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Thread: New Ferries
24/07/2021 08:38:23

I hope they get to sea quicker than the 2 new LNG Calmac ferries

which are turning into an utter disaster.

One thing that’s been highlighted for these ferries due to be used on the Clyde

the LNG gas is having to be shipped from Scandinavia or Spain using vessels/vehicles powered by diesel

so how much greener are they really?

Thread: First Models
18/07/2021 10:04:55

My first model boat was the Caldercraft Vigilant police launch, which my grandfather helped me build.

Thread: Plans
08/06/2021 15:50:42

Which landing craft are you thinking of I may have some I can send you.

Thread: 2021 Builds during lockdowns
01/06/2021 21:05:48
Posted by ashley needham on 01/06/2021 18:42:11:

Nice pictures everyone. Colin, whats the upside down bulbous bow and three thrusters thing ????


it I was a test tank bow of HMS Challenger the navy’s old diving support ship.
the club decided to use it as a wreck in the pond.
if you built the full model it would of been about 24’ long.

01/06/2021 12:56:07

32d6d454-a18f-49ba-8ad0-6b9244fe6b33.jpegb8dbb4aa-4bd1-44ca-a34b-48232f74b3cd.jpegcc0be830-d440-45d9-8181-ee1442d648fa.jpegLast week I managed to finally get my lockdown build in the water.
I am pretty happy with the results a couple of minor niggles to remedy.


Edited By Colin Miller on 01/06/2021 12:56:46

Thread: Dave Milbourn RIP
06/03/2021 07:26:33

I am speechless after reading this.
I always enjoyed having a laugh with Dave when I saw him at the shows.

my thoughts and condolences to liz and the family

Thread: 2021 Builds during lockdowns
05/01/2021 19:34:21

Thanks everyone for the kind comments,

Colin family friends of my wife have a small fishing boat similar to the one you are building for catching catfish in Hungary. I have always wondered about doing a liner/cargo vessel like that but never really took the plunge

Tim, I like the small tug something different than the usual ones you see and you can make it your own too by adding your own ideas

Ray, Lysanders are great are you going to get it up or just static?

Richard, a very nice layout there do you take it anywhere or is it just for yourself?

04/01/2021 23:51:08

I have been working on my US Coastguard Cutter Bertholf

it’s getting almost complete not long until it’s done and the next one is on the bench





Thread: Glasgow boat clubs
29/01/2018 21:33:45

I am afraid Queens Park is not really a club any more... it is only 1 person....

there are clubs at Richmond Park, elder Park and Knightswood park sailing most sundays

Roukenglen is still on the go but it sails on a saturday.

If you wish more information let me know.. I am a member of Glasgow Richmond.....

Thread: Hannants
07/01/2017 22:22:48

Hannants are a big well known plastic model company. I have used them several times without any issues

Thread: NEO for Iwata Airbrush
10/12/2016 00:13:28

Hi all,

Firstly my apologies I won this airbrush and needed to go and remember how to use them.....

I had promised to let people know how I get on with it.

I am building (SLOWLY) a Mountfleet Sir Lancelot and decided that it needed to get some "abuse" after some research I found that they were not just painted basic grey (yawn) but in western approaches schemes. I also decided to weather it as well, this was it time to get the airbrush out and try it.

Here are some of the pictures of the process so far:img_0277.jpgimg_0282.jpg



after I primed the hull I put shading in place around the plates on the hull and also the deck, next I painted the white base coat, afterwards some of the black shading was repainted and then the blue camouflage and under hull red applied. using the shading method I applied it to the deck and used either green or grey for the decks.

the Airbrush done really well and was easy to use, the only thing was this is a big model so preparation before hand of a good size jar of paint thinned and ready to top up the cup as you go is a must but its not a problem if you think ahead.

So thanks to Model Boats and the Airbrush Company for the competition and the Airbrush!


Thread: tirpitz
11/10/2015 20:24:33

Here is a link to a great site on the tirpitz

It details all the paint schemes...


Thread: Auction of Model Boats
27/11/2014 00:05:00

The ships will probably be brass not copper, they build all the ships in brass and then run tests on them for radar signatures, magnetic interference all those kind of things.

They still make them to this day if you look here

You can see some of the brass ships being built for testing

Thread: Bob and Pauls BIG Haydock event
20/08/2014 15:18:29

If it's your first time at this show you will enjoy it.

we ( Scottish model warship assoc) are attending again and looking forward to it

were upstairs so if you passing say hello

Thread: NEO for Iwata Airbrush
23/06/2014 22:26:36
Posted by Dave Milbourn on 23/06/2014 18:40:18:

You've got to learn how to use it now, big fellah. wink


Now to go from painting with a bog brush to and airbrush....

scary thought surprise

23/06/2014 17:22:39
Posted by Dave Milbourn on 22/06/2014 22:42:37:

Not Colin M? Gingyer?? There's no justice in the world!

Well done, you swine!

Dave M

The one and only! Davesmiley

I was shocked when I got a message from Mr bishop informing me I had won!

thanks to model boats for the competition

Thread: R/C for Submarines
03/05/2014 07:59:08

40MHz is what the frequency of your radio needs to be

or 27mhz but most people use 40mhz

2.4Ghz will just bounce back off the water I am afraid

As for sound control I have never heard of it but that's not to say

it can't be done


Thread: newbie from scotland
26/03/2014 21:00:47

Hi stevie,

a where in Scotland are you?

some of the members of Glasgow Richmond have built these models

Thread: German coastal craft
01/10/2013 00:36:00

This guy is pretty good


Thread: Removing surplus undried epoxy
15/09/2013 12:12:34

I have NOT tried this yet,

but read that white vinegar will wipe off excess epoxy.

it was in an article of someone epoxying brass photo etch deck to a GRP moulding

i have to do the same build and was going to give it a go but I still have a while before I am at that stage

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