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Thread: scale
26/04/2021 23:15:09
Posted by ALAN HARTILL 1 on 26/04/2021 22:08:46:

Can anyone remember many years ago the free plan for the RNLI Tyne class lifeboat? The plan was in the scale of 5/8" to the foot.. Can anyone please tell me if that would of been 1/12 scale? I am having problems making the cabin windows, but have found a set that are in 1/12th scale. Would these be suitable for the Tyne which is 30" long.? Thank you to anyone that can help. Alan Hartill.

as Tim says the Metcalf mouldings ABS vac formed hull which the plans were drawn for is made to 1;20th scale.

I blew them up to help with my build of the Mountfleet models GRP mouldings of the Tyne build i am writing in the build blogg section further down the page. if you have 12th scale frames, they will be much too large, but there is always an open market for 12th scale stuff on ebay.

if you are looking for dedicated lifeboat modelling help, you can always ask on these two facebook sites which as an admin on both, you are most welcome to join too. Those two sites are dedicated solely to building model lifeboats.

(2) RNLI RC LIFEBOATS | Facebook

(2) Model Lifeboats Enthusiasts | Groups | Facebook

hope this helps.

Thread: Liverpool class lifeboat and tractor/carriage build
26/04/2021 19:29:35

well, guys and gals, the CASE L lifeboat tractor is now finished but for the capstain on the "stern" foot plate of the beast......

and to be honest i had mixed emotions when i started whether it would cut muster as i didn't have many photos, but Mick French and Steve Williams to name just two came up with some later in the game, ...........and now i am quite pleased with the outcome.....

i still say it is a "stand off" scale model, but as a unit, with the trailor i have yet to build, plus the Liverpool class lifeboat sat on the trailor, i think it will be fine just as it is..........and whats more, i am happy with it TBH.







25/04/2021 21:14:49

Over the last couple of days i've been addng a drop or two of paint to the tractor.......

First the filler primer,

And then a grey undercoat,

Finally the top coat.

I chose Halfords Vauxhall Royal Blue. I chose this as it is a little darker than the shade of blue used on the lifeboats of that time period.

It looks quite the part after seeing colour photos of these beasts of the time scale........

Heating in the workshop full on now, and hopefully by later tonight I shall be able to put it all together for a look see............small parts will need finishing touches of red,green, silver etc to bring out the little details and the inner wheels painting as well.......without de-tracking it am just wondering how to do that job.but hey ho! I'll figure it out somehow,






Thread: May 2021 Model Boats Mag
25/04/2021 17:44:40

as people have said before, Chris E,.........

if you don't like it..................don't buy it.........simples, but bleeting and whinging about it EVERY SINGLE MONTH is getting just monotinous.........please get a life beyond model boats digital.

i'm sure you must enjoy reading, and a hard copy might suit you better, even if you do have to wait a little longer to read it.............

as i said earlier...........

patience is a virtue.

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 25/04/2021 17:46:40

Thread: Mountfield Highlander Clyde Puffer
25/04/2021 12:17:43

thats alright Derek..........we are all allowed a small brain fart now and then.............i make them regularly.....

we all knew what it was mate.

good luck with the sale.

Thread: May 2021 Model Boats Mag
25/04/2021 12:13:25

"I could go on, but I'd rather be building a model."

a great phylisophy would be so much nicer and kinder without constant whinging as some sadly do.

i like your statement of fact. .

Thread: Commodores Challenge
24/04/2021 21:56:20

its a while since i looked in on this one..............but she is coming on beautifully Bob.........

i'll spend more time watching it from now on.

Thread: May 2021 Model Boats Mag
24/04/2021 21:41:25
Posted by Chris E on 23/04/2021 20:58:34:

So it is just the digital issue that isn't available yet.

patience is a virtue.......have faith.

Thread: Liverpool class lifeboat and tractor/carriage build
23/04/2021 20:11:49

before i do any spraying of the tractor, i had to "treat" the wooden parts of the fabrication to a few coats of celulose sanding sealer........

errrr, ten coats in fact to give a good base to any paint onto timber.......luckily in a warm atmosphere each coat only takes about 10 - 15 minutes to go hard, and layer after layer increases the hardness of the skin that is formed............

an old trick from my teaching days, and it used to teach kids a little about patience and perseverance in the final finishing process.

the final layer will then be rubbed down tomorrow prior to painting with a soft fine wire wool.





