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Thread: Model Boats October 2020
21/09/2020 10:51:37
Reply received from Pocketmags as I contacted them re the problem
Thank you for your email!
Apologies for this, it seems the publisher of this magazine has made an error with a setting while preparing the files for this title, with the result of missing content.
I have requested an urgent fix from the publisher, so will update you as soon as I receive confirmation that this has been actioned.
Warm Regards,
Pocketmags Customer Service

20/09/2020 15:39:57
Posted by redpmg on 20/09/2020 15:25:59:

There were a number of problems with the September digital mag on the Pocketmags site - one being the steam article is not complete

It seems the glitch has been corrected for the September issue - all pages are now showing . Is it possible Pocketmags released the October Issue prematurely - before it was complete ?. Checked again and the is site is still showing only 51 pages for October



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20/09/2020 15:25:59

There were a number of problems with the September digital mag on the Pocketmags site - one being the steam article is not complete - but the October issue is a disaster. Missing pages are 15, 20, 21, 27, 29, 32 to 35, 42 to 44, 47 to 49, 52 , 55, 56, 59, 65 ,67, 68 and 70.

Grand total of 22 missing pages which is ridiculous . Some of the numbers given may not be correct as some pages of ads etc are not numbered but there are at least 22 pages missing. Know there would be no plan - but one would expect the full article at least !

In my case the magazines should eventually arrive - used to be 6 weeks behind the UK - at the moment more like 12 weeks because of the effect of Covid.

Thread: ESC ratings for brushed motors.
11/09/2020 10:39:36

Clever thinking Malcom - but what about voltage . Have 385's for instance that happily run off 6v and other 385s that come out of hairdryers which need 12v to perform . 280 case might enclose a proper brushed motor - another has simple brass plate brushes - one takes about 3v the other up to 7.2 and one I have is happy on 12v. . The variance on 400 & 500 type motors is enormous too. Even the 545's come with very different windings & values

Somewhere on the net is a chart of Mabuchi markings which would give you the correct voltage at least - most of the other manufacturers use the same chart which helps . I have it downloaded somewhere on my other PC if you wanted it - might take a while to find..........

Thread: My new boat: Ramsey tug
30/07/2020 16:13:05

There is a website dedicated to Taycol Motors . If you cant find an answer to your problems on the site - the owner of the site is very helpful and knowledgeable - sure he would be able to help sort things out for you.

Site address is - . Easily found with google search by using Taycol Motor Website UK

Do believe you have a very collectable motor there

Thread: Osprey - Trip Boat 28'
01/06/2020 21:16:23

Glad you went with the 4 window front Ray - it looks unique now a truly nice true scratch build. .

We are still banned from beaches etc - so no sailing other than in the bath - miss the 10m swimming pool in the old property - but not the time & cost of maintenance - ( pop pops did well in there too - but the chlorine was also slightly corrosive........)

Thread: K40 Laser
08/05/2020 13:02:38

These are some parts cut on the laser for a 7" & 10" Cabin Cruiser build . If you simply take the window drawing from the cabin side and cut that - it will end up nearly a mm too small all round . To try to figure out the cut width on perspex tried original size , then increased by about 2% which proved to be too large and then as Goldilocks said 1% was just right . Could play around as we had a lot of small pieces of 2mm perspex left over from a commercial job - cutting time for 4 windows - 21 boats 002.jpg

Edited By redpmg on 08/05/2020 13:03:37

Thread: jackson 580
06/05/2020 11:19:35

017.jpgThese are the two jacksons in question - gear/shaft driven LARGE motors (380 is dwarfed in case - easy to watercool either motor) both motors are identical externally (optical Illusion ) Funnily enough 380 has a bigger prop ! 016.jpg

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Edited By redpmg on 06/05/2020 11:25:30

05/05/2020 15:23:37

You might check with SHG for gears - Sue Grainger is always helpful - bought some nice sets of bevel gears from them a while ago to refurbish an outboard - they did some nylon types with socket screw fastening . You can always mod those with a bit of brass tube if the centre is too big - bought some drive shaft universals from Robbe - they came with various sizes of split tube for just that purpose, Meccano Dave also supplies some pinion & gear sets too.

You could also use a pulley drive at the top on the Jacksons - they are big enough - some nice pulleys around with toothed belts

The outboards with gear drives rather than flex shafts work much better Ray ( even flex propshafts give trouble) - you have to maintain gear drives as much as any normal propshaft - all of my boats have oilers on the shafts - and the shafts get removed & cleaned after every sea run to avoid corrosion in any event So not a bad idea to look after your outboard in the same way.- some friends run a freshwater hose through their 1/1 outboards to flush out the corrosive muck after a sea run - you can even buy special adapters to run 1/1 outboards on hoses too......

04/05/2020 11:44:35

Flea bay as my friend calls it would be a good start and you could ask on the other MB sites like Mayhem too - someone must have one for sale - I have the same problem - but too far away to help.

