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Thread: My Model Ship Gallery
04/02/2016 21:23:49

What an amazing collection of photos, Bob, fascinating to look at, and marvel at the workmanship.


Thread: Armidale Class Patrol Boat
15/01/2016 03:23:43

Hi Robin,

Unfortunately I no longer have the plans which were very basic anyway. Some information can be found by Googling Armidale Class Patrol Boat.


Thread: Merry Christmas
25/12/2015 21:24:57

Very nice Bob. I'm afraid that type of model is well beyond my capabilities, or workshop equipment. My ex-pat English brother-in-law from Bundaberg, Queensland, is a model engineer, and builds working model locos, among other things. He has built 5" gauge models, but now tends to favour Gauge 1 live steam. Some of his work appears in the English Model Engineer magazine, including a serialised account of his build of a Saunderson and Mills tractor in the latter part of this year.


23/12/2015 21:21:56

Bob, I'm almost ashamed to admit it on this forum, but I'm in the middle of rebuilding my OO gauge model railway layout. I still sail regularly but have not built a new boat for several years, although I have done some upgrades on my existing models. Railways, full size and models, have been a passion of mine for most of my life, and since moving back to our farm, with its 40' x 20' shed, I have been totally rebuilding my layout. It was formerly housed in the garage of our flat when we lived at the beach, but the salt air was not a great environment, so I decided to virtually start from scratch. I have reached the point where the trackwork is complete and fully functional, but the scenic side is in the early stages. My Sydney based grandsons are visiting us for Christmas, and they are giving the layout a good work out. It operates well, so they are having a ball.


Edited By Peter Fitness on 23/12/2015 21:22:42

21/12/2015 21:17:35

A very Merry Christmas to all on the Model Boats forum, with a special mention to Bob and Paul for keeping us all entertained throughout the year.


Thread: The Forth road bridge
04/12/2015 21:42:16

Paul, you say the bridge's carrying capacity has been far exceeded, do you mean the load on the bridge at any given time, or the volume of traffic now using the bridge? I am no engineer, but I would have thought that, when a bridge was being designed, the theoretical load would be calculated assuming that the bridge deck would be covered in vehicles, plus a percentage, perhaps as much as 100% for safety - or am I being naive, or simply ignorant?smiley (Probably both) To me, 50 years is not a long time, especially in terms of such structures as the Forth road bridge. I've been married for over 55 years, and the time has flown bylaugh


Thread: HM BARK ENDEAVOUR/caldercraft
13/11/2015 22:01:18

Here are some photos of the replica Endeavour, which may give you some inspiration. I took the shots in Darling Harbour, Sydney, back in 2009. I was lucky enough to go on board the ship on a previous visit to Sydney, but I didn't have a camera with me on that occasion. We also saw Endeavour in Greenwich, London, on a visit to the UK in 1997.


2 Endeavour.jpg

1 Endeavour.jpg3 Endeavour.jpg4 Endeavour.jpg

Thread: what tx / rx combo ??
13/11/2015 21:39:48

I would definitely not use the cheap Chinese radios in aircraft, where a malfunction can be disastrous, however I am quite comfortable using them in boats. I have three of the cheap 2.4 ghz radios and have not yet had a problem with any of them, after up to four years of regular use. I completely understand Dave M's position on this, and I have a great deal of respect for his expertise in these matters, but I take the view that the worst that could happen to my slow model boats is that they cease to respond mid-lake. Should that happen which - touch wood - it hasn't so far, then it would be time to launch the rescue boat. I would also not use them in fast electrics where a malfunction could cause damage to other boats.


Thread: Seen on my afternoon walk
13/11/2015 21:23:17

I have also missed your photos Dave, and it's good to see you back. I would think that it wouldn't have been a good time to go swimming, maybe a trifle too rough?laugh


Thread: HM BARK ENDEAVOUR/caldercraft
12/11/2015 21:06:08

I will certainly look forward to your progress as the Endeavour has a very special place in Australian history.


