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Thread: End point question
21/07/2020 21:07:16

Hi Neil.

What is the new project? We can’t even begin to advise you if we don’t know what it is,!

Size, weight, hull style, prop size, expected top speed etc etc


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
21/07/2020 15:03:41

Always tricky this bit. I get everything ready and lightly tack the shaft in place with superglue and motor the motor slowly with an AA battery to see if everything lines up ok.

Probably can’t use an AA battery on the 850 as it’s big?

what sort of couplings are you planning to use Bob?


Thread: Mintanic
20/07/2020 18:06:03

Ah Colin, U R a mine of boating information really and truly. Stick a tarp over the cargo hatch and fill with seawater. Perfect. Explains why the cargo posts were still present in the postcard picture.

Open to suggestions for another top....

Obviously has to suit the passenger/cargo ship vibe (man), and needs to have something to distinguish it from the other tops....funnels, masts, vents or whatever. Be nice to have a different colour and even shaped funnel. We have buff, red, blue and green so far. Black might not look so good unless striped with something or in a different arrangement, ie, side by side or something?


Thread: todays boating
20/07/2020 17:52:37

Wonder if we will see them again?

K7 and Cobb both fit and well after drying out.

Did some measurements with wattmeter and despite the difference in size (64mm and 50mm) they both take 30A on 3s , and 17 or 20A  respectively on 2s. The 64mm unit feels much more powerful despite the ostensibly similar end thrust manufacturers figure, especially on 2s.

The 50A esc in the Cobb is large and tricky to tuck in, I could do with a smaller 40A one but looks like myfavoured brand, J Perkins doesn’t do a 40 any more.

Walrus takes only 13A on 3s so liberated the 35A esc and changed to a 20A one, giving me a 35A esc spare or use on swordy.

As I have a 50mm edf ordered for the Swordfish, was hoping for slightly less current draw really on 2s. The measurements seem to bear out the fact that as you get smaller so the edf’s become much less efficient.

Still, it will be JOLLY FAST !!


Edited By ashley needham on 20/07/2020 17:55:45

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
19/07/2020 18:20:51

Would a small lip at the top of the transom be sufficient to roll water backwards when reversing? Ashley

Thread: Mintanic
19/07/2020 18:14:52

Cheers Chris. The Titanic and Paris tops fit in the actual hull box, the other two tops are in a custom adapted corrugated card box.All can be fitted to the hull, so all can be taken to the pond. Interestingly it is still a Titanic to the public despite the wildly differing looks!

As with all these sorts of ongoing builds, it seems to me that the more tops you do, the better they get. Not better (as in more detailed) per se, but better as you find more and more interesting vessels to represent

I found an advertising poster regarding the SR which showed the swimming pool, a feature seemingly absent on previously found-snaps. I presume this was added later on when passenger revenue overtook cargo rev. I have done no more look was enough. The pool and grossly oversized (drawing pin) ‘shades are fun. I may have some 1/200 figures I can paint pink all over and add....


Thread: todays boating
19/07/2020 18:02:56

Brian. Glad to hear you were out getting well thrashed in choppy conditions!⛵️

Trevor has found the boat we saw today on Sussex model centre website. Look for “moon glow” boat kit.

More or less the same price and looks very similar.


19/07/2020 15:11:43


I think this is it. However at £63 on ebay its not quite that cheap. I suppose a lot of boat for your money?? It looked like it was fairly easy to construct, and the photo on the listing shows it could be made into a fairly (oops....almost wrote "Fairey" decent attractive simple cabin cruiser.

Not supplied with running gear and this is where the man has fallen down, either the wrong, or lack of, advice.



Edited By ashley needham on 19/07/2020 15:14:17

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
19/07/2020 15:01:19

I used a similar top support on my Oberon sub rudder shaft Bob as I only had about 3/4 inch of tube to hold the rudder shaft.

In your case though don`t you have at least a 1 1/2 inches worth of rudder tube to be getting on with and do you really need the top support? Just a bit more bracing perhaps??


Thread: todays boating
19/07/2020 14:52:40

Turned out nice after all.

Trevors Iti racer went really well. No mishaps. fast and manouverable on 3s, not dipping props. Good.

Santa Rosa also going well. Bit wobbly in the breeze, this top probably needs a touch more ballast?

A N New man and small boy turned up. The small boy had made a wooden kit boat (sun glow or something?? cant remember) and it appeared tto be their first attempt as boat building.

I looked inside and saw a bright purple finned anodised 3900 Kv motor..........

Needless to say there were....issues with this even on 2s. However we were impressed by the versatile roomy hull which the boys owner said was v cheap. It was a decent size, perhaps 30 inches or so. Flat bottomed but probably this reflected the price

Looking on ebay now. I have a 2700 Kv in-runner spare/


Edited By ashley needham on 19/07/2020 14:57:03

Thread: Mintanic
19/07/2020 14:41:52

OK. Santa Rosa ion all its glory. Not quite such a nice sunny day but there we are.

Features of note; White masting, black uppers to rear masting. Fiddly row of lifeboats, and finally....the swimming pool! Complete with poolside tables and umbrellas.....






Edited By ashley needham on 19/07/2020 14:43:26

Thread: todays boating
19/07/2020 08:53:18

Blast!!! Raining. All that fantastic weather we had in lockdown and now when we can get out a bit the weather is duff.

Will check at 10 but I dont think its going to be v nice.


18/07/2020 18:19:47

Tomorrow boating by bike again. Final throw of the Mintanic dice, with the Santa Rosa top. Looks nice, great feature on the back. White masting looks very clean. New pinstripe tape on and varnished.

