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Thread: Electronics...Old School
13/09/2021 08:40:07

Wow! I don’t remember seeing this! The time it must have taken to put it altogether.

The Diamond had two servos, one for the rudder, and one operating two microswitches, presumably for forwards and reverse, no Bobs board or esc. Trifling in comparison!


Thread: Todays Boating
12/09/2021 08:25:33

I can tell you it is lacking a nice set of pirates, Richard. Ones kindly craftily positioned by Trevor we’re bluntly refused by Richard for some reason.

Cycled to pond yesterday. Boating area by jetty clear-ish but weed prevalent over the rest.the log seems to be even nearer. One day...

the other day I talked to some volunteers and they said there were plans to fix the ponds and water flow, but don’t hold your breath.

Shaping up to be sunny so taking the shiny one and camera.


Thread: Wide-A-Wake
12/09/2021 08:18:20

Ah now you are talking Neil, brown paper and red Hermatite!

Richard...jointing compound or no?


Edited By ashley needham on 12/09/2021 08:20:06

Thread: Esc for twin motors
12/09/2021 08:14:11

While inrunners can be cooled properly with a water jacket, that should only be required if you are talking high power, highly loaded items.

If you choose the right outrunners and check that they are not being overloaded then you should not need cooling. A motor that’s running happily will get warm or even hot, but not to the point it needs cooling.

Sounds like some sort of 540. A standard 540 struggles to develop 40-50 watts or so, and the cheap 28mm brushless motors all seen to develop at least 80 watts, so some 1400Kv ones should do, on a 6-cell Nimh stick.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
10/09/2021 17:20:02

talking as were were about animals, a snake is something I have been PONDering on.

There are several methods of getting an articulated body but they all look naff when the viewing is close, I mean 10 foot or so, not 2 foot away.


Thread: 9 11
10/09/2021 17:16:03

We were on hols in the IOW, and caught some of it on telly before we went out for dinner.

A surreal viewing experience indeed. There was a program on the telly a few nights ago, footage from peoples cameras and phones and so on.

Harrowing stuff.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
10/09/2021 11:30:07

Thats impressive Tim....independent leg movement??? smile d


Thread: Todays Boating
10/09/2021 11:17:03

Navy lookout and UK defence journal are the ones I follow. Some good stuff on there (filtering the comments suitably).

Sent a few of you snaps of the shiny one. Unfortunately the water surface not great but I can see the sorts of photos that would look good. Anyone who wants pics please PM me.

A River B2 OPV with the new western approach camouflage job would make a nice model.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
09/09/2021 09:43:03


We pour a quantity of EzeKote in the hull and slosh it around. It finds all the little seam cracks. Suck or use a brush to remove excess. Let dry a few days.

i find a close inspection of the hull, using a strong light and perhaps a magnifying glass usually shows up issues.

Sure it’s not the propshaft or rudder tube? Common leak points and I wouldn’t have thought you had any actual hull leaks?.

Disco boat was letting in water recently and Trevor spotted water coming in from the rudder tube...I had used the wrong size rod to make the rudder post! Changed to the right size and no leaks.


Edited By ashley needham on 09/09/2021 09:44:16

Thread: Todays Boating
09/09/2021 09:31:22

The reason for poor performance became clear yesterday after I got the scales out.

Original 540 sized brushless motor 158gm, speed 600. 230gm(!). New 28mm outrunner ...49gm !

Serious weight loss of 100gm (bag of rhubarb and custard sweets) not to be sniffed at.

Unusually I Posted on a defence forum the other day, got a smart arse one-liner reply from someone and was reminded why I don’t post on there much. The amount of “your wrong” “no your wrong” “no your wrong” posts is disparaging and if these people can’t muster a reasoned reply or put their point of view across properly they really shouldn’t post, but hey ho.


Thread: Esc for twin motors
09/09/2021 09:02:43

What brushed motors do you have fitted? And do you know what current they take?

A wattmeter is a handy device as it shows not only the power being consumed/developed, but can be used as gauge for how much the motors are being loaded.

28mm outrunners are an adequate replacement for anything up to a speed 600, and they come in various Kv and wattages, so this would have a bearing on what esc you need.


Thread: Todays Boating
07/09/2021 16:16:05

pond surface still a bit mucky for great photos but I did take loads, so have a feel for what to take next time.

Stingray disappointing, performance wise with speed 600. Too much weight now up front and not enough woosh. Have fitted a mount for a 28mm outrunner, 2200Kv for whizz and some weight loss. didnt leak after all the dismantling which was good.


07/09/2021 08:06:49

Lovely morning for boating. Should be able to take nice pictures of those things that need photographing, including the shiny one.

Hat/sun block a must.


06/09/2021 07:51:04

Odd day yesterday. Overcast a bit but quite warm. Water surface much better and not too many weed issues although this may well have been due to the choice of boats!

i had the saucer, Sutcliffe, Tup and ferry. Tested new ferry front by bashing it into the jetty a few times but apart from moving the ice cream van, all was well and the new foam strips were protecting the front a treat. They also look the part and actually look better than the original landing craft horizontal strip arrangement.

