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28/06/2011 17:28:56
Sorry - last post is a little patronising. I joined SAR&H in 1978 - started on the steam tugs - we had the Danie Hugo, RB Waterston,and the RH Watermeyer in Cape Town at the time. I also served on the Otto Siedle and RM Campbell in Walvis Bay . I started as FDO (First Deck Officer) and was promoted to Master, still on steam tugs. I am still a TugMaster in CapeTown and have driven steam tugs, Z-pellers and Voiths.
Our model club ( has a number of the old steam tugs and they do look magnificent on the water!
28/06/2011 17:10:20
She certainly looks good!! They were good looking tugs .............pity they were bloody awful to handle!!!
02/02/2011 20:06:22
Hi Larry
Wow, that photo is a blast from the past - I haven't run that model for about two years!
The plan was found from an old site dating from the early 50s of Popular Mechanics.
It was a tethered runner with an ic engine. The plan was A4 format which I enlarged. Offhand I cant remember the scale but the boat's length is about 75cm - I relied quite heavily on an article in MB about the Billings model.
I've got a Speed 700 motor in it running on two 9.6V NiMh packs. The prop is a Graupner plastic 2 blade 40mm.
The boat goes like stink with a huge rooster tail - it's great going in a straight line, turns are a bit more of a problem!
I'ts been sitting on the shelf waiting for me to summon up the courage to go brushless- also I've been busy with various other builds .
As you gather the paint scheme is nowhere original!!
Thread: Bending styrene piping
02/02/2011 19:49:14
Thanks Neil, Colin and Bob
I like the idea of using annealed brass wire and hot water. Will try as soon as possible. Not sure how one would push string through a small bore styrene pipe though!
Trying to make goosenecks for my SDM tug which is finally close to reaching completion.
02/02/2011 16:31:27
Anyone have any tips for bending thin styrene tubing without distorting the bend?
I've tried filling the pipes with salt but this didn't seem to work very sucessfully.
Thread: Model Boats Magazines From 1980 and 1988.
09/12/2010 15:46:47
Hi Wayne
Sorry I picked up this post late.  I am in CapeTown and if you dont find a buyer send me a pm.
Thread: bench / table saw
06/08/2010 09:27:27
I have the Proxxon and its a small marvel - I use it all the time and its fantastic for wood up to about 7mm thick.  Ideal for planking down to about 1mm.
 Also available (with various blades) in South Africa at
 Best of all, very reasonably priced.
Thread: Absolute perfection!
26/05/2010 19:10:56
Having just finished the first planking of HMS Endeavour I think I'll stop now!  I KNOW that my model is never going to reach that level of perfection, sniff, sniff.......sob
Well done Tankerman............beautiful model!!
 Going back to building my 1/4 scale Toylander - much less detail!!
Thread: Help to identify this boat!!!!!!!!!
14/04/2010 17:37:20
Hello Krystian
You will get a better response if you post a picture of your mystery boat on the forum.
Regards - Pierre
Thread: 27 Mhz
14/04/2010 17:23:24
Hi Glen
Presuming you have one transmitter and two boats you can sail both boats with the same transmitter (not at the same time,though)  You need to have the same crystal (frequency) in the transmitter as in the receiver in your boat. If you have different frequencies in the boats you could buy the missing transmitter crystal from a good model shop (you might have to buy a matched set, TX as well as RX).  Then its a simple matter of changing your transmitter crystal to match the boat you want to sail.
As for sailing with other boats on the water you will need to check what frequencies other sailors are using. Two boats cant use the same frequency, due to interference. If you are with a sailing club they will have a "frequency board" showing what frequencies are in use.
 Hope this helps
Thread: Another billings slo-mo-shun
14/04/2010 17:08:43
Hi Phil
Thanks for posting details of those planking clamps - I've just finished the first planking of Jotika's "HMS Endeavour" and was wondering  how to go about securing the second planking. (I hate working with CA glue)  Off to workshop to see what wood screws are available. I thought of epoxing them into some dowelling and using some aluminium section for the foot.
Thread: Slo mo Shun
12/04/2010 15:38:06
Hello Bob
When I first took my Slo-Mo for trials I was also extremely disappointed - lots of wash and very little forward motion.  To my eye it seemed as if the prop was cavitating so I increased the size  from 30 to 40 mm (Graupner 2 blade plastic) . An improvement but still not very impressive.
I couldn't increase prop size any  more due to the transom and  theorised that the water flow to the prop wasn't sufficient (for whatever reason).  I increased the prop shaft length so the prop was approx 2 cm aft of the transom in what I theorised was "clear" water.  I could do this as I had the rudder offset as in the Billings model.  The improvement was dramatic - the boat got on the plane easily and skimmed across the pond. Even using half throttle it would remain on the plane.
Well it worked for me .........just a thought!
Regards - Pierre
Thread: Endless Threads?
05/04/2010 07:54:24
Umm...... I've built a scratchbuilt Slo-Mo-Shun ................does that count?................(dotting like Bob).............wondering if that helps!
Thread: Auckland model shops
26/02/2010 19:24:17
Hi, all Aucklanders
I'm going to be in Auckland shortly for my daughters wedding - going to have a bit of free time before motor cyling the South Island.
My question - which model shops in Auckland (preferably with a bias to marine modelling) would you recommend?  Our shops in Cape Town are heavily biased towards flight and 4-wheels, - would be nice to stock up on marine bits and bobs!
PS  Address or GPS coordinates would be useful!
Thread: SAR&H harbour tugs
17/02/2010 14:52:59
Hello OC
Sorry I picked up this post late - I'm a member of the Western Cape Model Boat Club and we have a couple of old SARH tugs in the club. Sorry I can't remember which, they don't often appear due to size and weight. One of them belongs to our treasurer Pat Levers and I'm sure he could give you more info-
Just as a matter of interest I have a modern Portnet tug, Voith-Schneider propelled - guess that's too modern for you?
I started my time in the SARH on the Danie Hugo,RB Waterston, RH Watermeyer and others.  They were all pigs - we were all glad to have them finally retired!!
Cheers - Pierre
Thread: servo traval
12/12/2009 13:10:40
Hi Robert
The plans for Egrete were published in MB in May to June 1988 - I was out with the dates somewhat.!  If you want them, send me a private e-mail giving me your postal address.
Thread: Album Photos
10/12/2009 20:08:09
Hi Colin
Thanks, that helps!

Thread: Who would you get to play you in a Film of your life ?
10/12/2009 19:58:40
Definitely Errol Flynn!!
Thread: servo traval
10/12/2009 19:56:20
Hi Robert
Have sent you a private e-mail requesting your postal address.
Thread: Album Photos
08/12/2009 19:22:52
Hi  all
I notice that there are now 381 pages  in the album section - I was looking for a particular members gallery and found it impossible   - I just dont  have enough time to trawl through 381 pages!
Am I missing something, or is there some way of getting to ones destination immediately?  Something like a search engine, inputting name  of member or vessels name? 
If there isn't, please oh great master of the website (Colin) would it  be possible to speak to the great IT gurus?
What do others think?
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