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Thread: Todays Boating
25/09/2021 09:50:43

Great model for T31 frigate here on YouTube, on Babcocks stand at the 2021 DSEI show


Shame it’s only static!


Thread: 1:33 scale boat fittings and people
22/09/2021 21:09:02

...also railway figures can be used. Worker types are especially useful. Cheap as well on flea bay.


Thread: Todays Boating
22/09/2021 21:05:38

Colin has been taunting me from abroad saying he was sitting in a pub a/W a bacon butty lunchtime. I said oddly enough I was in striking distance to join him before he finished his third pint today but alas I had other duties To carry out.

i did go up the spinnaker tower in Portsmouth however and what a view!,

Ashley. (Yes nothing to do with boating)

21/09/2021 16:17:39, have fitted a 1400Kv motor as I have one. Easy peasy, just two screws and the u/j grub screw. Can try on 2s and 3s to see the difference.

Painted and stuck on some tiny men on the Devastation (same crew as per the London), as I happened to see them in their packet on the shelf.

what an exciting life!


20/09/2021 17:37:39

Damnation sir! Having waited for a whole week for Yodel to deliver my 2200Kv motor esc came today...and the motor is knackered!

Its binding internally...the magnetty bits are rubbing sogether like it’s full of sand.

Totally unusable, so have Fired a volley off to the e bay seller.


Thread: How Big is your Club Lake?
20/09/2021 17:33:45

Blast! Fancy not even allowing Bluebird to have a run!


20/09/2021 16:08:04

Coniston water, surely!

Presume it’s edf powered?


20/09/2021 10:38:27

Lee. Good luck with your quest. It is a big ask, as per Richards musings.

A reservoir may be the way to go.

Our pond at Bushy Park is way too small for Very fast boats, and although we have some fast boats, we build to “fast but not VERY fast” standards.

An alternative could be the Lake District but this would require a short holiday to make it worthwhile!

Not sure on the legality of using rivers for something like this?

How big is your boat and could you use it in the sea on a calm day, or are you worried about salt and/or recovery?


Thread: Todays Boating
19/09/2021 18:23:54

Nice boating today.

Demonstrated shiny boat and it looked fabbydozo but disappointing in the go department. Had a fabulous spray effect but was unable to capture on film. I suspect the smoke I thought enveloped the boat in last weeks snaps from Richards boat wasn`t in fact smoke but pulverised spray.

I have written to the owner of the boat in the USA, with snaps and only hope he likes it......

Disco boat a hit a usual.(actually, several hits on the sound box!)


Thread: Twin Brushless Set Up
18/09/2021 09:44:37

Hi Scott and welcome to the forum.

As per Cookies post above yours, this combination should work fine no probs.

The esc take the same inputs regardless of being brushed or brushless, so a Y lead is fine.

If using the BEC facility for Receive power, simply disconnect the red wire on one of the esc servo leads so that only one esc provides the BEC. Use a pin or scalpel to press down the tang in the plug and pull out the red wire...tape up to stop any shorting out. This is better than cutting the red wire as it means you can use the esc for BEC in the future.

If using a separate Rx battery, disable red wire on Y lead to prevent “double receiver battery supply” issues.



Edited By ashley needham on 18/09/2021 09:47:03

Thread: Wide-A-Wake
18/09/2021 09:33:17

A very good point Richard.

I have often said that sourcing figures (on things that require figures) should be looked at before building, as sometimes it it is difficult to obtain the right size personnel.

In your case, being able to easily accessorise the cabin area is also a big bonus.

Not figures, but for the last few air prop boats I built, dimensions were chosen on the basis of prop size for the needed power and likely motor fit, rather than just liking the size of boat. The Tups were an example (I talked with Trevor when we explored the idea) .


18/09/2021 07:29:00


How tall, the figures?


Thread: Todays Boating
17/09/2021 15:44:26

Yes Ray....your list makes interesting reading.....

Popped to the pond today and the weed situation much the same as last Sunday...light and on the surface but not near the jetty.

Boatbuilding has stopped for a bit while I decide on the next one. There are things I OUGHT to do but....

