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Thread: How many people still scratch build?
14/03/2009 06:11:00
While I have only been building model boats for 4 or 5 years, I have been modelling, in one form or another, for most of my life. During that time, I have always preferred to scratch build, mainly for the satisfaction of producing as much of a model as I am capable of. I have also built several kits of boats, and aeroplanes but, as I said, definitely prefer scratch building.
The question as to whether we are losing the ability to scratch build is a valid one, given the ready availability of RTR models, and the quest for instant gratification by younger generations.

In my view, the most obvious changes to modern scratch building, as opposed to earlier times, are the availability of different materials for construction, e.g. styrene sheet, a wide range of affordable power tools, including some dedicated to modelling, and, very significantly,  the availability of information on the internet, including forums such as this one.
I have accumulated a selection of power tools over the years, including a lathe, band saw, scroll saw, miniature bench saw, and old bench saw which used to belong to my father, a thicknesser, bench drill,  belt and disc sander, and a Dremel tool. All of these, while not essential, certainly make things easier.
Thread: Motor mount
25/02/2009 03:57:23
Hi David, 
I like your idea of foaming glue for motor mounts. I used a similar method in my current build, a Grand Banks Cruiser, but used body putty insted of the glue. The outcome was good, but I believe the foaming glue would be better. I will have to see if it's available here in Australia. It should work well at home at present, as it's been quite humid lately.

Thread: Propshaft
25/02/2009 03:40:30
 Hi David,
While I said some grease can be extruded in fact, very little is. I will do as you suggest, however, and test with and without grease - I may well be surprised.
24/02/2009 23:08:17
Ashley, I'm curious as to why you are advising against filling a prop shaft tube with grease. I make my own shaft assemblies, and always install a capped grease tube in the main shaft tube, which is filled with waterproof outboard motor grease. Each end of the prop shaft is fitted with an o-ring, which helps prevent water intrusion, and keeps the bearings lubricated. I understand that there will be some power loss due to the slight friction caused by the grease, but unless you are running fast electrics, this power loss is almost negligible. The only disadvantage I have found to my method is that some grease can be extruded from the shaft, inside the hull, and centrifugal force can fling it around somewhat. To overcome this, I usually fit a small, curved, removable brass plate over the inside bearing.
I have used the above system in all my models, and have never had a water intrusion (via the prop shaft) problem. If I was at home, I would attach a photo illustrating my comments, but I am in Sydney at present, on our son's PC, so I don't have access to my photo library.
Thread: Boating locations
23/02/2009 22:55:45
Colin, you are absolutely correct,  it would be far more practical to replace the club list with the links you mentioned.
Thread: Active Stabilisers
14/02/2009 00:33:43
Ashley, the instructions with the kit point out the necessity of keeping weight down low for stability, and suggest using 2 NiCd (or similar) battery packs. I weighed one pack, then weighed a 6v 4ah SLA battery, and found that the wight of the NiCd pack was exactly half the weight of the SLA. Accordingly, I use the SLA mounted on the floor of the hull, and with the active stabilisers Sentinel behaves very well.


Thread: Website Editorial
13/02/2009 05:25:24
I endorse Colin's comments regarding image resizers. I use VSO Image Resizer for Windows XP (a free download) and it is excellent, not only for posting pictures on a forum, but also for quicker emailing.

Thread: quo vadis?
13/02/2009 05:16:28
The old argument of RTR v kit v scratch built has no definitive answer, it is simply a matter of personal preference. Which route we decide to go down depends on a number of factors, in many cases it is time, or a lack of it. In others it may be an unwillingness to tackle what may seem to be a difficult build, due to a perceived lack of skill.

Personally, I have never bought an RTR model, but I have built 3 kits. However, my preference is scratch building, for a number of reasons - it gives a wider choice of subject and, for me anyway, presents many challenges which I enjoy. How successfully I meet the challenges I will leave to others to judge.

Thread: Active Stabilisers
13/02/2009 04:57:40
Ashley, the stabilisers in the Model Slipway "Sentinel" are very effective in helping to keep the boat upright in a turn. The model is relatively top heavy, and has a shallow draught, so it's quite "tender" when turning. I have the stabilisers in my model connected as per the instructions in the kit, and they work very well.

Thread: Workshop
11/02/2009 22:07:26

I'll second that Bob, get well soon Paul.
This is my workshop, a 3 metre by 3 metre garden shed which, at the moment, has been reaching temperatures of over 40 Celsius. The fan helps

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