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Thread: competitions
25/10/2008 09:46:00

hi ashley

were looking at around 6 months so if taken up by the mag then can be done over the winter months plus gives time for the beginner to get involved


25/10/2008 09:35:00

morning all

thats not a bad idea len maybe we could have a cartoon comp with a prize of a regular spot in the mag to replace the cartoon strip that we had back in the 80's .

but my youngest gave me another idea (after i did all the leg work for him for his amphicar)i managed to get some plans of the army version that looks like a son just looked at the plans and said "it's the mystery machine van from scooby doo".so you could combine the two ideas and do a theme boat design from TV programs or film even.

so many ways you could go with this comp.

BUT BE WARNED we all may end up with egg on our face when the younger  generation show us all up.but that is the fun of it all .


Thread: back issue's wanted
24/10/2008 16:29:00

hi have now got copy of jan 2005 but still looking for may 1982 (yes i made a mistake on the date having one of my blonde moments)

regards ron

Thread: competitions
24/10/2008 16:26:00

hi all

it seems that some have got the wrong idea about my idea basicly it is simply a design comp were members submit there drawings and description about the plans on the site were members can vote for there favourite to wittle them down to the last three then the judge then can pick the winner.if the members wants to build there model they can and include photos if they cost to the members so all members can take part regardless of how many moths in there wallet/purse and if the powers that be agree i think a 1yr subscribtion to mag or winning plan published in the mag would be a good prize for all

regards ron 

23/10/2008 14:49:00

hi paul

will draw up the idea and terms / conditions over the weekend due to work commitments and will email them to you to go over  so we can iron out any little problems before posted on site.(plus this will give the weekenders time to catch up on whats been happening and hopefully join in on the discussion) like the plan you have drawn up would be nice to see on the water when finished.have a few ideas of my own but nothing on paper as yet .

  cheers ron

22/10/2008 16:34:00

hi paul

not a bad idea but myself if going to do a design compo i would aim more for something not done before but not all of us have engineering background and come can up with these ideas so yes there should be sections to cater for this and for the new and next generation of builder either from scratch build or kit  and from static to r/c,a competition open to all areas  of all generations.



21/10/2008 16:10:00

hi paul

i just think this could do a lot for this mag and the web site make it bigger and better after all its here for us , so its down to us members to make it what it deserves to be.

so come on members if you like the idea post your comments on here and let the powers that be know it.



21/10/2008 13:45:00

hi paul

great idea like a say there is so many ways this could be done with very little cost to the mag and i think that they could offer a years subscribtion as a prize or even plans ect... of the winners choice from hobbystore.

also  you could cater for the younger modelers out there  with maybe a kit as a prize.

i think for the judge it could be down to the members to say vote on line to get them down to the last three then publish them in the mag and the editor pics the winner or vise versa . 


Thread: amphicar
20/10/2008 14:17:00

have tried hobbystore with no luck even tried ebay no luck there either seems to be one of those mags not easy to find or get hold of

Thread: competitions
20/10/2008 14:14:00

hi tony

you could be write, but there are many ways this could be done you could even have say a comp for the best boat made from recycled material for instance or you could say that a certain item had to be used to make the model like a milk carton for instance.

be good for laugh and get the old brain matter working harder.

19/10/2008 12:22:00

hi all and powers that be

i don't know if this has been done in the past but how about doing build competitions say once a year.

you could set like a price limit on how much you are allowed to spend and possibly a time limit as well .you could have different catagories of boats open to the novice and expert builder a like.

then they could be posted on the web site for members to vote on the best and the winners get a prize and possibley published in the mag?

i think this would get the whole communitty bussing and talking with each other more .

what do you think


Thread: back issue's wanted
17/10/2008 18:26:00

hi can any one help i'm looking for back copies of model boat mag dated may 1985 and january 2005 as starting my next build soon and looking for build features that were in the may edition feature on build of paddle steamer "zulu" ,feature started in april edition which i have managed to get a copy of but no look finding this one as yet.

also feature for amphi car for my youngest son just getting his feet wet starting in the hoppy have been told by member there was a full feature in january 2005 mag.

can anyone help please   

Thread: amphicar
17/10/2008 13:20:00
hi tony thanks for info will check it out
14/10/2008 15:33:00
hi ian many thanks will look out for a copy
08/10/2008 14:12:00

thanks for info paul looking at the details on the sites i should be able to sort something out for my lad.

thanks ian would be gratefull of details of which mag the article was in then can order copy .

06/10/2008 13:28:00

hi neil thanks for info 

05/10/2008 12:03:00

hi can any one help i'm looking for full or not to scale plans for an amphicar for my youngest looking to get into hobby and wants to build one of these .

many thanks 

Thread: Boxwood strips
22/09/2008 14:41:00
hi yes they are very reliable and not bad on value either just type in model boats in the search click into radio control section then parts section and you should find them but look more at description not pics as gallery pic is of a boat not of the plank strips.
Thread: giveaways
22/09/2008 14:27:00

hi paul

i think you miss understand what i mean we all know that the price of tools more so the specialist tools don't come cheap.

i don't want freebies or cheap tak tools just may be once in a while is offer special discounts to members if they shop at certain web sites or shops after all we all like a good bargain.

and yes i do agree the editor is doing a great job with the mag i enjoy receiving my mag every month through the post after making sure the dog does'nt rip it to shreds like he does the rest of the post. 

21/09/2008 16:45:00

i think its great to offer free tools ect...... to get new subscribers to the mag but what about your already loyal subscribers don't forget us surely you could also offer these "freebies" to the members at "special"    one of prices once in a while as a thankyou for there loyalty.

I think more members would want to keep there membership going if loyalty offers like this were made once in a while what do you think.  

Also what about being able to upload video as well as pics.then if a member is having trouble with a certain problem and another member knows how to do it but difficult  to explain then they could show how it's done rather than trying to explain.

this then could also be used to show other members video of special events ect...  at there relevant clubs or even footage of model shows from around the country .

what are your thoughts on this ?

is it possible?

or am i asking to much here?

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