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Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
30/01/2021 13:10:42

Dave. If In doubt, overdo the size. If they are too small then they would be ineffective....I would go with as large as looks ok, Obviously with a pukka to-scale model you would have some sort of guide to start with I suppose, but 3mm square strikes me as a good starting point? It also depends on where the rails are..real life fastish environmental agency type boats I saw in London had no more than a small sort of shelf at the front just above the static water line to start the water rolling off the bow.

several fast boats here at the pond transformed by the use of spray rails, and some of our specials have had them added afterwards to help with water management, the Walrus being among them.


29/01/2021 17:22:31

Spray rails are usually a must, the stop water creeping up the bow.

Like the Crusader, an unusual beast and something that not many people would tackle. Does yours float bow or stern heavy? Please let us know how you get on, or feel free to ask questions,


Thread: Todays Boating
29/01/2021 17:07:35

Tested a 1000kv 28mm outrunner on a 7.2 Nimh battery and x50 prop. Massive shove, 12A, spinning Like there was no prop connected ....perhaps I should change the 800s out-for a pair of these toddlers on the Fantome.

Ordered some x40s now and that should be plenty without any stability is =sues when the props are 90 degrees to the beam.

Followed a Fantome hull (only no bits) on eBay and it went for £106 plus postage. Only had a single shaft and it was inside, the large (exhaust) pipe at the back looked telling, however the top wasn’t joined to the bottom.

Found a nice strong cardboard box as a temporary store for the secret project, very handy. The other box I have is JUST too small for the fishy so I will have to wait until I buy more 4mm ply.


29/01/2021 09:41:40

Yes, I could spend a pleasant hour re-drawing the plans to omit the coffee cup stains I suppose,,,....

29/01/2021 09:20:58

Depressing. Fishy has been finished....a mere 27 days of build time, and even less if the waiting time for the googly eyes and other stuff is taken into account.

I didn’t really rush, and the look of it suggests weeks and weeks of hard work...but in reality the “head” carving took 30 mins, the rear body cover only a few hours including a tea break, and so on.

Extra top secret project also almost done, waiting for the last item before testing, although I do have a substitute strip of stuff a stand in.

superstructure is dead basic and I will probably cut the hull about and do another top later on.


27/01/2021 13:47:43

Have put the “neck frills” on the fishy and they look better than expected...

...and this is because they sit at the fronton two straight edges, and at the back on the body curve, meaning as we get higher up the frill, there is more discrepancy and thus..misalignment... on the petal edges (difficult to explain).Thing is, all the petals are separate and this looks like the original.

Rashly I filled the kitchen sink with 4” of water and test floated the assembly so far (rear body base, frill and head) and miraculously it floats in about 1/2” of water, and the very end (tail) section was actually clear of the water. This is good news as I anticipate a change in trim when under power leading to a lowering of the rear end, so the fact that it’s high now is good although the body cover will no doubt level it off, but still no bad thing.

Likely I will use a Lipo, so there is every chance I can get the right trim by battery position alone.

The local bathroom/plumbing shop did not take delivery of the hoped for pipe lagging but they have my number to call when it comes in. I left a sample of the Armaflex stuff I have with them so he can see what I require.

The very secret project body has been stripped of pinstripe tape and gems to leave it plain, and in this form I will take pictures illustrating the basic body. I will likely build a better body later andof course no one here is going to copy my body in any case.




Edited By ashley needham on 27/01/2021 13:54:48

Thread: Wood Stain/Filler recommendation
26/01/2021 20:44:20

I would go for a wood stain varnish, as you can deepen the colour to suit by putting more coats on. Generally the varnishes are not too pigmented.


Thread: Steel hull
26/01/2021 10:23:49

A classic model, Bob.

Like the little jig to get the portholes right...another Bob bit.


Thread: Todays Boating
26/01/2021 08:43:58

George, you keep ‘em comin!

The R&D is in a large tin roofed shed at the bottom of the garden, accessed at the moment by a bog-like muddy trail that passes for a lawn. The ground is very clay-y and rain just sits on top and takes forever to drain.