Re-lidded and repainted the Devastation box. STILL waiting for Yodel to deliver my Stingray motor. Out since 8th Sept...useless.


Thread: Motor advice
17/09/2021 08:47:39

D. How much manoeuvrability do you want?? Fitting a bow thruster is a faff, and unless you are entering steering competitions, if you have independent control of the twin props you should have plenty steering ability.


16/09/2021 18:30:04

Twin 800s would probably be better than 850s..max 5000 rpm on 12v which should be enough on 50mm props. I know my 1200mm aircraft carrier goes whizzo with twin 800 and x50 props.

ALSO, these motors are quite heavy which can be useful as you are likely fitting a reasonable amount of ballast in place.

In the 500-600 can-size motor department, 555 motors might work as they are very torque-y but need a minimum 12v to provide sufficient revs.


Thread: Todays Boating
14/09/2021 16:10:10

The sound thing is like half a small g&t can and has a micro SD card in it. It’s a chunky thing but really LOUD and easy to use (switch it on).get them on e-bay. The cheap ones don’t play for very long though.

The bass on it is amazing! I also have a sound-to-light unit to illuminate the interior, but that’s a secret...


14/09/2021 09:45:29

Classic 70s 80s disco Harry!

Chris. There are 40 plus figures on there, all railway passenger types, originally unpainted plastic at 1/32 scale approx. They have been pinned and superglued n place.

They are not that expensive but you have to buy loads to get sufficient of the useable poses. A few inside have had their limbs repositioned, but the figures themselves are relatively crude and the repositioned limbs are not particularly anatomically satisfying!

However, it is the amount of bodies on the thing that makes it. I do have a few more to put on, they are wine glass markers, of about the same size, called “bosom buddies”. Make of that what you will....

The paddles rotate much faster than would be normal for a paddler (fake paddler’s based on the Turks boatyard “Yarmouth belle” in Kingston upon Thames) as the boat needs go very slowly for effect and the paddles have to go round at these slow speeds to give the paddle look.


Thread: Model Railways
13/09/2021 18:08:55

It will soon be time to get the cheap plastic train set out that runs under our Christmas tree! I have three actually, bought in the xmas sales. Cant resist them....probably a childhood thing.


Thread: Todays Boating
13/09/2021 18:00:29

Preview. Disco boat. The " Bushy P Belle"  (like the edward e lee, or similar)   YEE Haaaa!

Altogether...."in the nay-veeee..... da da da da dadadaaa"

Coming to a river near you, or indeed, pond. Sounds, lights, smoke ...only recreational use, officer. yes really






Edited By ashley needham on 13/09/2021 18:02:00

Edited By ashley needham on 13/09/2021 18:04:36

13/09/2021 09:04:03

Richard. Do you know (other than getting it to sink and raise), the detailing might be easier than you think.

Yes theres loads of “stuff” on the hull, but it’s covered in concretions, easily simulated with artex and glue/sand/whatever, and the quality of fittings...well, there doesn’t have to be any quality, just quantity.

An overall spray and some nifty brush/dry brush work and you are there!

It ALMOST looks like an interesting project.......

Sunday boating. Good. Got more nice pics of the shiny one, even at full throttle (a bit of a non-event unfortunately) and again pictures revealing more detail of its full throttle behaviour than can be seen “live”.

Trevors bat+boat with its jet drive still needing more work with some silicone sealant on the outside, although the inside was commendably dry. Performance on half throttle is good, but doesn’t seem to get much better on full throttle. Wattmeter says almost 40A current, and we were wondering if the 4735Kv On 3s is too many revs for the unit (despite that’s what it is sold as) and despite the new cut-to-fit twin blade racing prop having been fitted. We have a feeling that performance with this motor on 7.2v/2s will likely be more than adequate.

Still waiting 2200Kv motor for Stingray, similar jet unit...will be interesting to see the difference. Obviously the Stingray is heavier and less streamlined but we can do current measurements and assess the whoosh out the back.

The reversing bucket worked to the extent that is does actually reverse the boat, albeit at a snails pace, but handy nevertheless for getting out the bank or assisting a quick stop.


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