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Thread: A morning walk in Newcastle NSW
13/05/2015 08:10:31

Unlike Dave Wooley, who regularly takes afternoon walks in a location where he can take photos of ships, my walks are usually nowhere near water. However, on a recent caravan trip through outback Queensland and down through the northern tablelands of NSW to Sydney, then home via the east coast of NSW, we visited my wife's home town of Newcastle NSW. Newcastle is at the mouth of the Hunter River, and boasts the largest coal loading facility in the world. It is massive, and is capable of handling many large bulk carriers at the same time. It is served by four rail lines bringing coal in extremely long trains from the mines in the upper Hunter Valley, and operates 24 hours a day. It really is something to see.

We stayed in a caravan park at Stockton, right on the river, on the north side directly opposite the Newcastle CBD, which can be accessed by a small passenger ferry. The ferry operates about every 30 minutes in each direction, and the trip takes only about 6 or 7 minutes.

Unfortunately, the weather was not very good for our stay, and included a terrifying night when winds gusted up to 135 kmh. We were lucky that our van did not suffer any structural damage, although it did leak a little. Much of the greater Newcastle area was blacked out for days, and thousands of trees were literally shredded, creating a huge mess for local councils and residents to clean up.

On the day of our departure the weather cleared, and I took the opportunity to go for a walk along the northern breakwall where I took some photos of some maritime activity at the mouth of the river. The lighthouse is on Nobbys Head, on the southern side of the river mouth, and can be seen in some of the photos. The dirty water, the result of torrential rain in the catchment area, can be clearly seen, as can the delineation between the dirty and clean water.

The first photo is of the Port of Newcastle dredge, David Allan,


david allan.jpgdeparture and arrival.jpgdiamantina and darling passing nobbys.jpgmv weaver arrow.jpgoriental treasure.jpgoriental treasure 2.jpgtug carrington.jpgtug darling.jpgtug diamantina.jpgtug koumala.jpgtug murray.jpg

Edited By Peter Fitness on 13/05/2015 08:15:45

Thread: Dave Wooley
13/05/2015 07:28:15

Hello Dave,

It's good to hear that all is well with you. It seems such a long time since you posted an update on your afternoon walk that I was beginning to think that you may have been unwell. I would love to have the opportunity to see all three Queens together. I have seen them all individually, and taken numerous photos when my visits to Sydney coincided with any of the Cunard Queens, but to see them together would be wonderful. Hopefully I can look forward to some photos from you on the forum when the day arrives.

I did my own version of your walk on a recent visit to the port of Newcastle NSW, and managed to get a few reasonable shots of a couple of bulk carriers entering and leaving the Hunter River, together with their attendant tugs, which I'll put on a separate thread when I get a chance.


11/05/2015 23:35:07

I haven't seen anything from Dave Wooley for quite a while, does anyone know why? I miss his "Seen on my Afternoon Walk" photos and commentary.


Thread: Seen on my afternoon walk
03/04/2015 03:41:16

I'm still travelling in the wilds of NSW and the internet is somewhat patch, so I haven't seen the replies until now. Yes Dave, she certainly is ECO, but that's all the rage now, none of this dirty wood or coal fired boiler stufflaugh

Bob, she may look top heavy, but she is very wide beamed, and the shallow draught is dictated by the depth of the river.

The dazzle scheme is well named, it certainly does dazzle, but I do think it looks rather garish. However, one could not claim that they didn't see her.


30/03/2015 04:13:14

What a great collection of photos Dave.

We are in our caravan at present and have been in outback Queensland and NSW and actually saw one boat, we even went for a short cruise in her on the mighty Darling River. It is the PV Jandra, a modern (2001) replica of the original Jandra which was built in the late 19th century, and was used on the Darling carrying wool. The original was steam powered, but the replica has a Deutz diesel driving a generator which supplies power to an electric motor on each paddle.


45 pv jandra, bourke.jpg57 pv jandra.jpg56 pv jandra.jpg

Thread: Propellor shaft lubrication
06/03/2015 21:02:09

As Ashley pointed out, this subject has been debated on numerous occasions, and agreement has never been reached. Speaking personally, I use outboard motor grease with excellent results - it's waterproof and does not emulsify, at least, not in my experience. Ashley prefers not to use grease, and who am I to argue with his decision? As in many things it boils down to personal preference, and as such there is no definitive answer.


