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Thread: Todays Boating
26/07/2021 14:32:31

Unfortunately Richard the limits for my imagination are governed by the exacting issue of storage space. The saucer box sort of takes up four smaller boat boxes.


26/07/2021 12:59:36

Been busy on eBay today. Ordered lettering for the new boat, in a sort of 50’s American custom style font. And some clear shrink wrap to re-do the Nimh packs I have repaired.

Why is it I have not thought of battery sized shrink wrap before eh?

Sellotape just does not work on packs, it looks horrible and unless you put 10 layers on, does not hold the packs tight. I can also re-cover some of the other packs while I am at it.

ALSO, realised I missed a trick with the saucer lights.. Terror fish has internal coloured lights courtesy of a Xmas light easy...and I could have used same on saucer rather than faff around with separate leds. I could have got one of the ones that does sequences and has all sorts of effects, and how easy would that have been? Self contained, ready wired. I am kicking myself (figuratively speaking)


Edited By ashley needham on 26/07/2021 13:03:26

Thread: Great Eastern
26/07/2021 11:44:41

Yes a bit OTT Bob, I think the ship would have Been blown apart with that sort of explosion!

Your version much more likely.


Thread: MOD police launch
26/07/2021 11:41:45

Need to know eh! Didn’t know it had magnets already although if these are the black dots fore and aft they don’t look man enough.


Thread: Model Railways
26/07/2021 11:18:48

Snaps of some of my O gauge stuff.

First is a little A.Wells train cheap (at the time) set . Only a mean circle of track, one small train, tender and carriage (clockwork of course). Accessorised with a tunnel, station and signal box. Notice how delightfully scale they all are. Some boy would no doubt have thrilled to get just the little train set and played with it for hours?

Other boxes, part of my stash. Nothing expensive, very few items in “as new” condition.

Box , one of four, of track. It has been re-plated in bright tin, totally destroying its value to a collector but looking jolly smart. I once thought track was hard to come by and for years this stopped me buying O gauge trains,but no, the island is awash with it. Very little in good condition of course. I bought all my Hornby track off e-bay years ago for £100, and went in the Corsa with Berengar to Ruislip to get it, and it filled the car, literally...full to the brim. berengar was sitting on it, holding it, it was stuffed under the seats...pre and post war track, connector clips, points, three rail...

Sold the three rail stuff, chucked quite a bit away as it was too rusty or bent to be salvageable.

You can see why oo gauge became the tops though, as I have to completely clear the front room to put any sort of layout down!







Thread: MOD police launch
26/07/2021 10:02:51

I know it’s old tech, but an elastic band on a couple of hooks or whatever can be quite easy to arrange on something like this with loads of room.

A couple of my boats use his, as decent size magnets would have narrowed the access hatch. A bit of bet wire can be handy to hook bands up if needed, but shouldn’t be an issue with yours.

A couple of bits of foam good idea to keep the top floating ifall else fails!


Thread: Todays Boating
25/07/2021 17:56:41

Yes, I know the one.

Saucer looked really good today as the sky was grey and the water was dark. Probably the best the lights have looked! The top secret projects have lights but are virtually unseen in any sort of sun, but would look good at a show or summit.


Edited By ashley needham on 25/07/2021 17:58:37

Thread: Model Railways
25/07/2021 17:53:58

Richard. Very nice indeed, lovely detail (which is what train layouts are all about).

Alas my collection is mostly “O” gauge and not permanently set up. I will contribute however when I next get down the shed with the iPad to take some snaps!

Thinking about it, I could empty the big LCT and put some track and rolling stock in it to become a train-transporter?.


Thread: Motor+prop advice
25/07/2021 08:26:25

Joao. The common two blade plastic props come in two pitches.

one is “S” and one is “X” . X pitch props have a very big pitch on them, 45 degrees or so, and S types much less.

Thus an X55. Or. 55X describes both its size and pitch. If you do not want to go very fast I suggest something more like 400Watts will be more than enough. As Charles has asked, if anything goes wrong, that’s a fair old missile for that weight and speed.

Charles...good question. Some people have insurance, but anything that fast needs a clear water to operate clear of people and wildlife .

although we have fastish stuff at Bushy, it gets operated at the far side of the pond normally, and there is a vertical hard bank 18 inches or so high preventing any boats leaving the water all the way round.

Normally our fast stuff is operated in “exhibition” mode...A few quick runs to prove their worth and than exhibit on the grassy knoll! Most of our stuff is powered just sufficiently to get the required look, without being silly. I took the Bluebird out the other day (after a 6 month sojourn) and was surprised by how slow it was (especially compared to Andy’s surface drive one), but it’s achieved the three-point stance and looked great without going at Mach 10.



