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Thread: Todays Boating
06/02/2021 18:33:30

Will do. BUT the bath is not the place to make any definitive statement!

Unfortunately may be a while before I can test it in `free` water. I will do a current reading though.

I thought 12A wasn`t bad for such a large twisty prop and a toddy motor and about what an MFA 850 would take on the same prop, ish.

Both Fishy and secret project have the same drive so will be interesting to see how they stand up.


06/02/2021 17:30:44

X40 props arrived and one fitted, not tested yet

Went for a cycle to Walton and back along towpath. Some serious puddles spanning several paths, and the Thames is running very fast. Treemendous eddies around the bends and various islands.

Bushy park pond also high, to the top of the jetty now. Hope this will wash some of the crud out of the way.


Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
06/02/2021 17:18:01

Carl. I am simply answering all the questions you posed, nothing more. I am sorry if it came across as lecturing.

There can be a tendency to over-think these things. As long as the bits are secure, painted over and (for the motor/shaft) not tight, then things will be ok.

I would not worry about stability, power, endurance or anything else just yet. Fit the bits you have and chuck it in the water. As has been said, there are no right ways of doing some things, we all have our own methods.

After a while you get the feel for these things and just do what you know will work.

Ashley you cant guess where the propeller is on this one!!


05/02/2021 09:55:17

Fast is relative to the boat in question. kK boats will be nippy but not fast compared to a nitro offshore powerboat model. Unless you get an onboard gps tracker it is difficult to say exactly how fast something is.

Theprop on these cheap shafts has very little pitch (twist) on it and this limits the amount of thrust it can generate.

I use micro servos on rudders twice the size you are contemplating. Why would you want to reduce the servo torque?

250g is light for this size of boat.

Glue the propshaft in with epoxy. Line the shaft up, secure in place with a few drops of superglu then finish with epoxy. Everybody has their own method.

The bearings are likely to out last you for the use they get, With my previously recommended regime of regular disassembly and grease smearing. The shaft should be stiff enough to counter any whip issues.


Thread: speed controller and fuses
04/02/2021 17:03:48

Colin, you were just reminding everyone of wot I wrote!

The trouble with threads like this that useful information gets lost in the mullings-over.

However an acknowledgement at the time could have been useful.


Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
04/02/2021 16:41:11

Carl. 30W would be more appropriate for this model, and as several people have said, the 2mm shaft you have would not develop any more even with a million horsepower behind it!

Not a good idea to have a dagger board in front of the prop as this would likely just fight with the rudder. I would mount your new rudder blade lengthways and not upright as you have it in the picture.

rails running fore-aft underneath would help straight line stability at speed. However, with such a light boat, going fast will be fraught with danger....


Thread: speed controller and fuses
04/02/2021 16:30:20

I did suggest the blade fuse/ spade connectors earlier..


Thread: Todays Boating
03/02/2021 09:29:52

Retested secret project in the bath yesterday. Wowsy wowsy! More manoeuvrability than I have ever seen ever. mUCH too much power. The boat rears up at40degrees on shoving the throttle forward andisbasically uncontrollable.

however being careful I was able to navigate round the bath and do twirly whirlies ok. Stability appeared to be ok, so there’s hope.

the x40 props should calm things down.

As the fishy has the same setup no doubt I will need the smaller prop on that as well.


Thread: Model No2 for New RC Modeller
03/02/2021 08:36:57

Hi Stephen.

As presumably you have a radio set already why not just get another receiver for the new model?

If you don’t need tank steering then you don’t need a mixer...or at least, WHY would you need a mixer? Two low-ish power motors work quite well off one ESC, and unless you want to do party tricks on the pond, a twin rudder setup should provide all the manoeuvrability that you need.

No thoughts on the motors as I don’t know exactly how big your boat is and in any event there are a few life boat people on the forum who can advise on that!


just looked up TG and the boats are quite big and a lifeboat specialist will have to advise on any r/c setup.

Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
02/02/2021 10:01:13

The issue there is that although the shafts are billed as 2mm, I think I measured mine at 1.8mm....because....I bought some 2mm stainless bike spokesthinking I would replace the original shafts but they would not fit..So you may be lucky to find a locknut to fit. Perhaps a spot of superglue.

As Chris says they are very easy to shorten.

For the money these shafts are great value when you need the lightness, but they do take maintenance in the long term. All our landing craft were so equipped but 4 years down the line I have changed them to slimline 4mm. BUT weight is not an issue there !


Thread: MV Oldenburg 1/48th scale
01/02/2021 22:14:25

Ray. When you REALLY have no more room, then it’s time, but I find that optimally packing makes loadsmore room...

