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Thread: Holmewood Landing 24
06/12/2009 21:41:08
Phil just paint clear ones with red nail varnish .  R.G.Y.
Thread: Which wood?
04/12/2009 20:25:01
After the second world war the supply of yellow pine was almost nonexistant, that is when pirana pine started to become popular, a very poor substitute. It is unstable in length as well as width,most unusual in timber. About is only asset the lack of knots.
Yellow pine is best found today in prewar pannel doors look in builders skips. Balsa is ideal for models. I have a 5ft long hull built of 1/6" balsa covered in ali drink can plates, it has been droped from a hight of 4ft and is 9 years old, still as good as new. If I had impregnated the inside with resin it would be even better. But I was new to boats at the time. R.G.Y. 
Thread: paddlesteamer information
26/11/2009 19:55:54
A paddle tugg probably the correct name of boat. try paddleducks search on google. geoff yarham
Thread: planking
26/11/2009 19:47:13
A method I have used when the scale is very small (48th scale even 6"is only 1/8"). Is first varnish a sheet of thin ply ( about 2mm )making sure all the grain is full.  Then score plank lines (straight edge and modlling knife). Paint all over with thined black paint, and rub of with a rag and turps subsitute. the paint will remain in the cuts. add another coat of matt varnish and I rub with wire wool, not to hard to remove any sign of gloss, this may not be necessary . Geoff Yarham.
Thread: how many of us build own designs
26/11/2009 11:19:30
Yes Ashley thats the method I use most of the time. I built the Flying Foam from a plan about 3"+2"  I did enlarge the frams on the computer, When the lines where a 1/4" thick I traced through the ceter and enlarged again. Until I had the requiard size. Then traced again. Geoff
25/11/2009 17:00:53
Thanks guys. The hull above looks very good too. The paddle steamer was my first model boat made 2001-2. The storey is when I was about 8 or 9 sailing a model yacht my father had built, on the pond was a steam driven model of a paddler and I thought I want one. It took me 53 years to realise the dream. I built the Glen Usk because I sailed from Weston Super Mare on her about 1960. Keep up the good work . Geoff
23/11/2009 15:21:37
Phil, That is the trouble so many ideas so little time. geoff
22/11/2009 22:31:58
The beauty of building from your own plans you can have a unique model, and not follow the heard. All my scale models are of boats with a connection to me personaly. I have drawn detailed plans to the size of the model, or in the case of old sail boat just drawn the frames, stem and stern posts. then marked out a keel and built as the shipwright did before plans were used. view some of my work in albums probably on page 2 or 3. Geoff Yarham.
Thread: Slo mo Shun
08/11/2009 20:27:38
Too late now Bob would impact adesive been the answer? R.G.Y.
Thread: sail servo rigging
07/11/2009 15:12:55
Are you refering to the transmiter, if so you need to remove the spring on the control in side the box.R.G.Y.
Thread: Sinking
07/11/2009 15:06:42
Bob, No land line this week, So no reply untill now. I stole the idea from a Southerly 28 I once owned (full size). It is triangular and pivoted at the front, made of 3/16th mild steel with a piece of sheet lead 4" square inlayed so not that heavy. Centre plate would be a better discription.  On my schooner I do have a proper drop keel 2 lb, on the stand it is held up. Attached by rods in tubes to the carry handel it remains up untill I let go, at the launch. Geoff.
01/11/2009 21:39:29
Sorry Bob I will put it on my gallery.
Thread: Essential wooden boat tools
01/11/2009 05:55:25
Ian, if you have built planes jest get a plan you like, all you need is a flat buiding board  and build in balsa. Then coat inside &out with resin. You can use solid blocks on the tight turns. no problems!! I made my first boat this way see my album. Paddle steamer 5ft long 9 years old & still going strong.  Best of luck its not that difficult . R.G.Y.
Thread: Sinking
01/11/2009 05:13:59

Looking in to the main hatch. Sail winch pulls up keel, sail arm opperats fore sails, main sail & mizzen winch under hatch for'ard return pully under deck beam. Two rudder servos under protective ply, note spring on retract string. Geoff Yarham
31/10/2009 20:20:18
Yes Bob almost cheating. Don't tell any one else! But it is a great help and not that difficalt to get to work. and I don't like false rudders and keels stuck on at the pool side if possibale.  by the way I cheat with my steamer as well, but that's another story.
31/10/2009 16:14:11
Bob, The picture of her under full sail was taken this year os its stillgoing strong. On display in the local museum window for the next 2 months. Geoff 
31/10/2009 16:09:04
Bob, You will see a second rudder this is retracted by radio when out of the water. There is also a drop keel operated in the same way. I use recycled matirials and unfortunatly the ply wasn't up to the task, and the keel box split. The wind was very strong I was the only scale model daft enough to sail. It was at Weymouth 07 in 08 I droped this model down the steps more damage to me than the boat. Just 2" of moulding split off the side. Geoff.
Thread: One man and a Boy crew.
26/10/2009 16:08:25
It seems to me there isn't much interest in scale sail in general. Is it becaues its difficult to find a good place to sail. My local clubs pond is surounded by trees and rushes, ok if you have power to get out of trouble.
Thread: Where to get it checked?
28/03/2009 17:15:26
Yes Neil I belong to a model engineeing club, and have had much the same response as you. I designed my own boiler after much research. When I took the calculation to show the club boiler inspector, which he said where good but, even though it would be below 1.5 bar-liters.  I was told he couldn't test it as it was not an approved design.  R.G.Y.
Thread: Making Simple Model Steam Engines
12/02/2009 21:03:36
David, I am pleased some one has looked at my Models. Iwill post a photo of my twin occilator when I have time.  Geoff
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