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Thread: deans marine dukw
13/02/2010 19:34:59
Hi Andy,
I tried to contact you via Paul Freshney but I have not heard back.  You may have seen my yellow DUKW in Model Boats magazine last month so perhaps that has helped to solve your problems.  I am sure the Deans hull is not very different to my plywood one and my method works fine on land.  I actually have more problems with rudder steering in the water because the rudder is rather small and buried in the prop tunnel - so it does not give much side thrust when it is operated.  Any bigger and it would hang out below the bottom of the hull and could get knocked off when entering and leaving the water.
Give me a shout on before you do anything serious with your DUKW!
Thread: rudderless control
08/02/2009 17:26:27
Hi (again) Keepontrickin,
If the twin props are exposed then just use a mixer either one built into the transmiiter (elevon type arrangement for model aircraft) or buy a simple mixer from your model shop which are magic for this sort of application and very cheap and very small.  It needs two speed contiollers but gives full manouverability with the model able to turn in its own length.
Concealing the props will make it much harder as you won't get any reverse thrust from the prop unless it is a straight-through tunnel.  I know it well from my own model Amphicar!
Front wheel-steering on a model is fun and will get the model to turn - but only when it is moving at speed - you cannot turn when going slowly!  My experience also is that the model wiil eventually respond to the turn but, once the wheels are straightened, it keeps on turning!  Only applying opposire stick gets the model back on course and the whole proces of keeping a straighht line is a constant battle with the steering.  Eventually I fitted prop and rudder steering in parallel but that required a third speed controller for when I used the land drive motor.  All very complex but it works very well on land and water in the end..
Thread: amphicar
08/02/2009 17:06:17
Hi Keepontrukin,
Sorry I have come in a bit late to this correspondence but I have only just found this site and joined in.  I built the model and wrote the January 2005 article referred to earlier and I still have the model which gets regular public outings.  I have just tried it in the snow but the grip was poor!  I would be happy to help you with your project.  I can send you a copy of the article if you cannot get hold of a back copy, including the nice article in MMI that inspired me to start the model.
The easiest way to make your own plans is to measure and photograph the one kept on occasional public display in the Sxcience Museu's Large Exhibits' collection at Wroughton in Wiltshire.  They were very helpful to me.  Feel free to contact me on , I would be happy to lend you my sketch plans for you to copy if that would help but I did modify things a bit as I went along!   
One word of warning, I have been model making for over 40 years and this is quite an ambitious model, not recommended for beginners.  Getting land drives and water drives with switching over and wheel steering and prop steering is all possible but a bit tricky - especially as space is a bit limited if you want to keep the seating and footwell areas free.
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