Box ‘em up, they can stack floor to ceiling then.


Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
01/02/2021 22:05:16

I believe the KK rudders were made from brass wire and thin sheet soldered together, not very heavy. A decent enough rudder could be made using 3mm brass rod etc e5c.

Shaft tube inner should be as per photo. Outer end needs to be where the prop is supposed to be if that’s not an obvious thing to say. A bit of give and take is reqd re motor location and shaft length is needed!

Whereas there may be an optimum distance viz prop and hull, with something like this it really won’t make much difference practically speaking...not toooo close of course, wouldn’t like to give an actual measurement...but it is also a function of how steep or shallow you want the shaft angle to be.

The shafts on these radio active setups are not rustproof in my experience and my advice would be to grease the shaft before insertion, and clean/regressed every now and then. Wd40 too thin as a lubricant. The shaft bearings are not too tight and let in water also in my experience but I would not pack the tube with grease. Best water lubricated as nylon bearings.

Shaft angle and shaft lubrication both contentious issues on this forum as far as agreeing on what is best. For my money considering the run time of these things....

I can’t see it is possible to make a decent to-scale edf Cobb or Bluebird without massively enlarging both the the inlets and outlets, so a looks-something-like appearance I reckon is all you could manage, if a decent scale model is required then a prop driven jobbie would be needed, or a jet unit.


Thread: Hi All, I'm new here
01/02/2021 16:34:14

Yes you will need a surface piercing prop, but try an X propfirst!


Thread: MV Oldenburg 1/48th scale
01/02/2021 16:32:35

Nice wall shot Ray! I invested in the slotted strip stuff you hook arms on to for my shelvingwhen ire-did the shed. Although more expensive itenablesypy to position the shelves for the densest possible packing, and getting rid of excess vertical wasted space...BESIDES being replaced-positionablelater on.

Previously like you I had brackets, but when the shed had been stripped, the walls were full of old bracket holes so I bit the bullet and splashed out.

Eddie...yes..boating.. we all have at least new boat to test over here, if not three, or likely four if this malarkey goes on!

i will have to sneak down to the pond at some time for a very quick secret project test as the others want to get going and build their own versions....and I don’t know if it works yet!


Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
01/02/2021 11:15:39

Ah, on reflection you won’t develop much power using the standard prop despite having 80w in the motor, so the spring may be ok, but I am sure there are better small couplings out there.


Thread: Hi All, I'm new here
01/02/2021 11:06:56

Peter. Is the prop going to sit on the waterline or be fully submerged? If it’s on the waterline ie level with the bottom lip of the stern, obviously(?) you will need a surface piercing prop, but if submerged, a normal X type two blade one.

Surface piercing ones can be larger than underwater ones as they are only half submerged.

X series props will drive almost anything, and are very cheap. A wattmeter is the thing to use when setting up, so you can see how much current is being drawn for whatever prop you have, and you can judge speed verses power consumption when juggling with sizes. AND you can keep the current draw within motor and esc specs. Buy a few (35, 40, 45) and try them out.

Probably you will have a dog-drive on the flexi, but X props can be converted by cutting off the end, filing out the threads and filing a slot for the dog. No doubt no one would recommend this, but it worked for me....

I like those club 500 boats. Straightforward, not too big, quite quick and robust. If or as and when I sell the Fantome I may buy one.



Edited By ashley needham on 01/02/2021 11:09:18

01/02/2021 09:20:11

Hi Peter. How about a couple of snaps to keep us entertained?.

What sort of fast boat are you contemplating? F/glass hull...wood...offshore....Fairey....?

and how fast?


dsc_0113a#flying in a scale inch of water.jpg

Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
31/01/2021 18:44:48

Carl. Discard the spring coupling. It is for low power motors only.

Could try the normal brass inserts but use silicone tube instead of a u.j. I bought some thick wall tube ages ago and it is a good tight fit on the splines and can be cut longer or shorter as required.

Crusader with an edf?? No problem (hopefully with more testing this summer)...

Bluebird with edf?? Easy, done and dusted...


Thread: Bending 5mm brass rods to make driveshaft
31/01/2021 18:37:57

WB. I would think some sort of tool to use as a press, in a vice might do. Also, the brass needs to be annealed by a blowtorch regularly to keep it malleable. Or you could try bending two pieces at the same time....a vice is a must here of course.

Alternatively could you make a crank by fabrication....using brass side webs and drilling holes and soldering perhaps?


Thread: Switches and speed controllers
31/01/2021 08:58:08

Wot Richard (and Colin) says.

I despair on other forums at the level of animosity sometimes that greet suggestions and remarks.

Everyone should be free to offer suggestions and indeed to disagree with those other suggestions.


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