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Thread: todays boating
18/09/2019 08:27:11

Hi Mark. Would be nice to see you on the pond.

more useful plane info, cheers.

I like the negative flap idea, as unfortunately the larger scale of this one really means a fattish proper wing looking wing. The two biplanes I have used simple single balsa sheet wings and look adequate but the new one needs wings 20-25mm thick.

i have not even begun to deal with the question of the “power egg” and means of mounting the engine yet, but there’s no rush.

Unfortunately I am away over the week end, visiting the FAA museum (which is jolly handy) and the Bovington tank mus, so will be missing from Sunday boating this week.


Edited By ashley needham on 18/09/2019 08:27:56

Thread: Fisher Motorsailers
17/09/2019 08:04:29

Hi George, and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately I know nothing about the boat in question, however...

i am sure someone here could advise on some of your questions, for instance...

Drive system..the plans must indicate the size or likely size of the propellor and this will in part dictate the running gear choice, a quick google search identifies this as a yacht of some sort?

Fittings and I would have thought that these, or at least, generic/lookalike items must be available at this scale but will simply need some search time on the various model shop sites.

Pictures must be available of the real thing to give the right style. Masting and so on..fittings for this would be “as current practice” but it depends on just how accurate you want the model to be.


Thread: todays boating
16/09/2019 10:03:23

Good stuff Ray. Its easy info like this that I like to get. We will see (eventually) what happens.


15/09/2019 19:21:29

Oddly, despite the #hand made show, the car park was quite clear. You just never can tell.

SansP went well, but boating had to be cut short as I was playing in Godalming with the Surrey Yeomanry band and had to depart sharp.

Woody repaired, Peters fire boat looking great, and John turned up with a yot

Went to London to see the ex works chaps and visited the 4d model shop. Purchased styrofoam...the blue stuff is now only being stocked in the thinner sizes. hOWEVER the grey foam replacement , slightly less dense, is half the price. Result.

Purchased sufficient for yet another plane Ark ark! (Clue). I plan for this one to be quite fast and give a good “take_off” run look, brushless and all that.

question for the closet aircraft bods.. for a fast, non takeoff plane...what would b3 better...wing flaps or tail plane flaps? Bearing in mind I need it to stay on the water.


12/09/2019 18:59:26

I recon worse....

12/09/2019 08:45:34

Sometimes you do something and wonder why you hadn't done (whatever)it was that way before.

I had a Doh! moment a few days ago concerning my 27Meg Transmitter aerials. I have three 27M sets, one has a nice new aerial in it, one has a twice repaired one and the the previously broken one gave up after the 10th repair.

Whilst looking at our favourite auction site I saw replacement aerials (why hadn't I looked them up before??) but the cheaper ones, £4 had a screw at the bottom rather than a female thread, and all mine need to be female.

Then..I had a brainwave and opened up a transmitter to find that there is a small steel bracket at the foot of the mast mount with a 3mm screw in it to give the sticky up bit. I unscrewed the screw and voila!! I now had a female socket....and purchased three aerials, which fit perfectly in the two transmitters.

Its not rocket science is it?? I don't think I have ever removed the back of a transmitter, never had a need. Why has it taken so long for the penny to drop?


08/09/2019 17:53:42

Paul. If only I knew of someone like that...

considering the small amount of boaters wot use the pond I am not sure it would be worthwhile, we are not a club after all? A Facebook page might be good if I was on Facebook.

Today....woody stripped a cheap plastic Lego gear and the Titanic stopped for no apparent reason ...something underwater perhaps?

Needless to say the Titanic worked perfectly at home after I had pulled the wiring about and reseated leads etc. Ashley

Thread: Ship helicopters.
07/09/2019 20:23:55

Stephen. That's some ask. The space for anything at 1/96 is very limited.

How about....the main rotors are twisted to create an amount of breeze, and the tail roto ris either twisted similarly or has small tabs on it so the main rotor blows it round??? (Just thinking out loud).


