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Thread: Subscriber Content
02/08/2009 08:56:56
how about some BOGOF deals on glues and materials  etc in the present market would have thought there would be some suppliers out there that would be happy to make these offers in partnership with the mag/web site.or offer special discount prices like with the billings kits offered in the mag at the moment  
Thread: converting italeri 1/35 schnellboot s-100 to r/c
06/07/2009 18:45:27
hi buzzer thanks for your kind words almost got the ageing done now and the figures painted so will post one more pic when completed.
 still looking at making changes with motors etc to get more of a scale speed and not like its running on nitro.
ps have just received my next kit for conversion 1/350 uss enterprise so looking forward to this's to new challenges ahead.   

Edited By the converter on 06/07/2009 18:52:54

04/07/2009 14:09:06
hi ash you are right about the 280 motors but together with three 35mm 3 bladed props it is very very fast and with out question not scale speed.i would'nt say i am 100% happy with the speed but with very few builders doing i full 3 motor /3 prop conversion and opting for the single motor/prop its all trial and error just keep testing and one day some one will get it right .i have tried the mfa 360 motors but the amount of noise and vibration going through the boat was to much .at present i am considering tyring gearing down the motors to see what affect this has at a ratio of 2:1 
03/07/2009 18:46:35
hi access in to the boat was failly simple once i had thought about it long and hard just  few simple changes and a bit of filing i can now remove the whole of the top deck in two peices to give full access to the hull without risking damage to the deck. 
francis not used SHG set myself but made my own useing 12" lengths of copper tube and rod with a universal coupling to attach to the motors.and at this length had no problems with water leakage.
28/06/2009 06:52:09
hi i have just finished my conversion i used 3 mfa 280 motors on to 3mm shafts with 3 35mm props being run off 40amp mtronics.i increased the size of the two outer rudders to the same size of the centre rudder and discovered this does give better handling at speed.also extra ballast needs to be added to get this boat to sit in the water as it should and not plane when at full throttle, mine is now at a total weight of 2.7kilos and was working a treat until it threw a prop so now have some repairs to make but nothing serious.the crew are now available (got mine yesterday and are very detailed figures) .
detail up kits are also available but not from italia as yet ,as usual there dragging there heals releasing all the extras, just google "detail up kits for schnellboot s100 and you will find the other companys that offer these kits now if you don't mind them coming from the usa. 
have uploaded some pics into my album now will post more soon
please feel free to pm me if you have any questions or looking for advice on this conversion

Edited By the converter on 28/06/2009 07:08:38

Thread: rudderless control
26/01/2009 15:00:38
hi all
nice ideas there ash like the jet idea but not had any dealings on that side yet but work and be disguised as exhaust pipe.
will check that one out paul thanks
thanks for offer mick will keep that in mind and get back to you.
24/01/2009 16:26:12
hi all
I am in the middle of designing a version of the amphicar and looking for advice on rudderless control .for instance would the wheel be adequite to steer when under normal sailing conditions or would twin props running independent of each other be a better option ?
but at the same time looking at hiding the props within the body of the car so not seen when on dry land.
Thread: Big Dawgs
24/01/2009 15:51:09
my vote goes to you paul
Thread: Hovercraft
26/12/2008 19:22:00

hi all

i thing a hovercraft is merely a craft not vehicle/boat or plane so if this is the case then neither 35mhz or 45mhz should be used but as bob said use 37.5mhz 

as clearly a hovercraft is neither land or air based craft but comes somewhere in between

merry xmas all


Thread: having a moan
26/12/2008 19:09:00

you sure are lucky but we can't all be that lucky

don't get me wrong i do have a great wife but when it comes down to my hobby she does'nt understand what she has done wrong with taking over my workshop

merry xmas one and all

20/12/2008 16:09:00

hi all

will have to excuse me but need to let of a little steam.

been away busy  truckin around the country for a couple of weeks looking forward to getting back home and into the workshop to start on my winter project.

and what do i find? 

the wife has just turned it into a storage shed for the drinks and some of the food for xmas 

and not to mention her ornaments that she has packed up to allow for the decorations.

and when i asked why she put it all in my workshop all i got was """"it has to go somewhere""" .

they just don't understand do they 


fed up ron

Thread: MB July 1977
24/11/2008 13:33:00

hi larry

there is a good supplier on ebay that has the mags from the old days.sellers name is "crimsondog"

regards ron  

Thread: competition
24/11/2008 13:19:00
and i thought you couldn't multi task ash
22/11/2008 16:31:00

sorry ash forgot were not allowed to admit that

22/11/2008 12:59:00

hi ash

affraid have no control over download sizes will have to take that up with vinnie

posting will be done on this site in a new thread closer to deadline.

and given a lengthy deadline to give every one a chance to enter as well as continue with there winter projects its called multi tasking ash


Thread: On the Bus
22/11/2008 12:48:00

hi roger

transportation is one of the most common problems when it comes to boats getting to and from your local club without damage.

what i would advice is that most if not all yacht mast and rigging is detachable so dependant on size of yacht your thinking of why not make your own bag or better still modify one .

for example morrisons do a very good "bag for life"canvas bag and with a pair of scissors and needle and thread this would make a simple and inexspencive carry bag for many a  yacht.


Thread: competition
22/11/2008 10:36:00

either full size or scale can be used which ever is better for the member

21/11/2008 14:54:00

hi all

after discussions with some off the members we have decided to run a little competition for ourselfs.

sorry but no prizes except for being the best as mag not involved ,this is just for fun as this has been organised by the members for the members.

rules and regulations for design competition.

design a boat/ship either of original design or alterations to existing design  

1. open to all members of all ages to all classes of build experience from the novice to expert to all classes of boat/ship sail,tug,warship,static,rc etc.......   

 4. hand drawn or cad designs are permitted. due to copy right law no original plans can be submitted

5. closing date for all entries is APRIL 1ST 2009(no its not an april fools joke) week before closing date a reminder notice will be posted on the forum and to notify you when and were to post your designs.""""please do not post your designs before this date"""

7.all designs will then be posted on the forum for members to vote on there favourites to whittle them down to last three then our judge will pick the winner from the 3 finalist .

8.if you have any questions please PM me.

good luck and let the battle begin. 


Thread: competitions
07/11/2008 11:39:00

hi paul

at present moment we are awaiting to hear from vinnie haved PM him but still no reply guess he is to busy at the moment.

regards ron

Thread: Internet Security
25/10/2008 17:09:00

i don't know if this had any thing to do with this problem but i had great difficulty in logging on to site yesterday evening and first thing this morning kept getting the "host server error page" message ?


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