Bluebird and Cobb still drying out in their boxes. Will fire them up next week to see what`s what.


Thread: John Cobb's Crusader
17/07/2020 15:44:32

AThanks Paul. At this size, putting rudders in the sponsons is a no go. If push comes to shove I might be able to put a “rudder on a stick” out the back.

It was sort of steering, and I was going slowly so I wouldn’t expect too much anyway.

Thinking about it, The reverse stick thing seems to be like car steering, when you turn right in a car, the wheel turns clockwise from the wheel centre, if you were on a boat the rudder turns anti clock from centre. The forward rudder is obviously behaving like a front wheel....? I think I will make a deeper, longer rudder.

I will have a static play with the wattmeter to see the effect of all the wires in the inlet to see if I am doing myself in...power wise. I have a 50A esc which is quite big and the wires do not want to bend much. My meter will show me how much current I am drawing, so perhaps a slightly smaller less powerful esc can be fitted and ease the space dilemma.



Edited By ashley needham on 17/07/2020 15:45:18

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
17/07/2020 15:27:09

I have used the “sharpened rod” method to get long holes. I find it’s more controllable than trying to drill very long holes, as drills can wander off and they normally do it very quickly!


Thread: Mintanic
17/07/2020 08:30:03

Almost all done now. Paint dry on the tops of the lifeboats, and they were the last things to paint.

Broad white pinstripe tape has been used on the funnels, lifeboat stations made and painted, drawing pins coloured...

Debut on Sunday I think.

Just need to finish the cardboard box to hold both the Pyrrhus and Santa Rosa tops and masts.


Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
17/07/2020 08:11:22

That’s a stupendous cost Ray! As you didn’t use it then it was either a compulsive extravagant purchase, or an astute one for years ahead....

Nice to see that you have invented a use for it after all these years. 😎

Are you going to leave the nice strip brassy or splash paint over it? Could be a nice feature at the bow.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
17/07/2020 08:05:31

Found an interesting nugget of information regarding stealth ships the other day.

The US navy has/had a twin hull catamaran SWATH (I think it was) ship that really was very radar transparent. However when it was tested somewhere or other it was easily spotted by a powerful shore based radar. Not spotted per-se, but the radar was seeing multiple returns from the ocean surface and smack in the middle was a blow blob with no reflection whatsoever, the ship !

It is analogeous to the invisible man standing on your patio in a thunderstorm. You can’t see him but you can see the dry spot he has created by stopping the rain falling on the flagstones.

Never would have thought that absolute radar invisibility is not necessarily the way forward.


Thread: todays boating
16/07/2020 11:10:06

See Cobb Crusader thread.

But basically...Bluebird sounds fantastic, kicks up water at the back just like the real thing and went really well on 2s.

Then it hit a carp and conked out.


Thread: John Cobb's Crusader
16/07/2020 11:06:34

First test:

talk about Bluebird first, as also edf powered.

Tried out on 2s Lipo and went really well. The 64mm edf producing great amounts of whoosh, surpassing expectations actually (on 2s). Not too much water splashed about. The sound of the edf was to die for, exactly the right high pitched whistle/woosh sound. Turning slowly around at the far side of the pond, the sound and the water being kicked up by the jet was simply captivating. It looked for all the world like the Coniston videos. Pushing the throttle forward the boat zoomed towards us nice and flat (battery well forward) andattained a good planing speed.

Recovering the boat and fitting the 3s battery I motored out and all of a sudden the boat took a nose dive. I thought perhaps I twitched the throttle or something, and continued. It was apparent the boat was not going as well despite the increase on power and whilst limping back, conked out. Back on shore it was full of water and in retrospect I think it hit one of the huge carp wot are in the pond mating, and hence the hindsight I should have bought it straight back, but there we are. I had forgotten to put the internal cover in place that may have prevented that, but simply forgot as the boat has sat on the shelf for at least 2 months or more.

After drying my tears I put the 2s in the Cobb. First off it is obvious that the smaller 50mm unit produces much less thrust than the 64mm one, despite the not too dissimilar claims on the specs, although these figures are for 3s operation. Anyway, motored out to find it would hardly steer, it would go right, a bit, but not left. This of course bears out other bods build experiences. I also noted that it was steering opposite to stick commands?. So switched the right stick over so the rudder went over to the last on right stick etc, and lowered the rudder. This made the thing steer although not very well. I opened the throttle but it was very sluggish. The nose stayed up ok (an issue with other modelsseems to have been difficulty in getting the nose to rise)  but there was insufficient thrust to get the back op. It wallowed and then conked out, water everywhere.

The Bluebird will fly exactly as planned with a 3s in mid position and the internal cover in place, I have no doubts.

The Cobb is going to need full power to rise up and sit on the sponsons and that’s just going to have to be a leap of faith. Shut eyes and whack the throttle open. It does not help that the cabin is a mess of wires as I don’t know where everything needs to be until it performs properly and this is I am sure impeding air into the fan.

it may be that my decision to use the smaller 50mm unit will bite me in the arse regarding available power?

As I see it,the way forward is to tuck everything in with the 3s and try and waterproof the esc and receiver with plastic bags (temporary, obviously I can’t keep the esc wrapped v

If it won’t rise on full power I will be a bit perplexed, but the other Cobb I saw on the pond belonging to Iain also took ages to plane.


Edited By ashley needham on 16/07/2020 11:26:41

Edited By ashley needham on 16/07/2020 11:28:21

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