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Thread: Todays Boating
21/10/2021 21:08:13

dscf1137.jpgThis was the bunch of boats they took away last time, although they only used the Titanic and Argus.

The Argus appeared briefly in one shot (on top of a wardrobe....don’t ask) but the Titanic featured big time in several scenes ,the last on a table in front of one of the lead actors and was heavily lit and zoomed into from a distant point and looked fantastic!.

i had access to the film, I will try and see if it is still available (as its a long time ago) to view.

All this on Todays boating” a long time ago...very lucrative (nothing on offer) but I was invited to the premier viewing with free wine and nibbles!


Thread: Best budget esc for 6 volt 7 amp Decaperm geared motor
21/10/2021 20:38:39

Ian. I use M’tronics esc’s. A Viper marine 15A one would do you ok.

Not saying they are the best, but they are a reasonable price and small enough.


Thread: bow thruster set up
21/10/2021 18:11:20

I would do it like that as well, but there would likely be a LARGE gap around the pipe!!


Thread: Sea Queen
21/10/2021 18:09:53

Charlotte please see my reply in "todays boating" thread ta Ashley

Thread: Todays Boating
21/10/2021 18:08:30

Hi Charlotte.

Could you tell us the context in which the model will be used please, and how "good" the model needs to, if used for anything close does it need to be fully detailed? ALSO....although 1/150 describes the scale ok, a minesweeper and an aircraft carrier will be vastly different sizes, so it there a preferred overall size you are looking for???

Carrier 4 foot, destroyer 5 foot long, for instance

Ashley (Has already had several boats appear in film!!!!!) (assuming you mean 1980`s!!!!)

HMS Invincible#3

HMS Manchester#3

Edited By ashley needham on 21/10/2021 18:15:36

Edited By ashley needham on 21/10/2021 18:22:55

19/10/2021 15:06:00

Whew. Both boats worked ok on connecting up a battery. Slight dent filled underneath Ecranoplan.

Diamond now working ok with a Quickrun ESC.

Is it worth having the Action esc repaired?? (Financially)?

Fiddling with cannon on gunboat. Pivot eyes fitted at the front of them all, pivots fitted on deck (pop rivet heads). Could do with an army type field piece , as these were often carried as a little something extra.

Need to make the paddles next.


Thread: Wide-A-Wake
19/10/2021 14:59:06

The man is smoking and he is pumping ..What, flammable liquids?.? Is he mad!,

The weathering is to die for on the drum and so on.


Thread: Basic filler,sealing and primer question from a newbie
18/10/2021 09:34:29

Don’t forget that primer or under coats are basically liquid fillers, and should be almost sanded off before applying the final undercoat (this final undercoat simply being a base for the topcoat colour).

A good thick undercoat is handy for filling hairline depressions if you want a mirror finish.


Thread: Todays Boating
18/10/2021 09:27:21

A small dent, almost not worth filling under the Ecranoplan nose, no other damage. Tup simply flipped, no damage.

Bizarrely the Ecranoplan floated on just the nose and tail with one wing keeping it upright and the body was well clear of the water. It was almost bone dry inside (more or less) when pushed back to the jetty by the ferry.

Tup released loads of water when recovered from its upside down position but this was just water filling the cabin top (I kept it upside down when taking top off) and similarly the inside was also quite dry.

There was no yellow smoke. Neither were working but likely the receivers ware a bit damp. Esc On Tup had been sealed with silicone sealant. I will do same for Ecranoplan..I think it was the first time it has flipped..


17/10/2021 21:43:08

Sigh. Crashed and flipped the ‘plan on “the log”, turned the Tup over. Went home.

16/10/2021 19:46:29

All Russki tomorrow, with the A90 Ecranoplan, the Zis485 and the Tup. A Lander of course as usual as well.

Rigging on gunboat looking really cool. Need to add few more lines from the tops of the masts down to the base for extra oomph.


