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Thread: Graupner Motor
19/06/2008 13:26:00
MATT. without  filling up valuable forum bytes with endless lists, the Cornwall model boats site lists a few Graupner motors or I dare say there must even be a Graupner website, which will have the definitive answer to things technical in it.. There is a bit of power and rev difference between these engines...what sort and size of boat are you building and what are you going to use it / personal amusement / must be faster than fred`s P.T boat ..???  Ashley
Thread: Centre of gravity
19/06/2008 13:17:00
Brian. BUT once its in the water and zooming along you may want to make some trim changes in order (for instance) to keep the nose up or down a bit   etc etc so I would leave some adjustment in the battery department in case. Ashley
Thread: Gun Carraigewheels
19/06/2008 13:14:00
JC. The little WHEELS on the carriages were called TRUCKS  according to my sources......   Ashley
17/06/2008 20:18:00

Jc.  dude.  I am a novice in the "classic" sailing boat department, but it is my understanding that virtually all the wood on most of these ships was painted with something or other, paint or tar etc-barring the deck perhaps- and I`m sure I have read that (for instance) the guns on the Victory were painted in yellow ochre (or whatever the pale colour on the ship was), wheels and all   ( they are called "trucks" I believe?)   Ashley 

 just thought I would throw that nugget of info in. Airfix instructions are the best and could do with being copied by these manufacturers, they always show exactly what colours all the bits are!  

Thread: propellers
17/06/2008 20:07:00
Jake.. A little tip... use large rudders and there will be no problem (just a bit of inefficiency in the drive !)   Ashley
Thread: Prop Shafts
14/06/2008 10:56:00
I use 2-pack for actually fixing the shaft in, and p38 OR knifing putty to get a smooth finish after. If the slot you cut is tight, with a bit of care you can run 2-pack close to the shaft of the outside and get a nice smooth curved junction between the shaft and hull. I normally cut massive holes being clumsy, but after you have applied p38...who is to know?     Bit of a bugger setting three shafts in the Turbinia, as they are not in the same plane and at different angles. I made the holes much larger to give me manoevering space, and in this instance I held the shafts in place with spots of superglue before fibreglassing them in from the inside and p38-ing them outside.    Ashley
Thread: Revell Snowberry
14/06/2008 10:50:00
Hi Paul. dont seem to many takers for your question! I havn`t built one of these, but I did motorise a plastic toy battleship so the principle is the same. I should imagine that you have a weight allowance for a standard 27 or 40m receiver, 4 or possibly a 5 cell aa type battery pack, one of those small Viper 10a esc (with bec to power the receiver), standard servo and for the motor...a 385, or my favourite, a Graupner speed 280  with lightweight 2mm shaft should do. You could sit this lot in the hull in the bath first to see how the waterline sits before glueing anything in , in case less batteries or a miniature servo is required. Cornwall model boats also lists a tiny long motor for this sort of application. Battery pack could be simply a battery box from maplin, although the weight of this would be saved with a proper made up pack.   Ashley
Thread: Please spec my equipment
10/06/2008 19:22:00
Brian. Correct, a brushed motor it is. The motor rather depends on the propeller size envisaged, possibly a 50mm brass 3 blade in your case??? A 555 motor at 6v would probly give you the power you want without being over the top. Or run it at 12v for more oomph. A geared como 540 of one sort or another is also an option especially for a larger prop. Batteries, this also depends on your stowage capacity for hiding such things (you will also need to hide the battery pack for the reciever as there is no BEC on the ESC). Gel lead-acids are cheaper for the capacity but bulkier than a NiMh pack. A 555 is very frugal on power consumption so a smaller 12v gel lead acid may suffice, approx 2.5 Ah or so. I am not sure that there is much to choose from between 27m and 40m. there are more channels available on 40M; 27m sets are very cheap if you only want 2 channels. its a lot of ifs and buts really. I am assuming the hull will be moderately light, if its a bit heavy something bigger may be needed in the motor dept. I have a stumpy 1870`s battleship of slightly smaller dimensions but very weighty for its size, and thats powered by a pair of toddy 385`s and 35mm props and shifts along at well overscale speed on 12v!   Ashley
Thread: Free Flooding Hulls
08/06/2008 13:58:00

Paul.very magnanamou..magnanomo..   good   of you to realise the errors of your ways there,,,but free flooding "ballast" has been around for a bit in RTR types, and so needed no proof-of-concept jiggery pokery (in my eyes) to validify this concept, BUT I though we were grappling with the idea of a plank type hull/botton a free flooding compartment/hull extension underneath, or do I have it wrong again?, which is slightly different I think. Needless to say mt Titanic is sticking to lead ballast, there having been too much of the free flooding bit a while ago...

