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Thread: SWAP
27/01/2017 01:46:29

I'm looking to swap my MAR Italian mtb for a revel / matchbox 1/72 scale HMCS Snowberry . I live in Central Cardiff so would be more than happy to meet up and do the deal .There is nothing wrong with the MAR its all still in plastic bags ( had to use the box for something else ) So if interested drop me a line and we can sort something out .

Many thanks


from Cardiff

Thread: All clubs in the South Wales Area
20/11/2016 23:24:37

This is a shout out to ALL clubs in the South Wales area .Are you like me FED UP with all the good shows going on in England !! Well i for one am fed up of it , this is no way a smear on our English neighbours by no means , But as our nation is steeped in maratime history from the Romans sailing up the usk to make Caerleon and Captain Robert Falcon Scott sailing into the frozen pages of history to Swansea smelting copper for nelsons ships and many other smaller ports in south wales shaping British history .So com,e on everyone lets get our collective heads together and put South Wales back on the boat show map ,It's not like we have'nt got the room to put on a show .We have done this in the past so lets do it again in the future .Lets get together and sort this out with suggestions on venues etc .I live in central cardiff sop i am biased and would like to see a show in cardiff BUT would equaly be up to holding it else where , perhaps the Knapp in Barry an excellent strech of water ,Swansea has the Marina and an excellent museum .So come on guys and girls of course lets all put our collective heads together and sort something out for next year possibly june,july or august .Lets hear some voices on this

Thread: Sad News
16/11/2016 15:19:48

Fellow boat modelers .It is with great sadness that i inform you all of the death of a great friend and fellow modeler Mr Chris Web ,Chris was /is a great friend of mine and we spent many an hour on our boats .Chris leaves behind a wife and a young child of a few weeks old .I would ask you all to raise a glass to this ex Royal Marine and a great friend i'm sure he be be keeping an eyr on us all from up on the bridge .

Many thanks for letting me post this message

Andy H , from Cardiff

Thread: revel S Boat and vosper MTB
16/11/2016 15:13:13

Hi all I've two boats for sale all ready to run .Vosper MTB raid on St,Nazere version ready to run and fitted with 2.4ghz reciver also revel s Boat , the big one, all ready to run and have had it out a few times .Twin motors and twin screws , fm reciver but i guess you can swap it over, 100% fully waterproof esc . looking for £ 300 for the pair OR will swap for Trumpeter HMS NELSON or HMS HOOD in kit form .Buyer to collect dont trust couriers

I live in Central Cardiff not far from the Stadium .

Many thanks


Thread: Commision build
03/10/2016 16:46:36

I have a Revel flower class corvette that i have not the time to build due to an increase in work load .any one fancy taking this on as a commission build

Thread: Commission build
03/10/2016 01:44:22

I have the Revel Snowberry on my board at the mo but due to an increased work load , i work in retail security , i need some one to take over the build for me .It will come with motor , rudder servo , speed controller and 2.4 ghz receiver .It comes with a load of spare bits and i would like all the figures used on it please .Obviously i don't expect it to be done for nothing but on the other hand i cannot afford a kings ransom , so to speak .I live in Central Cardiff so the ideal candidate would need to live within say 50 miles of Cardiff ( give or take !!!! ) So any one up for a challenge ???

Please give me a shout back on here ,many thanks Andy

Thread: 2.4 ghz Reciver
20/08/2016 15:10:28

i was after another 2.4 reciver to go into my corvette and went into my local antics to be told that they dont make the planet T9 reciver any more and would have to buy a new set up HOWEVER going on line to a model boat forum i was quickly advised of a shop in leeds that supply them so i orderd one there and then at the cost of £22 and got it a few days later i was well impressed and will be buying from there again when i need another one .I also wanted to get the M.A.R << 500 >> Italian mtb Antics would do it for £75 and i got it from Jadlam racing for a few pennies under £68 with free p+p and 10% off next order which will prob be either the crew for the mar or the Vosper mtb , wish they would do the airfix one i 1/35 as 1/72 is to small for my fat fingers .Alsop whilst i'm on a rant !!!! Why are the trumpeter 1/200 kits so bloody expensive and could i buy them direct from the maker at a cheaper price ??? Any one got any ideas or suggestions ???

