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Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
21/01/2021 22:27:00

Carl Have a look at the excellent “” site. A veritable mine of information.

The suggestion seems to be a 2mm shaft. Do we assume your boat is 14” long?A brushed speed 280 motor and 25mm prop would likely be more than enough for your boat unless you already have a motor as per pictures?


Thread: M.V. Sea Nass
21/01/2021 22:16:24

I bought some 555s from “model motors direct”, ages ago, to put in my 57” T42 destroyer. On 12v they did about 6000 rpm, but would turn probablya 60mm prop like that. Very torquey.

Had a v quick search and as you say can’t find them now? It was about the size of a 600.


20/01/2021 22:14:20

Dave. What size props are you going to use?

385s on 12v May be pushed with 38mm 4 blade brass props.

A 555 motor would be just the job, on 12v with the larger prop.


20/01/2021 11:09:28

As it’s a largish boat then a pair of Como 540/1 motors gets my vote, and these will turn a 40mm prop ok.

I am happy with the 385’s up to say 35mm brass or 40mm plastic but perhaps if you want 4 blades then the 540s may be better. Some might argue that those props are a bit big for the motors but with the very small current draw,a bit of overloading goes unnoticed and I have never had an issue. Even 385s on 40mm props would be ok but a bit of extra oomph from the larger diameter motors will help.

Nice frame, you can see the width/flatness ratio like that !


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
20/01/2021 09:09:06

I rather like the tiling, it looks quite striking.

i would not paint over it...I could see an issue with not quite getting the edges properly and it would be very difficult to do anyway.

This year when you are spending many happy boating hours with it in the sun, no doubt the darkness of it will fade a bit....


Thread: Returning modeller
19/01/2021 08:45:35

James. I usually make my own motor hold downs.

What you can do, if the motors need to be as low as possible, is to wrap them in clingfilm and then push them into a wodge of filler. When dry, de-mount, unwrap and you will have two perfect cradles for the motors (I am assuming brushed?). Put a stud between the motors at the same time in the filler and then just use a flat bar across the motors and a wing nut or nyloc, job done.

it is nice to have a flatter angle on the propshaft...a bone of contention on the forum.


Thread: depron hull and 'tights'
16/01/2021 10:29:50

I am not poo pooing the use of tights as a covering material, no doubt they are quite adequate and Ron no doubt had more than acceptable results.

J-cloths and wet-wipes also do the trick!

However, glass cloth is hard and when rubbed down it is quite smooth.


Thread: Todays Boating
16/01/2021 09:15:17

Chris you are of course right and perhaps one day....?

Todaysboating updates have been a bit sparse lately but as we are not boating and sharing intimate secrets of our builds at the jetty there is not much to report on. Not only that but the rain seems to have set in.

Cock up on the eye domes which I was waiting for....I hadn’t ordered them ! Damnation sir!

Ordered now, poss delivery Monday.

i did however take delivery of 55 teardrop plastic rhinestones, and these are perfect for the tail, where there are some bumps that look like sacrificial anodes ( but are something else). Only need 9 a side, so I can decorate something else now.

Thebody I’d dark green and the teardrops should be painted but they are a green/turquoise shiny clear colour and I am painting around them, just for a bit of bling at the back end.


Thread: depron hull and 'tights'
16/01/2021 09:05:54

I would imagine that tights were used in the olden days as they were readily available and cheap, however nowadays we have purpose made stuff which does a better job and is not relatively expensive.


Thread: Wood Stain/Filler recommendation
12/01/2021 11:07:52

Kip has a good point there, not that I remember such useful tips.

Most useful if you are filling dark woods as obviously the filler nicely matches the wood.


Thread: Free to good home - Model Thames Sailing Barge
12/01/2021 11:05:23

Hi Anne. You are not alone in trying to get unused and cherished boats to a new home.

It may help if you were say roughly where you live, as it’s no good someone fancying the boat if you are in Cornwall and they are in Scotland.

I myself have recently “rescued” a large destroyer, which fortunately lived a mere 8 miles away from me.


Thread: Wood Stain/Filler recommendation
12/01/2021 10:59:46

Keith. Welcome to the forum.

not sure why the various stains you have seen are not suitable for models?.

