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Thread: Self Steering Mystery
22/07/2021 10:59:07

Believe Richard is absolutely correct - a simple gear for tying rudder movement to the sail with nothing missing. As it is should always keep the yacht heading into the wind . You would surely have to disconnect the mainsail from the tiller arm and simply limit the travel when using a vane ?

There is a small star on the mainsail boom visible in the second picture - is it possible this is one of the more sophisticated Star yachts ?

Thread: Fairey Huntsman
20/07/2021 15:46:37

Richard has a very valid point as does Ray since weights of the same build do tend to differ - would be interesting to see whether the full size Huntsman was a little bow down when moored. It has a very fine stem in comparison to the Huntress - which is the only one I have seen when moored at Lymimgton. From a somewhat faulty memory the Huntress did not appear to be bow down.

Also be interesting to see if my 17.5in version of Dave's Huntress does so when eventually completed - Dave strongly suggested I use Liteply instead of Balsa - very sad he wont see the results.

Thread: Osprey - Trip Boat 28'
18/07/2021 10:21:11

Glad you were able to sail the boat at last Ray - looks great on the water - you deserve to be pleased.


Edited By redpmg on 18/07/2021 10:21:32

Thread: Guardsman
15/07/2021 15:45:37

Good job Fred - glad you are getting along with the build - should be a great model if you take the same care with everything else.

Thread: Todays Boating
14/07/2021 15:53:08

Begin to see why the magazine needs a name change Ashley ...............

Looking forward to reading about the Saucer and how you powered it

Really amazing and creative models - what more can one say...............

Think its a good Job the Tardis did not float - space travel might be a trifle difficult to emulate..............Although I would not put it past you to try......................

Thread: Wanted Billings Smit Nederland Plans
14/07/2021 09:35:23

The Billings Instruction books are usually A4 size - so on options instruct a standard A4 printer to fit to size. most printers will give you that option .The smaller pictures should be clear enough for what you will need . Only the plans were A2's or A1's.

Thread: Todays Boating
12/07/2021 16:45:51

Found some on Amazon first go Ashley - 20in with 28 holes - might be a bit expensive but at least delivery is free......sure there must be cheaper options out there too...........Not sure how to post a link

From long ago seem to remember Zinc Chromate primer stopped nastys getting through to the top coat .- just an idea - long ago ran a friends body shop when he was ill - solved the problem on a car painted in the US using the latest technology paint which was not available to us. Long story but the wife ran the imported yank tank into the gateposts and we did a quick repair - she forgot to tell her husband and he did the same when he finally arrived home ........... 2nd repair and widening of the gates required !

Apologies if I'm teaching Grandmother again


Edited By redpmg on 12/07/2021 16:47:45

Thread: Guardsman
12/07/2021 16:00:57

Hi Fred - sent you a PM re the rudder

Thread: Revel 1/72 flower class corvette
11/07/2021 14:35:58

The earliest review of a "Plastic Magic" conversion of the Corvette I can find is the Glynn Guest article in Model Boats June 1980 using the original Matchbox kit and the latest one by Francis Macnaughton in July 2017 with the then latest kit .Six articles in total about it. PM me if you need more details.

Thought about converting the 1/144th scale kit but the price here is outrageous - would have to starve for a month to pay for it....................

Thread: First Models
11/07/2021 14:13:46

Believe it or not still have two of the Airfix plastic bag kits Ray - bags have long since time expired as did the labels from fish moths - both are aircraft. Also have a couple of Matchbox aircraft kits used by the RRAF.- later RhodAF.

Perhaps you should re-visit the Bustler as an A3 plan Ray - will look forward to that

Very first model kit was a small vintage car in a plastic bag - cant remember the label but must have been Airfix - bought from the shop on board the Braemar Castle when aged about seven - came with its own gummy bottle of glue - after building it was commandeered by elder brother and ended up going overboard.

Unfortunately nobody imported Model Maker so lost out on a lot of models at the time - Only found out about Hobbies of Dereham when a penfriend sent one of their publications - after that thought I had found a gold mine - imported an Anglian trawler kit with fittings & motor at the total coat of a fiver - goodbye savings !. Eagle published a few exploded drawings but that was about it for anyone interested in boats.

Thread: Todays Boating
11/07/2021 13:33:57

That was expensive Richard - seem to remember it was a bob for the the flicks and sixpence for a ice cream or cold drink - must have been earlier years - loved the cartoons .

Shame you never went to the Saturday flicks Ashley - told my grandchildren about it - they did not really understand what a comic was........

