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Thread: WWI
09/08/2008 07:51:00
I think JC has it to rights there, I doubt there was any set standard of modifications, and when you think about it, there would not have been anyway or the germans might start to recognise them. There are a few more books about q ships around, but I am betting all you will see in these pictures are shots of small typical merchant ships. Ashley
Thread: Pattex Stabilit
05/08/2008 18:50:00

Brian, I found this thread in another forum which might be what you are after ???

Several other threads in various other sites seem to indicate a lack of on-line instructions for the glue, but it seems like a lot of international buyers have this stuff and the instructions are not  in their language!

It appears to have a pot time of 10 mins, dries rock hard in 20 and releases some heat doing so.  Fearsome stuff!   Ashley

Thread: Warship
28/07/2008 18:04:00
Eddie. No crystal and no servos, as the speed control is usually on/off/reverse, and then to steer, one prop is stopped on the side you want to turn to. This gives the boats a very jerky motion, but there again  its only £25 or whatever. Ashley
Thread: Help with Lifeboat
26/07/2008 14:49:00
Chaps, try jolly useful, I am sure I got a roll of different width go-faster stripes for me Titanic from this firm. Ashley
Thread: Rumours
26/07/2008 14:46:00
Sorry, are we talking of £60 or £170 here??? There is a bit of a difference in value for money in an AIRFIX kit  at this level of spending (subtle humour mode)        Ashley ; the man from the future.
Thread: Motors and batteries
24/07/2008 19:30:00
John, I presume you were not using rechargeable batteries ?? You dont say what size of battery either, and this has a lot to do with the running time. Nowadays you can get 3.7 Ahr "c" size rechargeables, and even 2.7 Ahr "aa" batteries, and on a small motor (do you know what type it is?? dimensions may tell us) these might propel a boat in the water for an hour or more no problem. If rechargeables were being used, an unfortunate vice of such items is that they go flat really quickly...that is, your boat is chugging along nicely one minute, and the next, its dead in the water. Duracell types just tend to go slower, and slower...etc. This is also a problem if using main battery power to power the reciever, rechargeables will drop the voltage fairly suddenly (comparitively) and again all of a sudden the reciever is dead.This is made worse when the motor is pulling the last dregs of juice out of the accumulators, the voltage will drop due to the load.   Ashley, clear as mud.
Thread: Tug'R'Us
24/07/2008 19:18:00
er, not sure about that, theres still the twist factor is probably more easily manged with korts, perhaps with a JET unit and a very much longer pipe there is not so much difference??    Ashley the ...whatever
Thread: Radar
24/07/2008 19:14:00
As usual i recomend a look in catalogue, they do a sub miniatue 198;1 epycyclic motor unit thingy, should be ok for radar. Ashley
Thread: German flyingboat
22/07/2008 22:53:00
Len. In a word, yes. The mag one was a Sunderland, this one is a made up bi-plane, loosley based on a Felixstowe, for the young lad. The props are higher on the new one so the ducks are a bit safer.... Ashley
Thread: WWI
22/07/2008 08:26:00

Andy. Google "q ships" and pick a suitable vessel type and obtain plans for something similar..the guns were hidden of course behing fake cargo and behind would be fun to have a button and reveal them all at once when in the water,  even better with a water squirty arrangement !!!  I believe one of the ships morred in London used to be a Q ship at one time. chrisanthimum, or the other one ???

