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Thread: Adhesive
03/08/2020 22:51:16

Jim. Everybody has their favourite glues. Myself, I use ordinary PVA.

This is a topic you will get several answers to, all will be adequate.

My last experience of Cascamite was probably at school so I would not like to give an opinion one way or the other.


Thread: Polish hull or apply name first?
03/08/2020 17:45:49

Hi Muttley and welcome to the forum.

First off, are you dissatisfied with the finish you have achieved?

Secondly. What sort of paint are you using?? A spray can finish always looks best straight out of the can.

If it is spray can paint, this can be rubbed down with fine paper ending with1200 or so grade wet`n`dry and T-cut afterwards. Other finishes are not so easy, although enamel paint CAN be rubbed down and T-cut but only after it has hardened.

I have found that if you need to T-cut one bit of the finish, you need to do it all....the shine is never quite the same??

Once you are happy with the finish then you can apply the various pinstripes and wotnot. How you finish them depends on the type of material you are using. pinstripe tape generally needs no varnish, water transfers WILL need varnish, vynil stickers probably not.

PERSONALLY. I dislike varnishing paint as it makes touching up very difficult. You should not need to varnish most finishes.

There is a guide to hull finishing i think on the home page somewhere.


Edited By ashley needham on 03/08/2020 17:53:20

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
03/08/2020 13:30:36

...laser turret with red LED laser light?

Two sizes of missile silo hatches, possibly with a missile peeping out of one?

Chaff/decoy launcher barrels..


Thread: How to measure what motor I need.
03/08/2020 13:25:04

Noel...presence on the water...wot...something REALLY REALLY big....hmmmm..

I know it wouldn’t be scale but if I wanted something that big I would make it flat bottomed. It would not be noticed once in the water and it would make something like this practical.

The 5 foot landing craft (tank) I have is flat bottomed. There is no ballast in it at all, other than for trim purposes and it is powered by three 385 motors/three shafts and35mm props. No one would say it is underpowered. Getting it off the shelf, in the car, in/out the man job.

Sorry I know it has nothing to do with the thread but I have always wondered why this approach is not usedmore often.. ?


Thread: todays boating
02/08/2020 18:33:35

Snaps Titanic from last week.




Edited By ashley needham on 02/08/2020 18:34:22

02/08/2020 18:32:41

Spray prevention working a treat.

Ferry working a treat.


Snaps ferry





01/08/2020 13:06:19

Sunday will take the Bushy park ferry, as it’s fun for the pondside spectators. Mustn’t forget to take the plastic Titanic and camera either!

Received the 4300Kv motor for the Bluebird fan. Also have to hand now the reversing 40A esc (that look like aircraft ones). Won’t be trying them at anywhere near 40A but will try one on the Walrus and then the Swordfish. Reversing always handy. The Swordfish runs on for about 5 yards from full tilt before stopping, awkward.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
01/08/2020 13:00:25

They have been selling the JP esc’s for years so presumably they are ok.

i used mine once on something low powered and it was ok, barring at very slow revs however I suppose you don’t buy a 50A esc to run a speed 400!


Thread: How to measure what motor I need.
01/08/2020 09:04:30

F. You can buy servo slowers that fit in the servo lead and..Slow them down! So no need

to fiddle with the transmitter if you don’t want to.

You are suffering info overload on the motor advice front I am afraid. No idea what a 55t motor is or what spec it will be. I am not going to add to this other than say that DM’s suggestion of a 2:1 (or is it 2.5 to 1?.) geared MFA 850 unit would be a guaranteed 100% successful solution no arguments providing loads of power and the right sort of rev range.

However,please try what you have first. Buy an in-line wattmeter to see how much current the motor is taking as a guide to efficiency and overloading.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
31/07/2020 10:29:46

Bob. Unfortunately all the boats I have built that have twin motors only use one esc, because they are all fairly low powered.

The Titanic has three 385 motors on 35mm props on one Mtronics 15A esc no probs since build (2007) etc etc.

Your 850s demand two esc as you have fitted.


Thread: water jet boat
31/07/2020 09:04:55

......and that just the bath test!,


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
31/07/2020 09:03:57

the On off switch certainly supplies power to the receiver and presumably turns on the esc itself, so it’s a bit of a mystery.

If you were to disconnect one of the esc completely, does the other work ok including the on/off switch?

The bec power lead thing, if it works for you then that’s good, but I think that if you ARE having problems, it is just something to look at?


30/07/2020 22:52:50

Bob. Just a thought.  I believe you need to disconnect the red BEC wire from ONE of the ESC receiver leads.

Otherwise, the system gets confused by having loads of battery supplies.



Edited By ashley needham on 30/07/2020 22:55:53

Thread: water jet boat
30/07/2020 17:51:07

Neil. One has to assume the RNLI has a clever design for these units? Sometimes you cant tell exactly how these things work by looking at them statically.

As an agreement to jets working above water, Trevor`s little fireman SAM boat has its very own bow thruster in the form of Sam`s squirty hose which is well clear of the deck let alone the pond, and this turns the boat amazingly well.


Thread: How to measure what motor I need.
30/07/2020 13:34:32

Florian.Back to the hull finishing question. Once covered with glass/resin, roughly smooth hull with wet’n’dry paper (wet), smear filler over, thinly (P38or similar), smooth with ever finer wet’n’dry. Dust with primer so see if it needs extra work (likely).

Please bear in mind that a large prop needs the shaft to sit a bit lower in the hull or the tip will be too close to the surface and cavitate, making an unseemly froth and losing thrust. Floatation test first.


Thread: todays boating
30/07/2020 13:24:17

Chaps impressed by the modest improvement (think: putting merlin engine in a Sopwith camel).

All Titanics operating well, even the ones which weren’t Titanics at the time!

Lovely day, took some nice snaps of Peters new Red fire tug. Impressive size. Monster Kort nozzle. super.


bit peeved as forgot to take the plastic Titanic to photograph...perhaps Sunday...or fri! Or sat!

Thread: water jet boat
28/07/2020 22:27:20

I think Chris has it. If you buy jet units, you do not have a say in where the outlets are if you have the inlets on the bottom skin.


Thread: todays boating
28/07/2020 22:25:32

Modest indeed, and I will be showing the modest improvement tomorrow at boating.

All welcome. You all have nowt to do but come to the pond for a bit of socially distanced fun.

Big and little Titanic's as well.


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
28/07/2020 07:55:53

Neil. The attention to detail you are putting in goes on and on!

Like Bob, I never throw ‘owt away, just in case!


Thread: Sea Breeze - Vintage Model Boat Company
27/07/2020 18:14:00

Nick. I am with Ray on the glue issue.

As you will be varnishing inside and out, the waterproofness of the glue is not critical. I use same as Ray.


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