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Thread: hull strengthening membrane?
20/12/2008 09:40:00

Thanks for the help Bob.


Thread: AM verses FM Transmitters?
20/12/2008 09:03:00

Thanks Paul. I can get hold of a reasonably priced 35Mhz Transmitter from an e-sky helicopter. Could I fit 40Mhz crystals into that and use it for my boat?



Thread: hull strengthening membrane?
20/12/2008 08:55:00

Hi. I am building my first scratch built boat, a tenth scale of a 7 meter Italian fishing trawler. It is balsa planks on ply frames. I have had to use a fair bit of filler over the planks in places to get the hull form right (this is my first attempt remember). The filler I chose for its ease of sanding and similar hardness to balsa is PAL contract filler, interior & exterior.

I would like to coat the hull with a strengthening membrane but am put off at the price of fibreglass cloth and resin. I have heard of people using tissue and dope (I assume it is paper tissue). Can anyone tell me of a low cost method that will put a bit more strength and durability into my hull? I would apreciate any helpful tips on how to apply the coating as well.



Thread: AM verses FM Transmitters?
20/12/2008 08:22:00

Could some kind person please advise me the pros and cons of AM and FM transmitters for use on fast electric and scale model electric boats? I was given some old 27Mhz AM recievers and a transmitter to put in a fast electric boat I am fitting out and I have just discovered that the transmitter is dead. I need to at least buy an AM transmitter but am wondering if I would be better to buy an FM transmitter and reciever instead.



Thread: Transmitter crystals?
20/12/2008 08:06:00
Hi I am looking for a 2nd hand transmitter on a New Zealand 'Trade Me' site for use on a model boat and I have noticed a few 4 and 6 chanel transmitters from e-sky helicopters at a resonable price. They are 35Mhz can I simply put a 27Mhz crystal in them and use them for my model boat?
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