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Thread: Prototype build of ELLIE
10/08/2013 02:50:26

Bob, I used the same "back saw" technique for the stringers on my Broads cruiser. As you say, care is needed because, once sawn, they are quite delicate.

The project is coming along nicely, and I'm finding it very interesting.


Thread: Stabilisers on Model Boats
02/08/2013 23:34:08

I have not found my Sentinel to be tender, Ashley. As I said previously, she does lean slightly in turns, but I believe that would be quite prototypical. As Dave pointed out, hurtling around the lake at warp speed is definitely not prototypical for the class, so working stabilisers are not necessary. I just made mine functional because I wanted tosmiley


Thread: Prototype build of ELLIE
01/08/2013 23:11:53

Bob, I used 1.5mm ply, not marine grade, just normal ply, probably pine. It took a bit of coaxing around the bow, but dampening the wood softened it enough to make it bend. Reinforcing the chine with fibreglass matting strengthened that area, and a coat of resin inside and out waterproofed the whole hull. Wetting non-marine ply is not usually a good idea, but because of the low humidity at the time I was building the boat it dried before any damage was done, and it was just damp, not dripping wet.

I am not building anything at present. We moved back to our farm about 18 months ago, and my time has been occupied doing some much needed renovations to the house. My wife keeps finding jobs for me to do, and said she needs to make a list. I told her I would buy her a roll of wallpaper for the list, as anything else would not be big enoughteeth 2 We are going away for about 6 weeks on Tuesday, and when we get back I will hopefully get building. The big jobs are done so I should find time for modelling. I live in hopesmiley

I am following this thread with great interest.


01/08/2013 00:42:56

Ian, the paint is from a spray can of household enamel. I used car body spray filler first, vigorously rubbed down, followed by an undercoat then several top coats. The finish has proved to be very durable and is still looking good after over 7 years of constant use.

Bob, when I built Jessica Louise I was not in the habit of taking build progress photos, as I do now, however, I did take one of the bare skeleton, which is shown below. Incidentally, she is named after our first and, at the time, only granddaughter (now 20 years old). We now have 2 more granddaughters, the last only 2 weeks old.


Jessica Louise frame.jpg

30/07/2013 23:51:38

Bob, as I said it was built from plans by Ray Wood, which were free with, I think, a Marine Modelling International magazine of a few years ago. I don't know if it is based on any particular boat, but I think it is a generalisation of the type. Ray called his plan Margoletta.

Just let me know when your plans are ready, and I will certainly be a customer.

Some more photos below.


Jessica Louise 01.jpg

Jessica Louise 02.jpg

Jessica Louise 03.jpg

29/07/2013 23:46:08

It's looking very good, Paul and Bob. I particularly like the middle version which would nicely complement the boat I built several years ago from Ray Wood plans, enlarged. I would be interested in purchasing your plan when it is ready.


Jessica Louise

Thread: Model Boat Mayhem
16/07/2013 00:54:14

It would be far more satisfying to hurl boiling oil and very large rocks at the blighterscheeky


Thread: Born again model boater
14/07/2013 07:46:32

Derek, below the waterline means just that, below the level of the water. I would venture to suggest that just about all receivers in model boats are below deck.

I also sail on salt water, using a cheap Hobby King 2.4Ghz set, and have had absolutely no problems at all. As long as I can see my boat, it responds to all inputs. The aerials in some cases are actually below the waterline, too. About half of our club members are also using the 2.4Ghz sets, from a couple of different manufacturers, and have all found them to be more reliable than the older UHF sets. We have a "Bermuda Triangle" area in our lake which, for some unknown reason, can cause interference with the 27, 29, 36 and 40Mhz sets, but the 2.4Ghz units are completely unaffected. However, I have been told by those who know that 2.4Ghz is unsuitable for submarines in salt water.

I suppose we can only speak from personal experience. Obviously Neil has problems with the 2.4Ghz sets, in which case I don't blame him for sticking to what works best for him. The last thing he wants is for one of his master built models to go sailing off into the distance, never to be seen again.


Edited By Peter Fitness on 14/07/2013 07:47:36

Thread: Model Boat Mayhem
14/07/2013 07:24:03

I only had the one instance where I couldn't log on, and I've heard of no problems recently. I usually log on when all good Northern Hemisphere people are asleep, due to the time difference, so that may explain my situation.


Thread: Three Junior Modellers
08/07/2013 23:40:00

I have built them 2 boats, which they sail with their father, our 2nd son, in Sydney. I always take them sailing when they visit, and they thoroughly enjoy it.


08/07/2013 00:17:10

We have our 3 youngest grandsons from Sydney (ages 13, 10 and 8) staying with us for the July school holidays. As yesterday was a glorious sunny winter's day, after a very wet period, I decided to take them sailing for the morning. Below are a couple of shots of the day, with the boys intent on their task. I took the pusher tug should any of the boats get into trouble, but it was not needed for a rescue. It has two independently controlled motors and no rudder, so needs a feft touch on the sticks to steer it, but Harry, the oldest, had no trouble with it, and had it performing beautifully.

We went to the Ballina Maritime Museum after sailing, where the boys were fascinated by the exhibits, including a large selection of models. The museum is well worth a visit, and more info is available here **LINK**


July 7 2013.jpg

July 7 2013 2.jpg

Thread: Barge trip
07/07/2013 05:06:41

Marvellous photos Bob, and the weather certainly was good.

BTW, I think you missed a few of the Stars...Scholes, Bruce, Hughes, Keane and the Nevilles among themsmiley, not to mention Busby and Ferguson.


Thread: Motor size mystery
07/07/2013 04:55:02

My pleasure, Gareth.


Thread: pictures in your album
07/07/2013 04:53:32

Perhaps I should be pleased that there are no "real" prizes.


05/07/2013 23:28:21

I assume that means no prizecrying


04/07/2013 23:59:31

I have just checked my photos and they all have captionsnerd do I get a prize, Ashley?teeth 2


Thread: Motor size mystery
04/07/2013 00:32:46

Gareth, to post a link, firstly look at the 2 rows of icons on the top of the "Post a reply" box. Hover the cursor over these and you will notice that the 4th icon from the right in the lower row will show as "Link". Click this and a box will open with an area marked URL. Enter the web site address in this area and click OK. Job done. The link will show in your post as **LINK** (as in Dave Milbourn's post above)

I hope this helps,


Thread: magazine price
29/06/2013 23:40:15

I do remember the Red Lion, Captainslog, we walked down to the life boat station a couple of times.

You would be disappointed with the result of the Lions v Wallabies game and, having watched it, our boys did enough to give me confidence that they can wrap up the series in Sydney.

Colin, honest debate is always good, as long as it doesn't deteriorate into a slanging match. So far this one has been very civilised.

Dave M as an Avon lady........that would be an eye opener.laugh


Edited By Peter Fitness on 29/06/2013 23:41:21

28/06/2013 23:59:38

Rather off topic, but Captainslog's mention of WH Smith in Minehead brings back memories of our last trip to the UK, back in 2008, when we stayed for a week in Minehead. I visited Smith's on several occasions while we were there. We did a trip on the West Somerset Railway to Bishops Lydeard and back. We also did day trips to such places as Selworthy, Porlock Weir, Taunton, Lynmouth, Exmoor and others. We stayed on the top floor of the Metropole Court, in a flat owned by my brother-in-law's cousin, directly above the Hobby Horse. It has a bay window giving an unobstructed view of Minehead Station.


Thread: Model Boat Mayhem
28/06/2013 07:03:20

Paul, having said that the problem had been sorted, I now find I can't log on to Mayhem - perhaps the hackers are at it again.


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