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Thread: Todays Boating
19/04/2021 16:56:06

No. Pond even worse with the brown algae orwotever...


Thread: On board camera?
19/04/2021 13:01:22

How about a dash-cam?? Quite small, internal battery....? Ashley

Thread: Todays Boating
19/04/2021 08:59:27

George. Nice pictures by the way. I have been using the big camera lately after having been lazy in using the compact (although this still gives good pictures) for ages. The zoom on it is phenomenal and allows full-frame filling pictures of boats even when they are out a way.

Although Richard has a separate video recorder, the camera does take pretty good video footage.

unfortunately I always find that the combination of someone else videoing whilst I am driving, or me videoing while someone else is driving does not always produce the result I would like but perhaps I am just fussy.

However, having someone drive the boat while I take static type shots is different, as you can instruct the driver to turn, speed up, slow down etc to get the decent shot. I have even had the privilege of driving some of Colin’s boats while he took pictures, and as you have seen, both Colin and my neighbour Jim were required to get “the right” shots of the Walrus at speed.

Between them, using high speed sequential settings on their DLSR”s they must have taken 800 or more pictures, most of which were binned due to blurring, cutting bits off the aircraft, unsuitable backgrounds....ducks in shot, aircraft “hopping” or digging floats in....very tricky, but worth it for the few exceptional ones (which look fantastic on the pc screen) and all for three or four shots in the mag!

Hopefully the pond will be a bit clearer of muck tomorrow. Will recce this afternoon on bike.


18/04/2021 19:14:27

Try around 40, Bob.....

Today nice weather but algae bloom all over in clumps. Looked horrid, made boats grubby but had no actual effect on clogging of props and so on.

Noel showed off stunning work on carrier top. Nice one Noel. No less than 4rotating radars!!


Thread: Liverpool class lifeboat and tractor/carriage build
18/04/2021 19:08:39

If launching in fresh water, no need to waterproof the motors. Would need to waterproof the cabin etc though.


Thread: Todays Boating
18/04/2021 13:12:34

Hi Bob. This was a “rescue” boat, from a model boats forum post last year!

It had to be disposed it would have been put in the skip. 6 foot long, built sometime mid-60’s.

H class destroyer built 1931. Mostly Bread and butter hull with ply uppers, twin mono perm motors.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
17/04/2021 22:35:06

I remember those Bob, and very effective, the fablon. Might be worth another go, would be much cheaper, and if varnished afterwards, would have that nice shine.


Thread: Todays Boating
17/04/2021 17:50:23

Hopefully as nice tomorrow as today.

HMS Invincible carrier tomorrow, couple of special projects and the ferry as backup. Nothing fast!! (ok, the carrier is much faster than it should be..)

Interesting jousting with the ferry and specials last Tuesday. Hitherto the landers have been considered to be pretty maneuverable but the bar has since been raised....


Thread: Commodores Challenge
17/04/2021 17:44:41

Good work Bob.

Will you veneer the hull as well as the top, or just stain-varnish the sides?


Thread: Liverpool class lifeboat and tractor/carriage build
17/04/2021 17:43:10

Very interesting Neil. Obviously you intend to drive the tractor/trailer/lifeboat into the water and launch??

Goes without saying of course.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
14/04/2021 17:00:41

Brushless??? is the challenge a race or just who can build the nicest? Slippers are designed for dignified cruising, allowing you to sip your Pimms in comfort and not have to be strapped in all the time!

A low power 540 more like, personally speaking.


Thread: Todays Boating
14/04/2021 16:55:00

Seems to be stable enough, and the bottom is flat, not rounded so that helps a lot. Put a 7.2V Nimh in there as I think all my little SLA batts are defunct now (it limped back to the jetty after 10 mins on two of them) but still need at least one in there for ballast.

The Monoperms or whatever they are , are not that powerful so the turns are relatively gentle even on the increased voltage. I must do a current reading next time to ensure the motors are not struggling with the prop combination.

The sailors look really good, quite pleased with them. Its a nuisance but you have to but about 50 figures just to get a dozen that you actually want, but they are not that expensive.

Thread: Commodores Challenge
14/04/2021 16:29:00

Been looking at slippers and ALMOST fancy building one, as putting a smart striped veneered deck on would be very easy. Rubbing strip from some dark shiny wood and a white hull...flat bottom as it doesn't need to go that fast....

Ashley (one jab, next beginning June)

Thread: Todays Boating
14/04/2021 16:18:57

snaps from Tuesday. Lovely day. Diamond really done as much as I want to, just waiting to see if the hull splits and needs fibreglassing....or not ?(hopefully).

Ecranoplan on form , Ferry good, projects great,.






12/04/2021 15:34:00

Well, really nice this afternoon. Will take the BIG’un out tomorrow if it looks nice!

Just spent some time re-stringing the ships boats back on the davits. Not the best job but unless I stripped the davits and repainted them and bought new blocks it’s all I can do. Looks ok considering the rest of it. Running it on 6v SLA batteries as that’s what it is ballasted for, and I have half a dozen (only two required to sail).

No Tup, but an Ecranoplan instead besides secret boats tomorrow (and the big’un)


12/04/2021 09:47:15

Jolly cold Sunday. It was the gusty wind that did it, out of the wind it wasn’t too bad. All boats suffering from the severe chop, leading to two...incidents...luckily no damage done and the boats were retrieved ok.

took the Tup, secret projects and BHA out. BHA not used for perhaps 18 months now..and the motors failed when out on the rescue attempt (wiggled esc lead in Rx and they started working again?) and then unbelievably the box holding the servo came unglued!! Probably just age? Fixed with double sided tape.

Gave up earlyish and went home for a hot cocoa.

Next effortTuesday am but it’s just snowed lightly here, so...hmmm...


Thread: Commodores Challenge
12/04/2021 09:38:22

Always like seeing the way you hold stuff together Bob!

i presume this is currently upside down? Difficult to tell at this stage.

I spoke to a chap a few years ago and his had a small Ford car sidevalve motor in it...15 or 20 bhp , very low powered. He led me to believe it was a common-ish engine choice in the idea how true that was.


10/04/2021 18:25:46

Hi Bob. That’s a nice challenge. I like Thames slippers. Several on the river near me.

i think you should build to the scale of a driving figure, after all, it will need a driver and at certain scales They can be difficult to get a nice one.

Great to see the old Bob in action building again!


Thread: Power Supply
10/04/2021 08:29:23

Brian. The esc have a BEC facility in them to supply the receiver so no additional batteries are necessary although some like to use a separate battery pack. If using this facility, one of the bec wires will have to be cut as you only need one to supply the receiver.

Dont forget a 5v supply for very low current drain items, leds etc is available from the receiver on a spare or battery channel.


09/04/2021 20:28:44

Good point Charles!,

i bought a 24v esc for the Fantome so I could use 2x7.2 packs for a bit more oomph.


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