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Thread: Moving house
25/09/2012 07:54:31

Dear Editor,

I hope to move house shortly.

Who do I contact in order that my mag is sent to my new address?


Thread: Todays Boating
28/05/2012 11:35:19

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your invite with directions to Bushy Park sailing (09/05/12). We hope to see you this Sunday, 3rd of this month, all being well.


08/05/2012 17:32:53

Hi Ashley,

Can you explin to me the location of your sailing water as I think I will be I the vacinity when visiting our son during June and we would like to bring some of our boats along (if you don't mind) for a sailing session or two.


Thread: Aerokits 36" RAF Crash Tender deck fittings sought.
04/05/2012 07:05:50

Many thanks Neil.

03/05/2012 16:59:00

I am nearing the end of building a model of the 36 inch version of the KielKraft RAF Crash Tender, from the original plans, and need the deck fittings for the craft. I have managed to keep the weight down to 3.5kg by means of careful wood selection. She is powered by two Graupner Speed 600 ECO motors which produced a lively turn of speed at her first trials on the water the other day.

I have obtained a set of white metal castings of the deck fittings but found the weight of these are 1 kg and am concerned that such an addition, increasing the weight by about a third, would have a detrimental effect on her performance.

Does anyone know if resin castings of these fitting can be obtained from anywhere?

Thread: Great Photos
19/04/2012 06:59:55

It may be one of a number taken with a motor drive (or whatever they call it on a digital camera).

Thread: Bluebird Plans wanted.
20/02/2012 14:13:49

Thank you for going to the trouble of sorting this info out Colin.


19/02/2012 17:13:30

Thankyou for your reply Colin,

Since I put out the enquiry I have delved into my plans store and found a copy of the Plans Handbook No2 from 1994/5. This list a Bluebird plan No. MM395 but it is only a small version for Jetex power! I am sure there has been a plan for a larger version published in MB over the years, but I could be mistaken.

Anyone able to help?

17/02/2012 17:54:22

Can anyone lead me to the MAP plans for DC's record breaking boat, Bluebird please? Is it still on the Xplans listing?

Thread: Which Yacht hull??
01/12/2011 16:10:30
Some time ago I built a SEAWIND yacht and also purchased a suit of Nylet sails to get the best performance from her. These sail are beautifully made and really enhance her performance.
The Seawind is about the same size as a One Metre class boat and she also has a bulb and fin Keel and rudder similar to that class. However this proves to be a problem when she encounters weeds.
I am therefore consdering building a new hull which has a more traditional swept keel and possibly a fin hinged on a skeg which slips though weeds without collecting them. I intend to use my Nylet sails on this new hull.
This is my question - which hull should I pick? It needs to be about the size of a One Metre, look just as good as the Seawind hull but have a traditional swept keel, probably an integral rudder or one fitted to a skeg and be able to shrug off weeds?
Any ideas?
Thread: Which Sailing Yacht for a first Timer
18/10/2011 16:42:39
Hi John,
My first venture into wind power was with Vic Smeed's 'Starlet'. I made everything inc fittings, and sails from scratch. It's an old design but I leaned a lot from the experience. She sails beautifully. In fact I intend to build another one before long.
Thread: Paint Choice - where did I go wrong???
18/10/2011 16:28:53
Thank you for your explanation Colin, I must be aware of this when I purchase top and undercoats in future.
In the meantime it's back to the sandpaper!
18/10/2011 11:02:04
I assumed both undercoat and top coat were water based since both containers expained that brushes could be cleaned with soap and water. Was I correct in this assumption?
Hence I expected them to be compatable.
Thread: Winter Special!!
17/10/2011 17:23:43
He Colin, I like the look of the Commuter Boat featured therein, can you give me any idea of its o.a.l. please?
Thread: Paint Choice - where did I go wrong???
17/10/2011 17:16:34
I have just started on the the task of painting the hull of my RAF Crash Tender (built from the original Aerokits plan). The hull is constructed of ply and with an initial undercoat of Homebase Quick Drying Primer and Undercoat. I then purchased, also from Homebase a couple of 50 ml pots of red and black 'Polyvine acrylic enamel paint' as top coats. All these products are water soluble.
This afternoon I set about painting the bottom of the boat with the red paint and my trouble started! I found it impossible to lay down a cosistant paint layer. It needed a very thick layer in order to cover but if you slid the brush over the area recently painted the paint picked up again on the brush leaving the surface bare! It was such a mess I eventually decided to wipe off as much as I could.
Anyone else had trouble with this type of paint??
Thread: Is this the end of the last Paddle Steamer?
08/10/2011 17:25:09
That's a good point Colin, a sailing programme revision could well help. However the weather can destroy any planning.
08/10/2011 17:00:09
Did anyone else catch the news item this morning that the Waverly PS is running out of money and may soon have to stop the summer cruises?
Thread: A Breath of Fresh Air...!
05/09/2011 16:12:17
I enjoy reading the contributions that Glynn makes to the mag. I do wonder if we have become too serious these days in the way we view our hobby while he bucks the trend with his sparks of origianality. This month we have been treated to yet another charming craft with 'Elliot' the fire boat.
Does anyone else think like me?
Thread: Things seem to have changed!
25/08/2011 20:09:26
Hi there,
I have not been to the MB web forum for some time and now when I do I am faced with a bright red banner headline for a mobile phone SIM. Is there any way I can switch this intrusion off?
Thread: Renewal of D.D.subscription information.
17/03/2011 19:09:00
I subscribe to MB by annual Direct Debit payment.
This became due in February and I contacted customer sevices at myhobbystore for infomation as to how much the payment would be for 2011/12. My email was not answered so I sent a second email - eventually I go a reply of sorts, in the form of an inernal office memo asking if someone else would reply to me!!! Since then nothing.
I find this lack of action on the part of customer services worrying, just how wise are we to trust them with our personal details if they won't bother to answer a simple question from one of the readership. After all it is us who collectively pay their wages!!!!!
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