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Thread: Profiles
18/05/2008 20:10:00
Len/BOB.. the boaters preferred pond and day/time might be good as well, gives you an idea of who is about/meet the men etc etc. I boat usually on a Sunday morning at approx 0900 with the lad at bushy park, nr Teddington, Middx. Its a nice pond (two actually, joined by a Panama canal - or at least thats what it looks like when we progress thro it) big car park 40 yards from the quay side. I dont belong to a club, but there is a "hard core" of half a dozen boaters there normally, a few new faces come and go..    Ashley
Thread: will this work? circuit design
18/05/2008 17:59:00
Jake. I should think this would work, but dont know what affect this would have on the ESC with all that switching (and thus the rapid changes of current draw on it). The disadvantage of this layout VIZ rudders is that you experience a severe loss of speed on the turns, as amply demonstrated by the speedy RTR types (if you have seen them in operation) and a lack of FINE control. Without rudders you cannot "trim" out for straight running either. Pairs of motors do NOT run at EXACTLY the same speed so you will always be adjusting your course. It is also unlikely that you will get the manouverability (did I spell that right?) that rudders will endow to a twin motor setup...unless you have rudders AND independent motor control. . Not for nothing do all boats have rudders.. ....ok, unless they are jet drives..or airboats, or......Ashley
Thread: Profiles
18/05/2008 17:11:00
I am not as fat as my photo suggests, but what can you do with only 12k?. spent ages shedding Kb from my piccy...perhaps a more generous bit allowance would encourage bods to stick their picture in the frame, then we could at least put a face to a name? (I wouldnt be seen dead  in a black and red jumper tho`)......   Ashley.
Thread: dazndeb 014.JPG
18/05/2008 17:05:00

Hi Ed. What a fantastic hull and superstructure. You dont need plans for this! Use your imagination !!! Look at loads of pictures, see what grabs your fancy and build it. PS. Stick a massive motor in it and have some fun     Ashley

 or is this too non-pc for model boats ?? 

Thread: What type of batteries are best?
18/05/2008 08:07:00
Hi Billybob. Personally, I use NiMh batteries, ordinary AA size in my transmitter, and Gel lead-acids in most of my boats except for a couple of ligh ones which have NiMh packs. all my speed controllers are BEC equipped so I dont need a seperate battery pack for the boat reciever. Its always handy to have a set of duracell AA in youe pocket for the transmitter, just in case.(I find from experience!) Ashley
Thread: Finishing a boat
17/05/2008 17:37:00
John. I would say there is no "should" in boat finishes", you do what you feel like and accordung to the look of the finish you want. I think some poeple spray matt varnish over matt finishes, as this shrugs off fingerprints/grease/pond scum better than paint alone. I generally use gloss/semi-gloss (satin) finishes and dont bother varnishing. Be aware some can paints dont like certain paints underneath them, and should be tested first    Ashley.
Thread: Bismarck
15/05/2008 16:16:00

Bob, I do believe that some RTR types have the free flooding compartment idea already. No reason why a REAL model shouldnt have free flooding ballast tanks ...the drawback as I recall is that you have to lift the boat out very slowly so the tanks empty, which could take a while on a 6 foot Bismark  or you have all the weight of water to lift up on yer poor old back.   Oddly enough I know someone who has an HMS Manchester cruiser (ww2) that has a plank as its foundation (you can see the homebase barcode inside still!!!)   Ashley

NB this boat has a large lump of lead screwed to the bottom of it,..........

