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Thread: Richard Simpson's Series on Model Steam Plants
22/05/2013 17:02:09


Thread: foamboard hull
04/03/2013 21:57:20

Thats very nice I hope you found it quick and easy.. Geoff

Thread: Richard Simpson's Series on Model Steam Plants
07/02/2013 20:08:17

Richard Simpson I hope you will read this post. Having seen your last article You obviously haven't heard of the "Typhoon" manufactured by a company in France. ( I saw it on the net ). It is a single cylinder oscillator a long arm on the regulator hits a pin on the flywheel as it transverse from forward to revers, so it moves the cylinder of TDC. So the engine always starts. Geoff

Thread: Boiler regs 2013
29/01/2013 22:15:08


29/01/2013 16:16:38

Has any one read the new boiler regulatios, which came into force 1/1/13. ??


Thread: foamboard hull
15/01/2013 18:40:48

Ashley did you not read my post. The coaster in the photo has metal plates, also car boady filler or paper will give a smoth finish. The first layer care must be taken that the glue will not attack the foam. Geoff.

Edited By geoffrey yarham on 15/01/2013 18:41:40

12/01/2013 22:07:59

The photos above show the constrution method I use & a completed model. I use 2" insulating foam board with silver card on each side.

First step remove silver from one side, then make the board the thickness of the spaceing between frame centres. Either adding extra layers or sanding down. Mark out half frames on the remaining silverside one each hand, cut out with a saw, making sure the cut is square. Next cut the profile of the boat from 5mm ply, mark the frame positions both sides. Cut out the middle in one piece, leaving the stem ,keel & stern post, clamp back in position ( one clamp each end at deck level).Start with the largest frame on silver side. Glue to keel and just a spot at the top on the removable middle. Repeat on both sides forward & aft, always with the silver on the largest side of each station. It is then simple to sand the blocks down to the silver. ( I use thixothropic 5 mniute wood glue). I have covered the exterior with car body filler, paper and plates cut from drinks cans, all with good resaults. When the outside is strong enough the interior can be removed ( the clamps removed when the blocks reach them. Geoff


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11/01/2013 22:54:28

boiler & boats 006a.jpgBuilders 2" insulason used for these models work OK 001 (3).jpg

Edited By geoffrey yarham on 11/01/2013 22:55:42

Thread: scratch build using wood
22/12/2012 20:41:25

Ply for the frames with a pine or hard wood keel best. Then it depends on the shape of the hull, straight surfaces can be ply with balsa blocks at the bow & stern. For shapely hulls my favorite method is one layer pine strips about 3/23" x 5/8" fix with brass pins & glue. Next mix sawdust with glue to make a paste & fill any cracks and hollows. After rubbing down smooth, add a layer of scale planks. Fix these with tree-nails (tooth picks) & glue. Alternative for a quick build strips of 1/8" (sides) & 1/4" (bottom) balsa. this is easy to rub smooth. Coat with 3 coats of resin rubbing down between coats. I have also covered balsa hulls with metal plates with rivets pressed from the back first, stick on with contact adesive. All these methods have lasted years.

Thread: Searching for 3mm lite ply or card
22/12/2012 20:07:46

Why not make your own light ply, I have. Two layers of vernier with balsa between ( grain in opposite direction ) Glue with waterproof white glue, press between plastic coated chipboard. The only draw back only small peaces can be made. Vernier from craft shop balsa model shop.

Edited By geoffrey yarham on 22/12/2012 20:11:22

Thread: Gas jets
03/10/2012 09:20:48

I have had little trouble with Martins designed burners. In fact they saved me from giving up. The only problem now is number 3 jets are no longer avalable. So 22mm fire tubes are not big enough.

Glen Usk.

Thread: "Red Lead" Paint
15/08/2011 11:40:12
Don, Having used red lead paint no cast iron gutter when I was apprentice. the colour is more of a pink then red, so red oxide is NOT right. The modelers habit of nice planking on all wooden decks is not always correct. As boats with a minimum crew hadn't time to holy stone decks, done to stop the planks shrinking therefore preventing leaks. The decks would be painted with allsorts of concoctions usually ending up a dirty brown. R.G.Y
Thread: Duke of Devonshire
02/08/2011 09:48:03
08/07/2011 20:31:50
Bob, sorry for the delay in replying, always busy. Scale 73.75 ins scale 10mm = 1ft. Scratch from own plans. Own design and built boiler & engine. Plank on frame 1/8 balsa, impregnated with resin, then covered aluminium plates (cider can). As I said thread on under forum, construction, Duke of Devonshire. video on youtube of engine running.
I had seen your models thanks Geoff.

Edited By geoffrey yarham on 08/07/2011 20:40:21

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Edited By geoffrey yarham on 08/07/2011 20:52:40

22/04/2011 12:04:45
model completed. Now running in the steam plant.

12/06/2010 06:18:37
The present state of play.

Thread: Lead Ballast
12/06/2010 05:45:49
My method is to cut scrap lead cut into small pieces and  mix with cement.  Hammer
Thread: Duke of Devonshire
20/02/2010 12:29:16
I am in the process of build ing this paddle steamer. I have posted a thered on Paddleducks. If anyone is interested.Geoff
Thread: Air-Gas proportions
22/01/2010 21:28:53
How many 2mm holes in you burner? I am having  trouble keeping all the flames lit. Hammer. 
Thread: New Photographic Competition
15/12/2009 20:08:24
How about closeup deck leval shots. R.G.Y.
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