HOWEVER while on the plank subject, I intend to make a plank hull to test the hydrodynamics of an HMS Glorious Battlecruiser wot may be my next project (about 1;200, 48" long ). This class of ship had a very shallow draught so a 1/2" or 3/4" plank with some hardboard sides may well serve as a test hull. Reason being is my Titanic rushed up to a good maximum scale 25kts speed and then, at about 30 knots  (scale) topped out with massive propellor cavitation before max power had been applied.  Must be the rear hull shape, Dont want that happening to me Glorious as its supposed to be jolly fast.   Ashley

PS.... B&Q or Homebase best for a marine grade plank??

Thread: Squib 2
31/05/2008 18:13:00
thats why I made a rubber band boat..... hmmm  85 mph on a destroyer......where`s me drawing paper.    Ashley
Thread: Battlecruiser HMS Glorious
31/05/2008 12:17:00
Cheers again Bob. As luck would have it, I have three  25mm brass props on 3mm shafts unused from my Turbinia build available, two of which would fit the bill nicely.  Ashley
Thread: Squib 2
31/05/2008 12:12:00

Gary, A close up photographic reproduction or even a picture of your engine or remains may clear matters up....

Paul I am printing that reply to read in bed tonight !!! but was I wrong (ish) or not ? Pop-Pop engines are the closest i want to get to steam.    Ashley

Thread: Battlecruiser HMS Glorious
29/05/2008 20:05:00
Bob. Top man. Just a quick question, bearing in mind my boat would be essentially a stand-off-scale job, yours would be that much larger than that which I am contemplating, (at 1;200 ish) do I assume you used 4 props? and obviously they worked ok.. Props for mine would be very small and I have doubts about their ability to propel it at "battlecruiser" speed, Two props at 25mm would sit nicely under the stern..but i did have a thought that a ducted or custom "jet" drive would sit unnoticed under the boat, exiting just before the rudder while flanked by essentially dummy scale theres a thought...Ashley
Thread: Buoyancy Aids
29/05/2008 19:55:00
Janet.   As SHG are still in operation (I assume this is the same company?), I think a call to them may throw light on the application of these items, and they would advise as to what sort of situation they would be used in. They may even have been designed for a particular craft, or style of craft.    Perhaps I should get a few for my Titanic...........   Ashley
Thread: Profiles
29/05/2008 19:43:00

Yo dudes (to use a modern greeting)  . I am not blanking the gallery, I have no suitable small bit image to post, and am struggling to scale down a picture at home on the P.C.   ..I  Seem to be able to do this on the work computer ok as seen by my porky little forum picture. Will have another bash on Monday when I get back to work ( in my lunch time, of course) In fact I have tried a few times to post some more pics of my exotic and unusual builds ( to personal taste) but am getting the dreaded blank square with little red cross???  IF it is sunny for boating on Sunday I will take the camera along and get my lad Berengar to snap some lo-res pictures of me and a boat of my choice (probly a boring 1;96 Type 42 Manchester, as that has just been re-motored and shafted and needs a good THRASHING on the oggie)  Ashley

Thread: Squib 2
29/05/2008 19:32:00
Gary. I have looked at the links as suggested, but I think there may be some confusion, and no doubt i will be corrected if not right, as to what bit on your boat is "flash". I suspect that you mean a flash steam a boiler working on the "instant steam" principle..these are, I gather. able to produce steam and lots of it very quickly, ideal for a fast boat. A flash steam engine works on the principle almost of a deisel engine whereby steam is only generated in the actual cylinder, just like the explosion of petrol or diesel (yes I know in theory it is just burning very fast). This sort of engine, as far as my quick perusal goes, appears NOT to need a blowlamp? It looks like this sort of engine is a bit complicated, and perhaps too much so for a model boat...but the boiler is a different matter. A "pop-pop" boat is in theory a flash steam generator....    Or do i have the wrong end of the jolly preverbial stick? .Ashley
Thread: Battlecruiser HMS Glorious
26/05/2008 21:15:00
PS   any chance of a few piccies of your Courageous appearing?? Ashley
Thread: G3 Plans
26/05/2008 18:42:00

Bob, A good source of original material is of course the National Maritime museum.  An e-mail enquiry to them may produce the goods? I obtained some side and plan elevations for "HMS Agincourt" (the 1865 one) and they came in a tube fairly quickly.. and they were 8 feet long !!!! Considering what you get the price isnt too much really.  Ashley

Thread: Battlecruiser HMS Glorious
26/05/2008 18:35:00

Bob, you are a hero. I shall look forward to the day when I take it to the water and rebuff all those "couldnt you be bothered with the planking" type rmarks. Cheers, Ashley

Thread: Decaperm 12v Motor
26/05/2008 09:39:00
Dave. I would be tempted just to fit an 850 and have  done with it. It seems to be the motor of choice for your model nowadays . You can get water cooling coils for the 850, so from the point of view that you dont want to be fiddling after fitting, it may make sense to fit water cooling anyway, the cost is minimal. If at the end of the day you dont need it,then fine, but if you do, its all ready in place. Ashley
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