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Thread: Make it yourself, mini Oscillating sander.
17/08/2011 08:56:56
Hi folks. I have been wanting to try this for a long time, so when I spotted a cheap battery powered electric toothbrush on Dealextream, For $6.50 US. I thought that I would give it a go.

I cut the bristles off the brush head with a craft knife and glued a small cube of wood on, then glued on a 10mm x 10mm x3mm piece cut from a foam sanding block.

It works well at sanding small recessed surfaces that you cant get much of a stroke to hand sand.
That is all.
Thread: Freelance Pusher Tug
05/02/2011 06:19:37
Hi Peter.
There is nothing like a bit of rough for sorting a boat out on it's maiden voyage.
It is great that it came through with flying colours without any glitches.
What more could ask for? It looks great and works well too.
Thread: advice on speed controllers needed
02/02/2011 07:42:50
Hi Sam.
If you are wanting fast, I would use rudders for steering.
Some of the cheaper ready to run speed boats use the motors for steering. To turn left the LH motor stops, this works quite effectively but the boat drops to half speed during the turn.
Turning uses more energy than going straight, so you can see that if you are wanting to go fast, steering with the motors is not the best idea.
Thread: Freelance Pusher Tug
30/01/2011 10:14:34
Peter, that looks reeeeeealy smart. Lucky grand kids.
I take it that the kort nozzle is fixed and is to direct the water more effectively onto the rudder.
Have you had it on the water yet? How manoeuvrable is it?
Thread: Inexpensive 2.4Ghz systems
29/11/2010 09:21:08
  Thank you for your helpful reply to my questions Paul.
I will get a 2.4Ghz computer radio for use with my powered models and keep using the old 27Mhz sets in the mean time for the yachts and make an adjustable mechanical stick stop so I can use one radio for more than one yacht.
26/11/2010 22:44:34
Hi Paul.
I would appreciate if you could help me out with a couple of questions about the Etronix 24Mhz transmitter you mentioned in your previous post.
You said.
"The main plus points for the 3 channel Etronix system Tx are that it can remember the electronic settings for up to 15 models. You can at the transmitter, electronically alter the throw (end points) of  each of the channels differently either side of neutral, offset the neutral,"
 Would the transmitter be able to limit the travel of a yacht sail winch?
Do you think it is practical to use the above Tx for both electric powered models and yachts, bearing in mind that for the yacht sail stick I have a single throw without a spring return and for motorised scale boats the throttle stick would want to be spring return to centre position.
I like the idea of being able to have many models on one Tx.
 When buying multiple Receivers for the Tx, can they automatically be used in different models and recognised by the Tx as individual receivers assigned to such and such a model.
I would like to get away from my 27Mhz crystal based systems.
Thank's in anticipation.
Thread: Ugly Ships
05/10/2010 10:13:51
For any one wanting an unusual subject to model, this craft was spotted on a hydro lake near Matamata New Zealand. I am not sure what it is supposed to do, it could be weed control.

There you go Ashley, your next modelling project.
Thread: Why build bigger models?
17/09/2010 08:40:57
Bernard how about posting a bit of info and a picture of your clubs 1000kg towing freighter.
Thread: Metal models
17/09/2010 08:18:17
Hi Bernard.
This Model Boats article might be some help to you.
Thread: the importance of crew members on a boat.
31/08/2010 09:21:23
How can you visualise yourself at the helm of the Fantome if some other plonker (not nearly as hansom as yourself) is busy driving the girls around?
Thread: scratch builder from South africa
27/08/2010 00:43:05
Hi Bernhard.
Do you have photos of the restoration and your rivet marking machine that you could post?
What you are doing sounds very interesting.
Thread: ada
24/08/2010 09:29:37
I reckon Len. They sure look the part don't they.
20/08/2010 06:54:13
Hi Len.
I like your tug. How about putting a load in the barge.
Thread: removable mast!
18/08/2010 03:19:31
Hi Ashley.
Would you believe the wheel allows me to sail when the pond is frozen? Well how about, it is the wheel of my granddaughters pushchair.
The little green yacht it 700mm long and the mast a little over 900mm tall. The mast is 10mm dia dowelling and the booms are 8mm dowel. I would think 8mm dia dowel would be enough for a mast 500 long. Or you could taper a 10mm dowel if you were so inclined.
I like your instant float plane. You sure can knock them out quickly.
Thread: My short foc'sle Corvette
17/08/2010 09:13:33
Hi M.
I really like the job you have done with the weathering. The close up of the bow is particularly impressive.
Thread: removable mast!
17/08/2010 09:03:57
Hi Rick.
Here is a method that works for me and allows me to tune the position of the mast fore and aft to give best performance.

Thread: Armidale Class Patrol Boat
10/08/2010 08:52:23
It is a real credit to you Peter, it looks fantastic.
I'm with Ashley here. I want to see at least half the hull out of the water . An 11.1 volt LIPO battery should do the trick.

In anticipation.

23/07/2010 07:52:29
It is looking fantastic Peter. You must be very pleased with the way it has come out.
Don't forget to post a photo of it scything through a moderate swell when you have finished it.
Waiting with bated breath.
Thread: Trent Class Lifeboat
11/07/2010 08:57:17
Hi Paul.
You certainly do some interesting things.
 The weather has been mostly cold and wet for the past month or so, with the exception of last weekend when we had two days of sunshine. We went to the coast for the day on the Sunday which made a nice change.

11/07/2010 00:18:20
Hi Paul.
Was it radio controlled or was it a model that you got into and sailed? I have seen a model of a war ship like that on the internet.
If you have a photo of your Titanic it would be great to see it.
What did you power it with?
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