22/04/2021 19:16:00

rear reflecters and rear facing spot lamp added, and the main traction unit masked off ready for spraying




22/04/2021 15:54:40
Posted by Bob Abell on 22/04/2021 08:36:33:

A good name for you, Neil........Plastic Man

Your plastic items are very nicely made, I`m really impressed.

Have you based the Tractor on the real thing?


thank you Bob.....its far easier to prepare for painting, and needs little rubbing down....and sticks together almost immediately.

and yes, the tractor is based on the CASE L loosely........its basically a toy to play with, and so wanted to make it look similar, but needing it to be radio controlled so needed to modify certain areas to allow the fitting of motors, and at only 8" long body wise with only 2" x 2" x 2" to put any radio gear into i am very restricted in space.


21/04/2021 21:30:47

i have been doing a little detailing to the "tank" over the last 48 hours......

the seat attached to the gear box cover,

the front towing hook turned on the lathe, bent and then silver soldered to a backing plate and added to the front cage of the beast.

then adding the steering wheel and gear and brake leavers in the "cockpit" area.






20/04/2021 19:19:39

i needed a seat so mixed some milliput white,

and made one...........its now on the radiator for a couple or so hours before i can sand it to shape.


20/04/2021 00:25:23

the mesh grill has now been added to the radiator.


and some eagle eyed amongst you that are watching this build might be wondering why i have drilled a load of holes under the main cockpit walls and floor..... its not part of the is for air circulation. i asked the vendor of the two esc's that i had bought whether they would be capable of the task of propelling the tractor, 36" trailor and boat, if i put them into the small box inside the cockpit......... he advised me to set up an airflow in the area where they are to be placed, and si, the holes in this area.............tomorrow i will get round to drilling similar holes in the box cover........the model wont get used a great deal, but i hope this will be sufficient. if not, i'll put a little computor fan inside the cover to cool it all down.


19/04/2021 23:00:39

over the last couple of days i have been adding little bits and pieces, but today got the chance with friends from the preservation society who own the tractor and old lifeboat to uncover it.

i managed to get down to Blackpool this afternoon, and Steve Williams and Brian Sykes were more than happy to take the tarpaulins from the Case Tractor for me to photograph.

as luck would have it on guess work i had not done too badly and all major parts were in the right place, although not quite as per real item.

and so i ploughed on this evening, making the engine instrument pannel box situated on the end of the fuel tank, i made the top half of the gear box from obeche and made the rear frame and towing "hook",...........and before anyone castigates my measurements, the cut out rectangle in the mid platform IS supposed to be off centre. and i believe although wait for Steve Williams to correct me, there is a sheild located inside the cut away which i think maybe a guide for rope to the capstain which is located where the crew man is standing at the moment.











Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 19/04/2021 23:06:46

19/04/2021 22:57:44

TBH Ashley, there is nowhere i could actually launch it in any sort of water around where i live or natural waters.................all concrete with either a foot drop or a walled pond to the water, so i doubt it will ever get used in "anger" lol.........just an exercise really to see if i could turn my hand to building one.

18/04/2021 17:09:12
Posted by ashley needham on 17/04/2021 17:43:10:

Very interesting Neil. Obviously you intend to drive the tractor/trailer/lifeboat into the water and launch??

Goes without saying of course.


going to try, eventually Ashley............but as yet havent given thought as to how to make the engines watertight, nor the tilting table on the carriage..............but it shall be just a dry runner until i do.

18/04/2021 17:06:40
Posted by Eddie Lancaster on 17/04/2021 15:39:10:

To heck with the wheels and track I like the paw print background laugh.


comandered the dogs blanket for a soft gropnd lol, eddie. makes me feel warm all over.

17/04/2021 15:56:08

but before these wheels and tracks had arrived, i had built up the step at the reat end that will have a capstain attached to it plus other detailing, and had also built up the front end from whick will be attached the towing bars and hooks.

Then i built up the floor of the base to take a false floor that covers the screws and bolts holding the wheels and frame together.

finally for this part i made the false floor with combings to keep it in place on the base plate, using pieces of plastic, whilst cutting out the recess for the engine.

next will be to build up the engine cover and body work if the tractor, but that will meen a visit to the actual tractor in Blackpool.









17/04/2021 15:30:07

just when i thought that i could relax a little............these came through this morning fom China.............the tracks and wheels for the carriage for my Liverpool class lifeboat.


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