Wood is wood, wether it’s a door or a model. Personally I am always suspect of staining wood with my experience the filler never colours the same. It may be I have been doing it wrong?

I prefer wood stain varnishes, but obviously the effect may be slightly different.


Thread: Todays Boating
10/01/2021 13:37:03

Pond busy this morning (went for a cycle) but sadly no ice at all. How can that be after a freezy cold day yesterday and a stupendous frost this morning?

Thought about getting the Zis out, but heavy frost is not the same as snow. On a close up picture (which effectively is what taking a snap of just the boat is) you would see the individual white blades of grass instead of a fluffy covering, even though the local park looked really white and fantastic.

As the lockdown is likely to cover the frost/snow period the local park should be ok for snaps. It a just a big field with a few trees and a fenced off swings and slide area, but it’s a decent size and 1 minutes walk away!

Waiting acrylic domes still, but am going to build a card prototype of the spring/summer (hopefully mass) build, as there are a few issues to sort out before we plunge ahead and start buying multiple sets of motors and so on. Not mechanical things, but artistic things need to be sorted out first, hence the card model. Sorry but this is a top top secret project however hopefully it will become a free plan Jobbie , my first, as we think that this has club merit.

i have not done a plan for perusal before as I just make stuff up as I go along and there is way too much freehand shaping and artistic stuff to adequately draw as an instruction. A bit like the old hobby magazine “make your own Hurricane” or destroyer kits, consisting of lumps of wood, a drawing and instructions..”carve to shape and glue together”!.

Although, so saying, I have rejigged some drawings in the past and annotated them with measurements and construction detail/materials for a few people who wanted them (fingers of one hand and all that). 



Edited By ashley needham on 10/01/2021 13:39:36

Thread: Cheaper power pack/vac
10/01/2021 13:18:58

Hmm...might be able to use motor, impeller (and batt) for something water-jet powered???


Thread: Veron Veronica and Radio Control
09/01/2021 11:01:57

Yes the knob should be ok, it appears to be simply a rotary “stick” that holds its place.


Thread: Todays Boating
09/01/2021 10:58:42

Pm’d You George. Ashley

09/01/2021 09:44:40

George. It is true that most of my projects are top secret, and this is mostly due to paranoia on my part in not wanting someone to jump in first, and secondly to preserve the building of these things for the mag article.

They are however not ultra top secret, so I can tell you that the last thing to have been built was a Stingray (from the TV series) and the natural follow on is a Terror fish, to provide some opposition. The last picture I posted may have been a clue......

In the case of the Mintanic, the build of this has lead on to something else which I have NOT talked about, and as I may be using pictures already outed, I have deleted them from my album. The pictures are still in the thread of course for viewing if you want to search

Perhaps I am being over careful, as the amount of people who look at “today’s boating” is miniscule compared to the number of people who will see these things in the mag but it is nice to have the element of surprise when/if they get published.

As I have mentioned before, anyone can have a preview of these things if they would like to mail me.


Edited By ashley needham on 09/01/2021 09:50:12

Thread: Veron Veronica and Radio Control
08/01/2021 17:35:54

Alan. The 2+2 has two extra channels. The knob one (top left) may be just the thing, as it will stay at whatever position you leave it in.


Thread: Todays Boating
08/01/2021 17:33:31

I am leaning to that. I have abandoned the 75mm figures I was converting and am going with 60mm ones. These will be cheap U,S "peacekeepers" painted green and with a comb on their hat. They are a much better size and make the fishy look bigger!

I will allow a channel in the front cabin to put a 50mm strip of leds (3 leds on a bit that size) and on a 2s batt they should just be bright enough.

Walrus pictures in the mag look good, but on the pc they are exceptional! We shot on two nice sunny days and the lighting was really good, with great colour and contrast. Unfortunately I could not shoot them myself as the boat is a bit tricky at speed and I did not trust anyone else (if it crashed, I wanted to be the one crashing it) and also it needed the use of a DSLR with fast image capture. Between them, Colin and Jim took literally hundreds of pictures and it took ages to get rid of unsatisfactory ones (bits missing off boat, blurred, ducks etc in the background, not quite the right pose and so on.   Thanks chaps.


Edited By ashley needham on 08/01/2021 17:42:37

Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
08/01/2021 10:59:22

George, what he said. How big is the lettering? It’s very neat!


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