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Thread: Lakes & Waters being closed
12/03/2008 18:37:00
received an email from our local newspaper editor this afternoon  stating that he is persuing the matter with Wyre Borough Council, but as yet they have not commented on his approach to them??? very interesting.Will keep you informed on any progress.
Thread: Fitting of Paddle Wheels
12/03/2008 11:00:00

I see what you mean, ashley, looking at the pointy bit at the front. perhaps the builders are trying to confuse us, and it's not a paddler at all, but some kind of new sailing ship and that's the wind catchy thing on the top that makes it go.

must learn some better nautical terms, for next time i post!  neil.

11/03/2008 20:17:00
love the colour sceme. how long did it take to mask that one up before spraying?
Thread: Lakes & Waters being closed
09/03/2008 23:40:00
thanks, Mick. that's worth knowing.cheers,neil.
Thread: Why ban IC Engines?
09/03/2008 20:59:00
no problems at all Paul. I'll keep you posted on what goes on and let you know what the paper prints.cheers,neil.
09/03/2008 15:38:00

many thanks for your support, Paul.

I have in fact emailed the reporter/editor of our local paper the "Fleetwood weekly News with the rumours of the lakes being made into car parks, so will see what they make of it and what the local councillors and Wyre Borough Council have to say on the subject.

If anyone else would like to make their voices and suspissions known to the Counclil via the paper the email address is    and the reporter as a gent called Richard Hunt.

 I will , as they say , keep you posted.

Thanks again.neil.

Thread: Tugs
09/03/2008 13:11:00

nothing's free in this life, merv.

even the free plans in the model mags cost the price of the magazine?!

depends what type of tug you wish to build, ancient, modern, steam or don't give much of a clue for other members with plans that could be copied to give any form of help or assistance!

Thread: Why ban IC Engines?
08/03/2008 22:35:00
you have a point there paul, I have a contact in the local paper, so wil;l contact him monday with my thoughts. will keep you posted.cheers,neil.
08/03/2008 18:52:00
hi len. it's not got as far as that yet. they are just mooted discussions in the grand development of the new look sea side area of fleetwood, but should it get to the stage, after consultation that this is what they plan to do, then i will clearly shout out for help to you all and the modelling press. born and bred in the town, and now in my late 50's, i can shout loud and strong when i have too, and thanks for your support gents, it is very much appreciated
08/03/2008 13:34:00
sadly on our council the councillors have taken root.there doesn't seem to be a change unless some old sod croaks, and then another old sod takes their's either nepatism or incessed that rules, don't know which, but it would be easier to get into the pentagon than get yourself ellected onto our local council??
07/03/2008 22:13:00

at the moment it is only rumours and whistfull thinking on the councils part to fill parts in and turn into car parks, but sadly this council has a record of not listening to the public, and the rumours do come from solid scources..

the members are not worrying too much at the present, as they have had no formal notification, and a lot of the regeneration ideas seam to be falling on stoney grounds, but such things can happen.

I just hope that if such proposals do come to fruition, we have the power to beat any such ideas.neil.

07/03/2008 14:13:00

I have no objections at all to seeing or hearing ICE on our local lake at Fleetwood, but I agree with you Paul that we are very tiny fishes in a big pond ( excuse the punn) and sadly sometimes there are more important things going on in life than to make a big fuss about just one small hiccup.

However here in Fleetwood, we are going under a transition where the Wyre borough Council are supposed to be going through a consultation period of how to make our sea front more attractive to the "visitors" to this fare town (what visitors, only god knows as I haven't seen such a rare breed for many years except at the folk festival in August/september,)

And one of their plans passed  is to build monstrous blocks of flats on our already beleagured sea front Pier.

another resolution that they want to get throughplanning stage is to fill in and conctete over our beautiful and europe's largest man made model yacht sailing lake.

So at the moment we up here also have our problems, and the council just ain't listening.

Thread: Fishing boat
05/03/2008 13:05:00

,Neil,try logging onto the web site    and asking the lads on that site.

