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Thread: What paint??
18/05/2022 23:35:16

Grumps. Anything will do. Modern Acrylics are up for the challenge. My last builds have been painted with Pebo craft acrylic paint and/or Halfords Acrylic spray. Remember acrylic paint is essentially plastic in a water suspension.

I use Rustins grey primer for virtually all my work now unless a super duper shiny topcoat is required and then a spray undercoat is better, (Halfords).

i also used to use sanding sealer but use EzeKote acrylic resin now. I have found that the sanding sealer cracks with age and flakes off corners. To be honest, just slap some slightly thinned undercoat on, does just as well.

HOWEVER everyone has their own method.


Thread: Todays Boating
16/05/2022 08:54:01

That is unfortunately true sadly. Luckily the saucer is on the new planet set and this has a two position switch some can squirt on half power, reducing range, and the fireboat will not have a big range, just lots of volume.


15/05/2022 19:12:07

spectacular successes today. peters hydrofoil finally took off, literally, on its foils after a change to a Graupner P50 hydro prop, and young Simons ironman speedboat ALSO achieved supersonic speeds on a similar 50, although the thing went super quick on a S40....UNTIL we heard a sort of squeaky sound and said "bring it in soon" and sure enough the rear brass bearing on the prop shaft was almost glowing and welded to the shaft!!! Ooops. More work to be done.


Thread: MFA Spearfish
13/05/2022 17:55:27

Kev. Car trim suppliers are a good source of this sort of thing. Woolies is a name I remember, but an ebay search will probably find what you want.

You can use plastic tubing and split it lengthways but its a tricky job.


Thread: Todays Boating
13/05/2022 15:48:26

Good one Tim. I will be aiming for volume rather than distance, or thats the plan anyway!


12/05/2022 18:40:21

Richard. Yes!

Ray. No probs, I am not actually building the MS, just taking it as inspiration. There are loads of pictures on ‘t internet.

My firemen are likely to be WW2 figures, so a “wartime” look may come into play as the chaps will have tin hats on. Sandbags on the bridge etc


Thread: Scale Sailing Ships wanted for Filming
12/05/2022 18:34:10

Easy!  Is this the same mob that asked for model ships a while ago?? Ashley

(spot on, Ray)


man the guns

Edited By ashley needham on 12/05/2022 18:35:50

Thread: Todays Boating
12/05/2022 10:20:50

Hey chaps....i’m Talking encouragement here!

OBVIOUSLY we all make the same mistakes again and Ray is dead right and the wife is keen to point them out.

I am not sure I can continue here without talking myself into a corner. ☠️

Fireboat coming on , and I have made all the usual short-cuts, re-works, cheats and compromises in the build so far, as usual!


12/05/2022 09:00:11

Exactly. All the things that have gone wrong so far are mistakes you won’t make next time.


09/05/2022 11:22:36

Harry. Trevor did the Dragonfly and has the plan but I have no doubt we can scan it and email it to you.

Married to an older woman eh?? Only 73...lots of time for a few more barbies.


09/05/2022 08:46:24

Hi Harry. I deliberately didn’t reply as I know that’s why you posted!!

it is WARM ad SUNNY over here! (For a change) and we had a great mornings boating, although I spent most of the time taking pictures (will send you a few).

Simon (where can I sail a speedboat) has dipped his toe in the water and is making a boat from plans, in wood, for the first time. All power to his elbow. He is deviating from the plans to customise it, good lad, and has thus come across a few issues. This is good as he will learn from this, as we all have, and will apply this knowledge to the NEXT project!

I took one boat and sailed in total 5, and got some really great pictures despite that it was probably much too bright and there were loads of leaves floating on the water that necessitated a much longer shot so they didn’t show.


07/05/2022 10:51:35

Well, the shiny one is in next months mag, so off the top secret list.

As it happens it had a quick blast last Sunday, just to aerate the water a bit and provide a bit of noise.

The figures I had to put on the next top are a bit small when placed on the bare superstructure. Not only that there’s too few of them and some are not in useful poses. Saturday is the Plastoc Warrior show in Whitton and I should be able to find something suitable from the thousands of figures that will be there.

Likely I will try to find figures from the WW2 British army support group set, as there’s are in fabulously useable poses as already seen on the landers and so on. It will sort of mean setting the top in wartime but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I have not found any pictures of fireboat firemen on anything other than normal peaked caps but I bet they may have had tin hats in during wartime? My smaller figures had “proper” brass style hats.


Edited By ashley needham on 07/05/2022 10:55:42

02/05/2022 10:11:16

Hi Harry.

Sorry but an iceberg is too slippery for minions....

Actually, you could easily build the worlds biggest radio control boat by making an iceberg floater, about 2 foot round...after all 90% of an iceberg is under water?.?


02/05/2022 09:37:29

Just been to car boot sale at Apps Court farm (not to sell some of my boats) and have purchased a....

......tub of Minions! £1 for about 30 of them, approx 2 ish inches tall. Couldn’t resist the volume for that price.

These are going to be combined with minions I already have to create the ultimate Bushy park boat, as discussed by the boaters. The ultimate boats is one which combines various traits deemed to be of great interest to sections of the public and steal the show as far as boats on the water go.

One figure in the tub caught my eye in particular and gave me the idea of a credible (!) layout, as hitherto I could not think of anything other than plonking minions on deck and saying “there we are”.

As far as scale goes it will be about 1:minion scale, and the top will sit on a GP hull. As for features...that will be top secret!!

Ashley So many boats, so little time.

02/05/2022 07:31:35

Great turnout today, 8 boaters I think plus some supporting staff.

Noisy thing in Titanic ok, but too muffled, as there are no openings to let the sound out! At home I have drilled some holes under overhangs and through the conning tower floor and hoping that will be enough as there’s not much else I can do.


Thread: Liverpool class Lifeboat, a Metcalf models kit.
01/05/2022 07:20:07

Very interesting Neil. Didn’t realise they had dagger boards. The real thing must have occupied a fair bit of room inside the hull?


Thread: Todays Boating
30/04/2022 09:42:28

Hull made...not finished...but made. Styrofoam under the cuts ups front and rear will give this hull a much better profile than the other GP hull.

loads of filling and sanding (outside) to do, but it’s dry and sunny so my Wlikinsons wood filler will go off quickly!

Titanic tomorrow...with an extra feature! Might Saucer as well, or even gunboat as pics needed.

Shiny boat to appear in the June issue!! Sunglasses ready.


Thread: Pins for construction
30/04/2022 09:37:13

I was going to suggest that, Richard, but the nails are steel albeit zinc plated and if left in the hull may rust if water gets to them! However it’s the easy way to hold stuff together.

i use a staple gun that takes 15mm Brad nail strips. I can make a boat box in one go by tacking it all together with nails and then just wait for the PVA to set. I paint the boxes with emulsion, I dab some red oxide paint on the nail heads first as sometimes a bit of rust forms underneath the emulsion.


Thread: Liverpool class Lifeboat, a Metcalf models kit.
28/04/2022 09:49:59

Great work. I just couldn’t do it,all those little bits..all that repetition!


Thread: Todays Boating
27/04/2022 08:15:44

Sun in abundance yesterday, and the hull is well on the way (bearing in mind it is mostly flat bits and not curved bits or planks etc). Next step is to vertically plank the ends for the curves. The hull is way too deep for the SS but the pump arrangement is quite tall so can’t be helped.

just because I can, I have identified another Victorian ship top to make with 5 turrets that can use the awesome pump power I will have at my disposal.


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