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Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
29/06/2021 13:01:24

i miss the old bugger all the time for a calming and sarcastic dry humoured chat...

but its at times like this that i have to show how thick i am, when i cant just message Dave Milbourn and ask him which coloured wires join the standard red white and black to some chinese multi coloured ones....

please guys, any ideas..........i have the normal lead from one servo, plus the servo with the reverse polarity switch, both in the normal colours that i understand.........joining to a Y lead that i havent come across before.

please can some electronic wizard tell me the colours from the nice coloured plugs mate up with the red white and black of my servo leads......

thanks for any help.

and with kind help and knowledge from members on other forums i was able to connect properly without the need of a fire extinguisher.

but now i can begin the process of finishing the Tyne which has been a long time in the waiting............almost a year since i last did anything to it.




Thread: 2021 Builds during lockdowns
24/06/2021 21:57:38
Posted by Richard Simpson on 13/06/2021 13:15:05:

What does the 1/12th scale version weigh in at Neil? It will certainly take some lifting into the water!

i have no idea Richard, the moulds themselvs weigh in sufficiently heavy enough..........launching strops will be needed, i'm sure lol.

plus some 7ah batteries to act as ballast for the Windermere sail next summer will weigh it down well and give me the chance to do the sail in one go without swapping batteries.

Thread: Commodores Challenge
20/06/2021 17:31:05

where is Etherow Bob, and do they still have a lifeboat gathering...obviously when this pandemic is over.

19/06/2021 19:02:21

Silver Mist & Lady Joyce - Bing video

is this what you are after, Bob.

Thread: Missing
19/06/2021 13:57:59

hopefully just having a nice holiday break.

Thread: Neil at Work
14/06/2021 22:12:43

you've caught me it is lol.......


i have to's one of those little seaside tourist shop ones made in China, but given to me as a present years ago........

but it resides along side my other ones, as it deserves to be.


14/06/2021 21:58:00

Is that me Colin.............

thats how i learnt.....

I found out after my adopted dad died last year, that not only was my paternal grand dad a master cabinet maker and registered into the guild of cabinet makers, but my paternal father who died when I was 15 months old was also a cabinet maker, a pattern maker, and had built the original builders model for the Monarch steam Ship company of the Caledonean Monarch, whilst woprking as a pattern maker for a long gone company called Tweedle and Smalleys, of Rochdale where they came from.

The model now apparently is resting somewhere in the cellars of Glasgow science museum...

So, that painting is rather apt...........its in the genes lol. I love it,

Thread: Which prop shaft
14/06/2021 21:42:54

search me Ashley...........i'm as confused as you are.

Thread: 2021 Builds during lockdowns
12/06/2021 21:34:11

well, infuriatingly so, it looks as though this damned Covid pandemic is going to go on longer that we have all anticipated, and so i reluctantly cancelled my and my daughters holiday in Cornwall planned for next month until 2022.

last year i had to cancel a trip to Calgary, Canada to see an old friend Mick Burke, and now cancelled my holiday to take a Mersey class lifeboat that i practically rebuilt for my old friend Mick French [as seen in the build bloggs] also because of the ongoing pandemic.

and so i have got myself a new build, once i have finished my Tyne class lifeboat in the autumn.

it is a beast of a model, and not surprisingly a lifeboat. the mouldings come from Speedline models, and although older mouldings and a little cracked around the wheel house flying bridge......they will hopefully turn out well, and a possible contender for the Windermere charity sail in 2022

A Tamar class lifeboat, moulded at 1;12 scale and approximately 53 inches long........oh happy lockdown!!!






Thread: Commodores Challenge
27/05/2021 16:38:28

looks lovely and happiness have gone into that.............and hope she gives back in return.

Thread: Ouch - Biff on the nose
22/05/2021 23:16:38

very nicely done..............superb repair

Thread: GRAUPNER RAU IX Whaler
19/05/2021 23:23:20

as there are no offers of a swap for another lifeboat i have decided to sell it.

i have put it up on ebay at £335 .00p, plus £25 quid postage by courier............

but as one pays fees on ebay, i will let this model go for £300 plus postage or personal pick up from Poulton le Fylde..........i've had my jabs lol

find another one..........they are rarer than hen's teath.

Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
19/05/2021 21:43:46

oh , a babbling blog is so much better....then you don't miss any of the important points that you have to make.

