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Thread: Slo mo Shun
28/10/2009 09:44:59
Hello Bob
That is a very nice looking wheel and instrument panel.
Thread: How many waters allow IC power?
20/09/2009 07:52:54

To continue the discussion about IC power I wonder just how many waters allow IC powered boats and, where bans are present how many such prohibitions are actually enforceable?

I ask this question after finding out that, contrary to the resident clubs insistence, the owners of a certain lake that TFC uses not only allow IC power they wish to actively encourage all types of model boating.



Thread: what is she?
20/09/2009 07:36:37
Hello Mark
It looks to me like a one off cabin on a Huntsman hull.
Thread: Slo mo Shun
18/09/2009 08:43:03

Oh Dear

It’s hardly a secret, more a case of simple deduction.

Before Runcorn Model Boat club get all upset and have a go at Paul he didn’t tell me anything it just wasn’t difficult to work out…..i.e. Paul cant travel very far and his favourite lake is at Runcorn, then a quick telephone call to the parks director at Vale Royal Council confirmed the assumption
……it didn’t need a rocket scientist to figure it out (forgive the pun)


18/09/2009 07:05:53
Hello Bob
Are you still fitting brushless or will you opt for a nice IC (you could always sail IC at Heath Park where TFC goes)
Thread: DESEADO 32'=1" Complete at last
16/09/2009 10:33:56
Hello Bob
I am looking forward to the Falls of Foyers build.
Thread: Formula One
30/08/2009 06:42:45
Our dear friend Paul could help answer your question as his son works for the Williams team, you will have to ask him when he returns.
Thread: Slo mo Shun
23/08/2009 07:42:54
Hello Bob
If the lake owners are happy for Paul to sail his petrol powered model on their water then the resident club can't object, after all it is a matter of personal freedom.
I applaud Paul's stance in not revealing the location of this mystical lake but I have to say that if it were me I would be shouting it from the rooftops so that everyone in the area who wished to sail petrol powered models could do so.
Freedom of choice and freedom of speech is, after all the fundamental basis of our society.
John (on my soapbox again)
Thread: Bring back IC engines
23/08/2009 07:32:23
To reopen the debate about this type of power unit. 
In the past IC engines were the basis of most model boating and I don't recall noise, speed or polloution being a problem in those days, in fact model boating had a bigger following and clubs went out of their way to encourage the use of petrol engines.
Dispite all of these petrol powered boats the lakes were oil slick free and crashes or speeding didn't happen any more frequently than they do now.
So why were these engines banned and are the reasons given by clubs and lake owners for banning IC engines sustainable or do they begin to fall apart under close scrutiny.


Thread: Why ban IC Engines?
18/08/2009 07:41:07
I thouht it was time to air this topic again, seeing as how Paul has found himself a lake where IC engines are not banned
Thread: North Wales Model Boat Rally
25/07/2009 07:50:01
I am curious as to why is it felt necessary for people to wear gloves and what the health implications of this algae might be?


Edited By Dr John Booth on 25/07/2009 07:50:23

Thread: Subscriber Content
25/07/2009 07:45:13

Some time ago on the forum there was an unofficial attempt to start a design competition.

This might be a good idea for your new subscriber only section especially if the prize was something decent and involved My Hobby Store including the design within their range.

The prize might be a laptop computer or the equivalent value to spend in My Hobby Store. (or is this to rich a prize to expect?)
Thread: Swine Flu
21/07/2009 06:38:31
Statistically a third of the population will be affected by the virus but the majority those infected will recover with little or no medical intervention however the high risk groups such as the older (over 50) or the infirm are more prone to suffer a very high degree of serious health deterioration or death.
As I stated in my primary posting it is not my intention to scare monger but merely to remind members about the potential problem so that they might make up their own minds about the level of personal risk that, as an individual they might face.

Edited By Dr John Booth on 21/07/2009 06:39:46

19/07/2009 09:09:55
How is Swine Flu going to affect the model boating community over the next 6 months?
Swine Flu represents a real threat to a large section of the general population and some of my colleagues in the medical fraternity are really concerned that the general public are not taking the threat seriously especially those in the high risk groups.
I think that is reasonable to assume that the majority of model boaters are of a certain age where underlying medical problems are more prevalent than usual and as such are in one of the high risk groups.

With all of this in mind do we continue with our plans to hold and attend shows / events, do we wear face masks or do we just ignore the problem and hope that it will go away?   

I don’t wish to be a “scare monger” but I do believe that we should all give careful consideration to our own personal risk and the potential of exposure to the virus.
I thought long and hard before posting this thread as I didnt wish to upset anybody but I do believe that we should all be aware of the problem.

Edited By Dr John Booth on 19/07/2009 09:12:33

Thread: Twin Batteries
19/07/2009 08:31:48
Unless you are an electrical expert I would suggest that you follow the rule of batteries being all different and therefore should be treated as seperate units when charging.
Thread: Sale of Original Sea Queen
08/07/2009 07:33:33
There is a sea queen on ebay at the moment the item number is 200359598236 if you watch it you will see how undervalued these historic models are.
Thread: North Wales Model Boat Rally
03/07/2009 14:27:26
Perhaps if more members made an effort to get involved it would not seem as though one particular member runs the site.
He does a great deal to help others and does not sit in his silent ivory tower.
Thread: Barrel Back....
24/06/2009 16:55:22
Hello Bob
Not irresponsible just direct and to the point.
Paul spends to much time trying to help others and seeing the "other point of view" he has cleared this with the council who own the lake and so he has just as much right to enjoy himself as anyone else.
I know that he wont charge around the water and risk any other models being hit nor will he sail when the club is using the water (even though he has every right to)
I also note that he has not revealed the location of the lake and I presume this is to prevent other "petrol heads" from flocking to the water and really spoiling it for the host club.
24/06/2009 13:53:07

Knowing you I presume that you have cleared everything with the council so I say fit the strimmer engine and enjoy yourself, life is just too short to worry about upsetting the resident model boat club, after all you have just as much right to sail your models as they do.

Thread: Varnishing and Painting
24/06/2009 13:46:35
Just finished Pauls epic piece on varnishing and painting and what an informative piece of work it is.
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