(my spelings terible)   Ashley

Thread: Warship
22/07/2008 08:20:00
Eddie. There is a long running thread in another model boating or possibly model warship sites concerning these things. I dont have one (but have been tempted) and the suggestion is they look great ,but on the water "as is" they are like speedboats, and of course they only have a non-crystalled r/c arrangement limiting their use with proper sets present on the water. There is no rudder so they steer by differential prop control, and this means there is not much room to put a rudder. It seems there is room to put a proper r/c set in, access can be gained by leaving some portions of the superstructure held in place on pins or by magnets. The superstructure and various bits appears to be held in place with numerous small screws. The thread suggestes the boats appear to be based on Tamiya or something kits, and with the replacement of a few dodgy items can be made to look very authentic. For £20, a bargain desperate to be modified...if it dont work, keep it as a static model.   Ashley
Thread: German flyingboat
21/07/2008 18:19:00
JC, go for it !    I would add at least one inch extra depth for the hull compared to the drawn outline up to the cut-up in order that the tail does not drag in the water. Build a card model first to see how much you can shorten the wingspan by. The wing floats will have to be very large like Shorty`s, and dont skimp on the rudder area or swing. Maintenance also has to be considered ie how you are going to change an engine. Shorty`s motors are araldited in, and replacing one requires a bit of cut`n`shut..the other one has them mounted on normal steel mounts, but its easy in that case at the motors are on top of the wing. If you want to cowl them in (like the catalina) then its a bit more tricky, espcially as the wing will not be that strong-  when it comes to a bit of push and shove. Ashley
Thread: Rumours
21/07/2008 18:08:00
How much!  for an "airfix" kit........ Ashley
Thread: Double ender
17/07/2008 21:59:00
Les. Its odd, your post is perhaps the 3rd or 4th most viewed post of recent weeks and there are no replies yet! I think you should take it as a no. I have no suggestions either!    I just sulk if no one bothers to reply to anything i post.... Ashley
Thread: LandWasser Schlepper Mid-production
17/07/2008 21:53:00
And another thought has just entered the old bonce...How about a proper r/c motorised Sherman DD tank as used at the Normandy landings. That would be a novelty  !   Ash
17/07/2008 21:50:00

Lads (I use the term loosly). The land wasser snapper thingy kit is approx 252mm long by 90mm wide, and the tunnelled props are approx 25mm. The real thing was designed as a boat with tracks for moving itself in/out of water , rather than,say, the DUKW which was a lorry that was made to float. The model is on the small side to motorise I would say and weight would be very critical. Not that it couldnt be done of course. On the plus side the superstructure is large so hiding the bits wouldnt seem to pose a problem, and once motored up I would think it might go rather well.   Ashley

Thread: frame on plank
13/07/2008 19:37:00
Yes, thats right. I have decided to build a boat out of a plank. Best 18mm pine, with hardboard sides and 4mm ply bulkheads....its going to be an HMS Furious or Glorious (i will make an add-on flying off deck and single 18" gun turret to add to the HMS glorious to make a Furious -l ook it up). I am frustrated at the moment as some pics just will not post to this site despite only having been snapped this morning/never mind. Despite scepticism (?) at the pondside today the boaters had to agree the hull looked ok, but when it was test floated there appears to be a stability problem. despite being ostensibly rather heavy (in comparison to a TURBINIA which I am building in balsa/lite-ply which is approximately the same 48" length)) the floaty component ie the plank,  is VERY floaty, and after a few batteries and  weight to simulate the wot not (the superstructure and associated r/c items) were added the whole thing was very tender, a bit of an  understatement. I can see this requiring some hefty lead weight being screwed to the bottom of the afore mentioned plank. BE WARNED! A sail vessel will need NO  HULL construction to float very nicely thank you. Its a bit odd building a boat like this... I have had the thing screwed up tight in the workmate while I use a hand belt sander to shape the hull, and have been using large G-cramps as well !!! . i will try to post pics from my alter-ego ashley needham 2 at work on Monday. Ashley.
Thread: Miniature springs
13/07/2008 19:08:00
Everyone.   should have a copy of the hobby`s and hobbies catalogue..note they are different, Invaluable, they stock a good range of odd stuff. Its fantastic to browse through and get an idea of whats out there for the time you are building something diffferent or outside your normal comfort zone. On this very website I think I have recommended 3 different buying solutions for bods (3 bods that is)  AND they have found the bits wot they require.!       Ashley
Thread: LandWasser Schlepper Mid-production
11/07/2008 19:02:00

Paul. I think it looks eminently motorisable with small equipment , wonder what the balance will be like with the big prop tunnel cut-outs ? Whoa! I have loaded a picture at last !!! I just snapped this in the loft, Its one I motorised earlier, From Argos catalogue shop.. A plastic USS New Jersey , 26" long. Looks good eh? and all I have done to it cosmetically is spray it halfords Plastic primer grey and paint the deck brown. The detail is great considering, All for 15. Speed 280 motor, 6x aa batts. Goes like stink. Ashley
Thread: DSCN3211.JPG
10/07/2008 20:23:00

Ken. Thought of that at the time,. but they are just a bit taller than a filed-down round head pellet.


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