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Thread: Plating and rivets for a 1:48 Corvette
08/02/2008 20:23:00

Hi Bob. 

The biggest mistake people make with weathering is over doing it. It should be subtle and NOT take away anything from the model itself. So many times a brilliant model which took years to make is completely ruined by TO MUCH weathering

The best thing to do is go and look at rusty things and dirty objects a lot, learn how they look and then off to Boots. Photograph it, study it and then make yours look the same. Using powders rather than paints allows to put it on and then if you don't like the look, take it off and start again.

There must be millons of types and shades of rust.


08/02/2008 20:08:00

Sorry, here's another question.

After weathering my boats I need to "Fix" the powders to make them waterproof. In the past I have used ladies hairspray but it only last for about 6 months. Any suggestions for me to try something else. 

When wanting rust, forget the Carrs powders. Go to Boots and see how many rust eye shadow colours there are, perfect.


08/02/2008 20:04:00

Hi Bob.

I am very impressed by the pictures, the rivets look very convincing.

I have tried to find the Rev. Moles web address but cant find it.

I know that MB's ran about 6 articles about this model which was around the time they did my Sub. which was towards the end of 1980.

Sorry I cant be anymore helpful.

I will have a go at putting some of my models pictures in the gallery.



08/02/2008 19:38:00

 Hi Thor and Bob. 

I don't know how many times this message is going to be posted as my PC is doing the strangest things.

Bob, would you mind posting your web address here, so I can go and have a look. Thanks.

Secondly, do you know the Reverend (I think) William Mole who built the wonderful model of the Great Britian? 

All the best.


Thread: Trinity House Lightvessel No. 78
01/02/2008 21:57:00

Plus go here

I found this on a google search.


01/02/2008 21:54:00

Hi there.

I thought I had posted this before but it probably got lost in cyber space.

The actual Calshot Spit lightvessel is now on land and an attraction at the Ocean Village Marina in Southampton.

If you go here

You can see a picture of it and other links to get more information about it. 

All the best.


Thread: I need some rubbish
01/02/2008 21:42:00

I would like to thank you all for your suggestions. Each one provided another direction to go down and I now have enough ideas to make all I need.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my query.


Thread: Plating and rivets for a 1:48 Corvette
25/01/2008 12:12:00

Hi Thor. 

Go to this web address and they will sell you the rivet punch machine.

All the best.


Thread: I need some rubbish
24/01/2008 19:19:00

Hi Ken.

 Thanks for the suggestion, I will bear that in mind. 

I understand that Caldercraft who sell kits also sell small items but can I find there contact 

It seems that they only sell through shops and I have written to a couple of them for the address but they never replied. Put the name into google and all you get are model shops. 



Thread: Plating and rivets for a 1:48 Corvette
24/01/2008 18:10:00

Hi Thor.

I simulate rivets on my models using a model railway rivet punch which can be bought from the Midland Railway Centre, 339 Bath Road, Kettering, Northants, NN16 9LY, here in the UK. Telephone number 01536 410536. 

I have been unable to find a website for them but I am sure any good model railway engineering shop will sell you one. 

Mine is 15 years old and still works like new. 


Thread: I need some rubbish
24/01/2008 17:56:00

Hi guys. 

Well I thought the title might get a few people to read this post.

I am build a 1/48 scale model  and need to make the decks cluttered with tools, buckets, machinery, welding gear, basically any stuff of 1/48 scale. 

I know that some kit manufacturers do sell small parts individually but I have been unable to find one.

Any help to push me in the right direction will be received with thanks. 

All the best.


Thread: Glue
24/01/2008 09:49:00

Hi Ken.

 Thank you for your reply.

I visited the list you suggested but it didn't quite answer my needs. 

The type of plastic has not been decided yet. It must be pretty thin (0.5 mm?), be able to take a model rivet punch impression without breaking the surface and be readily able to be stuck to the wood when I have found the correct glue.

 Thank you once again.


24/01/2008 00:10:00

Hi guys. 

I have built a scratch built model of a 1960's ship. 

The main hull is built from wood and filler.

I now wish to cover the hull with a plastic material which will have all the original rivets etc.

 So, the question is..... What glue can I use to bond these two materials together giving me about 3 minutes manipulation time and that will be 100% water proof? 

Curing time is not important.

Thank you for your thoughts.


PS. I built the first model submarine that submerged and fired torpedoes under radio control in the 1970's. I got several free holidays at Bream Sands from MAP and could tell you many funny stories about other models that sank.

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