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Thread: Advice regarding repairing a crack on a wooden hull
08/01/2021 10:57:02

Much as I agree with Fred that it is likely just paint cracking, you do need to be sure and given that you will be repainting this anyway then rubbing down is the way to go.

Paint gets old and either needs sealing or renewing later on. Generally I put as little paint on as possible, as the more layers there is, the greater the chance of cracking in later years.


Thread: Todays Boating
08/01/2021 10:51:48

Waiting for some googly eyes for the fish, clear acrylic domes.

undecided as to having them clear and the figures illuminated...front or back? Or will bright leds just make them silhouette figures? Will they mist up like the saucer and nullify the whole effect? Would painting them white inside and strongly lighting them up from the rear be more effective?

have reverted to the usual winter build pattern....cut, fit, glue then bring inside to dry.

A couple of snowflakes spotted earlier on....ever hopeful!


06/01/2021 17:48:25

Ah, a bit of ice sort of sport!

Popped to the pond today, but had a bit of trouble with pond life and had to use full throttle.



05/01/2021 09:14:00

ho hum. 6 weeks or whatever tied to the jetty again. I shall have completed another 10 boats by then.

Likely we will have to miss the ice, but a bit of snow on our local park will suffice for Tup and Zis photo opportunities.


04/01/2021 21:46:39

Of course Ray, it will be following Stingray, obviously....


04/01/2021 18:42:39

Perhaps I should change Todays boating to `todays topic``?????

ANYWAY....the fishy is going really well and the possibly tricky body part has been mastered in a couple of hours hard graft at the bench. The head has been sculpted but the slow cure resin is living up to its name and after 24hrs is still a bit tacky. I have bought everything inside to get some warmth and by tomorrow morning it should be nice and hard (oo er vicar).

On the subject of ponds, as has been stated, ponds are full of muck and poo, even ones with no pollution. You should smell the muck I drag out of our garden pond!.

End of h&s discussion.


03/01/2021 16:42:05

But Richard...think of all those children traumatised by seeing a goose smoking!!


03/01/2021 08:37:30

Thought about can get some decent enough swans now of a good size, not too expensive.

Today: grey but brightening up somewhat??


02/01/2021 18:05:00

The fish is proving problematic and I am being very artful. The head is semi-shaped and looking good. I need some 60mm clear acrylic spheres for the eyes now, or at least, I will do .

The head is solid foam and I was planning to coat the thing with release agent and scrape the foam out once it is fibreglassed but if i just resin the outside and carefully scrape the inside, that will need to put glass cloth on.

Hobbies Hydro and Swordfish Sunday assuming dry.


Thread: Destroyer!
02/01/2021 17:59:34

I believe Noel used the crack stuff and has had a good result.

Most of the problems in this sort of boat (heavy wood construction) stems from differing expansion rates due to temperature differences and indeed a bit of moisture causing swelling, and thus movement in the joints.

Only a full fibre glass sheath is the total cure, however, considering the length of time the boats are in the water, and hoping the boat is left to dry out properly with the top off, this should not be a concern.

My 6 foot destroyer also is showing a small horizontal split, but I have varnished over this and am hoping the hull will eventually settle down.


Thread: Todays Boating
01/01/2021 11:16:49

Happy new year to everyone of course. Forgot to mention that


Thread: MV Oldenburg 1/48th scale
01/01/2021 11:13:41

Flying?? Ray, thats just cresting a wave....

interesting to see the X1 sub. I have a good book on the X1, and from memory, the failings of it were mostly due to penny pinching second hand U-boat engines and other stuff making it unreliable. I believe the gunners bit was most successful, as it had a proper fire control system and the guns could be pointing at the right place as soon as they were clear of the water and fires accurately and quickly. The book wonders what might have been achieved by several of these difficult to hit powerful gun platforms in the Pacific early on...Singapore, Burma and so on. 


Edited By ashley needham on 01/01/2021 11:23:06

Thread: Todays Boating
01/01/2021 11:08:48

Sorting out the fishy in 3D is a bit of a task, but with the base cut and the rear spine also cut, it is starting to make sense.

Depressingly my diary is telling me that Stingray only took 7 weeks to build, including box.

Thats 7x7 = 49 days, and probably I did something or other to it on all 49 days.

If I were at work, that would have represented about say 25 week-ends, or 25 weeks/6 months worth of work.

The fishy has just been started and no doubt it will be done in another 6 weeks. I do have a something meatier to do of course but even then it won’t take that long.

At some stage, likely sooner rather than later, something might have to go to make room, and the candidate at the top of the list in my beloved Fantome, a boat I rarely use, but one that occupies probably four landing craft boxes worth of room. The carpet carrier and German LFM landing craft are also less used items (and I have a better carrier to sail in any event). As these things are in boxes, the smaller ones could be stacked on the floor as an option, and also as the roof rises at the rear, there is more room to be had at the expense of easy access.

Covid has a lot to answer for.


Thread: MV Oldenburg 1/48th scale
01/01/2021 10:58:19

Nice one Ray. Good job and just as well there were only 6 !

Hate making loads of just one item. Ashley

Thread: Todays Boating
31/12/2020 23:11:49

Secret Tup testing eh?.? No noticeable lean on mine wot I have noticed.

try using less power 🤭😇😈


31/12/2020 19:22:41

Golly gosh!! But thin and patchy. If we have another cold day tomorrow and a freezing night then I reckon a morning Tup test will be in order. On the other hand, a test in looser ice could prove something (like..the inevitable)

Park again rammed. It s ruining all the paths. They are being turned into Buffalo wallows not paths.

Finished Sting box and while I was at it I have put carrying string handles on half a dozen other boat boxes.. it does make them easier to carry , can be done one-handed allowing the carriage of RUM and mince pies in the arrr me’ hearties!


Thread: flexible propeller shafts
31/12/2020 19:15:59

Jeffrey. Flexishafts are really meant for racing boats which have motors forward, to keep the prop line flat.

They require a lot of maintenance, as the wire wound drive is not rustproof and ideally needs stripping, drying and re-greasing after every run. Usually this means loosening the solid coupling grub screw or collet, and withdrawing the shaft rearward.

Cant say that I have heard of flexis being used in a tug, but I may be horribly WRONG!

I would think that a small downwards angle should not be that detrimental to the Kort? Also, why are the motors so high? Normally something you would install low down.


Thread: Pond Yacht
31/12/2020 14:03:58

In the absence of further posts I would just like to say that a cream/dark cream/browny-cream colour would also give it a more”vintage” look.

Shouldbe enough room to convert it to r/c, unless Paul is going to run around the lake with a big stick to push it off the bank wherever it lands....


Thread: Todays Boating
31/12/2020 14:00:10

Nothing on park website. As you allowed to meet 1 person outside? Was gong to rant but have refrained.

Seeing mum this afternoon and will recce pond after.


30/12/2020 15:21:11

Not only will these chaps be perfect for a BTR90, but they will also do as Aquaphibians! A bit of sanding and filling, a fishy crest and a dark green paint job. Perfect...

Making a box for Sting now and then it can be stowed away safely awaiting a bit of warmth.

Before that we needs ice and snow of course for the Tup’n’Zis.


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