The other option would be to try & find alternative gears and fit motors of your choice- ie in-runner brushless for instance - or 545 low draw motors

Thread: John Cobb's Crusader
04/05/2020 11:38:07

Ashley it may not be exact scale but its still a pretty close representation - and it looks good - looking forward to seeing the finished aricle

Thread: Etherow Model Boat Club
01/05/2020 12:06:36

Ashley - just to stir it up - i do have a plan for a pulse jet engine somewhere - that should make Bluebird or Crusader fly .................

Thread: Osprey - Trip Boat 28'
22/04/2020 16:51:10

Looking good Ray - very impressed with it - seems a quick build.

Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
04/04/2020 09:22:12

Seems to be silly to have deleted it when the posting is getting full exposure on two other websites - its about time subscribers got an official version of whats going on - and it should be posted on this forum as well - that would stop all speculation about the future of the magazine..

Thread: "EeZeBilt 50+" Sea Princess build
04/04/2020 09:06:40

Hi Ray -

DG not only set up the EeZeBilt website quite a few years ago AND designed most of the 50+ models with a couple of exceptions - he also set up one for Old Boats where old boat plans can be downloaded for free , but also a site for Adamcraft , Taycol Motors and another which escapes me at the moment.

DG also set up the Vintage & Old Boats section on RC Groups to further try and collect and ensure old plans are not lost forever. He is definitely one of the unsung heroes of this hobby.

Ron Rees for instance used two of the 50+ plans for models built of Depron ? instead of balsa which ran as an article in MB.

Thread: John Cobb's Crusader
03/04/2020 13:51:48

Problem might be cheapest Gas Turbine costs over 1,000 GBP last time I looked - saw a model of a B52 with four of them - imagine how the owner must have felt as it had the usual end to model aircraft - why most gave up the hobby.

Ernies article I posted about earlier is a pretty good description of the Gas Turbine pro & cons.

Edited By redpmg on 03/04/2020 13:55:03

03/04/2020 12:04:38

Was there not a Jetex 100 originally - about twice the size of a 50 - seem to have seen a few aircraft plans for it . Would have been much more powerful . never owned one - only the 50 model - and must admit all attempts in the air or on water ended in disaster.

Revamp of the original was called Jet-X ans seem to have only produced a 50 size motor . Have one here with a kit of Hawker Hunter produced by Keil Kraft in the late eighties as far as memory serves.

There's quite a few videos on you Tube of Jetex flying models revived powered by what looks like the head of a small fireworks rocket - some flights are really impressive - however cant for the life of me recall what they are called............

02/04/2020 13:34:37

Further I did hear at one time that it was thought that one of the sponsons took on water causing Crusader to virtually explode on her fateful run.

02/04/2020 13:13:28

This might be of interest to the modellers building various Bluebirds, Crusader & other Record Breakers

There is an in depth article by Ernie Lazenby and Eddy Mathews on building a working model Crusader from the now defunct MMI in June 2003 using prop drive and a 900 size rare earth magnet motor . Send me a pm if you are interested.. The article sets some background to John Cobb .

Vol 49 No 582 MB Hydro Topics article by Peter Hill on Crusader from which has a copy of the old plan

Jan 04 MMI Gas Turbines - The Future - again by Ernie L

Aug 04 MMI .The Spirit of Australia by El & EM (which I believe is the current record holder?)

May 97 MMI  Second build of a K7  Bluebird by EL & EM

July 94 MB Plan feature on K7 by Andrew Mccoy

Feb 05 MMI EL builds a working version of Speedlines K7

Apr 06 MB review of Speedlines K7 by Dave Abbott

Nov 98 MMI review of Don Walkinshaws Gas Turbine K7

Feb 03 MMI second review of D W's Gas Turbine K7 by Ian Williams

(saw this in action at Beale Park that year - water too short for it to get up to speed - incredible boat)

Oct 95 MMI Ernie L builds a K4 fast electric

Aug 94 MB Alan Miller reviews Touchwood Models K4

Mar 97 MMI Ernie L builds K3

May 03 MB Hydro Topics by Peter Hill has plan of Bluebird II

May 06 MMI Ernie L writes an article on the History of World Water Speed Records

Oct 04 MMI Ernie builds Miss England II - (Henry Seagraves)

Jan 00 MMI Graham Charles with free plans Miss Britain II

Sep 00 MB Model of Miss Britain III restoration in the US by Kevin Desmond

Jul 06 MB An Stradag Electric power by Kevin Desmond

then some on Miss America, Miss Canada III, and 6 articles on Slo Mo Shun

All in my collection .


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Thread: Osprey - Trip Boat 28'
30/03/2020 22:43:56

Sounds good Ray - that would probably be around 1/12 scale so you can use doll house items on board - eg cold drink cans,. bottles . food baskets etc for the pax......... gives the boat life - but i would stick to the4 windows - gives it character !

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