Thread: Mode 1 & Mode 2
12/11/2015 21:03:36

Mode 1, which I happen to use, has the throttle on the right stick, whereas Mode 2 has it on the left stick. In Australia Mode 1 is the predominant mode, although Mode 2 is frequently used as well. Which one to use is a matter of personal preference.


Thread: HMS Victory, another one.
04/11/2015 21:48:09

Ashley, for a builder of your experience and innovative ideas, plank on frame should be a doddle, you may even be able to add some of your particular flair to itlaugh As a relative new comer to the world of model boating, I decided to build a kit - a Billing Nordkap - for my first foray into the mysteries of plank on frame, and was so encouraged by my effort that the next model using this technique was scratch built.. This was also a great success, and I have found that the use of POF has opened up new possibilities in hull construction. If I could do it, so can you.

Congratulations on your retirement, now all you need to do is enjoy it.


Thread: Latest Project
29/10/2015 21:37:16

I agree with Dave P. As I live in Australia, Bob suggested the download version due to the high cost of international postage, so I duly paid up and downloaded the book. It is a fascinating read for anyone interested in ship modelling, very well written, has lots of illustrations and much valuable information. I heartily recommend it.


Thread: Rugby World Cup
03/10/2015 22:04:39

I did enjoy it Paul, but I'm sure England supporters most definitely did not. I can just imagine what the English sports writers will say about the England team, who tried hard but were outplayed in the end by a very determined Wallaby outfit. Unfortunately for them, the loss means that England is the first host country in Rugby World Cup history to fail to reach the quarter finals. Australia has to play Wales yet, and they will be no pushover, but we are through to the quarters, whatever the result of that game.

I agree with Dave Milbourn that New Zealand will be the team to beat, as I believe that they are a cut above the rest.


Nice play on words, Colin.

Edited By Peter Fitness on 03/10/2015 22:05:52

Thread: There's another Fairey at the bottom of my garden....
19/09/2015 23:12:45

Except when he's obviously wrongcheeky


Thread: Rugby World Cup
19/09/2015 23:09:02

England are in the same group as Australia, so that should be an interesting game.


Thread: Winter is just around the corner
18/09/2015 23:44:15

I don't have a problem with damp affecting my models while stored, but, living on a farm, I do have a problem with dust. I built boxes for all my boats which solved the problem nicely. The added benefit is rodents are also kept at bay. My boxes are made from 6 mm non-structural ply on a softwood frame.


Thread: Nature
08/09/2015 06:45:16

Tony, I know that budgerigars are very fast flyers, but I don't think that they could outrun (fly) a peregrine falcon. They can be found in the drier regions of inland Australia in huge flocks numbering in the thousands. The natural colour is green, the many colour variations seen in pet birds have been selectively produced by breeders over many years. The native budgie is also much smaller than the pet variety.


07/09/2015 06:41:56

Bob, roos can be a real pest, especially to graziers and farmers growing crops. Since white settlement in Australia roos have flourished due to land clearance, pasture improvement, improved water supply etc., and in places they can appear in almost plague proportions. Controlled shooting has taken place in some areas to prevent total destruction of the land, much to the horror of the animal liberationists, but it is necessary, and legal. There is no danger of them becoming a threatened species however, as they can be seen all over rural Australia in large numbers.

Koalas, on the other hand, are an inoffensive, peaceful animal much loved by all Australians, and tourists. Unfortunately, they are suffering the effects of habitat destruction as well as an insidious disease called chlamydia, which doesn't seem to affect animals which are not under any stress. However, animals who are suffering stress caused by the encroachment of humans on their habitat are susceptible.

Foxes, which were introduced to Australia by early settlers, are a real pest here too, as they are deadly on domestic chickens. I know, because we have lost numerous chickens to them over the years.


05/09/2015 06:52:28

Bob, here's some Aussie wild life. The kangaroos, a mother and her joey, were just outside our daughter's back fence in Blackwater, central Queensland. The koalas were in a tree only 20 metres from our own house.


roos at blackwater.jpg

Koala and baby at home.jpg

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