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Thread: Fourteen Ship Profiles
05/11/2021 09:49:30

The remains of the Clan Stuart engine are still visible on the beach near Simonstown - my uncle Stuart used to tell us it was his ship...........Never seen a picture of the ship before.

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Thread: SS Rhodesia Star
24/10/2021 15:31:13

Ironic in that a ship named after my home country in Africa was used for carrying emigrants to Australia....... Her history as an Escort Carrier was a very interesting read .

Another ship of the Blue Star line disappeared without trace off the coast of South Africa near East London in 1909 - her name was the Waratah - named after a shrub in Australia !

Great drawing of an interesting ship Bob - presume you will be making a model of her ?


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Thread: Wanted: Vic Smeed Bobby Plan
16/10/2021 11:02:16

HAkits market a reasonably priced kit which is based on the Bobby - heres the address- - worth a look anyway

Thread: Puzzling Pond Yacht
06/10/2021 11:24:53

Hi Jonathon - Regret I have been unable to locate the catalogs - we moved and a lot of boxes are not yet unpacked . Bobs suggestion would seem to be the best solution , Elizabeth has rescued many old model Sailing vessels from what I have read. When I do find the catalogs will let you know if there was anything re the yacht.


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Thread: old hand but new to wooden boat building
05/10/2021 14:10:46

Hi George - photos & scans done of your missing bits - sent you a pm ,

Thread: Puzzling Pond Yacht
05/10/2021 12:29:50

At one stage Hobbies of Dereham sold a ready made display yacht and supplied bits & pieces to convert it for sailing. Possibly one of those ? . Nothing on their current website - but I will dig through my old catalogs and see what I can find .

Also have some digital articles on vane steering if you wanted those.

Thread: old hand but new to wooden boat building
05/10/2021 12:22:03

I have a kit somewhere - will have a look and check what instructions that has . Artesania tended to put some instruction photos on the outside of the box at that time - presume you checked that.

If need be I can scan & send you copies via Email later .

Thread: Boating Recollections
02/10/2021 12:11:58

mermaid.jpgWe lived 180 mils from the sea - but Dad & myself with some help built a duckboat that the family used on the Pungwe river in the highlands - when a large dam was built some 20 miles from town we built the first of a succession of dinghy's on our verandah (sold on after a bit of use ) - starting with a Heron , a GP14, an Enterprise and finally a Mermaid - the Mermaid although smaller with a different rig was much more fun . It was used to sail on Odzani Dam , surf & sail in the sea at Beira - (can remember goose winging for at least 10 miles) and with the mast down and a seagull fitted it made a fine fishing boat on Chicamba dam in Mozambique. Sadly it rotted away under its canvas cover at the Odzani Club when I left for the capital . When rescued by my brother in law later only the sails & fittings were worth anything.

It was only when I was older I found out Dad used to own a one class yacht at the Royal Cape Club in Capetown ( Peregon III 27ft overall 23ft waterline) - but sold it when getting married to buy a car - he was also a friend of Harry Pidgeon - the second around the world sailor - and he had a copy of the book Harry wrote - sent by him and inscribed "For my good friend Tom - happy sailing" - one of his prized possessions.

The picture is of a MK2 Mermaid with the designer & family onboard - it used large bouyancy tanks as seats - very sea worthy - if faulty memory serves ours was gaff rigged.

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Thread: Model Railways
29/09/2021 20:26:11

Not a model - but an amazing picture of the contrasts in Africarhodesian garret.jpg- note the Garret with its large water tank forward

Thread: GRAUPNER RAU IX Whaler
27/09/2021 17:21:27

Perhaps if you change the harpoon gun to shoot water as one of our members did in Johannesburg - derogatory remarks were met with a good squirt - and an abject apology of course - sorry - did not realise you were there etc...........

Agree with Neil in that its all part of history - we live where Southern Right whales come to calve each year - some other types also visit when on their way to warmer water. Would hate to see them hunted now - but that has not stopped me from trying to convert a small plastic kit into a whale catcher............

Ironic too that no one has tried to change the name of that particular breed of whales - the Right refers to the fact that they floated after being harpooned - not like others which sank,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,There is of course a Northern Right Whale too which I believe (if faulty memory serves) usually inhabits the coast off North America.........

Thread: Todays Boating
25/09/2021 20:29:37

I used to work for Babcock Africa in the early 80s - in those days they only seemed to deal with boilers of all types, sewage plants and mining/construction equipment sale & hire.............

Things have changed a lot since then it seems . Not a bad looking ship for a modern one - but if the superstructure is aluminium as most others are even a rifle bullet would not have much trouble penetrating it let alone a small cannon...............

Thread: Model Boats - Classified Adverts
21/09/2021 12:39:20

Richard I think the most relevant point is that with ads in the magazine you reach people with an interest in model boats - whereas with online sales you tend to reach a far greater audience (plus more swindlers of course.......)

