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Thread: Very old Vosper MTB
19/11/2021 08:30:49

The red wire with the ring is almost certainly the positive battery lead. That it has a ring terminal also mean likely the boat would have had a sealed lead-acid type battery.

The Decaperm came in 6 and 12v versions as far as my research shows, and when I “restored” the big destroyer I have I did not trace the battery wiring to see which version of motor I had. I am running it on a 7.2v Nimh stick as an “in between” compromise (it’s using direct drive) and the motors are coping very well with brass 45mm props. I didn’t see any markings on the motor to tell me which version I have??

With regard to your depends on what you want to do with it as to how much you want to spend and how fast you want to go.

If the model will work with simply a new 4x cell receiver battery pack and a Nimh battery, you are quids in.

If not, as suggested, buy a new 2.4 gig set and a new BEC equipped ESC (so eliminating the need for a separate RX battery pack) as this is the most trouble free way to go.


Thread: What Problem ???
17/11/2021 08:11:55

I see Harry’s problem...not enough boats!!

Boxing them up seriously compacts the storage needs and disguises the numbers..




Thread: Todays Boating
15/11/2021 09:51:02

Why not eh!

Obviously I would not hesitate to rip off anything produced by Harry....


15/11/2021 08:20:08

Hi Harry. Not sure what you mean there as I have nothing in the Dec mag (that I am aware of)....? 

The only pirate at Bushy park is Richard!

We use the landers as rescue boats. I have seen the pictures of the bent pipe device and we have tried similar sorts of things before but found you need quite a powerful boat to make them work. The landers are low power but super manoeuvrable at low speeds and a bit of pipe insulation slips over the bow to provide a soft grip.

Weather not great here either, getting nippy and has been a bit grey and drizzly.

Only a couple more Sundays to go before all the Christmas lights and tops come out for boating!,



Edited By ashley needham on 15/11/2021 08:23:32

Thread: Sad news
12/11/2021 09:15:28

Gut wrenching this sort of thing. Leaves you feeling quite powerLess  Bob.

Richard. Sadly this seems to be the case.

Obviously can be blamed on covid...


Edited By ashley needham on 12/11/2021 09:17:01

Thread: Moonbeam - a novice's attempt
12/11/2021 09:12:54

Andrew. This is building into a great model.

re figures from your earlier unanswered comment. I always advocate figures on a model. They add interest and a sense of scale. Unfortunately the eye is always drawn to figures on a deck, and far from intimating your vessel is not interesting, it would be elevated from a model boat sailing on the water to a model of the real thing, with a person on board.

One helms-person only on deck would look odd I think, but if placing more elsewhere is an issue, perhaps two at the wheel would be good. Just a suggestion.


Thread: Returning modeller
07/11/2021 08:07:09

You will never get the motors starting together at very low speeds. There will be differences in motor manufacture, shaft manufacture, coupling manufacture, esc manufacture and indeed installation. Nothing to even worth thinking about....UNLESS there’s a BIG throttle difference, but there again, once in the water with a load on (props stirring the wet stuff) and having “run in” the moving bits this will change again.

not sure about your master/slave esc remark. If the esc’s are on a y lead with one red wire disconnected, they are just two esc’s on a common lead?


Edited By ashley needham on 07/11/2021 08:09:51

Thread: Todays Boating
07/11/2021 08:00:34

Looks nice for a bit of boating this morning. Need snaps of Sting and fishy together. Had flu jab, covid booster not until dec/jan.

Having said I was looking at pictures of canal boats...I fell asleep, so will be doing a freelance canal top, after all, how hard can it be? there’s no actual template for one. The cargo well will accept a slip-over live-in type top so I can have two “looks”. The man I have used as scale is 3.75” so an “industry” standard figure size meaning I can have WHO I want on the back..or front I suppose.

Usual thing for this time of year, cut wood, apply PVA...bring inside to put on warm fish tank to dry.


Thread: stuffing tube bushings
05/11/2021 09:32:20

So Andrew....any decisions yet?.


Thread: Fourteen Ship Profiles
05/11/2021 09:29:21

Great drawings.

i like seeing different types of boats/planes/tanks or whatever drawn side-by-side as it were to scale. You get an appreciation of the actual size of the vessels that simply knowing physically how large there were does not give.

The bulk of a (say) a Tiger tank verses a Crusader tank is horribly apparent when scale models of same are placed side by side.


Thread: Todays Boating
05/11/2021 09:24:08

Shelves have been very slightly rearranged, again, to accommodate the new (unfortunately large) box that houses the gunboat masts.

I am about to start on a canal boat, believe it or not, so am researching pictures of canal boats.

