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Thread: Seen on my afternoon walk
11/11/2014 21:46:48

You're certainly spoilt for choice Dave, what a great selection of vessels. The sunset shot is marvellous with the sun disappearing below the horizon between the rows of wind turbines. Living as I do, near the east coast of Australia, I don't get a chance to see the sun setting into the water.


Thread: Incompatible battery plug.
02/11/2014 22:33:08

Like Ashley and Mattias, I use Deans connectors exclusively, and have done so for a number of years now. I have set up my motors, batteries (SLA), and ESCs using the Deans plugs, so I can interchange any of them between models without having to change polarity. Most of my ESCs are Mtroniks, and it's an easy job to remove the Tamiya connector and replace it with a Deans.

Also like Mattias, I put the female plug on batteries to prevent accidental short circuits which, while quite spectacular, are not recommended.

My soldering jig is quite reminiscent of Dave M'ssmiley


Edited By Peter Fitness on 02/11/2014 22:36:19

Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
18/09/2014 23:31:28

That's looking good Bob, but I wish Paul would stop using such big words, I'm wearing my dictionary out looking up all the meaningssmiley

Thread: Bob and Pauls BIG Haydock event
26/08/2014 06:54:57

It looks as if it was a great show, so well done Paul and Bob. The photos just made me more envious than I already was, but I suppose that's my penalty for living in the colonieslaugh Thanks to the photos I am now able to put faces to some of the names on this forum.


Thread: Should a modeller be a club member?
29/07/2014 01:08:29

It's a real shame that some people seem to derive pleasure from being "stirrers" at club meetings, and generally making life miserable for others. Unfortunately, such people do exist, as Tony will attest. I have been involved with some organisations in the past where this type of person really does make you question why you bother, but luckily I have never given in to the impulse to simply get out. In all my experiences the positives have outweighed the negatives.

Like Mike (Invisibleman) I have a nearly 50 mile round trip to get to our club, but I choose to do so because I enjoy being part of the group. We used to hold our club business meetings on a Thursday night, once a month, but only the same 4 or 5 turned up, and these were the executive. We made a decision to hold our monthly meetings at our lake, before sailing commences, and now almost everyone attends the meeting. This is a much better arrangement, as now everyone has input into club business, plus it saves me one trip per monthwink


Thread: Bob and Pauls BIG Haydock event
29/07/2014 00:54:47

I will be wishing I was there, but it's a bit too far from Australiasmiley I will be looking forward to reading all about it, and seeing some photos.

All the best for the show, Bob and Paul, I hope it goes well for you and your charity.


Thread: Should a modeller be a club member?
25/07/2014 03:37:15

Len some clubs here in Australia also suffer from weed problems in their sailing lakes, and councils are reluctant to do anything about it for fear of. damaging the environment. As you say, killing the weed, especially with chemicals, can also kill everything else. The only other way is mechanically or physically removing it, which can be time consuming and expensive. We are very fortunate in that our club lake is tidal salt water, entering and leaving the lake at either end through pipes, thus flushing it at least twice a day. It also allows several species of fish to enter and leave at will.


Thread: Thor
24/07/2014 00:43:04

Yes indeed, Paul, as Colin says, your health is paramount, and I too hope you are feeling better.


Thread: Should a modeller be a club member?
24/07/2014 00:33:17

Len, you're quite right when you say it's not necessary to be a club member to sail a boat, nor is there anything wrong with sailing alone. I do, however, think it's down to the individual. Personally, I prefer to belong to a club, not only for what can be learned from other members, but for the social aspect as well. Also, clubs are ideal vehicles for encouraging new participants in the hobby, and passing on knowledge from the more experienced to the beginner.

Our local club has an excellent relationship with the council, and any problems are usually addressed quite promptly, so to suggest that belonging to a club may result in poor sailing conditions seems rather unfair. It is, of course, a personal choice whether to join a club or not, and the main thing is to enjoy the hobby in a manner that suits you best.