Its tends to be the older modellers who are downsizing etc that are selling their boats - and they are more likely to be computer illiterate......... Where else could they sell their boats - without resorting to asking someone to place them on an internet site.......

And when dealing with another modeller and not someone buying a present for their son or father (usually) its easier to understand each other . I sold off a lot of kits before leaving the UK on Ebay and the only problem I had was when dealing with a non modeller buying a present for one.............

The best sale was to a lady in Malta ( the Harvey a Baltimore Clipper) - She was not allowed to join the club there - but made a superb job of the Harvey and a couple of others she sent pictures of......

Edited By redpmg on 21/09/2021 12:43:23

21/09/2021 11:55:08

I agree with Ray - the interest in model boats comes from the older set to be polite. The average age of model boat clubs must be well into the 60s . Know that at SRCMBC the average was +-65. There are still a lot of people out there who are not computer literate and don't use the internet . The budget for the club always allows for the postage of the quarterly news - believe it was to about about 50% of members . I am personally only computer literate because my job called for it. Further developed as my son  was interested in I T  which is now his profession - he also only uses Kindle as books are cheaper that way...........

There is also a problem selling online - Gumtree and the like don't take payments so you could well end up giving out bank details to a swindler - as I was asked to recently. - fortunately I did not !  Also sold some kits a few months ago via a list  sent to some of the remaining clubs in SA . The secretary from the biggest one had to print out quite a few of those  for members who don't use the internet .................

The free ads were always limited to a half page in any event and added a bit of interest - usually with the mail section. Paul Freshney saw no need to dispense with it and as far as model boats go nothing has changed since then - he was one of the best editors in my opinion.

I also begin to wonder just how many fliers migrate to model boats as they get older ?

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Thread: Todays Boating
14/09/2021 12:10:44

Great Model Ashley - interesting as usual

13/09/2021 17:29:55

Supposedly a Van Der Decken who could not round the Cape - Cape of Storms or Cape Horn - (not sure which one) - presumably the Cape of Storms as the Dutch East Indiamen regularly did so . He was supposed to have cursed The Lord and because of it was then doomed to sail around the Cape forever .

Seem to remember reading somewhere a young English King to be sighted the Dutchman once in a Storm..........


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Thread: 9 11
10/09/2021 14:30:55

Watching it all unfold on TV in the partners lounge of KPMG Johannesburg - very little work done by anyone in the firm that day . Not had such a shock since hearing about JFK in Dallas - affected all of us the same way - shock & outrage.

A friend of my ex was working for either Rowland Ward or Holland & Holland ( memory fails me) at the time - just a block away and got a close up view . Samantha fled back to the UK on the earliest flight - would never talk about it except to say she was terrified at the time.

Thread: Dual prop question
23/08/2021 14:09:45

Been on a Natal Parks Board full size (18ft ) Boat - fitted with twin 75hp outboards - both same rotation - made no difference to performance.

Some big Shark Diving/ Excursion boats here in Gansbaai are fitted with four  300hp outboards - although they usually only run on two. A couple have counter rotating props - most have not.............

So totally agree with Paul & Charles - ignore the rivet counters and keep it simple - makes no difference when running.

Edited By redpmg on 23/08/2021 14:10:41

Thread: strangers in your workshop
12/08/2021 16:37:02

We have the Cape Francolin here which are the size of large chickens - when you feed them they appear at the same time every day - and if you are a little late they will march into the house demanding food.........Bit difficult when you have cats.

A friend started to feed the Francolin and the Guinea Fowl - at first a few - then huge flocks of them appeared - she was using a 200lb sack of feed in a week ! Not sure what happened after she returned to the UK. but it must have been very hard on the birds.

Another welcome visitor here are the various species of tortoise - one was blown under our garage door in a high wind - hardly larger than a matchbox - it does not grow much bigger.

I have had to resort to locking my workroom door as our one cat has learned to stretch up and open unlocked doors - gets a bit awkward when you have a feline visitor in the middle of a session of boat building - especially when they choose to sprawl on the item you have just glued !

Thread: Halmatic 65 US coastguard
08/08/2021 14:05:28

Looked up the article John and checked in all my articles listing the USCG boats from around that time - sourced from various UK , US & French magazines - the Halmatic was definitely never used by the USCG - so as the article says it was purely finished in USCG guise as the builder liked the colour scheme.

Trawled the web extensively with no sign of any military versions of the 65 - lots of flying bridge types for deep sea sport fishing however.

Unfortunately my plan is also very indistinct other than the basic hull, but you could refer to the German Rescue Boats for ideas on the daughter boat . Armament from the USCG 41 ft utility boats would suit - plethora of pictures of those on the web . The 82ft Point Class armament might be a little much for the scale..

Also checked Sarik for the plan - not listed as far as I can see


Edited By redpmg on 08/08/2021 14:09:41

Thread: Osprey - Trip Boat 28'
27/07/2021 18:08:04

Good to hear it Ray - its a great model. Looking forward to seeing the plan.

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