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Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
12/06/2021 15:22:32

Hi Gents,

I put several pictures of Giralda to my album here in MB


Plan was published in the book >A handbook of Sailing barges < by F.S,Cooper and John Chancellor

together with SB Kathleen plan. 

Since there were no details on the Giralda plan, I chose the sb Champion class plan from H. Chapelle for my model.
This barge is very similar to the Giralda.


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02/06/2021 17:47:10


great idea, I have a slightly curved plywood table, which I can't straighten, I'll try as soon as possible !!!.


13/05/2021 17:11:19

Hi Ray,

Maybe I'm wrong, the results on the water will be decisive. It is a pity that the number of active modelers is decreasing .. it is similar in our country as well.
It is also a pity that Marine Modeling International has stopped publishing. But what I miss the most is the> modelbarge .info <website run by Richard Chesney. Many interesting posts and photos have been lost (many of them also from Kim Holland). The AMBO link on FB is a replacement, it works in terms of posts almost immediately, but it is more or less a problem with older posts. On the other hand, a number of new modellers can be seen, which can be gratifying. Unfortunately, the number of older modelers is declining..
Many new modelers are bothered by the great ignorance of the models they are starting to build. Well ... at least they're not afraid to ask ...

That is why I am happy to return to these pages here, and I can easily find a topic that we solved together..



12/05/2021 17:50:34

Hi Tim,


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12/05/2021 17:50:31

Hi Tim,

I have tested (unintentionally) on the first voyage with my Capricorn model) that the leeboards on the model have virtually no effect on the model's drift.the model was practically uncontrollable (fortunately I have an electric motor in the model)

As you mention chines, the models have a really small draft, and there are very few cases where they sail with a greater incline.

My friend Kim Holland once wrote to me that in the last AMBO races (about 2 years ago) there was also a model without a fin. In any case, he could not match the models with the fin. He also wrote that if this trend persists and there are more models without a keel, then a new class should be considered.

It seems to me that your fin keel is something in between.
The fact is that Kim Holland has a similar narrow keel with the lightest lead bulb on her Lady Daphne model.
After all ... it's your choice

Greeetings Tom

22/03/2021 17:11:32

Hi gents,

Here are links to photos of my models of Thames sailing barges . I think it's especially for John to see how I progress built both models, as well as the internal arrangement of the receiver, servo and motor.

I also have a lot of these photos on albums here, on Modelboats.




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20/03/2021 19:36:30


Vangs rig for RC,I use the first design (the sheets are divided behind the servo like  Y , at the top of the sprite is a pulley or wire eye)


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20/03/2021 14:16:19


20/03/2021 14:01:38


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20/03/2021 14:01:36

thames barge rigging diagram2.jpg

20/03/2021 14:01:00


19/03/2021 13:31:27

Hi Ray,

¨here is this song above mentioned - They all went to Mexico..

I'm slowly continuing with a model called Red Dwarf - when I was making an album on Rajče, nothing better occurred to me in a hurry

Look here please ..=>

This also applies to others who are interested in looking

Scotland the Brave =>

To John> I sent you two links from my Dropbox,I do hope it will be ok.



11/02/2021 14:05:15

img_3097.jpgHi Ray

We also have a very real winter with snow, and we expect frosts around - 20 ° C .

We haven't been used to such a winter in recent years.

Here are currently a number of new posts on FB. Many modelers are no longer looking for topics on traditional forums, and go straight to Facebook.
I'm currently trying to finish the wreck of a small electric motor boat I got from an acquaintance.
I'm thinking of a suitable superstructure to make. I had to buy a new ESC and servos.

Spring is perhaps behind the door ..although Punxsutawney Phil foretold a longer winter..

Mexico . It's a country ballad where everyone went to Mexico, the sheriff only catches the last man who sings it ..

The condition here on our chat reminded me a little of this song





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10/02/2021 12:00:16


it seems to me that > they all went to Mexico it is in one song..or on FB ...sad

all the best


11/10/2020 14:47:48


I did not expect such a design possibility,despite having at home a few books about tsb.


29/09/2020 23:03:01

Long yard as it is, next to it is tsb Gusty Cat

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29/09/2020 23:02:20



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29/09/2020 22:57:16

Hi all,

this is my version making yard for Caprice gundalow -90 cm long((cca 35" , 1,8 cm dia. In the middle of the yard is a spruce beam 10x10 mm, on the sides are glued beams 5x5 mm. One end is fixed in the jaw of the electric drill, the other end in the auxiliary jaw of the old drill. I had to grind both ends of the yard so that I could clamp them in the jaws of the ( electric) drills.
For machining, I first used a coarse rasp, then continued with coarse sandpaper nr 60,glued to a plywood strip. I finished gradually with finer sandpaper. The narrower end should have a smaller diameter (6 mm). When grinding, however, the boom vibrated a lot, so I preferred to finish grinding at a diameter of 8 mm
As the boom is flexible, I had to support it in the middle when sanding (I used an old leather glove). I then soaked the whole and soaked it in diluted epoxy..



Caprice gundalow

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11/08/2020 18:03:45

Nice boat!!

11/08/2020 16:08:02

Hi Ray,

thanks for info about Ivor, his pages were very helpful.

When I wrote to Ivor about my first model of a barge (Capricorn) in the spring of 2014, he wrote to me in an e-mail that he was 86 years old and that he wanted to transfer his original site to "". This new site ceased to function probably in the spring of this year ...



let me put here his post scriptum from the letter (04.16.2014)

Post script. I think that the evolution of barge racing was good for
full sized barges but a mixed blessing for modellers. The full sized
barge racing produced faster hulls at the expense of load carrying but
it led to rapid development of the rig and how the barge was handled.
The legacy for those modellers who want to race barges is that, if you
want to win, you make models of the few boats like Geralda. In fact,
now you have to design your own barge if you want to win and that is
contrary to the whole concept of building and racing scale barges.

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