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Thread: viper marine 15 bec s/c
23/11/2020 22:16:02

30 views and no one got a clue? i must be as confused as every knowledgable person on yer. cheers all it was only a question. maybe the fly boys will help

23/11/2020 16:29:58

Hi ,I have a problem with using this piece of kit. motor 540 battery over/l 2000mah 7.2 v. TX ace r/c commander 3ch 27am. it has up/down left/right stick and a slider on the side.

Now the problem(sorry its longwinded) I have set everything up correct as per viper set up. Move the stick up down, motor works. move the stick left right servo operates BUT the motor runs fwd/rev as well. use the slider and the motor operates. why is this happening please? am i missing a trick yer?

should i use a seperate rcv pack and disconnect the s/c red wire as per viper instructions and connect to the up/down channel?

very confused

help appreciated many thanks keith

Thread: wanted
17/11/2020 14:51:21

Hi all, Has anyone got a set of hull formers for this kit please? i have everything else (original) apart from the formers, my copies have disapeared over time.I wish to build another one but a copy of 2757. i did notice mind,that when googling 2749 an image of my model popped up. at the moment its going through a refurb.

will pay any copying costs and postage

cheers keith

Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
13/06/2020 10:14:42

insufficient funds to pay the editor and designer, says it all really. forget about the mere minions who already pay high prices to read the mag, supporting the pockets of the rich owners. happens everywhere, nhs fat cats,bbc bosses,list goes on. it doesnt take many people to run a print machine and the length of them i am sure 2m distance wouldnt be a problem.long build i support you, shouldnt be a problem getting subscriptions out. do what everyone is doing at the moment, take the losses and keep most of the customers happy.

Thread: sp610 getting warm/hot even
13/06/2020 09:44:54

Hi dave, apologies if i seemed a bit off but i think cv19 gets to us all at some point. cant see the restaurant opening again to be honest. so be it just wait and see. anyway, might scrap sp610 , gave me a good run for many years. i have found a turnigybrushed 20 amp controller for airplane. i know it only has fwd (how many r/c airplanes go backwards?) an rttl spends most of its life going fwd very fast. would this work?

is it man eneough for 540 size? its not often i would want to go in reverse. never heard of anyone using a controller fwd only on a boat,all of them for sale have fwd/rvs

cheers keith

12/06/2020 20:20:39

thanks dave but at the moment £25 is what it says. been furlowed for 12 wks and other 1/2 is restricting cashflow. just trying to get something going so i can get of the damn house for a bit of fun. cheesed off with cooking and garden work now. even my old boy saxon passed away 3 wks ago. no walks up the lanes anymore, too many memories

Thread: Propshaft coming away from coupling
12/06/2020 20:07:34

This makes me wonder why the shaft threads arnt reverse threaded,as in an angle grinder ( and other things) is there any specific reason why this isnt so? I agree as well, i always use lock nuts but at the motor shaft end only. seems to work ok. dont ask why but it was a long wait on the bank of windless lake on my own and an eventual swim to retrieve.

Thread: sp610 getting warm/hot even
12/06/2020 19:52:19

Hi useless at electronics but here goes(hopefully i`m not a dumb ass)

refurbishing my veron rttl (see in my gallery) from many years ago. boat looks wonderful now. running on new 7.6v pack. hitech sp610 controller and a (i think) original johnson 540 motor. set it all up, runs lovely fwd but really slow in reverse. neutral point working. run it for 4 or 5 minutes and s/c getting hot. reversed the motor leads still runs normal fwd really slow reverse s/c still getting hot.

could it be

A mtor brushes/ motor knackered?

B/ s/c getting too hot due to age of motor drawing way too many amps?

s/c just knackered?

yes i know the s/c is old and buy a new one but not sure if the old sp610 were meant to handle 540 or is it worth downsizing to a 480? any help appreciated please.

thanks keith

Thread: revel 1:96 cutty sark plans
02/04/2020 16:34:58

thanks francis, will print them off for him


02/04/2020 10:51:23

HI, sometime ago my uncle was given this complete kit. he is now on full lockdown + decided to build it. alas its minus the plans. I built the airfix (smaller) version and found online a plans for the revel download. I have looked all over but cant now find it online. I needed it for the detailed rigging plan.

does any1 have a copy of the revel plans or can point me to a site online so that i can download it for him? I am still looking online but still cant find it

any ides appreciated for an 80 yr old bored shipbuilder.

cheers keith

Thread: free book worth 35
12/03/2020 16:35:25

didnt think anyone would want it but it was worth a try. how do i get a mod to remove the ad ? i will leave it till sunday but need to put it in recycling bin for monday. having a clear out yer, wife says so

11/03/2020 15:23:04

South with endurance,shackletons voyage. over 400 fotos colour and b/w. weight of book roughly 3kg size 37cmx35x5 checked postage(somerset to rhondda)-- hermes 2 day £5.32 is cheapest its an ex library book i purchased for ships rigging info etc. free to a good home. btw royal mail want £15.37 2nd class

no longer required so free to anyone who can make use


Thread: nimh storage
27/12/2019 16:00:31

Hi, as I dont sail as often as i should just wondering about a few points on storage of nimh batts.

