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Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
15/04/2020 14:15:13

It took me a couple of days to sort out but what you need to have is the 10 digit number (mine started 400... ) that you should have been given in the acknowledgement e-mail that confirms your subscription - mine came from on the same day I ordered an on-line subscription. Once you have the number, log in to this site and there is a box for you enter the number on your account settings page.. Hope that helps.

Edited By Francis Macnaughton on 15/04/2020 14:16:05

14/04/2020 12:53:57

Had my e-mail too and have now managed to work out how to access the archive of back issues so have plenty of issues I only ever looked at when at Smiths that I can now read properly!

Thread: revel 1:96 cutty sark plans
02/04/2020 11:00:07

The instructions can still be downloaded from:


Thread: m15 monitor
30/03/2020 16:00:33

I have that article. If you send me your e-mail address by pm I can forward the scans.

Thread: Mk7 Bofors 40mm AA Machine Gun
16/03/2020 17:42:34

In "The life and ship models of Norman Ough" page 34 and also printed at least once in Model Boats as part of a series of all his drawings of RN fittings around the 1970s -80s but can't remember exactly when. What scale are you wanting it in?

Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
20/11/2019 16:17:44

The trick for bending lithoplate is to gently bend it around progressively smaller diameter tubing until the right fit is achieved

Thread: Second Model HMS Sherbourne?
18/09/2019 19:55:01

There is a book covering the model which might be of interest, although now out of print. The author, George Bandurek, gives a lot of info here which might help give an idea of what can be achieved with this kit:


Thread: Amethyst cross sectional drawings.
01/09/2019 10:41:35

I see the latest book of WW2 warship plans from the NMM is for the Black Swan class and a pretty good buy at the current offer and should give you all the sections you could want and lots besides!


Thread: The Editors right to edit
31/08/2019 20:58:51

Going back to the original issue and as an occasional contributor, I fully agree with Paul that the editor must have the final say. I am always grateful that I don't have to make my words fit into the available space as I would be hopeless and very slow even with my own efforts, let alone all the other items that have to be ready before a very fixed deadline.

Thread: Amethyst cross sectional drawings.
28/08/2019 10:00:37

I managed to find my copy of the recent book on Norman Ough's plans and models but it doesn't provide a view of his Amethyst plan. In any case, as already advised by others, I would be unsurprised if there was some difference between the cross sections of the original Deans offering and the actual Amethyst as relatively small models such as this benefit from a bit of extra draught to improve stability. It seems likely that the worst distortion would be along the least supported section - ie the deck edge - and the underwater parts of the hull would be fairly resilient to being bent out of shape. I would suggest cutting out in fairly thick ply or balsa (perhaps 6mm) your best interpretation of what the plan of the deck should be and push it into place and hold it there with some rubber bands then assess how true the hull looks by eye, particularly looking to see if there has been any bending of the keel line. If it looks OK I really would suggest that is probably good enough to work with - after all I would expect that the original master was assessed for trueness by the same method back when it was first carved and sanded!

Thread: return to top of page
25/08/2019 19:24:30

If you press the 7/ Home button (usually to the right of the line with QWER etc) it should take you straight back to the top

Thread: LCT - Information wanted
08/08/2019 20:25:25

Hi Sue

That sounds like my set of articles to accompany a 1/72nd plan of an LCT5. I can send you a scan of part 2 if you send me an email address. If you let me know what sort of info you are after, I can probably also point you to much more detail on many other types of LCT as well.

If you are involved with the LCT 7074 project perhaps you can advise on when it is expected to arrive at the D-Day museum?


Thread: Turbinia Model Kit
31/07/2019 20:00:43

There was an MMI article by Charlie Sells that went with the release of his plan. If you decide to follow that option I should have a copy I can scan and forward.

Thread: Technological Progress - Is it getting too complicated?
24/07/2019 11:15:16

I also date back to the single channel push button era so have been through all the various changes in RC technology. From my perspective there is an awful lot to be very grateful for and many of the models that I have recently completed usually in 1/200th scale could never have worked in earlier times because the RC gear then was too big, too heavy and especially too expensive. Working at that scale is pretty much essential as there isn't the space to keep larger models. If I remember correctly, Fleetscale started using 1/128th scale in the 1980s as the smallest practical size then for an RC WW2 destroyer. Nowadays 1/250th scale would be perfectly feasible using some of the micro gear developed for lightweight aircraft.

Low cost is also very helpful - I don't have to keep moving the receiver and ESCs from model to model when a mini 2.4 GHz Rx is only £8 or so to buy and it can help reduce the internal access arrangements so delicate detail is less likely to get damaged.

I would add that there has also been huge leaps in many other aspects of modelling - DIY resin moulding of fittings is now common and photoetching services are also a practical way to get some items made while 3D printing is becoming an increasingly useful option. Finally, the Internet allows me to search virtually the whole world for information, check what is held in many museums and, perhaps most important of all, correspond with other people with the same interest to share information quickly and cheaply.

Thread: boating lakes in Devon
19/07/2019 21:17:21

The City of Plymouth MBC meets most Sundays at the city centre pool outside the old Civic Centre building.

There is also the Dartmoor MBC which uses a water out on Dartmoor itself mainly for yachts


Thread: PT109 Conversion
23/06/2018 18:28:13

The best I can suggest is to see what small ready to fly indoor flier models are available locally equivalent to the Parkzone P51D and see if they have spare motor gearbox available - I suspect you are a lot nearer where all these items are made than we are in UK!

I weighed my static PT109 and it comes out at 115 grams which leaves you 35 g for all the RC if you are aiming for something near the 56 tons of the original.

23/06/2018 08:56:06

I am familiar with the old PT109 having built one for static display - I don't expect there will be much difference in weight. Sorry, I don't have any other info on the Parkzone motor beyond that it provides a healthy level of power on a 3.7V LiPo source and seems to match the prop quite well in this sort of application

22/06/2018 23:28:42

I assume we are talking about the recent 1/72nd release. From my experience converting the Airfix Vosper MTB which was in MB in 2016, you would need to look at ultra lightweight RC gear to keep near scale displacement and also get the model on the plane. I used a Deltang Rx 60-3 type from Micron:


The motor is a Parkzone PKZ3624 geared type also via Micron driving a Deans marine 18mm 3 blade prop

Thread: LCT Barge Plan
05/06/2018 20:54:05

You can always scale up this plan:


(I don't get any royalties!)

Thread: Model Boats March 1970 article on 3Pdr saluting gun
21/05/2018 19:56:59

Many thanks for that John and just what I was looking for.

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