Edited By Peter Fitness on 06/03/2015 21:02:45

Thread: John Tyler
23/01/2015 22:23:52

One of our club members, Michael Marks, built the Hawaiian Pilot using the plastic model as a reference. It was scaled up considerably, as can be seen from the photo, and sails beautifully.


hawaiian pilot.jpg

Thread: Topsail Schooner Lochranza Castle
23/01/2015 22:09:46

Another exquisite model Bob. The sea effects are, as usual, outstanding.


Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
18/01/2015 22:49:28

Bob, if it makes you feel any better the temperature here has been in the low to mid 30s Celsius, but the humidity has been around 80%smile d. Luckily we are currently at the seaside in our caravan, and it's only 100 metres to the water, which we have been in frequently. Unfortunately we have to go back home on Thursdaysad

I am really enjoying your build, and the innovations therein. The Abell drives look marvellous, and the wheels are very inventive. I'll be interested to hear how it all works out when the big launching day arrives.


18/01/2015 03:34:11

That lino looks great Bob, I'm impressed. Is that what's called "thinking outside the box"?laugh


Thread: Seen on my afternoon walk
24/12/2014 23:07:06

Thank you Bob, Dave and others. Wind burn? Now that's something I don't suffer from - sunburn, mosquito and sand fly bites? Possibly, but no wind burn. Mind you, we have to watch out for poisonous spiders and snakes, sharks, crocodiles and marine stingerssurprise. One thing I have found in my long life is that sharks etc can't get you if you stay on dry landlaugh, and there are no crocodiles within 600 km of where I live.


24/12/2014 21:23:14

My goodness, Dave, that is really quite choppysurprise Very graphic photos, well done.

Merry Christmas from a warm and sunny Australia.


Thread: A question for the electronics experts
22/12/2014 21:43:23

I suppose what separates people like Branson and Dyson from we plebs is the ability to see an opportunity and act on it. Branson saw the worth of Tubular Bells when no one else could, and Dyson saw the possibilities of the cyclone in vacuum cleaners. They both built empires on their foresight and became very rich men. I'm still struggling with the possibility of making my car run on fresh air, with out any success so farsad


Thread: Model Boat Mayhem Forum
22/12/2014 21:32:15

Dave, I noticed a number of posts on Mayhem this morning (Australian time) commenting on drop outs. I have had no problems at all, but the time difference would probably account for that. Martin mentioned some problems with the hosting company's server, which now seem to have been resolved.


Thread: Seen on my afternoon walk
08/12/2014 21:36:01

A very dramatic photo Dave, so I'm guessing you didn't go for a swim? smile o


Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
05/12/2014 21:29:54

Thank you for the Christmas wishes, Bob, the same to you and yours. I look forward to the ongoing story of the VGC.


04/12/2014 21:50:48

I agree Paul, it looks absolutely magnificent.


Thread: Seen on my afternoon walk
03/12/2014 22:39:08

Dave, I don't want to hijack your thread, but my afternoon walks are a little different to yours. I usually walk to the back of our farm, the return journey takes about an hour. My walking companion is a young lady called Nat, my son's 4 year old Australian Blue Heeler cattle dog, who loves swimming in the creek. Instead of ships I see cattle and wild life, such as koalas and the occasional wallaby. I even had a recent encounter with an Eastern Brown Snake, one of the deadliest in the world. It struck at me, but it was more of a warning than a serious attempt to bite me. Needless to say, I heeded the warning smiley


06 farm.jpg

09 farm.jpg

15 nat in creek.jpg

30 koala and baby.jpg

Edited By Peter Fitness on 03/12/2014 22:41:05

03/12/2014 22:18:56

Great low light shots Dave, very effective.


30/11/2014 21:26:58

Wonderful photos Dave, you are certainly spoilt for choice. It must be hard to concentrate on your walk with all that maritime activity aroundsmiley


Edited By Peter Fitness on 30/11/2014 21:27:48

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