Mixed test results from the very brief park visit, the non scale snow and ice not playing ball with the non-scale boats to a degree. If we get more non scale snow no doubt the test results will be different! Etc etc.

Fishy coming on well. Googly eyes in ok but they are not...noticeable..too much being crystal clear. This is as it should be, as the TV craft had clear eyes, but painting them white would have made them look more googly, the aesthetic not helped by having the small Dinky or whatever die-cast model next to me which has white eyes.

I have no doubt that in the shed, once the head interior lighting has been installed, the eyes will look great, only for the illusion to be ruined on the pond on a bright sunny day! At least you can see the Aquaphibians inside.

extra top secret project also coming on well, superstructure done, and hopefully the local plumbing shop will have taken delivery of an item I need to continue work on the hull...and hopefully it is the right size and colour. Failing this it will be an eBay purchase, but although the item is cheap, the postage is quite hefty.


Thread: Sea Raven 2016
25/01/2021 11:01:35

Hi Harry. I usually just fall asleep after a few cold beers.

In any case, it’s hot rum punches in Blighty at the moment.

Please don’t repeat how hot is over there or I shall hate you even more....

is this-your trademark, the light/dark planking?


Thread: Steel hull
25/01/2021 10:55:08

Various people (not me) have used I think cartridge paper or plastic card and punched (rivets) in this from the back then applied the plates to the hull.

In theory you could dob PVA on with a cocktail stick to represent rivets.

Have to bear in mind how big the rivets would actually be at scale of course.


Thread: Todays Boating
25/01/2021 10:50:24

Might be, possibly...Could be......clue is in the “Tup” bit....!

4 built here at Bushy so far.


24/01/2021 18:44:14


24/01/2021 13:25:46

The snow has allowed a very brief Tup ice/snow test, and also getting snaps of the Zis that I have been waiting for.

All good stuff if a bit cold..


Thread: Switches and speed controllers
24/01/2021 13:23:11

For boats with aircraft esc and no esc switch, of which I have a few, I find that simply plugging in the battery and unplugging it does the trick

As Fred says, contacts would be weakened by constant unplugging of fuses. A switch would be best, and although a bit bulky, Halfords do a 16A rated switch which should handle main battery power (when switched on, bearing in mind it would not be switching max current at the start).


Thread: Todays Boating
23/01/2021 08:57:53

No ACTUAL boating updates, but various projects coming on well.

Waitng delivery today f a Barbie for our super secret project, the hull and body of which has been test floated in the washing up bowl, complete with weights to suit equipment and a stimulated Barbie (she was a bit lively) and thankfully showed no sign of falling over. Even the top looks fit for purpose. The novel propulsion has been made but not tested yet (no rudder) However it may be that a skeg at the stern underneath might be desirable to retain a vestige of forward control.

Fishy coming along slowly. The head is painted and hopefully today I can stick the googly eyes in using silicone sealant. By using sealant it should be possible to de-mount the acrylic hemispheres in the future if they get damaged or scratched, in addition the foam seating is not very even so the gunge will fill all the gaps while remaining invisible (it’s clear sealant).

After this lot will be something wheeled, again, using the 60mm wheels I got a while ago.


Thread: Susan Calman - Grand Day out in the Lakes
23/01/2021 08:36:14

Model boating...the sport of Kings! (And Queens obv)


Thread: M.V. Sea Nass
22/01/2021 11:14:31

Component shop lists a mabuchi 555....12-30v


Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
22/01/2021 11:11:47

 Not looked up a 180, but all my 280s run on 7.2v and get a good thrashing. Not had one burn or worn out yet!

No doubt running a 280 for days on end at 7.2v will give it a slightly shorter life than using 6v but considering the briefness of model boating?

Ah the wonders of opening another iPad window whilst replying to a post... a well known component shop does a round 140 motor takes up to 9v andseveralothers.


Edited By ashley needham on 22/01/2021 11:15:39

22/01/2021 09:28:59

Cor! Very small “in the flesh” as it were.

yes a 180 would seem to be adequate. J.Perkins do some aircraft style brushed esc that weigh 5g including wires!

..GWS -ics100


Edited By ashley needham on 22/01/2021 09:32:42

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