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Thread: Malcolm Frary RIP
03/01/2022 02:26:49

The initial post on Mayhem reported that Malcolm had died suddenly. That in itself was a shock, but to read the manner of his death was infinitely more horrifying, I can only try to imagine what his family is going through.

My sincere condolences to them at this dreadful time.


Thread: Freelance Pusher Tug
28/05/2021 02:41:43

Hi Giles,

It's been so long since I built the boat I can't remember if I had to add extra weight, and as the model is 700 km away in Sydney, I can't have a look. I used a 6 Volt, 4 Amp/hour sealed lead acid battery, which is quite heavy, and would have added some extra ballast to bring it down to the water line, if it was necessary.

Best wishes,


Thread: The return of the Model Engineering Exhibition at Doncaster MES
21/03/2019 02:15:28

Speaking of distance travelled, my brother-in-law, George Punter, is taking his model Saunderson and Mills tractor to Doncaster this year, all the way from Bundaberg, Queensland, Australialaugh. He exhibited it at the last MEX where he won one of the top medals, and was invited to return this year, an invitation he gladly accepted. He is originally from Rodbourne near Malmesbury, Wiltshire, but has lived in Bundaberg since 1975. He still has many friends and relatives in the UK.


Thread: Salt water
02/02/2018 21:30:13

Our club lake, in Ballina, northern NSW, is salt water, and that's all I sail in, apart from the odd visit to Brisbane clubs which sail in fresh water. A good wash down after sailing is all that's necessary to keep everything functioning properly. My boats are all in good condition after up to 15 years of salt water sailing.

I will reiterate what Ron Rees said about rudder shafts, they need to be removed and greased periodically, as the salt water can cause them to seize.


Edited By Peter Fitness on 02/02/2018 21:33:54

Thread: Hobbico
16/01/2018 03:07:33

Hobbico do own Revell and, I'm informed, Monogram, which is part of Revell, but, to the best of my knowledge, don't own Hasegawa or Italeri, they are distributors for these brands. Hobbico's main retail outlet is on-line and mail order company, Tower Hobbies in Champaign, Illinois, USA.


16/01/2018 02:50:08

I look forward to watching the refurb Tony. We had the pleasure, and privilege, of sailing from Sydney to Southampton on QE2 on the homeward leg of her final world cruise, in 2008. What a wonderful experience that was, she was a beautiful ship, sadly now languishing in Dubai. I took the photo from the tender as we were going ashore in Lahaina, on the island of Maui, Hawaii.


QE2 off Lahaina

Thread: Newyear
31/12/2017 21:57:23

Thank you Brian, and a Happy New Year to all at the Model Boats forum from a warmish Australia.


Thread: Armidale Class Patrol Boat
17/10/2017 22:27:51

Hi Jack,

As you can see from my previous post I no longer have the plans for the Armidale. The drawings I mainly worked from were from the manufacturer's website **LINK**

They are only general arrangement drawings and don't show the frames, which I had to calculate from the the drawings. I wrote to the manufacturer. Austal, in Western Australia, but never received a reply. I relied heavily on photos downloaded from the internet for detail and, as I said above, my visit to the real ship a couple of years ago enabled me to update my model.

As a footnote, the real HMAS Bundaberg was destroyed in a shipyard fire a few months after I was on board her. She was in Brisbane for some essential work to her hull when apparently sparks from welding caused a massive fire which damaged her so badly it was decided to scrap her.


Thread: Facebook Cover
13/10/2017 21:34:32

At speed

Hello Graham, and welcome from me too. Here is a shot of my 1/50 scale Armidale Class Patrol Boat at speed, taken by my wife.


Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
22/08/2017 09:15:45

I've often lain awake at night wondering the same thing, Dave, so I'm glad Matthias has cleared it up😄 Over here, we ignorant colonials refer to it as eye-kea, but I've long suspected the "I" should be short.


Thread: Oil Tanker
05/05/2017 23:48:07

I have more than a passing interest in oil tankers. My late father worked for the Shell Company here in Australia for his entire working life, over 45 years, and I was able to visit a couple of the ships as a young lad. Are you going to build a model of her Bob?


Thread: A Merry Jest
20/04/2017 00:42:38

To paraphrase an expression, "Art is in the eye of the beholder"thinking I'm sure the experts would be able to discuss, in a very learned fashion, the merits of your "Cutting Edge Art" photo, Bob. Things such as angles, composition, colour, etc, To my untrained eye it looks like a cutting and spraying board laugh


Edited By Peter Fitness on 20/04/2017 00:43:22

Thread: Merry Christmas
01/01/2017 00:50:38

To you also DG, and to all on the MB forum.


31/12/2016 04:24:13

A weather update 1515 hours Eastern Daylight Saving Time, Saturday 31st December. The mercury has just cracked 39 degrees Celsius, which is quite hot for this part of Australia. A small blast of that freezing fog Dave M. spoke about would go down well at the moment. We don't have aircon, only ceiling fans, which are usually sufficient, but today is testing us all out. At least we do have a swimming pool, but because of the fierce sun, we need to cover up fairly well to avoid sunburn.

We need rain badly, and the forecasters tell us some is on the way next week - bring it on! The only problem with that is, if we do get rain, and it heats up again, the humidity will go through the roof. There's just no pleasing some people.laugh

Peter. (Dreaming of a white Christmas).

31/12/2016 00:11:04

It's not so much that Aussie beer doesn't travel well, at least, within Australia, it's more a case of Aussie beer drinkers being quite parochial. If you live in the west it's Swan, South Australia has West End, Tasmania has Cascade and James Boag, Victoria has Foster's (ugh), or VB, in NSW it's Toohey's and Queensland has Fourex (XXXX because the banana benders can't spell beer)cheeky. The paradox is that most of those brands are produced by only a couple of large conglomerates. For the more discerning there are always, as I mentioned earlier, the boutique breweries and the ubiquitous imported brands - Corona, Grolsch, Carlsberg, etc., etc.

Your local looks very inviting Dave, and I would love to join you there for a pint or two, but it's a bit too far away. I doubt we'll be back to the UK, as much as I would like to, however advancing years and long flight times make it unlikely but - you never know. Perhaps if we win the A$31 million Lotto tonight we could go first class, I'm not holding my breathsmiley

All the best for 2017,


Edited By Peter Fitness on 31/12/2016 00:12:27

30/12/2016 04:32:25

Dave, it's been going on for years, long before so-called "social media" became popular.

Swan's???. Wrong side of the continent, Dave, it's made in Perth, more than 4000 km from me. Here it's either Fourex, Carlton, Toohey's or VB. There's also a host of boutique and imported beers too, but I tend to stick to the local product.

Speaking of beer, it's about 37 Celsius here right now, and I think there's one with my name on it in the fridgelaugh


27/12/2016 20:36:49

Dave, here in Australia one of the major supermarket chains had hot cross buns on their shelves two days after Christmas! How ridiculous is that? It won't be long before Easter eggs appearangry


26/12/2016 21:18:37

I'm still here Dave, despite the best efforts of my extended family to wear me down on Christmas Daylaugh I may be old but I'm toughsmile p


24/12/2016 21:38:00

A very Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all on the forum, from sunny Australia.

A special thank you to Paul Freshney and the team at Model Boats Magazine for their continued efforts throughout the year. An extra special thank you goes to our web site editor, Colin Bishop, for overseeing the forum and keeping the standards high.

Enjoy Christmas, and may 2017 be a good year for everyone.


Thread: Miniature Sailing Ship
27/11/2016 21:47:35

That's great Bob. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I suppose that means that the slideshow is worth 31,000 wordssmiley. Very informative.


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