to make the wooden block mount a bit lower than required then put a dollop of auto body filler on top of it and bed the motor onto the body filler until it lines up as you want it. when the filler has set you can clamp the motor onto it to secure it with a simple strong back to secure it. PS. you need to wrap the motor with glad wrap (cling film) to stop the filler from sticking to it.

Thread: Trent Class Lifeboat
10/07/2010 10:13:00
Hey Paul, is this for real that you are building an 18 ft Titanic? Or have I just won "gullible of the year" award? If you are you can't just leave us curious. More info please. Between you and Bob Wilson I think the two extremes are just about covered.
Thread: prop shafts
10/07/2010 09:54:30
Hi Paul.
It is nice to see you back again.  What is this about a starship captain? I can't spock the resemblance myself.
10/07/2010 04:14:00
Hi Bob.
I am surprised, I thought that the paddle shaft would be far enough above the water but I guess there is a fair bit of water thrashing about inside the paddle boxes when it is running.
I am interested to hear that you can see my new avatar because I can only still see my old one and I have been waiting for the new one to appear. I thought it was time for an updated photo, I always felt the other one made me look cynical which I hope I am not.
Thread: Members treating the forum as their own soapbox
09/07/2010 11:47:49
Not sure exactly what you are referring to but I think good on anyone who posts. There are not really that many people who post on the forum when you look at it. I think the more posts the merrier, that way there is more chance of everyone finding something that they are interested in.
Thread: prop shafts
09/07/2010 11:22:41
I thought you would be plugging the paddle boat models Bob. They don't suffer leaky shafts do they?
Thread: How do I make my battery last longer?
05/07/2010 06:34:51
Hi David.
If your model has twin motors you could wire the motors in series which would halve the voltage to each motor and make them run slower.
I think this would help. What do you think Colin?
Thread: Ugly Ships
01/07/2010 10:04:19
I bet he bought that guitar dingy for a song.
Thread: Servo for Yacht
01/07/2010 09:58:01
Hi Brian.
Dealextreme do a SG5010 Metal Gear Digital Torque Servos with Gears and Parts

Operating speed: 0.17sec / 60 degrees (4.8V no load)
- Operating speed: 0.14sec / 60 degrees (6.0V no load)
- Stall torque: 13 kg-cm (180.5 oz-in) at 4.8V
- Stall torque: 15 kg-cm (208.3 oz-in) at 6V
- Operation voltage: 4.8 - 6 volts
- Temperature range: 0 to +55'C
- Dead band width: 30us
- Connector wire: 30cm
Price: $7.58 US   Free shipping.
Thread: Portholes
26/06/2010 09:45:10
Some Panadol Extra are on the table beside me and they are just the right shape for your carly floats. They would take the pain out of making all those shapes. Boom boom.
You could turn your ship into a hospital ship.
Forget it. Just had a thought, with kids around it could be disastrous. Back to the sweets.
Thread: Water pump
26/06/2010 06:33:42
Do V W cars still run a 6v system? I had one back in the 1970s and it was 6v battery. just a thought.
Thread: Portholes
25/06/2010 09:22:46
Ashley. I am sure you could find a suitable shaped lozenge in a sweet shop and give it a coat of paint for the Carly floats. I can imagine the purists throwing up their hands in disgust .
Thread: resin casting
19/06/2010 02:02:49
Hi Ashley.
What you say is absolutely right, I tend to worry what other people will think of it. Doing the frames and planking the hull was really enjoyable but I felt confident about that part. I will box on and will at least have a boat that I have finished and can use.
The other part of the build that I have really enjoyed doing is making the gearbox from salvaged printer gears and the little brass prop. I made the prop as large as I could thinking that it would be marginally big enough at 35mm dia. Well when I tried it in the pond fully ballasted it was doing its best to plane and the bow wave was higher than the deck. I made one 30mm dia, but still too fast and have ended up with 25mm dia with very little pitch.
Your Nelson and Glorious are looking good. Here is me dithering over one boat and you are building two at once.
Thanks for the encouragement.
17/06/2010 08:20:38
Ashley, your blather was a very enjoyable read. Must have been a good drop of wine.
You have given me the courage to carry on with my trawler build. I have stalled at deck level. I cant imagine myself doing the superstructure to the incredible detail that I see others achieving I just haven't been around boats enough to visualise all the bits and pieces you find on the upper works of a boat. So I will start with the basic cabin, hatch covers etc and may be I can add a bit more from time to time.
I really want to build an old NZ sailing scow. I have the plans all ready but have determined not to start until the trawler is finished.
Thread: Armidale Class Patrol Boat
17/06/2010 07:55:09
It is a really nice looking ship Peter. I like the lines of the hull. It will fairly slice through the water and handle quite a chop I would think.
Thread: Turret turning
14/06/2010 01:13:04
Hi Andy.
Can you post a picture of the bit of kit that connects to the servo and one of the turret as it is at present on the ship? Then we can better see what the situation is and someone may be able to suggest something.
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