Thread: decaperm motor
24/07/2021 19:37:52

Oddly enough, and not at all boat related....the Mrs bought back a B&D strimmer from her mums, wot was not working.

i unscrewed the thing (it’s just two moulded halves) and the brushes in the motor were clagged up. Probably this was easier to do than the Decaperm, but a bit of switch cleaner and cotton bud action followed by a couple of drops of 20/50 and it was running Luvvly.

Ashley. Yes I knew you would all be interested.

Thread: Motor+prop advice
24/07/2021 19:32:08

It almost develops 1Kw of power!, is Such a motor is enough for a boat like this......I think so!


Thread: Todays Boating
24/07/2021 19:24:52

Will it won’t it rain tomorrow?. Wait and see.

Saucer article looked very good thanks Richard (the graphics man) and obv Lindsey.

its a fact of life that the people who moan most do the most posting on sites...trip advisor or whatever, and I almost detect a sort of apology in the editorial column for having the UFO on the cover. Doubtless Mr Angry who couldn’t see the value of the Walrus will be having fits at seeing something so alien to his tastes in the mag. But was the saucer the only oddity in the entire mag?. I think so?

But let me assure you all.. THERE IS PLENTY MORE where that came from ! Oh yes!

Saying anything in the mag is of course talking to the converted, modellers buy the thing, not someone who, scanning the shelves thinks “ooo a flying saucer I’ll buy that publication.

The pond audience is exactly where the arrow of interest needs to be aimed. They love the Pirates. minions, Woody, croc, Saucer....Barbies (later geezers). If only radio gear was much cheaper I am sure we could flog loads the kids, but it’s too dear. Even the cheapest built boat would take £100 to get in the water if you were a brand new owner (gear, batt, batt charger alone at least £60).

Ashley (aligning Dilithium Crystal as I post)

Thread: New Ferries
21/07/2021 23:06:52

Sorry Richard...I can be a bit useless at times....


Thread: 540 Model Sails
21/07/2021 15:04:55

Hi Nigel and welcome to the forum.

At the risk of being obvious, but cleaning off the old gunk and using more double sided tape would be easiest.??

Not a sailman myself, but what are the sails made from?? Plastic or something...Mylar perhaps.


Thread: John Longford 'Barbara'
21/07/2021 15:00:44

Hi Stewart and welcome to the forum.

As with all these sorts of questions, pictures and measurements/type of construction are needed.

Is this a miniature side valve engine? ?

it may be easiest to change them propshaft tube for something new as it will be imperial and tricky to find a shaft to suit especially in stainless steel which is what you want.


Thread: Can anybody clear this up for me
21/07/2021 14:56:13

Hi Ray and welcome to the forum.

it does look like a whaler I must say . Not heard of a Liverpool lifeboat but I am no lifeboat man.

Neil is the geezer who knows all things lifeboat related, hopefully he will post.


Thread: Todays Boating
21/07/2021 14:52:26

Interesting finding these alternatives.

New boat painted. Mirror finish all round. Excellent. Let it harden for a few days before applying lining and so forth.

Underneath painted in black gloss oil paint to avoid any issues with spray and foam. This is the chine essentially and is sort of unseen, however the oil paint is very glossy.

I am almost afraid to touch it as my fingers always seen to be sweaty and oily in this heat.


Thread: New Ferries
21/07/2021 14:47:31

I was reading that a lot of manufacturers are trying to develop electric motors without noedidium (or woteva) magnets as 90% of the supply comes from China...ditto battery manufacture. Already a shortage of printed circuit boards (from China).


21/07/2021 13:50:32

Wonder what battery chemistry they will use?


Thread: Todays Boating
19/07/2021 17:53:13

/Chris, good question to which I have no answer.

BUT I would have though it would be less efficient than a "normal" motor and prop setup.?

Paul T may have an opinion as he has used these pumps as well.

This is the third boat using the pumps, the other two use the pump buried in the hull and the water is ducted out, as this is how the originals were configured, but on the saucer this was by far and away the easiest and cheapest way to power it, plus the outlet was fairly central which I wanted in order to get the manoeuvrability.

Trevor made a speedboat hull to accommodate a 3700 GPH pump and that goes ok, with lots of whoosh out the back, but its heavy for the thrust and possibly three 1100GPH pumps may have delivered more considering the much lesser weight. But unless you build one....?


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