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Thread: How to measure what motor I need.
27/07/2020 08:53:12

Florian. A) What size is your 1300Kv motor? 35 or 28mm (or something else?). B) do you have room for a larger prop if required.

A 28mm one would probably be ok on your 42mm prop i think (but maybe not ideal) depending on spec, however a 35mm one definitely would do.

It is easy to change the motors to different spec ones in the same size. Lower Kv versions would give more grunt for prop swinging.

Others will disagree but, Personally speaking, I would fit what you have and once you in a position to test the boat in the water use a wattmeter and see how things are. The wattmeter will show you if the motor is straining or not. You have already spent the money it would be a shame to waste it and not know if the equipment would do after all.

i am not talking about “the optimum” here, just seeing if the stuff will do.



Edited By ashley needham on 27/07/2020 08:56:10

Thread: todays boating
26/07/2020 18:09:21

Nice morning at `t pond. Swordfish going well, and Trevor`s Iti racer also going well.

Demo of Swordfish Weds morning for those that have not seen, and for those that HAVE seen, I have made a small alteration.


Thread: To cheer people up
26/07/2020 14:18:52

Ah Paul. Yes very funny....or worrying, perhaps in equal measure!


Thread: My new boat: Ramsey tug
25/07/2020 23:19:24

Tricky, unless you can find out what the MFA speed controller spec was, or someone here knows.

In theory you could buy a wattmeter (not expensive), plug it between batt and esc, put the boat in the water and apply full power to see what the motor pulled current wise. Not very scientific, but..

I don’t suppose the motor will have been very powerful if that old. Could get a ,say, 25A esc, fit a 20A fuse and test. Can’t imagine the motor would be that juicy. Possibly an MFA motor was fitted as you have an MFA esc, and even a Marlin (I believe it was, the forerunner of the 800/850 motors) would not break 25A. how big is the prop? Just in case it might overload the motor.

I am probably talking nonsense and DM will have all the specs to hand but that’s the way the cookie crumbles!


Thread: How to measure what motor I need.
25/07/2020 23:08:57

Not sure I am with you..if the esc and motor are brushless you should be ok?

Motors for model use will have three wires and so should the esc’s. You may have to wait and see what turns up!


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
25/07/2020 19:29:08

Bob. The SLA batteries not really suitable for the motors and will not supply the current.

I would wait and use the Nimh batteries as you have set things up, and see how the boat goes when on the water before buying anything else.

I see that both esc receiver leads go to the receiver, presumably on different channels. Does this leave you with a channel for the rudders? You could get a Y lead so both esc can be controlled by the single throttle lever leaving the right stick for the rudder?? As a suggestion of course.


Edited By ashley needham on 25/07/2020 19:31:39

Thread: My new boat: Ramsey tug
25/07/2020 19:26:01

Yes, basically! an Mtronics one will do forward and back. What size is your motor, assuming it is not marked up?


Thread: How to measure what motor I need.
25/07/2020 19:23:47

Hi Florian, and welcome to the forum!

The motor you have is most unsuitable, it has a much too high Kv rating for your style of model, as you have surmised. It will not run slow enough for you!

Something around 900Kv to 1300Kv would be more like it, say a 35mm outrunner. I would not like to suggest how powerful, but if you bought something your 35A esc could handle you wouldnt go far wrong.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
25/07/2020 09:51:38

Bob. Couple of things. Are you going to use a Y-lead and control both motors the same, or are you going to use proportional motor control?

7.2V is not much for the 850 and it won t go as well as it will on 12V.

Spacing. With such a big hull available, as long as the batteries are placed to get the weight even either side, all you need then is to be able to move them fore and aft to get the best running trim? As for the rest, stick them wherever you fancy!


24/07/2020 15:26:44

Halfords Aluminium spray is very silvery.

Foils a nice idea, v difficult to glue on without it looking all wrinkly ?


Thread: Clearing out sale
24/07/2020 15:22:28

Weak moment was it DM? I didn’t figure you for a tuggy/fishy person.


Thread: Transport trolley, not exactly 'floating' but at least 'boating'.
24/07/2020 09:51:32

Nice one George. You do need some substance to a trolley or else it will just bounce uncontrollably over every single stone.

i would consider a larger better fitting foam insert for the yot (or anything else) ideally squidgy sponge 

 but builders 50mm expanded polystyrene would be cheap and easy to use, perhaps with a soft foam seat for the boat itself?.


Edited By ashley needham on 24/07/2020 09:52:24

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
23/07/2020 17:48:10

To be honest, probably with such a shallow angle it would not make much difference.

As I have said before Bob, it’s your model, if you like the look of flat motors...go ahead!


Thread: Boat decking
23/07/2020 17:45:31

Love the round Russian! It had six props or more..if memory serves.

My flying saucer steers quite well with its centre pump outlet and a big rudder. Wonder how the round Russian would steer with six props and...dontquote me....just the centre rudder??


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
23/07/2020 15:59:04

Apparently the reduction in radar image for modern warships is not only to make them less detectable at long range, but also to make the radar countermeasures more effective. By making the size of the radar return from the ship match the countermeasure return more closely it helps to confuse missile radars.

Chunky powerful motors Bob, would be better if they were a bit more in line to put less strain on the u/j??. Are you using single, or twin u/j??


23/07/2020 12:46:10

If I worried about a couple of mm here and there I would never finish any of my boats!


Thread: todays boating
23/07/2020 12:39:12

DYou are right Noel. There were some spray deflectors and I might have to see if they can be fitted. Hoped not to need them.

I do have a plan however. The motor in the edf is 3500Kv, which is the spec for use with 4s Lipo. A 4300Kv motor is specked for use on 3s. I bought a 3500 thinking that there would be enough oomph on 3s and it would cut current consumption.

Thus far, if I just had an tiny bit morethrust on 2s it would go ok. So, I will get a 4300Kv motor and this should give me the increased thrust on 2s, and keep the weight down. Sounds Like plan to me.....?

Double guessing an Ashley build is so difficult.


Edited By ashley needham on 23/07/2020 12:41:18

Thread: Mintanic
23/07/2020 08:23:51

Good picture Bob. You wouldn’t know it wasn’t a fixed pool looking at that! Presumably a blue tarp?

The tarp dad had to make us temporary pools at home was a faded patchy/patched up green. It’s what I always think of when the word is mentioned!


Thread: todays boating
23/07/2020 08:20:41

Disappointment, flooding on K7 again, with 3s batt and not having hit any fish.

Will have to rearrange the bits inside and squidgy sealant in the esc sleeve. Hopefully the edf will come out as designed!

As I had two good runs on the 2s it seems that the extra weight is the culprit, or more likely where the extra weight is. The esc won’t come out from under the exhaust duct, either caught up or the receiver lead not long enough I think the esc will have to go in the nose bit and the 3s can be slid further back,,,,?

Walrus not turning...the tab I put at the stern is obviously fighting the air rudder. However, two skippy runs across the pond were much straighter than previous. Will investigate a water rudder extension on the air rudder andperhaps a Skegness fin in the middle of the plane, at the end of the step.

At least flying saucer was ok and defying the few patches of weed.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
23/07/2020 08:04:00

Bob. I see what you mean, and you are right. With a stern of that width, a few mm makes no difference reallyl


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