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Thread: Running in new electric motor
08/03/2009 19:35:44
Hi All
Just bought a new Graupner Speed 700Turbo for my replica of Slo-Mo-Shun.
Any tips for running it in?
I'll be running it on  12V.  Gentle throttle openings for a while or full blast from the beginning?
Thread: Steering with twin screws
08/03/2009 15:26:59
May I also thank Colin - that circuit is a gem! Gone straight into my "Really, really useful" folder.
Thread: Bob's boards?
07/03/2009 14:10:22
Hi all
Thanks to everyone who responded - it seems that they are pretty much priced on a level with ESCs, which as Ashley says, rather negates the point.
David, thanks for that site, will definitely check it out - an ESC for $9 must be an excellent deal!
06/03/2009 17:03:33
Picking up from another thread, are these things still available? I was looking for a cheap speed controller for a little fishing boat I built for a ten year old, a while ago. My local hobby shop told me these things weren't being marketed any more. Had to buy an expensive ESC.
Anyone know where I could get these?
Thanks  - Pierre
Thread: Great Eastern at Holyhead
03/03/2009 17:33:09
Hi Bob
Lovely etching!  Refresh my memory - Great Eastern - Brunel's masterpiece?
Holyhead? - where is that?  Sorry, we're not all UK residents and I'm too lazy to flash up Google Earth!
Cheers - Pierre
Thread: Dust Extraction
03/03/2009 17:09:05
Thanks to all who replied - I really like the idea of a pipe at the back of the workbench (thanks Arne) connected to a vacuum cleaner, maybe with plug in points for vacuum hoses (thanks Paul).
Off to see my local hardware shop come the weekend!
02/03/2009 20:10:32
Hoping to use the collective wisdom (?) of the list
I have a self contained outside garage, which I use as a workshop. Over the years, I've fitted it with workbenches, shelves, tool racks etc etc. I do all my work out there and store all my models there as well.
My problem is that so much dust and sawdust accumulates in the air that even covering my models with drop cloths doesn't seem to help. Chief culprits are a small disc sander and a scroll saw.  I have an old vacuum cleaner which I wield energetically, but it's not enough!
I have grandiose plans of (trying ) to install some sort of vacuuming air conditioning system, something that will extract all the dust in the air, maybe switch itself on when I open the door, switch itself off when I leave - OK probably an ON/OFF switch is more realistic!
Any one have any ideas?
Thread: Warships
02/03/2009 19:49:01
David - please thank your better half  for the spell checker and viewer for Mozilla - they both rock!
You're right, this topic should be shifted to "All things that DON'T float"!
Thread: Humorous Ship Names
02/03/2009 16:47:06
A ship recently docked in  CapeTown  -her name made me really chuckle!  Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me and she sailed a couple of hours later.
Her name:  "Titan Uranus", registered in Manila.
Anyone else come across really funny ship's names?
Cheers - Pierre

Thread: Warships
02/03/2009 14:30:22
Hi Paul
your pictures seem to represent :
a  Deformed cigar, bent in middle, about to sink.
b British home rolled cigar, smoking in the middle.
c  'MUCHO GRANDO" 16 " deluxe cigar.
d Cutaway - how to construct  your own cigar!
e Cigar being towed by a biplane.
f Blue Whale masquerading as a floating cigar.