1/ stored fully charged after use or in a discharged state?

2/ remove drive and receiver batteries (or unplug) from units?

3/ do nimh cause black wire syndrome as cadmium batts?

4/ my new receiver batteries only give the slow charge time, 15hrs @130mah, is it safe to fast charge them? batteries rated at 1.3 amph

5/ similar thing, 2000mah 7.2v set, is a 1amp fast charge too much?

any help appreciated please, my electrickery knowledge is zilch


Thread: online shopping cheap,postage not
11/12/2019 17:00:48

Hi guys, had a bit of a result, 2 parts required no longer available from saw mfctr. saw purchased 18 mths ago!!!! distributor was very helpful. I can keep the 2 parts supplied as spares. not sure if they will be usefull as the saw will most likely pack up before i need to use them. so so £4.48 for the 2 bits + the fact that I wont have to return them( (roughly £2) so I have ended up giving the £4.01 to go towards their xmas party.fair play to the distributors they tried their hardest to find the parts but to no avail. I have spent £1500 on band saw and scroll saw from this company, I doubt I will ever buy another toll from these people again. (a big company) as it seems that my band saw also has very very limited spares available. they seem to be making minor changes inside the machines even though the outsides are the same.

cheers for the comments all


Thread: wanted 2 ch rcv
11/12/2019 13:31:55

kip, christmas card on the way. many thanks everything now working perfect. old rcv. binned, think a bit of salty severn estuary water may have put paid to the insides of that one and confused it. soon as weather changes will post some fotos of finished wiesel (maybe in m/head harbour) donation made to m/head lifeboats done as well. have a pint on me


Thread: online shopping cheap,postage not
10/12/2019 11:24:01

your right there bob with small claims, had a mega issue with dog groomer.Was only claiming £10 so c.a.b minehead got involved.After many letters/emails fone calls, last letter i sent to groomer was intention to go to go to court and that was 2 mths. in the end she paid the £10 but the cost to me was alot more. I suppose it was the satisfaction of winning my £10 back. people shouldnt have to go through all this. like i explained in the earlier post i made, the postage was mega excessive, 1st class R.M. less than a quid!!!!. live and learn, will keep them as spares i suppose.


Thread: wanted 2 ch rcv
10/12/2019 10:38:10

cheers kip, very gratefull, how about I stick the fiver in the charity box at minehead lifeboats? can do that if its ok. never know when the wiesel out in the harbour I may need them to rescue the crew.

cheers keith

Thread: online shopping cheap,postage not
10/12/2019 10:34:28

tried that kip, terms and cond. apperently. I get my £4.48 parts back but £5.99 p+p non refundable. its a service. also I need to pay the p+p to send back myself, non refundable tis a rip off I agree. might keep the parts as spares +call it quits and never deal with them again. problem is they are the main suppliers of spare parts for sip tools even more bloody angry nowangryangry

08/12/2019 10:36:41

Just a moan about my postal charges compared to what I purchased. I know, I am always moaning about something, but here it is angry.Ordered 2 blade adaptors for an sip 14" scrollsaw. stated the ones i needed were for pinless blades. came in an A5 padded envelope 4 days later. weight 54g. 2 parts cost £4.82 postage a massive £5.99 royal mail std 1st class delivery. Just checked royal mail prices this could have been sent next day tracked and signed for, wait for it, £4.20. when I opened it they sent the wrong parts, they were the ones that attach to the arms for pinned blades, I wanted the bits that hang off these to hold pinned plades as stated when ordered. Now I have to return these at my cost i expect and if they dont hold these bits in stock I doubt if i will have a full refund.its a total rip off i think, ordered a chainsaw and only paid £9.00 carriageangry where do companies get these rip off postal charges from? bloody angry


Thread: wanted 2 ch rcv
07/12/2019 11:02:08

actually kip, might be better to send cash in a xmas card for you if thats easier, no messing about then


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