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Thread: Motor reversing switch
02/11/2011 03:26:14
Thanks for your comments John.
I agree that anything that helps to reduce the cost of our hobby is good and on that line of thought here is another site of very reasonable RC bits that I have found very useful for use on boats even though it is mainly focused on RC helicopters.
Thread: Three Paddlers
12/09/2011 04:57:32
Ahoy there Captain Able.
What is the story? It is not a paddle wheel craft!
Out of interest what is the drive arrangement to the propeller or propellers? There must be a few right-angles to go through.
Thread: Motor reversing switch
11/09/2011 12:52:49
I wanted to make a servo operated reversing switch so that I could use the cheaper aeroplane esc's in my boats.

The disc is made from a piece of single sided printed circuit board, the contacts on the rotor arm are made from phosphor bronze shim. The Tower Pro servo cost $3.79 US and the Turnigy 20 amp brushed ESC cost $4.95 US both were from HobbyKing Online R/C Hobby Store

Of course you do need more than a two channel transmitter.
Thread: Fishing boat progress report
11/09/2011 12:21:36
A bit more progress on the fishing boat. It now goes astern as well as forwards.
Oooh from the crowd.
Thread: Three Paddlers
11/09/2011 12:17:03
Stunning looking ships Bob.
What have you got on the building blocks at the moment?
Thread: Fishing boat progress report
10/09/2011 10:27:26
They are in the cabin brewing a cupper Ashley. Because of the wind.
Thread: Venetian Nite
08/09/2011 11:48:16
What a great idea. The boats look brilliant. No pun intended.
Thread: Fishing boat progress report
08/09/2011 11:42:57
Henley lake was to windy even for the 1 meter yachts so we changed to Queen Elizabeth park to give my boat its first serious run.
Everything went well with no hiccups.

The pictures show it running at about half throttle with the reduced pitch 35mm prop, Ashley.
I think that I will leave it like that, as it gives a bit in reserve for getting out of trouble if needed.
I have concentrated the lead ballast at the bow and the stern in the hope that it will give a more realistic effect when going through waves.
It only goes forwards at the moment as I bought a cheap Turnigy 20 amp brushed aeroplane ESC for $4.95 US, with the idea of making a reversing switch which will run off the 5th channel on the transmitter. This still needs doing.
07/09/2011 10:05:27
I bet every one was keeping well out of your way until you captured it again. It must have been a bit scary having no motor control when it was hooning around that enthusiastically.
Well I am calling my boat finished today and am going to take it to Henley lake tomorrow to give it a whirl. I can still add more details from time to time as I feel like it in the future.

I have even managed to get my head around and get it running on my new cheapie 2.4 Ghz radio.
Now I can get started on the long awaited sailing scow build.
06/09/2011 00:19:27
Thanks Ashley, I will keep a 385 motor in mind. In the mean time I have reduced the pitch of the original 35mm prop and put it back on and will try it on 4.8 volts as you suggested earlier. I am just finishing a few detail bits on the boat and hope to give it a try out on the weekend.
04/09/2011 00:57:17
You are right Ashley it does sound very busy when it is going along, I will reduce the pitch on the 35mm dia prop and try it on 4.8 volts as you say.
Things are progressing, the hull and fittings are now painted and I have made a mock winch for the derrick.
02/09/2011 09:04:39
Hi Ashley.
The model is 700mm long at 20 - 1 scale. The hull shape is from the plans of an Italian fishing boat that I found on the web, but the above deck structure I just made up as I wanted it to look more like the type of fishing boat you used to see around NZ years ago.
It is funny about the prop. I made a 4 bladed one at 35mm dia and was wondering If it would give enough thrust. When I tried it in the ballasted hull, at full speed it was doing its best to plane and the bow wave was higher than the sides of the boat. So I made a 30mm dia prop and that was still too fast, finally made a 25mm dia prop and I even had to tweak the pitch back on that.
I am using a small brushed motor running on a 7.5V battery coupled to a 2.5 to 1 gearbox that I made. I don't know what the motor is though. Here is a picture of it.
May be running a bigger prop on a lower voltage would be better. What do you think?

29/08/2011 10:31:55
In response to Ashley's gentle nudging on another thread to get cracking with building boats, Here is where I have got to with my fishing boat. It has spent a lot of time sitting, between short spurts of building.

White undercoat, I have just placed the fittings into their positions for the Photo.

Being my first scratch build I have made a lot of mistakes along the way and will do things differently next time. A classic one was gluing the window frames and doors onto the cabin before finish painting them, now I have a lot of fiddly painting to do. I also should have been more careful setting up the frames as the hull is not quite symmetrical and I have had to fit the gunwale / hand rail carefully to disguise the fact when you are looking from above. I have done some more sanding and top coats since these photos were taken.
Thread: Exciting development!
29/08/2011 09:30:23
What an adventure!
May be the house up above has an indoor salt water pool.
Thread: Make it yourself, mini Oscillating sander.
27/08/2011 08:44:28
Hi Tony.
Good on you for giving it a go, I am glad that you are pleased with the result.
Thread: Workshop
22/08/2011 07:15:12
Alright alright I get the hint Ashley. I have made some more progress on the trawler these last couple of years and I am determined to finish it this incarnation. I will take a couple of photos of were I am at and post them shortly.
19/08/2011 06:25:33
That is a good point Mark. I am not sure if it is, I will check it out.
18/08/2011 05:17:39
Hi Mark.
Insulating the container would certainly improve it, that is something to think about for the future.
With regards to the wiring, I have the container wired as you would a caravan with an RCD protecting everything.

Thread: Make it yourself, mini Oscillating sander.
17/08/2011 09:51:02
Thanks Bob.
I am sure that you would find it useful on your Beautifully detailed models.

I have been guilty of the sin of lurking on the forum these last few months and have been watching with interest, the development of the cable laying fit out of your Great Eastern. It looks great and must be hugely exciting now that the filming is about to begin.
Thread: Workshop
17/08/2011 09:39:28
There has been an improvement to my workshop situation.
As well as the kitchen bench in the motor home that Alison and I live in, I now have half of a 12 meter long shipping container set up as a workshop. So when we come back to base I can have quality time in my "shed".

The container is sited behind a friends business. I have fitted glass doors to keep the weather out on rough days and still let in some natural light.

All the benches were a bargain at $2.00 from Trade me. they were video store counters in their previous life.

With the steel walls you can imagine that what the temperature is outside is pretty much what the temperature is inside, so at this time of year if it gets up to 10 deg C it is luxury.
I am not complaining though, it is great to have this space to set up my gear.

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