Thread: todays boating
06/09/2019 09:33:24

Sadly the Bushy park Boaters do not have a website, however the car park is free and a few seconds walk from the jetty, refreshments stall other side of car park and loo`s a 4 min walk away.

we are slowly gaining some sailing vessels, and oddly enough there were 4 sailing vessels out last Sunday (or was it the Sunday before?)


02/09/2019 08:57:24

Sundays boating great fun.

Had the London out for a twirl, and the Hobbies Hydro. |A small boy played with the ferry for over two hours (until the tx batts started to go) while his grandad tried to look interested...

Otherwise, Var pirate ships, woody rower, Indian rower, fire boat and Dragonfly all went well.

Best of all was Richards Bismark (was it?) sinking. Twice. Once in shallow water and recovered, then in deep water (not recovered. A fine effort, a slow steady roll to port followed by a graceful dive leaving the bow sticking up in classic fashion. Great piece of work. Second boat in trouble was a cheap RTR, not one of ours, which was recovered after the owners filled in the normal salvage paperwork.

Like the mature persons we were nobody had a mobile phone immediately to hand to film the proceedings.


Thread: Motor /Controller /Prop upgrade
01/09/2019 08:18:34

I usually just splash some Eze Kote on it. Gives it a semi gloss finish. Under way the red bit will be wet and thus shiny in any event.

Will check out the matt lacquer, very handy.


Thread: todays boating
31/08/2019 17:40:07

LAST week. Woody the rower went acceptably well. Good even. Great really.

I had a quick buzz around the pond with the Seahawk, then to the Manchester.

This week...who knows??? Might do the London.


Thread: Motor /Controller /Prop upgrade
31/08/2019 17:36:55

Dave. I find in most cases it is sufficient to run the Rx wire around the deck hatch. If this is troublesome, then having a small portion of the wire vertical can help.

Bath test once you have changed the propshaft and vintage Bobs board.

Red oxide paint is the "usual" red colour of choice. It goes much brighter when wet and in the sunlight.


Thread: The Editors right to edit
31/08/2019 17:32:25

Well said Paul. I have not seen these detrimental posts but have an inkling of the issues.

A public forum is not the place for this sort of slanging match.

Ray: Paul obviously feels strongly about the matter and has posted accordingly.


Thread: polystyrene foam
28/08/2019 20:35:38

Cracks will occur, my boats in question were over 10 years old.


28/08/2019 16:47:43

Sorry it is a bit late but two of my boats with sealed compartments have (oddly enough) recently suffered hull cracks/splits/tiny holes and if I had been less vigilant they may have gone unnoticed and left water in these spaces, possibly for a considerable period of time, leading to internal damp issues/flooding/sinking.

I have cut holes in the internal bulkheads to a) let out the water and b) to ensure they have some ventilation.

I have been round the fleet now and drilled holes in similarly sealed bulkheads, just in case.

Generally speaking I seal these areas before closure, but you cant check later on.....


Thread: Suspended activities
26/08/2019 18:24:16

One cant stress enough the importance of going to an optician for a checkup at least once a year!!

Ashley (cataracts done)

Thread: todays boating
24/08/2019 17:27:29

Yee haaaaa! Shall I bring the Stetson?

Will have to bring my Toyboata. Clarkson is a bit of a cowboy...

ALSO bringing something big, my largest thing, or at least, longest.

ALSO something V fast.


Thread: Prototype build of ELLIE
24/08/2019 17:22:47


Thread: Motor /Controller /Prop upgrade
24/08/2019 17:21:29

Dave. Now I can see what you mean about the bow step, I am not keen. I think it is too small to be a step proper, even if going fast and is likely just to cause drag.

Personally I would sand this flat OR put a bit of sheet balsa behind it and fair this into the rear section.

The bow undercut looks useful though. Ashley

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