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Thread: propshaft bearings
21/08/2009 23:09:09
Thanks Ashley but as I mentioned earlier I did try quite a number of bearing supply people with no luck with one exception that tract one down in germany.The problem I understand is that there is no call for this particular small size anymore, it is afterall over 50years old and even had stamped on it   Made in Great Britian  can you belive it !
21/08/2009 22:31:00
I must admit you got a good  point there Bob   Hmmmmmm................
see if I can find a piece of bronze big enough!
21/08/2009 20:38:05

Thanks to you all for your help and advise, I  shall have a go at machining one myself for the prop end in bronze but the coupling end has to be a roller bearing because of the end fitting on the shaft.
Bob you may have a point as I tried to find a supplier this afternoon for this roller bearing, having quoted the number,  it appears to be a now very rare size but did find one in germany for £14-50 plus postage & tax, so your suggestion to alter to metric and go to 5mm may be the best option.
I also like the idea of having a go at making the new shaft myself and will give it a try.
When I have put these ideas into practise I will post and give results
21/08/2009 13:47:15

My thanks to both Ashley and Bob for your suggestions and success!  I removed both bearings with Bobs idea, which if anyone else has a similar problem works very well. I used the old prop shaft and turned down the end on my lathe which was then just long enough to work. All I have to do now is find where I can get replacement bearings?
Cheers Malcolm.
20/08/2009 23:08:10
Continuing the rebuild of my vintage model I have now discovered that the propshaft bearings are to worn to be used. The coupling end has a small roller bearing and the prop end is bronze or similar, the problem is how to replace them or remove the tube altogether which is 20" long with a 3/16" shaft. In such an old model well made in wood with such a long tube well glued and fitted, it may cause to much damage to attempt removal. Any ideas?
Thread: large cooling coil.
06/07/2009 12:04:22
Hello Dave, about to try the copper brake pipe as you suggested on my 74mm dia motor and have noticed that they can supply it in 5/16" which would give a better flow from the two inlet water scoops on the model. Do you think this possible with this larger and thicker walled pipe?
Thanks Malcolm
02/07/2009 15:13:10
Hi there Paul & Dave,
Thank you both for your informative and very entertaining comments I shall endeavour to test both suggestions but possibly avoid the third of mounting the motor under water!
30/06/2009 23:07:14
I have a very large vintage model into which I would like to install a large automotive quality electric motor  I have, which at  24volts quotes 5000 to 20000 RPM .
I would prefer to have a cooling coil around the motor ( the scoops and outlets are already fitted to the model) but the diameter of the motor is 74mm, does anyone know where a coil could be found or the soft tubing to make one of this size?
Many Thanks Malcolm.
Thread: Veron marlin cabin criuser
01/08/2008 23:08:00

Hello Tony,

I have had contact from dave allen and his kit has answered all my needs on the veron marlin although I shall soon be in contact with Phil Smith as you kindly suggested as my interest veron model kits from that era is still strong and this could be very useful for the future.

Many thanks once again for your help and I shall look forward to seeing your album in the gallery.

George Malcolm!

29/07/2008 21:40:00

Hello Dave,I would be very interested in the kit you have if you could let me have further details that would be fantastic!

My e-mail is Many thanks Malcolm.

29/07/2008 19:58:00

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the information ,I will certainly  contact Phil Smith as you suggest to see if he can help with this project,

Cheers Tony, Malcolm.

28/06/2008 23:38:00


My brother in law and I built and sailed a veron marlin kit when I was ten years old some fifty years ago this year. I would dearly love to own and/or build or restore another marlin if anyone can help me to achieve this it would be fantastic news.

I have seen the original plans, but it seems to lack a number of dimensions of parts in order to scratchbuild one just from the plan alone.

Malcolm Griffett.

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