14/10/2021 08:42:15

Still hard going with the gunboat rigging. All the stays and ratlines have been done, and a few bits of standing rigging.

In order to keep tension on the rest of the string, I intend to put the stays on starting at the stern, then centre and fore-mast as the stays pull the masts rearwards, the rest of the rigging is either neutral or pulling forwards as far as I can see. Does this sound about right?. (Without a long treatise)

its tricky because it is easy to pull the masts one way or the other and introduce the dreaded sag.

The boat will be at two different scales, and the scale will be given by the different sized cannon and crew men. I have an idea to sort of glue the men next to the (removable) guns to achieve this. Unfortunately the figures are too small to put pins under to swap them around.

Richard. By the time you have altered the motor mount, changed and added another motor, made new wings and a new body I have no doubt the ‘cran will work just fine...


Thread: Mental blockage etc
14/10/2021 08:31:22

Bob. Absolutely the first thing I would do is to re-seat all the connections and plugs. Take em out (one at a time) and put them back in.

Bleeping like that usually indicates no signal to the esc from the receiver. Obviously the esc has power as it’s causing the motors to bleep.

If using a 2.4 gig set, I would re-bind the receiver as Richard suggests, or check your crystals match also as suggested.

Do the easy stuff first.

My HMS Diamond didn’t work last Sunday, after not having been out for a long while...but it was working ok...and now it isn’t!


Thread: Todays Boating
10/10/2021 16:52:42

Disappointment today as the big ‘un did not work. There were no signs of life from the Action electronics ESC and although I pulled the esc out the lander, the motor connections were different and I couldn’t be bothered to faff around.

Shiny one was good as was the Saucer, and the medium sized lander had an outing retrieving Trevor’s Iti racer top.

Its the speed that Giuseppe Holloway drives you know.

No other issues barring some testing with Richards Ecranoplan which didn’t work very well but this was to be expected with something as tricky as this. It showed promise, mind.


08/10/2021 18:40:57

good warm boating last week. This Sunday, god permitting I will take the BIG `UN to sail.

Gunboat top coming on slowly. Have to paint the deck, its taking ages. BUT the paddle boxes look the biz.


Thread: Portsmouth Dockyard October 2021
08/10/2021 18:38:27

Richard whereAS I can see where you are coming from, airflow over deck for an aircraft carrier is of vital importance (i would have thought) but it may be that there wasnt much difference viz a sexy rounded bow, so they made it flat to save a few bob??

They have not fitted the 4x 30mm guns either, probably another cost saving measure, so all it has is Vulcan CIWS, an item that has a very poor record for ship defence (in action as opposed to shooting at targets).


07/10/2021 18:04:31

I have wondered about the bow, but presumably they will have tested the ship in a wind tunnel, to get the right airflow across the deck so I suppose this is what they came up with??


Thread: Commodores Challenge
07/10/2021 09:01:50

Bob. Yes, I don’t understand why there are no challenge entries. You would have thought people would only be too glad to have something to work on??

Bob Mc. There’s not that much wrong with your launch as far as I can see. Paint looks good. Some applique wood or white strips at the front would help to get a good gap-less fit, and once accessorised with people, fittings and so on, it will look the biz.

If you were worried about the unevenness on the hull, attack it with some course sandpaper and spread P38 filler down the sides with a wide scraper, then wet’n’dry. Should sort it out easy.


Thread: Portsmouth Dockyard October 2021
07/10/2021 08:51:13

It’s a shame they have had to put the stabilisers out on the POW. Perhaps it needs some torpedo bulges to help??


Thread: Motor size/ set up
05/10/2021 16:27:45

Malcolm you are so right...a 140 is a better choice AS I didn’t twig the lcvp bit, rather than assume LCT.

I am beating myself with birch twigs now.

I can see the attraction of motorising these things but when all is said and done they are fairly limited with regards any sort of weather and so on.


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