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Thread: Recovery
09/08/2020 13:42:07

Bryan. Easiest method is to take another boat, which is why I take a lander as a spare. Manouverable and flat fronted.

extending fishing pole, rod and line, ball and string, wellies, waders all work.


Thread: todays boating
08/08/2020 14:31:05

Like that Tim. Funny isn’t it, virtually all Noahs Ark toys are of that design. I suppose if you want something that is boaty, has a door to get the animals in, and a cabin for mr and mrs Noah...that’s the kiddie! Great animals.

I wondered what happened to unicorns?


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
07/08/2020 22:26:00

....firing duck food pellets! Ashley

Thread: todays boating
07/08/2020 22:24:56

Ha! Wouldnt get many elephants on that! But it is round, sort of large coracle.

We talked about building a Noah’s ark. The cost of sufficient plastic animals was deemed too expensive...


07/08/2020 18:13:45


George Sitek makes nice props at reasonable prices. BUT Cornwall Model Boats and Howes Models sell them.

Anything special or just an ordinary brass prop?

Paul. They probably decided that it was too much faffing about. They did make mortar boats which they used in the Crimea and so on. Sort of a mobile idea from the round thing?

There cant be many other round ships made. A quick google only shows the Novagrodski (or woteva).

Did some filling today with car body filler. i only had to wave the hardener at it and it started to set!!


07/08/2020 15:46:10

Chris, it’s all out there!!

Ray. Pmd u


Thread: Polish hull or apply name first?
07/08/2020 11:20:52

M. I would suggest that if you get a good shine on the spray, I would not do anything more.

As before, personally I would just varnish over the water slide transfers plus 1mm, and leave the pinstripe.


Thread: todays boating
07/08/2020 09:08:51

Exactly what I said to the man. If everything had gone to plan he would have learned zilch...OTHER than the combination he had on those particular vessels worked.

Richard has a large block of foam, unfeasably large really, and he is not afraid to use it! He is being tight-lipped over the intended use of the foam....

I on the other hand am fiddling with more 4mm ply, and hopefully filler today.

I also fancy building of those round Russian battleships, the Novrosgrodavich (or woteva) as I saw a picture the other day and was reminded that it was sort of on the list. Building the hull would be a doddle as would be arranging propulsion and control.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
07/08/2020 08:56:13

Bob. Perhaps your rear hatch could become a pop-up helicopter pad complete with a rotating blade ‘copter!

You also can’t beat a rotating radar array on a navel vessel, realistic or not.


Thread: Airbrushing - glossy fininsh?
06/08/2020 16:02:14

As usual Paul demonstrates his complete mastery of the perfect varnish gloss finish (excuse me while I take my sunglasses off now)

but George are you spraying a Gloss colour and not a clear varnish? As per Paul’s comment, I would expect a nice gloss finish after 3 coats of Halfords rattle can spray, for instance, and even spraying my BSA Spitfire tank I had a great gloss with cellulose paint as soon as it had covered.

i believe some paints are already thinned for spraying, so could it be that you have over-thinned, or something?

Spraying in the warm but not hot also helps .


Edited By ashley needham on 06/08/2020 16:02:42

Thread: todays boating
06/08/2020 10:00:45

I think it was ignorance, the man took the home made hull in and the shop person looked at it and thought...hhmmmm...big batteries as v roomy boat, needs a big brushed motor so as not to confuse the issue with KV and so on. Didnt see what size prop, probably much too large (and if memory serves they only do a limited range of 2 blade X props).

When I twiddled the Waverider (or whatever , made by the chaps dad or grandad years ago) drive train it was tight, despite there being no nut at the prop end to tighten things up. The coupling looked to be a metal basll-and-socket type ...left over from the glo motor??

Unfortunately there are not the model shops to go to nowadays, the one (I think) in question is a planes/trains/cars type. There are no boaty shops anywhere near us.

Hopefully he will come back and we can test the motor current draw with my wattmeter, check drive train freeness and also see what size prop he has. Unfortunately the second boat had a 5mm shaft....OR it might well have been imperial. I usually have several props in the tool box but not at 5mm/2BA


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
06/08/2020 09:05:20

Bob. It is important to find/decide what figures you intend to use first, and THEN scale the bits to them. Otherwise you will end up with figures that look too large or too small against the parts.

It is a good idea to put small figures on, as you say, it will scale the boat. Figures on the bridge would be the place I reckon.


05/08/2020 22:34:57

...spring loaded missiles in their silos, powder of some sort to stimulate smoke? Wheat flour perhaps to be ecological.

Depth charge launcher firing sinking duck pellets (round ones).

Loudspeaker playing Dolly Parton songs (make anyone retreat)


Thread: todays boating
05/08/2020 22:24:48

Richard, you don’t go to the right places.....

All the crews boats ran to perfection. But.

a man came down to the pond with an old...cabin cruiser/huntsman or something which used to have a glo-plug engine in. He also had a home made boat, large, a bit clumsy.

Disappointingly he had purchased a motor battery combo from a localism model shop..2x 12v 5Ahr SLA and some v large powerful brushed motor.. a 700 of some sort?

He said on first test the batt lasted 15 mins (???) or so.... no wonder... and both boats conked out with coupling fail, the home made one was rescued by Richard in his long rubber boots and the motor was emitting smoke !!! Huntress (or woteva) had the prop off as well as there there was no locknut although he used loctite but this is no substitute.

The man is not to blame, he has been given duff gen by the shop, and sold the wrong stuff. If only he has popped to the pond first!



Edited By ashley needham on 05/08/2020 22:26:31

Edited By ashley needham on 05/08/2020 22:28:19

Thread: m15 monitor
04/08/2020 22:11:58

Sammy. What do you do in the evenings then?. (Don't answer that). Evenings are made for modelling so no reason to halt the build.

once upon a time I was out most evenings, but....


Thread: todays boating
04/08/2020 22:06:41

They must be nurses on deck then?.

04/08/2020 14:33:33

3Tomorrow’s boating will be: testing Ecranoplan with new motor, testing Walrus with new rudder, delighting the crowd with my little green alien....

Probably a lander just in case, ferry poss.

Also, started work on the Maxtanic. Top secret this one. 


Edited By ashley needham on 04/08/2020 14:38:41

Thread: Corona & the Hot Weather
04/08/2020 14:31:24

so Harry, does that mean you have to put your long trousers on and a long sleeved T-shirt ?? 🤔🤔😎

Bushy car park has been open for three weeks now on week days, and this week end they seem to have opened it up for cars AT the week ends so it all week long boating now!!

Ashley (also goes boating in the REAL winter) 🌬🌬🌬🌬🌊💨🌬💦💦☁️🌩🌧🌧⛈

Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
04/08/2020 14:21:55

Bought mine on 31st! Loads at Smiffs in Kingston.

one or two REALLY good articles in there...


another really good article next month apparently!


Edited By ashley needham on 04/08/2020 14:22:28

Thread: Polish hull or apply name first?
03/08/2020 23:02:34

M. I try to spray something like that “in one”, so that the whole thing is “wet” and minimises the dusting effect.So saying, it is difficult with lots of sticky out bits present.

As for transfers, I would just varnish the actual transfer and 1 or 2mm over the edge, and use a non-yellowing varnish (Humbrol do transfer varnish).

Having given you my words of wisdom, several members here are lifeboat experts and no doubt will pitch in on what is the RIGHT way to do it!


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