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Thread: Prototype build of ELLIE
18/11/2016 21:31:16

Jessica Louise 03.jpg

My version of the same type, built back in 2006 from "free" plans, enlarged.


Thread: Wool Clipper Completed
19/10/2016 22:49:46

Absolutely marvellous Bob but, as Mattias said, not surprising given your record of achievements. A real little gem.


Thread: Iron-Hulled Wool Clipper
28/09/2016 22:47:29

It looks marvellous Bob.


Thread: An unusual bridge
23/09/2016 23:16:37

That's quite remarkable, Colin. I've seen plenty of lifting bridges, but never a sinking one.


Thread: Saunderson and Mills Tractor
23/09/2016 23:07:07

Bob, some years ago we visited the Bala Lake Railway and rode the train from Llanuwchllyn to Bala and back behind Holy War's sister engine, Maid Marion. Holy War itself was in the workshop for maintenance.

Ray, my brother-in-law does all his own castings, using his own home made patterns. He also makes his own boilers which are pressure tested by an approved boiler inspector. Very labour intensive, but much cheaper than professionally made items.

Colin, what with judging and reporting on the MEX it's no wonder you had no spare time.


22/09/2016 00:00:44

I know this has nothing to do with model boats, but it is a great example of scratch building. My brother-in-law, George Punter from Bundaberg, Queensland, and formerly from Malmesbury, Wiltshire, scratch built this model of a very early Saunderson and Mills tractor.

There are very few of them left on this side of the world, including one in Victoria, and one in a museum in Geraldine, in the South Island of New Zealand. Some years ago, while visiting NZ, George became aware of the example in Geraldine and, with the permission of the museum manager, took hundreds of photos, and was also given drawings. After further extensive research he proceeded to build a working model of the tractor. He also wrote a series of articles on its construction, which were published in the English Model Engineer magazine earlier this year.

He decided to enter the model in this year's MEX, which meant he had to package it in such a way as to withstand the rigors of international travel. He built a box out of 3 mm aluminium sheet and bolted the tractor, as well as a scale model of a Lister stationary diesel engine, to the base of the box. The total weight of the models and their box was 66 kg. While visiting Bundaberg in August I helped him to load it on to transport for the start of the journey to Brook;lands, Surrey, the venue for the MEX. It arrived safely, about a week before my sister and brother-in-law, who went over for the exhibition, plus a holiday back in the UK. The driver figure is also hand made.

I'm delighted to say that the tractor was awarded a Gold Medal, plus another trophy for the best road vehicle. The Lister won a bronze. Both models are now on their way back to Australia, while their owners enjoy a month or so in the UK.

George has made many models over many years, including a 5" gauge model of Holy War, the little Welsh slate quarry Hunslett steam loco. He also built a 6' long model of the trawler Frederick Spashett , powered by a home designed and built 25cc petrol engine.


Saunderson and Mills Tractor.jpg

Edited By Peter Fitness on 22/09/2016 00:02:13

Thread: Iron-Hulled Wool Clipper
10/09/2016 02:52:52

I'm certainly following your build with great interest, Bob, as I do all your builds.


19/08/2016 04:33:36

I'm looking forward to seeing this one progress Bob. Australia had a significant association with the wool clippers in the early days, so it is of particular interest to me.


Thread: Mayhem down
13/08/2016 08:31:29

Yes, he might indeed, as I believe it's one of Dave's own circuit diagrams, which are excellent.


13/08/2016 08:24:07

BEC, one of Dave Milbourn's pet hates. He advocates a separate battery for the receiver, whereas ESCs equipped with BEC use the main battery for the receiver's power. Given Dave's expertise in the field of electronics his opinion deserves to be respected, and his recommendations followed. If you need a technical explanation I'm sure Dave would be pleased to answer any sensible questions on the subject. Or you could always look it up on Mayhemsmiley


Edited By Peter Fitness on 13/08/2016 08:26:11

12/08/2016 01:29:52

You're quite right Dave when you say the same old questions keep coming up, either through ignorance of the workings of forums, or sheer laziness. I tend to favour the latter. Why bother to search when you can simply ask the question - again? It can be quite frustrating, even infuriating, when someone asks a question that has been asked and answered many times before, simply because he can't be bothered looking.

I, and many others, respect your knowledge on model boating, particularly as regards electrickery, but it must be extremely annoying to give advice then have it either ignored or disputed.

I hope you will continue reading Mayhem, because it's people such as yourself that make it such a great resource - and I didn't even mention BEC (until now)laugh


Thread: PAW diesel motors.
08/08/2016 04:55:39

I have fond memories of flicking my old ED 1.46 diesel motor which I bought in 1954. It could be a frustrating exercise to a novice, as I was then, and I still have a couple of scars on my fingers from when it bit me I used it in a free flight Tomboy, which terrorised the cattle in my uncle's paddock when I flew it. I also used to mix my own fuel, back in the days when ether could be bought at any chemist shop. I still have the motor, albeit missing the plastic fuel tank which succumbed to misuse many, many years ago. The motor is currently on loan to my brother-in-law, to complete a set of ED engines he owns and displays in his workshop.


Thread: Spray filler?
08/08/2016 04:43:55

I use a similar product available here in Australia, with excellent results. After rubbing down with appropriate grades of abrasive paper it provides a great surface for painting.


Thread: Mayhem down
25/07/2016 23:22:07

It;s working now, but apparently there has been a server problem - again.


20/07/2016 23:55:45

As a moderator on Mayhem I'm curious as to why DG left "on account of the moderation". I know that we have had some unpleasantness there in the past, but my personal feeling is that Mayhem is a much better forum since certain trouble makers were banned. The forum rules are quite clear as to the standards required, and I believe that those standards are maintained by the moderators. Some people seem to think that they can say what they like, then are miffed because they are moderated in line with the rules.

Mayhem is a valuable resource with large amounts of information available, and the vast majority of active members are willing to help if asked.

Just my personal opinion.


Thread: Misnomer unacceptable
12/07/2016 02:21:09

Martin Field's outburst has rather taken me aback, it's not the sort of thing we usually see on the Model Boats Forum. I've followed Dave Milbourn's lead and clicked on "Ignore member", something I've never done before. Perhaps Martin should take a step back and consider his whole attitude or he'll end up having a stroke, it's a hobby after all.


Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
09/05/2016 04:15:43

Never mind Bob, just put it down to experiencesmiley

EXPERIENCE - not making the same mistake twicelaugh


28/04/2016 00:09:38

You do like those big models Bob, your back must be in good shapesmiley

I like the planking jig arrangement, and the Workmate is extremely useful. I use mine all the time and it's looking nearly as worn as I do.laugh


Thread: Steel barque East African
28/04/2016 00:05:50

Yet another lovely model from a master of his craft.


Thread: Seen on my afternoon walk
23/02/2016 21:12:20

Nice shots as usual, Dave. All that blue sky almost makes one think you are in Australialaugh.


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