21/07/2014 00:27:50

I can only answer using my experience, and I think it's fair to say if I hadn't joined our local club I would not have continued in model boating. In many ways our club seems similar to the group Dave Milbourn sails with, mainly old(er) people sharing a common interest. Yes, we have regular business meetings, we have a president (me), a secretary and a treasurer, but the meetings are over in about 15 minutes, then we get on with the business of sailing - we have our meetings at the lake side before sailing commences. We used to have our meetings at night, and usually only the same 4 or 5 would turn up, but since deciding to hold them at our lake, everyone joins in -. very much better.

I think that belonging to a club or group broadens one's knowledge, as well as creating new friendships.


Thread: sealing hull
06/07/2014 00:40:31

You're quite right of course, Ashley. When it's all said and done our models are usually in the water for a relatively short period of time, and a well painted hull should be adequately water resistant. However, I like to be sure, and given that we have some rocks at the water's edge at our club lake, I will continue to use my method, just to be safe, and for my own peace of mind.


Thread: Larry Whetton
06/07/2014 00:19:33

Like Dave P, I only knew Larry from this forum and also Mayhem, but always enjoyed reading his posts. He will certainly be missed, and my sincere sympathy goes to his family.


Thread: sealing hull
05/07/2014 00:26:44

As Mike says, there are a number of different ways to seal a ply hull. My method is to use fibreglass expoxy brushed on, rubbed down to give a smooth surface, and painted over. When rubbing down I use wet and dry paper wet, to stop the epoxy "balling" due to the heat caused by the friction of rubbing. It all depends on how vigorously you rub as to how much heat is generated. I usually coat the inside of the hull with epoxy as well, something of a "belt and braces" approach I suppose, but it's better to be sure than sorry. In the case of 1 to 1.5 mm ply, I lay some fibreglass cloth or matting between the frames inside the hull to stiffen it. It seems to works as I've never had a hull leak - yetsmiley


Thread: Airfix unveil Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier.
05/07/2014 00:16:01

It will be interesting to see if Airfix go ahead and make a production model. The model shown in the photo is made by Dave Coventry using parts from other Airfix kits. Given the fact the the carrier is new to the Royal Navy, Airfix may well see a marketing opportunity.


Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
02/07/2014 07:55:30

It must mean I'm getting old, but it's scary to think that there will actually be people out there who are really not aware of the meaning of "lb" as a unit of weight.sad Or "oz" either, for that matter.


Edited By Peter Fitness on 02/07/2014 07:56:31

Thread: SloMo 2
22/06/2014 23:27:25

It looks marvellous, Bob, well done, and I love the colour scheme. I'll bet you frightened the daylights out of the wildlifesurprise


Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
31/05/2014 23:23:12

Ashley's right, the subject of lubricating prop shafts has been done to death, and it really boils down to personal preference. I have made my feelings clear, as has Ashley, so we can agree to disagree.

Regarding Ashley's comment about stainless shafts - I use nothing else, mainly because I sail almost exclusively in salt water, and have seen the effect of salt water on bright steel, and even brass, shafts.


30/05/2014 23:31:26

Bob, I fill the cap with grease using a syringe, then by sliding it over the greasing tube the grease is forced into the prop tube. It is every bit as effective as an internal plunger. When the prop tube is first filled with grease I use the syringe directly into the greasing tube, then top up as necessary using the cap.

Ashley, any drag created is absolutely minimal, and I have noticed no effect on motor performance. As I have said in the past, if I was operating high performance boats then any drag induced by grease may be a factor, but as all my boats are of the more leisurely type, it is not an issue.


Edited By Peter Fitness on 30/05/2014 23:32:50

29/05/2014 23:04:28

I agree, Paul, it is very easy to make prop shafts, I make all my own using 4mm stainless steel rod for the shaft and a suitable brass prop tube. I make the bearings from bronze, and usually silver solder a grease tube into the prop tube. Photo below.

Peter.Home made prop tube assembly

Thread: What Glue
24/05/2014 23:11:26

I used a solvent type glue in my Armidale patrol boat build, as well as Revell styrene glue, which is thicker. Applied with a small brush, the solvent will run into the joint by capillary action, and is very clean. More care is needed with the thick glue as it can "string", but both are very strong.


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