Trevor had a bad day with a dead servo on his Tup (after a few runs) and the propeller blades on his jet drive decided to fall off. Upon examination it did look like there was not enough meat at the blade/boss junction and the prop appeared to be just a cheap and nasty plastic affair, not up to a 4375Kv motor on 3s....

This unit was the same as Mr Woolley used in his current jet boat article, but he has used the brushed 540 option and so should be ok.

It is easy to take the very short propshaft out, and it is a dog drive affair. Trevor will be replacing the prop with a two blade racing one which will be more suited to the role. Better/more expensive jet drives come with metal three blade props and it would be possible probably to buy a 4mm dog drive metal three blader of the correct diameter from a specialist supplier if you were that keen.

As I have changed to a speed 600 on the Stingray I shouldn’t have a prop issue however I might look around for a more efficient prop at some time. The original prop had round paddles, so looks like the manufacturer simply used a normal boat prop rather than something more suitable??


Thread: Commodores Challenge
04/09/2021 18:25:31

Bob. Look on the bright side, with only your entry to the challenge you are bound to win!

Why is the club off limits?


Thread: The Danger of Weeds
02/09/2021 11:31:29

perhaps the new hi-tec approach would be to use a drone to either physically dangle a hook on the boat and tow it, or drop a hook and line on the boat so it could be pulled ashore!

I have tried using an airboat to rescue stuff, but the light weight and lack of rudder authority showed it was a no go. Even just towing the traditional cork and string to entangle the mired craft was beyond it as well.

A twin pump boat (no rudder) would probably be the optimum recovery vehicle for weed ?? (keeping a line on it, just in case)

A photographer man with a drone appeared a few weeks ago and took some drone footage. I thought the park was a no fly area but he said no, and produced a map on his phone, and Bushy is is a fly-zone. I think one would have to check the park bylaws though.


Thread: Todays Boating
02/09/2021 11:23:47

Had taken the plunge to rectify some tiny paint issues on the front of the bow of the new black shiny boat. Initially it all looked goo but over a weeks drying out and presumably shrinking, there were some very small glitches. SO.

I have rubbed the bow down using 1500 grade wet and dry to a babies bottom finish, and lacking any T cut, went to Halfords to be confronted with any number of products. The assistant suggested jut polish after 1500 so I went home and did so, but it wasnt good.

Lacking T-cut, I did have a very old tin of rubbing compound (oo er missus) which although broken, was still moist (etc etc). I had always thought rubbing compound was rougher that T-cut but I think its just a brand thing, as polishing the bow has resulted in a dead shiny finish. There was a slight colour issue viz the as-sprayed black shiny hatch, but this has disappeared after some coloured polish was applied..

Summoning my everything else together I then tackled a small bit by the cabin that was very slightly oversprayed, and this is shiny to match the rest.

No doubt ordinary polish may have matched the rubbed and non-rubbed black finishes, but these dyed polishes do certainly help.

Unfortunately although Sunday was a nice boating morning, the lack of rain has left "dust" for want of a better word, on the surface, and so i didnt have a photo session as the water surface was not very nice. Some weed about underwater as well not helping.

Have also re-done the front of the ferry, as the foam rubber "tyres" at the bow are just too low to prevent wood contact with the jetty in a front end collision (ie when kiddies are driving it) so the bow flap was chiselled free of the horizontal bars and new vertical bars have been added, and 6mm foam strips on top of these.


Thread: The Danger of Weeds
26/08/2021 13:24:49

My bilge pump powered Valiant ignores weed like it wasn’t there at all.

I drove it into a mass of weed last year and it only stopped when physically it just could not push the mass along.

other than that, airboats, hovercraft and to an extent paddlers have to be the go-to choice.


Thread: RAF rescue launch ASR HSL
26/08/2021 13:12:58

A great effort, Philip. I know that Matt surfaces always look much smoother than gloss surfaces, but the matt black will pick up any dirt and water marks etc to short order and look nasty. I would use a satin varnish over the top as a halfway house viz. looking good or looking mucky.

A thought on the domes. To get very accurate and neat horizontal silver rings, you could use an acrylic pen blocked up on spacers to the right height, and then revolve the dome whilst making contact with the pen. This will give you a great horizontal line.

Don’t be afraid to do a bit of revision sanding and touching up on those little areas that are less smooth than other areas. It’s the little things like that that make a big difference. It’s always easy to get the big surfaces looking’s all those corners and wotnot that’s difficult!


Thread: The Danger of Weeds
26/08/2021 08:52:57

Common issue, Q, especially when we get some blazing sun for a week.

Bushy park is suffering from a lack of maintenance, due to Covid and the laying off of staff apparently.

The water management is done by contractors and dare say they either have no staff or the park doesn’t want to pay. Our main issue is that there is no water flow due to clogged streams...a relatively easy thing to clear, but???

Generally it’s not too bad, and we now have loads of..things...that are weed resistant!


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