Thread: Deans Marine DUKW
29/07/2016 21:22:54

Hi all looking for the Lindberg kit of the BLUE DEVIL US DESTROYER OR THE Revel Vosper MTB

14/07/2016 20:00:27

Further to my last DUKW now sold

Thread: Cheeky
14/07/2016 19:58:37

Just looking through e Bay for boats etc and i came across some cheeky individuial selling this months magazine for £6.10 what a cheek !!!! well above normal price .

Thread: Hms Cumberland/ajax/exeter
29/06/2016 00:49:34

Are plans avalible for these ww2 cruisers .Dont know why just fancied having a go at one after watching Battle of the River Plate this morning

Thread: HMS Sultan
25/06/2016 11:20:45

Hi Colin going to wait until pay day and i can buy the original plan and magazine on e bay for £6.00.Have you had a look at the model boats web page on Facebook there are some good models on there and also a page for Aircraft carriers

25/06/2016 00:46:57

Anyone out there got a set of plans for the carrier hms sultan . I did have a set but my bl**dy kittens pi**ed all over them renderring them imposible to open no matter read so if any kind soul would take pity on me i would be extremley grateful .

Many thanks

Andy from Cardiff

Thread: Deans Marine DUKW
06/04/2016 00:02:46

Update on the DUKW have dropped the price like a stone will now go to £250 BUT will swap for Nelson /Rodney or hood in 1/200 by trumpeter .I think this is a fair price as i have had offers that i laughed at . Anyone would like to buy please give me a shout .

Thread: Super models
21/03/2016 12:44:09

Hi all just to let you all know there is an excellent program on QUEST on a Sunday morning at 07.00 ,yeah i know most of us are still in bed !!, i recorded it and it was really intresting esp if you are a novice like me .They are building HMS Fearless ,i cant rember the scale, but it's HUGE .Not just all about model boats but all sorts of other models and this week included the R101 airship an excellent model .I can recommend this to all out there not just for the boats but all other sorts of models

Thread: Deans Marine DUKW
21/03/2016 12:34:23

looking to sell my deans DUKW .It has 3 Robbie axles ,2 mfa como drill motors .Comes complete with 2 drive batteries and a 4 channel Hi Tec laser 4 rx / tx .

I am looking to either swap for a Trumpeter 1/200 Nelson/Rodney or Hood .cash value i would be happy to take £300 but would go no lower than £250 .Due to the size and weight buyer to collect from Central Cardiff . She is an old lady and could do with a wee bit of tlc but other than that a good runner on water .

If interested please give me a shout


From Cardiff

Thread: Brass etched parts
11/01/2016 20:24:27

Got a brass pack for the Revel 1/72 scale Gato Class Submarine .I'm looking for £20.00 inc postage ,uk only with paid postage please . Give me a shout if you are interested or you can pick up from Central Cardiff .


Thread: Not quite floating !!!!
11/01/2016 20:09:23

Okay you clever lot out there i'm nearing the end of my gato build and to put all the motors etc in ni intend to cut part of the deck away behind the conning tower and down to within 6 to 8 inches of the stern .I was thinking of cutting a length of balsa wood ,coating it in pva glue to waterproof it and screwing the upper deck to that .Is this right or can any one suggest anyone different .

Thread: What a first day!
11/01/2016 20:04:18

OMG thats why i don't build planes with my luck it would go into a dive and smash into a million bits as for sinking boats , well sorry down to me shorts and in after it i'm dammed if i'm going to let some one worm dangling walk off with my boat .After all just patch it up replace the motor and away you go .

Thread: schnellboot s100 revisited
23/12/2015 01:33:04

Personaly speaking i found it easier to remove the deck section with the life rafts on it after the motors etc were in and make a small platform for the battry to go on .

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