14/05/2008 06:59:00
Anthony. The question it at the correct waterline as painted on the model ?? looks a bit light to me so may need ballast. removable water ballast good idea, but can be a slow process unless you get a little electric pump or something...?   Ashley
Thread: Micromotors.
14/05/2008 06:56:00
Hi Ian, try looking at the hobby`s catalogue or similar (from memory) they have miniature geared epicyclic motors..they also do a variable speed control board to get that all important 73 rpm ! Ashley
Thread: Shorty
10/05/2008 20:20:00
Paul , thanks for that. I would say 35mg is best left for the fliers, as IN THEORY, if one was flying nearby and you were using a 35 for a purely ground based vehicle/boat/thingy then it might be possible for you to jam their signal causing a crash and killing someone (!). Not that I have noticed any fliers in Bushy Park, but u NEVER KNOW.  I would have liked shorty to at least hop off the water, but you need massive power to lift off from the water, and that would severely limit the normal endurance floating around with the other boaters & avoiding my son and his aircraft carrier . As it was not designed to fly and has no flying controls....a boat it is. The German  WW1 flying boat I built for the lad is even lighter than shorty but still refuses to lift off the pond ! ( see my gallery) Ashley
Thread: NiMh batteries and charging
07/05/2008 21:15:00
Hi Brian. I purchased an "omni" NiCd/NiMh charger wot caters for 2-10 cells off the jolly old..dare I mention it., E-bay jobbie.. It seems to work ok,  If in doubt buy something from a specialist battery supplier. The price varies quite a bit in my experience of surfing for the bargain, I would be doubtful of extremely cheap chargers tho`(on general principle). This one is switchable for various voltages and is automatic (so it switches to trickle charge when it senses the batts are full) so it will do my main and transmitter batts. NiMh cells do not have "memory" so do not need discharging fully. It is my understanding that they take a few full charges before they attain thier ultimate capacity. My personal preference is not to fast charge batteries. i am new to nimmies as well, my experience is mostly gel lead-acids, as my boats up to now have been capacious enough for them..   Ashley
Thread: Info Please
05/05/2008 20:17:00
Mike. Can I just add a cautionary tale here....I built an "Island" class fishery patrol vessel years ago, basically a north sea trawler displacement hull, and when i was experimenting with motors I put in  a whopping great torpedo 800 or something... and the bow wave it created you wouldnt belive, and the stern was actually below the level of the pond ! its massive forward speed was the only thing keeping the oggie out of the hull (but it was great fun!). The point of this dire tale is..displacement hulls have a designed top speed at which they are comfortable with, more power than that designed just makes the stern dig in, semi-displacement hulls will go that much faster, and MAY take more power as a model .As an aside, I noticed the other day that my modern HMS Manchester remains level from rest to max..the bow does not rise to any extent, but its a warship of course, long`n`thin. .  Ashley
Thread: Ok whats next?
04/05/2008 17:54:00
Suzi. Hi, definately need to re-resin any dry fibreglass or you may get osmosis or something equally dire. I would go over all of it, as none of it should be dry. Any rotten wood needs renewing. Not strictly neccessary to have all the bits in a box as long as you dont let water into the hull.... Ribs need replacing , cut out all the old stuff as much as poss and glass some new ones in so as to make it permanent this time!  Ashley 
Thread: Beale park model boat museum
03/05/2008 19:51:00
Hi all, have been to the Beal park model boat extravaganza today (3/5), near Reading,, off the A329 / j12 M4. Its on over the weekend, look at the park website. Besides the event, there is a humdinger of a model boat museum on site.. its absolutely jam packed with boats...hundreds, literally.. All sorts from 1/600 Airfix type jobs to a 6 foot Tirpitz-mostly models on the large side. Loads of Liners,puffers,warships,sailing boats, you name it. Large Aircraft hanging from the ceiling, some in cabinets. Well worth a visit. Take the family as the park is very nice, more of a zoo    Chap in one of the tents had a working (electric) LCAC ,,,must have been almost 4 foot square.. Awsome!     Ashley
Thread: Don't know what to do and how to start
28/04/2008 16:50:00
Sonny. I have seen this kit in the shops and felt tempted myself. Be interested to see how you arrange access to the insides !  I would also be very tempted to make the stabilizers much larger so that they actually have an effect on the boat when in the water, as boats like this with very large superstructures can roll horribly. Make them so that they can detach somehow if you want to display it without them. I have never tried it but a tube water tank is supposed to be very good at stopping the rolling, assuming you have some weight margin for this.   Ashley
Thread: how about this for something different
27/04/2008 15:45:00

It is not meant to fly, its just a boat. Airscrew driven by 2 x speed 280 motors/110mm props. Water rudder, ply/balsa. 26" long by 30" wingspan.Very loght. moderately quick. Something for my lad to bump around the pond. nb. he picked the colour scheme! Ashley

Thread: ashleyboat2 lores 4.JPG
26/04/2008 17:29:00
Sonny/Paul. Yes, Rubber powered straight runner. I use the word straight with a bit of caution as it runs anything but straight. The problem is that when you first set it off there is masses of power and thus torque on the prop, so AN amount of rudder is required...but then the power starts to tail off..and the rudder exerts more control moving it off the previous  "straight" line. There is 20 metres of 6mm flight rubber in there..its seriously powerful !  Modesty forbids me mentioning that this appeared as an article in MB mag last year (but  will) . The hull is built from common 4mm plywood, and is megga strong..the dazzle paint scheme and indeed "stealth" shape was devised to lend a bit of "wow" factor to a humble rubber band boat. its fairly quick on the water.. I get fed up with running across the pond to retrieve it. It is 48" long by 3" wide , and has a draught of 3/4" ! Ashley
Thread: Don't know what to do and how to start
26/04/2008 12:20:00

Sonny. Assuming you dont have any r/c gear. My shopping list would be would be....Standard Futaba/ hi-tec or whatever 27mhz set (transmitter/reciever/2x servos/battery box for reciever)..instructions in the box for connecting all this up.

Graupner speed 280 motor,

lightweight 2mm propshaft and 30mm propeller, small rudder assembly, spring motor-shaft connector---all available from hobby`s catalogue (online)--but all model shops should have these items.

A  6 x AA battery holder from Maplin etc , some AA NiMh batteries (2000mAh or bigger) for transmitter and the boat  (that will be about 14 in all !!) Holder will need some thicker wires soldering on to the output terminals. Might need a charger if you havnt got one already.

A Viper 15 Amp electronic speed controller with BEC (this allows the reciever in the boat to run off the aa battery pack.)

This will certainly make it go ok, or you may want perhaps 2 shafts and a pair of less feisty motors, the standard Como/MFA 280 but running on 4.8v, (get in this case a 4x AA battery holder).. All this wont look very "scale" under the boat of course...depends how subtle you want to be.?   Ashley

Thread: Motors
24/04/2008 21:46:00
Andy, While I am on the subject, I recently performed some "plastic magic" on a "USS New Jersey" kids toy battleship from theArgos catalogue shop, costing a mere £14.99, (and its a corker of a model, once painted up a bit ; the detail is quite stunning for a kids plaything and its a respectable 26"in length) and used a lightweight 2mm shaft and 30mm with a Como 280 motor on 4.8v...the performance, ok.. so i fitted a Graupner speed 280 instead on 6v and the thing really flies now....wish the bow was a bit more pointy, it might get up on the plane!.   So..motors,, you never can tell. Ashley
24/04/2008 21:24:00
Andy. It has to be a pair of 555 motors from Model motors direct. My HMS Manchester is the same length as yours and has a pair of 40mm 5 bladers wot the 555`s spin very nicely on 12v,. the revs are moderate, and I would have thought a GP400 is a bit "buzzy" in a warship this size and a 40mm prop  might be a bit big for that size motor? Very low current consumption as well on th 555`s . Ashley
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