Thanks for the pics - DID find them interesting!
Cheers - Pierre
01/03/2009 16:59:21
Hi Rick
I recently bought a second hand book "War at Sea in the Ironclad Age" by Richard Hill.  i hadn't got round to reading it yet but your picture prompted me to look up the "Inflexible".  Apparently she had instructions to ditch all masts and sails if she went into action!!  Just as well it took several minutes to load one of those muzzle loaders, I wonder how long it would have taken to ditch the sailing gear? Quite a fascinating book, transition period between sail and steam!
Went sailing today -took classic sailing cutter, modern tug and vintage Slo_Mo_Shun. Oh and an IOM hull that someone wanted to buy. Thought that was a good spread of interests.
Paul, we have several submarine enthusiasts in our club - they dont often submerge their models as the water is extremely murky. So these models spend most of their time cruising on the surface. I admire the ingenuity of these models but the engineering leaves me cold. And yes, apart from superficial  differences they do all look the same to me  cigar shaped with a conning tower!
Cheers - Pierre
28/02/2009 22:23:25
Rick - I do like that!!  It looks like a 19th century passenger liner - not a gun in sight!
 I love sailing ships - I could easily be persuaded to model something like your picture - what is it by the way?
Cheers - Pierre
28/02/2009 14:56:05
This is just me, but I've never understood the consuming interest in the modelling world for warships.  They're all long, thin and grey!  They have various bits sticking out, only an expert can tell the difference! They have 6" or 12" armament - whooppee - they look the same! 
 SA radar,SS radar, sidescan, etc etc ..............who cares?
They serve no useful purpose in this world, they consume precious resouces and they're boring, boring, boring!!
Dont get me started on submarines...
Pierre -buckling on flak jacket and running for cover!
Ps -no flames please -just because I'm not interested in warships, tell me why you are!
Thread: How is this for a fast boat.
28/02/2009 14:31:05
Hi Ashley
Imagining systems would be pretty neat for night time use!
 I'm not sure how the system worksin the UK, who is responsible for apprehending drug runners _Airforce, Navy, CoastGaurd, Customs and Excise?  Would they be equipped with all this latest technology?
As for the missile system ,surely you jest?  Drugrunners, reprehensible as they are, are still civilians in peace time. You're not suggesting lasers and rockets be used against them?
Going way off topic here, still a topic that interests me!
 Cheere Pierre
27/02/2009 21:33:52
Saw this picture in a mag recently - pity to think it was developed for drug running!
 Ashley this is just about as much a stealth boat as you can get - low profile, rubber sponsons providing no radar reflection, wooden cabin and level of engines below the rubber. Presumably used at night where a helicopter would have to use radar to detect it.
I used to be a police reservist with the waterwing, where the chief task was trying to trap crayfish poachers off Robben Island. Their boats weren't as sophisticated as the picture,, they could only  do 40 knots and ours could do 30!  Radar was useless at sealevel (height above water about 6 feet) We tried the sophisticated radar in Port Control and lost the boats in the sea clutter - the poachers would only operate in windy, choppy conditions.  We tried helicopters but at the first sound of the heli, the poachers would run for shore and their echoes would be lost  in the shore echoes.
The only (low-tech) solution was to monitor the landing sites - also limited success, lots of sites, too few men!
Cheer - Pierre
Thread: Ship Docking Module
27/02/2009 21:00:15
Hi Phil
That looks like a fantastic product - unfortunately I'm in South Africa and its not available here. The postage would be exorbitant..
I've found some 2 inch glass tape which I'm going to use on the hard edges and a second coat of resin on the flat bits. As the sides will eventually be covered in rubber fendering any hard knocks should be absorbed by those.
Cheers - Pierre
27/02/2009 05:18:47
Hi David
Thanks for the advice, pantyhose sounds like an excellent idea - especially as my wife is away in NZfor a while!

Thread: Overseas magazine subcribers
27/02/2009 05:10:09
Got mine on the 25th!
Thread: Forum problems
26/02/2009 05:58:33
Maybe Bob has reached - age!
Thread: Steering with twin screws
26/02/2009 05:55:40
I used "Tank Steering" on a pusher tug which made it extremely manoeuvrable. I have a JR 6 channel transmitter, 40 Mhz, which was originally designed for aircraft. Careful reading of the manual produced an option called "Delta Wing" which exactly simulates Tank Steering without the use of extra mixers. Full ahead or astern used both motors, left/right on the right stick progressively slowed/stopped/reversed the relevant motor.
 I eventually disabled this option and installed rudders as when towing something heavy one effectively lost the power of one motor when trying to turn!
Cheers - Pierre
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