Perhaps what you need is a trailer - young lad at the the club in Johannesburg used to bring his big boats on a trailer - behind his bicycle........

The full size Walrus did not fly too well either........

10/07/2021 12:13:29

Richard you will be giving Ashley ideas - Fireflash as an ekranoplane...............

Hard to believe we enjoyed things like Batman & Robin and the old westerns etc at Saturday morning flicks where everyone swopped comics before the movie and at interval - all the excitement for the week in a small colonial town. Never saw Thunderbirds though

Thread: First Models
10/07/2021 11:53:33

First boat was a home design yacht of balsa aged about 8 or 9 - from pictures of my fathers old yacht in Capetown - using formers and stringers - (had been building aircraft up to then). it was covered with an old handkerchief instead of being planked - had the idea from seeing my grandfathers canoe . Doped & painted for waterproofing it was fitted with another handkerchief for a sail - thick skewer for the mast and a lead sinker for the keel weight. Parents drove us out to the famous Leopard Rock Hotel where it had its first sail in the then swimming pool. All went well until the centre of the very large pool (really an old circular dam) when it succumbed to water intake and was never seen again................

Next boat was planked needless to say............


Edited By redpmg on 10/07/2021 11:56:33

Thread: Todays Boating
09/07/2021 17:19:51

Thanks for the pics Ashley - they both look really great - we never saw too much out in the backwaters - Beano, Dandy and Eagle was about as far as it went ........ TV only arrived when I was 17 odd and more interested in Motor Cycles - we were allowed to ride & drive at 16

It would definitely be a contest between you and Ray as to who is the most prolific builder - constantly amazed by both of you - and such good modelling too even if it is in different styles.........

09/07/2021 10:04:10

So where are the pictures Ashley ? would love to have seen them - or will we have to wait for the next edition of the magazine ?

Thread: 2021 Builds during lockdowns
09/07/2021 10:00:53

Not out here unfortunately - In the UK there might be a market - maybe I should write them up and send the plans to the Ed - 7" version does not have much displacement to spare.

Also cut 2 16 & 17inch versions of Dave Milbourns Huntress from Liteply - not a lot of progress on them as work intervenes....... plus we have been moving house.

08/07/2021 16:51:30

Three sizes of the same small Cabin Cruiser - 7, 10 and 14 inch -awaiting an outboard to power the largest one - held up because of the pandemic - only received the 9g servo for powering the smallest one last week. All to the same design using Les Rowells Aerokits method of building - the kits were cut on our Laser so parts are a very accurate fit and a pleasure to work with . The two smaller ones will use dummy outboards as rudders - outboards currently under productioncurrent 155.jpg



Edited By redpmg on 08/07/2021 16:59:12

Thread: K40 Laser
06/07/2021 10:46:30

Be very careful with an unguarded Laser Paul - very dangerous to ones eyesight - at the very least have a sheet of yellow tinted Perspex between you and it and wear yellow goggles - unless its a fibre Laser in which case believe you use red.........

Always wanted a CNC router as well as the laser - not only cuts but contours too - they use the large ones here for producing very accurate scarf joints in plywood for boat kits etc. - amongst other things of course.

Thread: John Cobb,
06/07/2021 10:32:54

Sad that John Cobb died in much the same way as Campbell - remember seeing a film clip of the crash as a child - had a far bigger impact on me than the K7 one - read somewhere John Cobb was indeed a very quiet & unassuming man - believe that holds true for the majority of great people.

Believe that Donald Campbell owed his fame to the fact that he was the heir to a speed dynasty - but also  think he was a much more unassuming and quiet person than his father. .

There are still wheel tracks visible in the salt from Malcolm Campbell's unsuccessful 1929 run at Verneuk (deceitful) Pan here in SA

Edited By redpmg on 06/07/2021 10:34:53

Thread: Swordfish, Jetex & Ashley's Article July 2021 Model Boats
23/06/2021 15:22:58

new power.jpgMeant to say Nuclear Fission - Fusion makes things go bang...........

Chernobyl was a good example of being uncontrollable ............

Very interesting fellow my late boss - had a saying that without research we would not have electric light but would have the most efficient oil lamps - amongst many other things he discovered another sub atomic particle - and was nominated for the Nobel prize for Physics - made the shortlist - I only found out after he retired - a very modest and bright man - often wonder what he would say about our countries Electricity supplier and the constant load shedding...........

Thought we could do with a laugh after all the serious talk

Edited By redpmg on 23/06/2021 15:41:29

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