I am going with a cargo sort of style, as the central well will be able to have interchangeable loads in coal, gravel...or even sacks/barrels and a crane. The boat size has already been fixed, due to the aim of the ongoing project so the first task is to decide a figure size to suit this. This will determine the relative scale and thus affect the size of the ‘accessories’.

THEN....I will get the big balls out for the LPG top........or I might do this in parallel with the canal boat..see how we go. Getting nippy in the shed now.


Thread: boat size
02/11/2021 23:39:45

Anything with masts will be well fiddly, and on a kit, you can’t really leave anything out.

Unfortunately with little experience you are a bit stuck. If a sailing type ship is what you really want to build, then it will be fiddly,

I have a Mantua 1/200 victory kit at home that the chaps bought me as a leaving prezzy. I will never build it. However, it is possible that, because it is a big ship and a small scale, the rigging will have to be simplified and so there will actually be LESS of it to fiddle with ?


Thread: RMS TITANIC 1912
02/11/2021 22:55:08

Yes, bargain....but does it float??


Thread: boat size
01/11/2021 09:02:01

All true advice.

Larger scale models demand more detail to be added. Warships are a good example.

The 6 foot destroyer I have (which I didn’t build!) has railings all the way round for a start, and on a model that size and scale (about 1/40..ish) you could not leave them out.

However, the 1/96 scale HMS Manchester which although is not far off the length at 57 inches is a much smaller scale and in order to finish it (as the hull/superstructure had been hanging about the shed for 25 years) I purchased just sufficient fittings to complete it, no railings and it looks ok.

Conversely my 1/200 HMS Nelson has very little actual detail on it even at 4 foot in length. The detail would be so tiny as to be invisible once on the water..not only that, a battleship deck would be strewn with ephemera...spars, rope...stuff, and I tried to add a few bits but at that size they did not look convincing. In addition, although you can get etched brass detail, it is very easy to damage, and on a “working” model, that is to be avoided!


Below. An example of absolutely minimal actual detail, masked by distance.



31/10/2021 19:09:25

I am afraid that the larger the scale, the more numerous will be the detail items.

What you need to build are stand-off scale vessels, which can look very effective but not be festooned with tiny detail items ?????


Thread: Todays Boating
31/10/2021 08:50:36

No boating today. Raining and blowing a gale here.

So boat boxes nicely stacked ready will have to be replaced on the shelf and batts stored.

I have a shelf stacking diagram to adhere to, to ensure maximum packing density having spent more than a few hours moving stuff around to achieve best use of space.

The shed roof is higher at the rear (it slopes up f-b) sowhen I get really desperate the boxes could be stacked three high at the rear on the top shelf but it would be afaff getting these ones out. Nowhere near that yet, and before that I would get rid of a few....

...possibly theGlorious light battle cruise, Jersey OPV, German lander and EVEN the carpet carrier (as its essentially the same as the better Invincible).

Have stocked up on 3x 1000Kv and 2x 1400 Kv 28mm brushless outrunners for replacements and future projects.all came with 30A esc’s and massive 10x5 props!, (surplus to requirements)


Thread: Hachette
30/10/2021 08:46:20

A very quick surf on Hatchette Bismarck reveals any number of reviews and all sorts...YouTube clips.

is there no more info to be had from these sources?.


Thread: stuffing tube bushings
28/10/2021 08:31:59

Andrew, it may be easier and cheaper to simpy fit a new shaft.

Heat the old one up to soften the glue and whack it with a hammer (gently).

Clear out old glue, epoxy new shaft in. Job done.


Thread: Todays Boating
27/10/2021 16:01:16

...which is why most of my models are “a representation of” rather than strict scale.

To be fair, Bob made many alterations at the back end which may not have helped....

The junk Richard was referring to may have been a GG plan?. (Can’t remember) but it did not sail at all. It was novel though as we don’t see many junks , just junk.....

Watching a “vintage model boat” on eBay. Awful build, asking loads (hundreds) for it. Just out of interest.


27/10/2021 09:08:12

I was just perusing the original Slo Mo shun thread from Bob, and came across a remark I put on there saying that a simplified Stingray was on the to-do list...and that was in November 2009!!

So only 12 years on the list then!

Other than waiting for some deck-house type vents and funnel vents, on which to place crewmen, the crew is almost fully assembled for my gunboat and paddle warship and they look fab. Not exactly the right style but naval men of a suitable size for the period are thin on the ground, and if available would be all-action poses which would actually be quite limiting. Much as all my men are standing around or walking, unfortunately these are the more useful poses when you want loads of men on deck.

I was lucky with the London, as I found sets of ‘builders’, and at the tiny size I used, they were great for manning all the guns on deck.

I may find 35 and 25mm figures yet of course, but war game type metal ones tend to be very chunky compared to my cheap plastic figures.


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