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Thread: todays boating
11/07/2020 12:46:14

Bushy park news....park will be open for cars on Monday 14th, but only weekdays...deep joy!

Have 5 boats to test properly/for the first time.


Thread: Graupner Wiesel RC setup
11/07/2020 12:44:00

Looking good Kip.

Water entry...through the actual tube or around the tube/hull joint.

Thats a lot of water...good job it didn’t start Togo under!


Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
11/07/2020 12:41:53

Very nice Tim. Very nice indeed. Although they call the Phalanx CIWS “Daleks”, these are the real m’coy!

Incidentally the Phalanx system has not got a good track record when it comes down to it. It was only ever meant to be a stop-gap, but it’s still here...bit like opening hours and the speed limit on motorways!


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
11/07/2020 12:37:26

No probs Bob.

They have been available for such a longtime as they are so GOOD!

Versatile, powerful....they have it all. None of your fancy alloys. A lovely lump to heft in the hand.

4, that’s a good number Bob.....


11/07/2020 09:23:34

Bob. Howes have 850s for £22 each. What exactly do you mean by “850s have been out for years” ??


Thread: todays boating
10/07/2020 18:06:19

Arr. Trying for Sunday morning as Trevor wants to test the Iti racer.

It has progressed to the point where some testing has to be done to suss out how well it works and what mods are needed. I was going to say "if any" but there are bound to be some tweaks needed with something like this.

We met on Wednesday and discussed ....stuff.... and conversation turned to the Swordfish, performance thereof, with the brushed EDF. Trevor has a dinky little Blue....

...EDF... 45mm, and you can get 30mm ones for increased oomph. Shall I?? shan`t I??? Hmmmm

Sunday will be Swordfish if its really nice as I could do with some snaps, if not, then the Jet lander.


Thread: Mintanic
10/07/2020 17:57:03

Coming on slowly this top. Partly due to various layers of paint having to dry, and also due to re=making the top deck superstructure bit. The ply was not going smooth, so have re-made a couple of bits in MDF, as this will smooth up nicely.

The pinstripe lines on the side of the boat are deforming due to having fingers placed over them when I grab the top to lift it out the water. I will have to re-apply and varnish.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
10/07/2020 17:52:29

Found my 850 removed from the MFA boat.

Its a whopper, I had forgot just how hefty they are!

Still, stonking motor.


10/07/2020 08:42:29

OK Bob.... in order.....

Subtle paint job...dark grey fading up to very pale grey on top. Deck camouflaged with light blue (to mimic the blue sky shining off the water surface as seen from a patrol aircraft.

Dont bother with brushless if you have.....4 x 850s!!! way to go...X60 props, yes

Silver/stripes....will make it look like a common speedboat only missing a drivers head on top.. You could paint it white/blue to mingle with the hordes of Faireys on the pond??? good cammo.

Sound...wouldnt you want steam engine of diesel sounds out of an advanced warship??? Gun sounds not right for a laser/missile based weaponry. Simulated laser lights from the top might be better.


09/07/2020 22:25:41

....and just like the new warships is going to have integrated electric propulsion system! (Pair of 850s)

Think there was a discussion of colour schemes for the last one.

Dazzle has no place for a large warship of the future. The Swedes use cammo but that’s for small ships in amongst all those fjords (or is it the Norwegians? Or both.)


Thread: WANTED- MFA RX-15 plus
08/07/2020 09:17:33

No, but having had a quick google (as you do) it seems they are very hot 540s. 22000 rpm mentioned at one ste.

Wow, your vintage launch is going to ROCKET put some trim tabs on the backend to keep the front down!,

i have an adjustable brushMabuchi in a nice little fitted wooden box, and it has Moblyoblydenum magnets!

Dying to try it on something but nothing here suitable for it, the brushes get in the way as a straight swap.


Thread: Mintanic
08/07/2020 08:27:40

Chris. It’s not just the Santa that had those massive “vents”, the Blue funnel boats also seem to have them so I imagine they may have been common at the time.

Without doing any research I think that the uprights are for the Derriks, hollow steel poles, and they were being used as additional vents, probably for the cargo holds?? Seems reasonable to me.

I did consider doing something at the top of the uprights but decided against it. HOWEVER...the Caldercraft cowls I bought are 5mm inside diameter and an end would sit nicely on top of the 5mm dowels used for the derricks...? Or is that sort of detail not worth the expense, considering (the cheapness of the rest of it!)


07/07/2020 18:36:04

Spent yesterday and today fiddling with bits for the SANTA ROSA ! This ship has the desired different two funnel look, and as Chris pointed out, the funnels are not just bits of dowel (more on that later!)

White mastage seems to be one of the features so I have made another set. Another rear deck has been made as I have found a hidden feature that I would like to incorporate, and drawing pins come into this equation...any guesses?

The funnels, after some deliberation, have been made using card wrapped dowel!! They have the right shape, and I did not want to go all exotic and scratch build some mini-masterpieces....simplicity is the name of the game.

However, the lifeboats sit on a (I am sure there is a term for it) launching frame and not simply hang from davits. This may be tricky to simulate. Thinking hat on ....lifeboats will only be about an inch long.


Thread: WANTED- MFA RX-15 plus
07/07/2020 15:50:11

Bob, why did you select the rx-15 motors for your boat?.?


Thread: Returning modeller
07/07/2020 15:49:07

Jim. You were not meaning battery connectors were you? There are several of these, easily swapped.


Thread: Motors / esc
06/07/2020 10:47:40

Hi Andy. There is no best combination to use. You will get likely several suggestions here, all of which are likely to do the job, and you make your choice.

What size props are you going to use, or at least, what is the scale prop size? As this has a bearing on the motor choice.

Do you have some batteries to use from (for instance) any other boats as this could also affect motor rating (Kv), assuming you would want to re-use batteries and not buy the Lipos which will be suggested.


Edited By ashley needham on 06/07/2020 10:48:25

Thread: Mintanic
06/07/2020 10:35:38

The “grace line” seems to fit the bill, so far...

the bonus being that I could use the Blue funnel focsle and quarterdeck as they are not a million miles off. I can easily make a second deckhouse, or whatever it is on the stern, to plug into the rearmost 2nd Derrick hole in the deck?


Edited By ashley needham on 06/07/2020 10:39:36

Thread: Returning modeller
06/07/2020 10:26:55

Hi Harry. Nice summation!

Like the look of those esc, and as you obviously have no probs with them , will get a enough.


05/07/2020 22:12:50

I think you may have trouble finding something as heavy as the lead to fit in the space in your tug. Gold would do it of course...

Sorry..I meant by the battery/tug question that the new Surfury batty might be able to be used in the tug as well. “Compact” or square formation packs can be obtained but the tug motor may not handle 10v or so. Obviously the lead batt is no good for a speedboat!


Thread: Mintanic
05/07/2020 21:58:18

Chris. Yes surprising how big the vents are. One picture I think shows them black so that’s what I went with, to stand out a bit.

Two to be done... a side by side arrangement would be novel. More surfing read!


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