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Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
28/10/2020 23:06:33

BACK to the Tyne for a little while, and today received photos from my friend Dave Stavros Jones in Wales.

he has amongst other jobs been getting ready to spray my Tyne lifeboat, and today sent me the following photos and write up as to what he has done.

"Wey hey lets get rocking and rolling on this one at last,

well i decided first thing to do was to clear the workshop and ill be honest it took 4 hours to do....yes i\ am a mucky bugger lol

First job was to degrease the hull before rubbing down dry with 180 grit dry even though Neil had been rubbing down himself but there were pencil marks finger prints everywhere. After being rubbed down and blown off it was degreased again and tack ragged prior to priming.

High build primer was sprayed all over the hull and superstructure...I initially sprayed the hull upside down prior to giving it flying lessons so to speak so i could make sure I got 100% coverage of the hull,

the cabins were sprayed on the workbench which had been covered up to minimize dust with brown paper...Nowt but the best for Neil.






Thread: Machine Tools
24/10/2020 13:39:17
Posted by Dave Cooper 6 on 24/10/2020 11:37:04:

Hi Both

Neil : That tool looks very useful indeed - I'll look out for one. I bet you need a good pair of protective gloves just in case...

Regards, Dave

not at all Dave.…….it is as docile as a normal sander...heavy, well built, powerful but is so easy to use my daughter who does a bit of resto woodwork when home from uni, finds it a delight to use.....because it is sonic it vibrates rather than cuts in a circular motion like ordinary sanders, and in doing so, if your skin gets in the way, it just vibrates the skin, not cutting it...…..

I really do recommend them...… can buy cheaper sonic tools similar, and not as heavy, but this came with a load of extra tools when I bought there was no argument. i bought it.

24/10/2020 01:27:15

I BOUGHT THIS TOOL some years ago when I saw it on one of these drop value auction sites, and got it for around 70 quid with all the additional tools.

I wanted to use it for fitting a bathroom door and stud wall in my house, but using one of the diamond encrusted heads, I can cut through, shape, grind or virtually any type of shaping on my models.

I don't use it often, but when needed, it is a multi tool that can do a lot of jobs that the bigger tools are limited at...…….and if I link it to my lathe, I can get amazingly intricate shapes.

I wouldn't be without it.

a superb tool.

Thread: new lifeboat modellers forum
18/10/2020 19:29:26
Posted by Ray Wood 2 on 18/10/2020 16:56:13:

Hi Neil,

Yes there is one Watson Class 41 I'm interested as Rosa Wood & Phyllis Lunn, which took part in the Dunkirk evacuation, converted to a cruiser later as Dowager, she is down the road from me in the Medway and looking un-loved and in need of a rich owner as she is advertised for £35k maybe I need to build a model of her before she is lost.

Regards Ray

we had Rosa Woode and Phyllis Lunn at Fleetwood on numerous occasions whilst she was in the reserve fleet...……..I remember her name as a young lad, as if you got to the station early enough you could volunteer to polish the brass work, and the mechanic would treat you to a bottle of pop...….great days.

18/10/2020 19:24:11

winklaughsmiley..very good Colin...…….very dry, probs. cheers for trying.

18/10/2020 18:39:38

you can buy a kit of her sister boat ANN Letitia Russell from Dave Metcalf.

she is one that I designed as a kit in 1995 and sold very well for Dave over the last 23 years he has owned the rights to manufacture and sell. she is a 41' none self righting Watson.....this is daves show boat....

but although it is right way round in my folder and have rotated it twice to get it right way round here it is still coming out upside down..........good model to build, and great sailing model too.

colin, could you please work your magic on it. thank you.

dave44s boat.jpg

18/10/2020 16:22:55

your choice Ray, but the concept came from the fact that the build blogs on other forums was stifled by just Shannon builds, and as such, those interested in lifeboats and if you were to join the forum you would see that there are listed 18 different classes YES 18 classes, and within those 18 classes there are multiple choices within that class, it is for lifeboat modellers, who, like myself these days, no longer diversify into other types of model, but just concentrate my knowledge on lifeboats.

and with 18 different classes, with multiple choices within those, o don't think I and others will ever get bored.

posting on Facebook is so fragmented that we needed a home for model lifeboaters, and that is what we now have, thanks to the perseverance of one man. Dave Stavros jones...……...and he should be applauded for his tenacity, time and private expense in setting it up for people like us geek lifeboat builders,

just to point out that within that one class...Watsons, there are over 13 different types of Watson lifeboat, in Barnet 5 different arrangements...……..a lot to go at.



