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Thread: Portsmouth Dockyard October 2021
08/10/2021 18:38:27

Richard whereAS I can see where you are coming from, airflow over deck for an aircraft carrier is of vital importance (i would have thought) but it may be that there wasnt much difference viz a sexy rounded bow, so they made it flat to save a few bob??

They have not fitted the 4x 30mm guns either, probably another cost saving measure, so all it has is Vulcan CIWS, an item that has a very poor record for ship defence (in action as opposed to shooting at targets).


07/10/2021 18:04:31

I have wondered about the bow, but presumably they will have tested the ship in a wind tunnel, to get the right airflow across the deck so I suppose this is what they came up with??


Thread: Commodores Challenge
07/10/2021 09:01:50

Bob. Yes, I don’t understand why there are no challenge entries. You would have thought people would only be too glad to have something to work on??

Bob Mc. There’s not that much wrong with your launch as far as I can see. Paint looks good. Some applique wood or white strips at the front would help to get a good gap-less fit, and once accessorised with people, fittings and so on, it will look the biz.

If you were worried about the unevenness on the hull, attack it with some course sandpaper and spread P38 filler down the sides with a wide scraper, then wet’n’dry. Should sort it out easy.


Thread: Portsmouth Dockyard October 2021
07/10/2021 08:51:13

It’s a shame they have had to put the stabilisers out on the POW. Perhaps it needs some torpedo bulges to help??


Thread: Motor size/ set up
05/10/2021 16:27:45

Malcolm you are so right...a 140 is a better choice AS I didn’t twig the lcvp bit, rather than assume LCT.

I am beating myself with birch twigs now.

I can see the attraction of motorising these things but when all is said and done they are fairly limited with regards any sort of weather and so on.


Thread: Wide-A-Wake
05/10/2021 08:48:35

Love the dials. Even more impressed by the wires behind the dials...but given the size of the thing you probably used mains flex......


Thread: Motor size/ set up
05/10/2021 08:46:23

I think there was an article on this a while ago? I seem to remember he first boat I had mentioned in the mag (as a readers letter) was the first lander I made (ooo perhaps it was 15 years ago....) and in the same issue or the one before there was a 1/35 kit lander. Perhaps it was a trumpeter one? I will look it up.

A 385 motor is the thing to use...but what space do you have.?

I dare say the ramp could be made to go up and down with a bit of thought, but of course it would need a rotary servo to be put some where or other.


Thread: Todays Boating
03/10/2021 08:03:02

Although its not that nice, Trevor wants to test his re engined batboat this morning so we will be visiting the pond.

i May take the new top down for peer review as well! This is going quite well, and I am almost at the stage of making decisions regarding cannons and men big and where to put them. I know I said that last post, but that was to establish likely positions in relation to how much deck space the new centre section could take up. Now I have the centre section these choices need to be firmed up.

By using small and big men, It is amazing the difference it makes to the apparent scale of the boat, and that is going to be the key to altering the type of ship using only one item of deck apparel.

Landing craft obv, for recovery purposes....only if required of course.


Thread: Which propshaft?
02/10/2021 09:44:38

I used a solid coupling, so the alignment was ok, it was just that the shaft was not 100% seen when rolling down a glass sheet. ALMOST, but not quite, and at 20,000 rpm...that’s an issue with a solid coupling, hence the flexible one substituted!

In operation , there doesn’t seem to be any vibration from the prop, so the shaft is true-enough, and now no vibration can be felt on the motor mount.


01/10/2021 14:29:42

For me. It’s the larger sized bearings on a m5 shaft that tick the box, but if Harry uses m4 then obviously they must be ok..on the proviso they are not too long to avoid shaft flex.

Agree on the balance thing. My new shiny craft had a balance issue on the 6 inch shaft/solid coupling front, so I changed the solid coupling to a silicone use one and it is super smooooth. Ditto the re-motored jet unit on Stingray.


Thread: Todays Boating
30/09/2021 19:34:31

Ah Richard........

A pretty young girl goes into a pub and asks the barman for a double entendre he gives her one.

boom boom


(yes it's an old joke)

Thread: Which propshaft?
30/09/2021 19:31:35

That Charles is just so right. M5 for anything that powerful.