I'm sure you will find your answers there. they are a very helpful bunch.cheeers, neil. 

Thread: Masts
02/03/2008 22:40:00

haven't put my nose out, Kevin.mind you i take a risk in life as soon as i get out of bed in a morning, trust me, so turning down a dowel in an electric hand drill is the least of my worries.

adds a bit of excitement to life.

Saying that I seldom use dowel these days, prefaring to go down to my local fishing tackle shop and releiving them from all the old busted tips of hollow carbon fishing rods. i then piece them together with the correct tapers, and can run electric lighting wire down the centre. works a treat.

02/03/2008 21:01:00


the roof on my converted garage lifted in the storms 3 years ago, but because I had notified my insurers that i had made the conversion to a hobby workshop, they had to fix it.

the first firm came along to fix it, took one look inside and left a note pinned to the door, (as I was out) that it WAS a health and safety hazard for their workmen to even enter into the building because of all the tools, solvents etc and that they would not be repairing any part of the building!

After calming down with a few quick snifters, my two young daughter who often come into the workshop to make their little creations, just looked at me and said.Daddy who are these whimps?

Just about sums them up"!

complete t*****s

02/03/2008 19:36:00

STUFF HEALTH AND SAFETY, LEN we are hobby modellers  who believe in enjoying ourselves. whats a broken finger or two between friends. all adds a new  level to the term "built with blood sweat and tears" lol.

never was one  for political correctness anyway?

01/03/2008 20:01:00

the simplest way is to use an electric hand drill as the other two gents have said, but you can tape it, using gaffer tape to a chair/stool seat so long as it is solid and doesn't move, and of course the switch is available to hand. preferably use a variable speed drill. using one hand use a towel twisted around the end of the mast to steady( there is no heat generated in the hand if the towel is damp).and turn the drill on at its low speed with the other hand.

use your other hand with garnet(sanding ) paper folded into three layers to stop it slipping and wrap this around the mast and hold in the palm of your hand until the mast is basically enclosed in your hand.

one hand is keeping the mast from whipping whilst the other is sanding.

this is by far the easiest method, doesn't need the setting up of a head and tail stock and virtually most diameters of dowel upto 3/4 inch can be sanded to a taper.

I have done this many times, even prefering it to using my Myford ml7 laithe/  its the cheepest way too as you don't need cutting chisels either.

Thread: Victory, Titanic or Amerigo Vespucci
22/02/2008 20:48:00

hi chris, there is just one problem with the Severn from Speedline, and that is ( if anything like the Trent from the same company) there are prescious few instructions, and you are virtually scratch building and working out the problems and build sequences youerself.

that is OK if your skills are up to this sort of work, but the trent was big and awesome enough, ( and I speak from experience having owned one) but I can imagine the Severn is even more daunting.

Don't forget the cost of these super kits, and they are absolutely superb, is well over £700 at last count, and it's a lot to spend and then never complete.

I've seen a few trents on ebay that have never been started, or partly finished, and I think that people buy them thinking that because they are advertised as a kit, then the build process would be easy.

sadly for the inexperienced with stars in their eyes, they are a very daunting prospect.

However finish one and there is not a finer model to display. the brass etching and quality is second to none.

if you want to speak to someone about the Trent model contact Troon Lifeboat Station and ask to speak to the mechanic.

last I heard he was building one of speedlines.


Thread: Leander class frigate
17/02/2008 17:31:00
andy, there is a model of a Leander for sale on ebay at the moment that you might be interested in, that needs building. the item number is 320218920196. it would seem to be a bit of a bargain at the moment.
Thread: Handrails
16/02/2008 13:53:00
bob, If you contact Deans Marine, he does strips of hand rails for all of his warships at 1:96 scale which on a model of your size would not make a great deal of diference.if james lane doesn't brass etch at 1:100 ( which I think he may do) try phoning deans and ask if you can buy some strips from them. neil.
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