I had one of these kits given to me by the wife of an old friend who sadly died from ahlziemers, and please dont castigate me when i make a jolity of it, as it was with humour that i got through the trauma of my mum dying from it 15 years ago, after 9 years of downhill suffering.........we all cope in our own way with the disgusting desease. and mine was to make fun of the desease, and its consequenses, and not the person who, you love and doesn't know they are suffering..

But when i got the Archer, almost every part of the wooden deck beam support ladder was held together I presume by gravity and dear old friend had probably forgotten to put the glue in the joints, but he was a tryer, eveN to close to the end, but half the time didn't know what kit he was working on next..........never were two kits in all his collection that i sold for the RNLI complete, and had to go through them all to sort them out........think he knew and sent me the task of sorting them whilst driving me crazy,

and so i sold it at the blackpool show along with all his others with all funds going to the RNLI, as he would have probably desired, as he was a ships captain of deep sea cargo vessels during his life,,,,,,,


and so i will be following this build to see just what i missed,

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 19/05/2021 21:58:44

Thread: RAF rescue launch ASR HSL
18/05/2021 14:48:03
Posted by ashley needham on 18/05/2021 13:32:19:

The woodworking chap in the”repair shop” often uses some sort of glutinous hot/warm glue when doing furniture.

that is probably animal/fish glue boiled down from fish and animal bones [usually horse, donkey or pig bones and hide]......but you can buy it still as a ready "stewed" resin pellet these days , just needs boiling up again .

incredible strength, even stronger than cascamite powder glue............

but stinks like the bowels of hell, lol.

Amber Color 60g Animal Hide Glue or Adhesive Guitar Instruments Accessories | eBay

Thread: Liverpool class lifeboat and tractor/carriage build
17/05/2021 19:42:07
Posted by Chris Fellows on 17/05/2021 18:04:34:

Nice to build something completely different but still associated with what you usually build. Well built and a nice addition to your collection Neil.


thanks Chris,

i have an atlantic 21 kit that i am going to build in the future so might buld one of these 12th scale working landrovers and a trailor for the lifeboat rib.......and then call the land traffic a day, lol..............but not till next year.

17/05/2021 17:14:17

ahhh, i can tidy up at home and tidy up in the workshop........then get on with my Tyne..........

for i have finally finished the carriage to attach to the tractor that pulls my new [ when i have built it] Metcalf Models Liverpool class lifeboat, to be named Edgar George Orlando and Eva Child whilst stationed at Blackpool.

having never built such a model, i have really enjoyed the challenge, and dont think it looks too bad.

All lines and strops have been added for both hauling and holding to the carriage whilst in transit from boat house to sea.

hope you like it...........i do..........might not be 100% accurate, but looks the part from ten paces with a boat sat on top, lol...And before i started i didn't have an idea as to how long it actually is.........48"...

bigger than one of my lifeboats, as where to put it lol.






Thread: Commodores Challenge
16/05/2021 20:10:02

looking superb Bob.........lovely characteristics of the stern lovingly captured.

Thread: Advice on resin moulded fittings
16/05/2021 19:56:34

how do you want to stick the frames on.........if you have a look at my Tyne class build,pages 36 and 37 you will see that the window frames have been stuck onto the cabin of the Mersey class lifeboat i was restoring for a friend. all of these frames were stuck on with double sided sticky tape.bought from ebay........

and once they are stuck on, they wont come off either.....available in numerous widths, it is superb, and no glue runs at all.

Double Sided Super Sticky Clear Tape Red Strong 5m Craft DIY Roll 3 6 12 25mm | eBay

Thread: Todays Boating
15/05/2021 23:33:03

i only ever had one person say that sort of thing to me, and he was dressed, like his annoying little offspring in a football shirt..........

probably thought he was being clever mouthing off in front of his kid......

and when he said "what do you get out of building a kids toy,"...

i just said..........."keeps me away from people like you"

he just stood there for a few seconds with his chin touching his knees and then walked off............

never been plagued by morons since.

Thread: Liverpool class lifeboat and tractor/carriage build
15/05/2021 22:34:22

back to the carriage....

the 3 different coats have been added today starting this morning with the yellowish filler primer, and then after noon i put on the grey primer, and left to dry with a hot fan blower to warm up the workshop to a nice warm atmosphere before adding the topcoat of Hannerite hammered silver, which actually dries like galvanised steel........

however, unlike the halfords primers which in the warm atmosphere have dried within a couple of hours to repaint, i sprayed the Hammerite at around 18.00 hours, and have just checked it, and it is still slightly tacky,

so will finish spraying the "B" side [underneath] tomorrow once the garrage has gained some warmth, and can then be left untouched for the day








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