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Thread: Model Boat Mayhem
29/03/2014 22:23:39

It seems that the fault was a simple one, but it took a lot of work to find that it was largely due to an incorrect database file extension name. Thankfully some Mayhem members are IT gurus, and helped Martin track the problem down and fix it.

As Colin pointed out, the site is run mainly at Martin's expense, both of money and time, and when a problem does occur it takes time to fix it. Time can be a problem as Martin does have a job which takes priority, as well as a family, who at times must be sick of the word "Mayhem". He has been assisted on the financial side by some advertising revenue as well as donations from members, but I am fairly sure his expenses are not completely covered, and the drain on his own pocket would be significant.


Thread: Amsterdam tug Plank on Frame
12/03/2014 03:44:33

Assuming you have decent access to the inside of the hull, my suggestion would be to first lay some fibreglass matting, or even cloth, between the bulkheads, then soak with resin. You would need to fill the cracks from the outside with some suitable filler and repaint the hull.


Thread: Prototype build of ELLIE
03/03/2014 04:56:18

She looks great, Dave, very realistic.


06/02/2014 21:22:11

Happy birthday Larry. The years seem to go by more quickly the older one gets - I celebrated my 77th on 25th January, and it seems no time at all since my 50thsmile o


Thread: The best R/C equipment
06/02/2014 21:12:28

As Dave M said somewhere, that's one of those questions that if you ask 10 modellers you'll get 11 different answerssmiley

I have good Futaba and JR gear from my RC flying days, but have found the cheap 2.4Ghz units to be perfectly adequate, and reliable, for model boating.


Thread: Steel barque
31/01/2014 21:31:44

Another wonderful model from a master craftsman, and a pleasure to see.


Thread: Prototype build of ELLIE
12/01/2014 02:29:24

Colin, I believe all you say, with the exception of the part about a "cloudless sky". Now, here in Australia, on the other d


Thread: New Year awards
02/01/2014 01:04:09

As Ashley said, everyone deserves a prize, but people like Bob, Paul T., Colin, and Ashley himself deserve extra special mention because of their continuing input into the forum. Without them the forum would be a much poorer place.

A Happy New Year to all from down under.


Thread: Prototype build of ELLIE
18/12/2013 21:32:18

All the best Paul, I hope you are back on deck soon.


19/11/2013 21:04:21

Bob, it's your boat after all, and you can paint it any colour you wish....however, I have to agree with Paul, Keith and Ian, I much prefer the cream cabin sides.


Thread: how do I work out Ballast
18/11/2013 21:03:23

I totally agree with Amy. Keep it simple and you can't go wrong.

Ashley, you need to broaden your horizons and embrace new conceptssmiley


14/11/2013 21:25:41

Like Paul, I favour the KISS method (Keep it simple....) of loading ballast in until the desired trim is achieved. Onerous calculations give me a headachesmile p


Thread: Prototype build of ELLIE
14/11/2013 21:20:17

Very nice, Bob, she looks great on the water.


13/11/2013 21:56:13

Bob, I'm mortally woundedsurprise I am actually a proud Australian. I know some people regard New Zealand as the 7th state of Australia, but the Kiwis don't want to be a part of us as they then wouldn't be able to thrash us at rugbylaugh

I have just downloaded the plans and had a preliminary look at them; they look very good, great job Paul. I will let you know my thoughts regarding the format as time progresses, but my initial reaction is good.

Thanks to you both, and I hope the appeal goes well.


Thread: Model Boat Mayhem
08/11/2013 21:27:47

As a current moderator of the Mayhem forum I can only endorse Colin's comments. There have been instances of poor customer service posted on Mayhem, and some of these have been allowed to stand. However, it has often been necessary to lock the topic for reasons that Colin mentioned, that is, the discussion has degenerated into a slanging match. The lines between truth and fiction sometimes become blurred, so the moderating team may decide that no useful purpose is served by allowing the discussion to continue, so the topic is locked, and overtly derogatory or inflammatory posts removed.

Dave, I don't believe that it was unfair of you to ask the question, as I think it was a valid one. I hope the explanations given are satisfactory.


Thread: Prototype build of ELLIE
07/11/2013 21:28:38

I'm looking forward to that.


05/11/2013 20:52:26

Sea Spray looks great, Dave, and like Ian and Paul I also love the colour scheme.


Thread: New look website coming soon
04/11/2013 21:27:24

I like it, good job Katy. No pop ups or speed problems for me.


Thread: Prototype build of ELLIE
04/11/2013 21:23:00

I can't wait to see the maiden voyage photos, Bob.

Dave, Australia is a very big country, a fact often not appreciated by many. As I mentioned, we are 2000km from Hobart, to the south, but also 2000km from Cairns, to the north! Sydney to Perth by road is about 4000km.

It's worth looking at this web site, if you're interested **LINK**


04/11/2013 05:37:19

Dave, I actually live near Lismore, in the far north eastern corner of NSW, over 2000km north of Hobart, Tasmania. Our climate is classified as Sub-Tropical and, while we can get frosts in the low lying areas, they are almost unheard of where our house is.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I make my own prop shaft assemblies, and turn the bearings up out of bronze round bar. The grease in the tube stops any water ingress. I agree about cable length, the fewer connectors the less likelihood of problems. Speaking of connectors, I have standardised on Deans, all wired the same so motors and ESCs are interchangeable throughout my models. That doesn't mean I can put a motor where an ESC should be, I use male plugs on the motors, and female on the ESCs and batteries.


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