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Thread: RAF Launch accessories
23/02/2020 20:38:16

Dave. Odds on it will float,or at least, not completely sink. Sufficient for a rescue.

Wedging some foam in areas not full of “stuff” might help to delay sinking. If it turns upside down you will be ok as long as the hull does not let the air escape and the water in (the floating bit).

Filling all areas NOT full of “stuff” runs the risk of trapping moisture and leading to long term issues.

Seriously, I would not worry about it....


Thread: Sails and ropes
23/02/2020 09:10:14

Yeah, just as confusing!

I have sailed on a square rigger and it is not quite as difficult as it seems. All the belaying stations are the same (layout) and some of the ropes are made from different stuff for different uses, plus you don’t need to know all the terms of the sails when sailing.

That is the sort of picture everyone needs to keep for reference. Certainly I had to do some research for the London even though it is much simplified.


23/02/2020 08:41:36

Ray. Yes a lot of hits (or moths?) but shows the damage resilience of a big sail. The whole suit of sails could take that sort of damage and still provide propulsion, assuming the masts weren’t hit!


23/02/2020 08:30:30

Hi Bob. Yes, confusing....

You would have to make a huge sail to include that much detail on a model!


Thread: todays boating
23/02/2020 08:03:13

Again for the third week it’s really gusty this morning. If it was warm and in the summer I wouldn’t mind but it gets jolly freeze in this wind.

Shedwork I think today.


22/02/2020 16:01:28

Popped to pond fri but very windy. Bit much for Richards boats, and too much for Bluebird.

Did a few runs right alongside jetty and it seems to steer ok, but difficult to tell. Didnt want to go any further out as it wouldn’t steer at all out there and with the very light weight may even have got blown over!

flying saucer body now assembled and turned on makeshift lathe!! Bit rough, but the shape is there.

Tomorrow wait and see. Is a bit chilly on the wind.


Thread: Eileen
21/02/2020 08:39:04

Great photos Harry, you keep your garden pond in tip top condition!

Looks good in that setting. Planning on some crew men/women/others?


Thread: todays boating
20/02/2020 20:51:00

In the diary! Good event last year. We might think about a banner this year?? chat at `t pond. Will we need sunglasses to look at the pedalo??

Lovely box of grey Styrofoam has arrived, 10x A3 sheets (17x12 inches) all for £2.50 a sheet. As a bonus, they were cushioned in the box by two bits of 8mm and one 12mm bit as well!!! (these are rough one side, no matter). Need some foaming Gorilla glue now, only have a small quantity of White foaming stuff.

Alien also on board, prismatic paper to hand. I have all I need for interplanetary travel or should that be inter-pondetry?

LEDs arrived from a well known component supplier but unfortunately some Deans connecters were AWOL. Phone call tomorrow. However the leopard 2040 2600Kv motor for the Ecranoplan made it, and it fits a treat in the previous Park motor adaptor. Just need to solder some gold ends on and we will be in business. Hopefully this will perk the performance up a bit. 230W on 5s quoted, so perhaps 100+ on 3s? More than enough. I think the 3700 on the Park motor was too much and the prop may have been effectively cavitating at the v high revs.


Thread: Huntsman 30"
18/02/2020 10:28:52

Yes. Antique fairs here ask a fortune for really scruffy stuff.


Thread: MB articles
18/02/2020 10:27:09

Difficult this, what mix of stuff to put in a magazine? There is no “right” formula as we all have our own tastes. The bare fact that there is only one model boat mag on the shelves verses any number of train/military modelling/aircraft knitting mags tells us where the big interest lies. The demise of mmi I think was corporate related and not due due to any content failings, although I always wondered why they would not accept “reader” articles. A moot point.

As for free plans, perhaps some people need the minimum, Others need to have everything drawn out, and mag ones have to be pitched at the easy/fairly easy difficulty level in my opinion as a really hard demanding build would only be undertaken by a hard core builder who would be unlikely to “have a go” at a spurious giveaway!

from my viewpoint, pLastic magic articles are quite interesting, and having seen Colin’s QM2 on the water, can make a spiffing nice model on the pond. Is one per mag excessive?


