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Thread: Steam Launch Terry's Album
27/10/2009 16:11:08
Scratch built model, this is now my last as I have another five scratch built steam launches plus steam turbines which are a similar size to this one and the house will not hold any more, Bernadette is rapidly loosing her sense of humour ''its me or the boats''
This boat has a Stevenson link reversing gear, however, I have incorporated a servo operated gearbox as the reversing gear is somewhat delicate. Prop shaft incorporates a thrust bearing, gas is re heated, a 1/4 litre water tank is up front and is filled from the brass hindged cover. Feed pump is a copy of a commercial item and is hand operated. Tested in the bath only (50mm to spare on length) hope to sail soon.
Thread: Futaba 6EX 2.4GHz Digital Proportional R/C System
04/07/2008 15:58:00
As far as I am aware you can re code the additional receiver/s. The transmitter  (TX) holds the master (ID) code and the receiver (RX) is coded to the TX  using the 'Link Procedure' As far as I am aware you can have as many RX's assigned to the TX as you wish. Please check this out with an aircraft specialist store such as Steve webb's. Terry
11/03/2008 21:44:00

Yes the 6X 2.4 has servo reverse on all channels and end point adjustment (this limits the servo travel on a % basis in both directions, most useful for the rudder.

Hope this helps

Thread: Powere Plan Configuration
20/02/2008 17:43:00
Wrong link.
Thread: A pair of Clinkers
20/02/2008 17:42:00
Cheers Bob! first time a photo of one of my boats has been published, we have spoken several times I recognise your photo, found your album very interesting particularly the latest build.
20/02/2008 17:33:00

I take it you were the photographer of my boats? if not?

Thread: Powere Plan Configuration
20/02/2008 17:27:00

Dear Ed, Title should read Power Plant

Please ask all reviewers and contributors to advise the reader the following

Motor Type


Battery (if applicable) output

Speed Controller (if applicable)

Performance. Scale, Overscale.

In all reviews

Thread: A pair of Clinkers
20/02/2008 15:47:00
How very kind of Bob.
Thread: Motor Selection
20/02/2008 15:00:00

Thanks FC for advice and encouragement, any prop recommendations?

Ducky, that's me how do I access Bob's album, hope to see you at Etherow soon.

Thread: Futaba 6EX 2.4GHz Digital Proportional R/C System
19/02/2008 08:39:00

Might be useful information.

I fly aircraft as well as sail boats, and have purchased a Futaba 6EX 2.4 gig set for boat use which is fine if you spit the aerials into two routes, If a GRP hull is used keep the aerials just below the deck, or preferably above, they are only about 100mm long.

There are concerns with respect to the transmitter on/off switch on the 6EX. If the switch is operated on/off quickly in succession an RF signal may be generated which may reduce the coding link between the RX/TX to all zero's which in turn may introduce the REMOTE possiblity of meeting a modeller who has done the are both then on the same frequency. (5 Seconds between switches are required) This is in addition to the coding problem which has been addressed by all Ripmax distributors. There is a note from Ripmax Futaba with respect to the above, Ripmax are a most responsible distributor,however the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) are extremely concerned as to Futaba's response to the issue. It is so much easier with boats though just check out with any other modeller on 2.4 EX

Just a personal opinion with respect to 2.4 gig, take advice from a model aircraft retailer as well as a boat retailer, it has to be said the aircarft bods are very cautious due to the dangers and complexity of RC applications.

Although I have a 6EX (£149) and am delighted with the kit the general opinion is the Spektrum range is superior (£260) complete with digital servo's however is this really needed fot a boat application?

Beware of importing a 2.4 gig radio from the USA, this is an attractive option as a Spektrum may be purchased for the price of an 6EX (if you avoid customs) however the power output from USA models is higher than UK models and is therefore illegal, I am advised the power can be reduced by a specialist in the UK at no cost.

 Contact Steve Webb models for advice.

Hope this helps

Thread: Motor Selection
19/02/2008 08:01:00

Dear Modellers

I am building a single scew 54" cabin cruiser and have the plans for future consideration of Vic Smeed's 63" Vivacity.

I am receiving conflicting advice as to the electric motor / propeller selection. A respectable but not overpowerful speed is required

Alasdair (Model Motors Direct) suggests a Buehler 777 12 volt motor see below

5,000 - 10,000 rpm
2 x Roller Bearing
7 Poles, skewed wound.
High Quality
inc. brass coupling

Cost is only £12, and although I would not doubt Alasdair I would appreciate advice, cost is not an issue though as all modellers I do not wish to waste money, prop selection is also a consideration.

Many thanks to all contributors. Terry

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