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Thread: Fleetscale Build
27/03/2009 07:57:42

sorry about pics being small go here to see full size and more  

27/03/2009 07:43:13
    hes back see the link lol

Edited By Modelman on 27/03/2009 07:54:58

27/03/2009 07:38:13   hello all im back with my semi-fleetscale Bismarck nearly finished,been out on the water for more tests please enjoy the small film i made.

Edited By Modelman on 27/03/2009 07:40:12

Thread: Fleetscale Build
25/02/2009 07:53:16
hello again just this to show you the end is near

all at sea no ballast installed riding high

back in dry dock
02/01/2009 20:23:00

here come them guns
27/12/2008 18:41:00

hi mark thanks,not worth posting but i was just testing it on the water and camera angles .

you have my sympathy(toothache)ouch.will be nice to see yours on the water take a vid and post ,as for the crew try model boat mayhem they love helping will probably post a link to some site you never knew exhisted.that PG was worth its money,not sure i want to build another one its more work than i anticipated so much work left to do on mine yet.take care and wish you luck hunting lakes.


27/12/2008 08:36:00
nothing memorable but heres a link to my latest wet run
05/12/2008 21:43:00

before and after?
03/12/2008 22:59:00

crude but getting there
03/12/2008 22:57:00

started adding a little more detail
Thread: DSC01661.jpg
03/12/2008 19:56:00
Watch this its funny
Thread: Alu3.jpg
02/12/2008 20:56:00

H i Paul what i see of this ship looks good how do you join the aluminium ?is it weld or some kind of bonding agent?

Thread: tirpitzscratch018-1[1].jpg
02/12/2008 20:22:00

Hi Paul

 Thankyou very much for your compliment i must admit though you are a little too kind concerning the Tirpitz model the paint scheme she is wearing in this film disguises the lack of detail very cleverly.if you would like to see some of my other vids concerning model ships visit my you tube page   some are good others naff you will have to make up your own mind. i am currently working on a fleetscale bismarck so my film experiments will take a back seat. i will however be making a few more vids when its built.


01/12/2008 21:00:00
try this link   to see this ship in action on ashby ville pond.
Thread: IMG_1704.jpg
26/11/2008 22:36:00

hello your bismarck looks very good how long did it take to build and how much is scratch build?by the way the nettle is out of scale .

Thread: Fleetscale Build
26/11/2008 21:23:00

oops last batch repeated supposed to be these

26/11/2008 20:04:00

here you go this may inspire you,ive gone all period with the photo,s.didnt realise you were making such a detailed build it will be nice to see some pic, build is just a broad representation in stand off scale as you can see but i have a lot of detailing to do.

25/11/2008 16:39:00

hard work isnt it making all the parts just hope its worth it when its done hope yours goes well


24/11/2008 22:11:00
hi gary did you get the full ship from fleetscale or are you scratchbuilding
Thread: first scratchbuild 1/200 scale
22/11/2008 17:09:00

hi prof

no they are made from odds and sods with a vague plan no manufactured parts(except motors etc)

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