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Thread: Members TOP 20
27/06/2008 23:20:00
aww, leave it on for a few more days.vinnie don't know what i've done to be in number two spot, whether good or bad........ but i haven't been that high up in class since junior school in woodwork.. was quite enjoying the
27/06/2008 23:07:00

thankyou Vinnie,,,,,,,,,,,i know my place.

can go to bed now, totally puzzled. nighty night.

27/06/2008 22:58:00
can I ask what all this is simple little brain can't work ouit what is going on, and i really would like to know before i curl my little toes up for the night......
Thread: Clubs near Cardiff
26/06/2008 12:38:00
Jase, I have just sold my large model Moygannon to a lad at the Barry boat club, and by the sound of it he has a very very friendly bunch of lads as members, and apparently they go in for tug towing in quite a bi way. hope this helps.
Thread: RMS Titanic & SS Moygannon
23/06/2008 18:03:00

Moygannon is now sold, but the titanic is still available and I am open to decent offers on the asking price..................just have no room in the loft as the ceiling is giving way?????


Thread: Wanted-Revell snowberry/caldercraft Puffer
22/06/2008 20:06:00
there are plenty of Snowberry's on ebay either built or unbuilt, andusually cheep too.
Thread: books for sale
16/06/2008 19:27:00

due to a clear out the following books are for sale:

clipper ships x Edward Hobbs.....£2.99p; How to make old time Ship Models x Edward Hobbs..........£2.99p;  Don't all kill me in the rush!!

all prices exclude post and package which is about £5.00 per book as all are quite heavy.

Thread: Allergic reaction to super glue
11/06/2008 19:23:00
I have that same problem, Ray. and end up with streaming synuses and a cough. I find that Zap ouderless superglue helps a little  but still have to ware a mask.
Thread: Pocaltair
09/06/2008 20:48:00

It looks lovely Bob.

They had a large scale sale down at Fleetwood at the weekend, and it really was wonderful to see so much coloured sail beating up and down the lake.

well done, neil.

09/06/2008 20:31:00

probably was Bob, I just have a short fuse whn I see someone's pride and joy having a comment made about it, when they have spent so much time and effort on it.

100 lines....... I must learn to be less grumpy and more tolerant!

09/06/2008 20:22:00
Does it really matter??? what matters is that the owner is probably enjoying sailing it............and that's the main point, NOT what flag it flies at it's poop rail.really.
Thread: MK2G2127 (Large).JPG
08/06/2008 15:49:00
It does indeed, Brian.very envious.
Thread: RMS Titanic & SS Moygannon
05/06/2008 19:06:00

I'll swap you the moygannon for the trent?

Oh well I can dream.cheers anyway, Paul.If I don't sell I'll just have to wait for my speedline Tamar.they'll probably be out of date by the time that comes around.

tamars i mean, not adrians kit.


04/06/2008 09:48:00

For sale due to a) never going to get round to building as they are too big and b) I would like to buy the new Speedline Tamar class lifeboat and she who must be obeyed says I can't have another project till I sell some of those cluttering up her loft.So here goes.1) A very large 1:144 scale model semi kit of RMS Titanic.this is unstarted and is the kit supplied by the American conglomerate of model ship builders which contains the grp hull at over 70" length with resin funnels, boats vents and ancilliaries, pluss all the brass etching fittings for other parts.Two cd roms of her build( I presume as I have never watched them) and the complete set of the Robert Hann drawings, supposedly the finest in the world.To help I will throw in the book on modelling the Titanic which I paid £25.00 for.This kit is the ultimate Titanic model and cost me over £1200.00p to import, inc. all customs and Vat costs, and I would like £750 ovno for it.see the pics of her below sat on a king size bed for the size. please excuse my ironing pile........seems to grow on medaily. The second model for sale is the Fleetscale models semi kit of the steam collier SS Moygannon and measures in at 82" long, which is so large you could use it as a canoe.It comes again with grp hull and superstructure, resin quaycraft ships boats, resin winches/windlass and all other resin fittings, plus some white metal ones sucu as davits, ships wheel and brass binnacle, telegraph and ships bell, plus a massive 4 blade propellor, plus has a carbon fibre funnel with brass piping and is crying out for a large steam plant.I saw one of these built at the last Blackpool show and it was stunning.It cost me with the extras over £600.00p and I would be willing to sell for £450.00 ovno, but this one is so large I would have to say pick up from the Blackpool area only.

The postage on Titanic would be about £25.00p, but if someone wanted both boats I would axcept a sensible offer for both and would consider delivery to mainland britain based on a petrol charge of 40mpg both ways.go on you know you want them. Buy it now and you could have Titanic ready for her 100 aniversary.For full pictures of both models please see my gallery. thanks.neil.

Thread: IMG_0030 (2).JPG
02/06/2008 21:31:00
cheers mike, nice of you to say so. neil.
Thread: model lifeboat
02/06/2008 21:19:00
he's a guy called derek bradley lives near Kings Lynn and his phone no. is 01553 829164.cheers,neil.
02/06/2008 17:39:00
Mike, have you seen the advert in the model boats mailbox this month. theres a chappie offering a dvd with 50 photos of Wells mersey lifeboat, for sale.neil.
Thread: IMG_0030 (2).JPG
02/06/2008 17:36:00

Many thanks for that, Mike,

yes, they are built from scratch, to plans given me by the company who manufacture the full size boats,Mike. I built them( well one of them, the yellow one) for the company who builds the real Interceptor boat, called Safehaven Marine.( if you google them) in Cobh, Ireland.the other one( the orange boat) I built for myself and  it was fully radio controlled with bow thruster and twin torpedo 850's running on 12 V.when he saw mine he wanted that  one as well so I left both boats in southern Ireland with him.One has now found its way to the offices of the Cork Harbour Pilot Board, which it represents.

They were lovely boats to buil;d and had a grp hull and superstructure, and all fittings cast in white metal. the rear structure is a mix of white metal and plastics all sprayed up with a chrome paint.

Sadly, yet again I now have sod all to sail this summer.ceste la vie.

Thread: Decaperm 12v Motor
26/05/2008 10:31:00
I ran a 42" fast pilot boat(12"beam ) with 4 blade 50mm brass props on 2 x 850's not so long ago on 12 volt and although the motors got "warm" I didn't feel the need for cooling coils, but each to his /her choice I suppose.
Thread: Fishing nets at 1/24th
24/05/2008 20:15:00
heard nothing more about it.Mick.I think they have their hands full with the (literally) thousands of fleetwood residents that are complaining on a daily basis about the absolutely foul oderous smells that waft over fleetwood all the time from United Utilities ess aight one tee farm that polutes the atmosphere on a grand scale!!
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