Thread: Todays Boating
28/09/2021 17:03:20

You have it in one, Ray!

my builds are too AWESOME to come straight out with it or some sensibilities will be pushed over the edge.

The big balls have a gaseous quality to them (when applied to BULKY boats). No more clues!


28/09/2021 09:11:29

I have decided that the masts on the new GP hull tops will be non-removable. Although it means another box for the top, it means all the rigging can be easily fixed in place, and I can put much more rigging on,making it look more authentic.

The top will only be as wide as the boat (obv) but will be a bit longer due to the bowsprit which is permanently fixed in place, mostly due to get rid of the need to rig the boat every time the top gets fitted, a major faff on the London.

I need to play with some figures and cannon now to determine which items can be fixed on deck, and which are to be removable. Several large removable fitments will cover the centre deck on one version so some details can be fixed in place but will be hidden when the alternative “look” is in use.

In addition I will make a couple of relatively boring tops to demonstrate the concept, one of which utilises large polystyrene balls!


Edited By ashley needham on 28/09/2021 09:12:37

Thread: Free to good home - Model Thames Sailing Barge
27/09/2021 14:54:54

Good man! Difficult period for getting pre-loved boats to new owners. Ashley

Thread: 1:33 scale boat fittings and people
26/09/2021 15:47:21

Richard is of course right in that the figures have to look right, but a bit of cheating can even things up. LIKE putting figures next to something they ARE in scale with, and keeping them away from (for instance) doors if the figures were either a bit tall, or short for the doors.

Without rereading the posts (as I a typing!) I would sooner see figures on a vesselimg_0515.jpg rather than not.

Thread: Free to good home - Model Thames Sailing Barge
26/09/2021 15:42:01

If, and only if, anyone was interested in the boat but does not live near Anne’s predicted route To meet the Jan2022 likely visit, I wouldn’t mind care taking the vessel for collection by someone later on and by that I mean a few months. I am not that far from Guildford and a drive out of London towards Guildford would likely pass near me in any case.

However, unlike the big destroyer which I am keeping hold of, I am not interested in holding on to the barge permanently.


Thread: Todays Boating
26/09/2021 15:33:44

Nice morning. Stingray back to full performance on 1400Kv motor and 3s. Just shows you, the 4375Kv motor is far too much. Trevor’s batboat, same jet unit 4375Kv motor 3s achieved full speed on about 1/3 throttle and increasing didn’t make much difference.

Also, current for 1400Kv motor measured as a mere 10A, as opposed to 30+ with high rev one. Result.

Shiny boat looking nice, turned over on one turn and promptly rolled upright again!! Bought it in and no water inside. Tried putting the boat in upside down on the side by the jetty but it just rolled on to its side. Likely the rolling motion the first time took it back upright.

Not so lucky Trevor’s Tup caught an underwater log and ripped off one of the rear fins/rudder bits. Not irreparable but an o-er moment nonetheless.

Public continue to disbelieve it’s all our hard work and immeasurable skill that provides the boats... “you make these all yourselves??really??” Sort of thing.we are just sooooo clever, if I say so myself.

Had a wizard wheeze on the GP hull front, with a common deck to go with the common hull. I bit of instant modelling with scraps of dowel etc shows me that it is a goer for the Victorian warship versions I want to do. A change of cannon and figure size will alter the perceived scale easily.


26/09/2021 08:06:41

It is all steel, although the tall central mast on the T45 and T26 are composite fibreglass (to cut down top weight and limit radar returns).

Nowadays important bits of the ship are ballistically protected by Kevlar and spall liners, with harder stuff around magazines, and bullet proof bridge windows. The main defence is their size, to absorb hits, and much better compartmentalisation.

Today doesn’t look too bad, test Stingray and so on.


25/09/2021 12:46:32

There’s serious doubts as to the effectiveness of the Phalanx guns. Their record for protecting ships under attack is poor.

the T31 has the modern Bofors 40 and 57mm guns which can be considered long range CWIS, and sea Ceptor missile system has a minimum range of less than 1km which is very good for an anti air missile.

Lasers soon of course!


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