Thread: todays boating
18/02/2020 10:06:06

Too clever these things. Whereas the first receiver binds itself to the transmitter automatically, it seems that the second or more rx’s have to have a bit of button pushing!

London now equipped with a new rx and its super. The three posn switch works a treat for masts neutral or left/right.

Still a bit windy for testing Bluebird though I think wot with the reduced power available.

Ordered leds from a well known component supplier and some resistors..hopefully the right ones! Was going to gang some leds together but it is much simpler tagging a resistor on one leg on each one and tailing off, joining all together in a big bunch.


Thread: wiring question for newbie
18/02/2020 09:01:33

Neil. Go to the home page and in the centre column is a v helpful model boat electrics article by guru Dave Milbourn.


Thread: RAF Launch accessories
17/02/2020 18:11:21

Very difficult to make flags this small from material, and likely not worth the effort. They will not `flap` due to the small size in any case, and bleed-through is a nightmare . Paper is effective, cut so the flag appears to be drooping a touch and curled a bit.

However it is difficult not to agree with Colin....


Thread: todays boating
17/02/2020 12:48:26

Spent the morning putting my brushed 64mm edf in the Bluebird. This is a weedy thing compared to the one which will eventually be fitted, however, it will enable some testing to be carried out with regards to steering.

I don’t expect it to go at any great speed but you never know! The brushed edf is way lighter than the other one will be, and the 2s battery is similarly lighter than the 3s one. This lack of extra weight will go some way in makin* up the power difference.

A quick float in the (home) pond shows a draught of about 12mm ! Not including the three-point hydro wedges.

Used one of my new Planet sets for this monumental feat of engineering and glad to say it works ok. Binding appears to be a matter of turning the tx on, then turning the Rx on! Simplicity plugs' switches, no faff.

need to get the London on one of the other rx units at some stage so the mast twiddling can be done on the third channel.


15/02/2020 16:03:34

Hi Tim. Yes, most likely!

Royal parks not closed tomorrow but if it is gusting like this and raining???


15/02/2020 09:25:26

Hmm..I would need a “decent “woodwork lathe I think.

However, I have a 1450rpm industrial motor with a threaded adaptor for a stone/mop and wondered if I might be able to use this. If I make some ply discs to sandwich the foam in and mount this on the motor (giving it a bit of a spin before turning the motor on)....?

its a 10 minute job to shape a foam saucer on a lathe, days of sanding and filling to get a nice smooth truly circular shape manually. Pump, esc and a very cool clear dome have arrived, waiting foam and alien.

As still waiting bluebird motor (wondering if the nova virus issue is slowing thing down in China?) have been finishing off the hull.

Foam ‘3 point’ wedges now in place and sorting out aluminium strips for the various deflectors on nose and sponsons. K7 also seems to have had blades at the insides of the forward wedges presumably to keep the thing going straight when there was not much in the water. If, with any luck, I DO go quite quick I may need some, but will wait, as an easy retrofit, but prone to damage easily when fiddling about painting or wateva.

Storm Denis now slated to be worse than Ciara, so unsure about Sunday boating!


Ps..happy now switch has arrived and small bandsaw back in operation!


Edited By ashley needham on 15/02/2020 09:27:33

Thread: Antenna placement question
15/02/2020 09:12:10

Yes, due to the high frequencies.

i think, practically speaking, and providing you don’t motor miles away, as long as the aerial is above the waterline you should be ok.

not come across this a legal frequency in the uk?


Thread: Servo question - a long shot
15/02/2020 09:08:56

I bought a servo tester gadget not long ago, and it was ridiculously cheap and made exactly to answer your sort of question. Recommended.


Thread: Vosper rttl
15/02/2020 09:06:43

......or ordinary household light grey undercoat.

Having just dived in to add my pennies worth of sage advice I can’t remember what your final hull colour was...however it will need some undercoat so a tin of Halfords best grey primer will do, and can be used for the top as well!

There is a lot of talk about “the right grey” for warships, but within a broad range of greys, anything is acceptable as grey is one of those colours most susceptible to the prevailing light conditions, and how light or dark it is.


Thread: New Year Quiz
12/02/2020 17:30:07

Yes, very effective.

Being that sort of chap I would have moved the out-drives further apart, so they could be used asrudders, coz it appeals to me!


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