Thread: working rigging blocks
11/10/2020 21:33:19

sometimes they come up on ebay by a good seller called "neerash", otherwise, although not brass inserts a man on the internet called "mastman" sells 3D printed single and double blocks.

I used them on my motor sailor lifeboat.img_4906.jpg

Thread: new lifeboat modellers forum
11/10/2020 20:34:51

today [well late last night actually] a new forum [not facebook] went on line, purely to give a designated home to lifeboat modellers of all classes within present and past RNLI lifeboats.

you are welcome to join and read and browse, but posts are literally for lifeboat models.

enjoy your stay should you be interested.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
02/10/2020 17:25:34

and these are some of the fittings I have made, two at a time, sometimes such as the hatches, six at a time, lol.





02/10/2020 17:22:29

I haven't been idle whilst my Tyne class lifeboat has been in Wales awaiting some coats of paint,....not in the slightest.

I was asked by my friend Stavros if I could look at the fittings he had been given with a model Mersey that he was going to paint for a mutual friend Mick French, and also one that Mick had given him [of the same class of lifeboat, a Mersey] for painting his boat for him, and if any needed replacing could I "do something about them".

well, to be honest, but not too harsh, the white metal fittings for one boat were ok, but the "scratch built" fittings for the other, were on the very edge of being unusual because of lack of detailing on them, and built as stand off scale at the best, at worst, a waste bin calls for them.

and so, I have been left making new sets of fittings, plus all stanchion soldering for both boats...…….plus rebuilding the aft end of both cabins to correct specification.

it is, honestly, as easy to make two sets of fittings and working parts, as it is just to make one set...….

so below are some photos of what I have been doing since I stopped the build on the Tyne...….may as well be doing something, as sat idle doing nothing and getting bored. lol.




Thread: making rudders
02/10/2020 16:47:37

steven, have a look at my build thread here, page 1/2 where I show the building of my purpose shaped rudders for a lifeboat.

I have used this method of fabricating rudders of all shapes and sizes of different types of models, trawlers, tugs lifeboats and warships over the years and they are cheap to make, and never fail can make any rudder to your own needs, and easier than spending time soldering......easy to maintain too.

Thread: 1/32 Mountfleet Models Sir Lancelot
23/09/2020 01:04:42

i think you'll find that your armed trawler is 1;32 scale, not 1;48th.

but they make great sailing models,

I have built the St Nectan, much modified, and she sailed beautifully.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
15/09/2020 18:31:01

model boats have been swapped ready for work done on a friends boat in return for mine being sprayed. I shall not get mine back now until November when my friend comes up to Blackpool for a mid week break.

however I will be doing some casting of fittings for them so will pop on from time to time, but will not be putting a progress report on of the model I am working on in reply to mine being painted...……..

see no point as they are different types of lifeboat, and I'll get confused, never mind anyone else. lol.

08/09/2020 16:14:58

That's when i get the painted boat back Bob, then I have to built all the bits on to it get the lights in, inner cabin built and then motors and all electronics inside, lol...….

i just have to be patient lol.

08/09/2020 15:51:25

WELL, the time is finally here,

my baby is ready, arrangements have been made, and I am meeting my mate Dave Stavros Jones on Sunday at New Brighton boating lake,

we will be exchanging a Mersey from Dave, for my Tyne model, so that I can do some work for him, and he is going to lavish my lifeboat with numerous coats of primer, rubbing down and 2 pack top coats of red, blue and orange!

and so the next time I see her will probably be in November.

looking forward to that day as she will look totally different to what she looks like now as I say goodbye.






05/09/2020 20:33:36

as I am building a model of our own lifeboat at Fleetwood I want to try and get the model as close as can be to our old boat.

one of the little quirks is a cut out in the top of the superstructure on the port site...…..

I don't know what purpose it serves, as all I can see is a DF aerial set into it, and yet all other aerials on the boat are just set onto the roof of the cabin.

I have also noticed that this same cut out is on some of the class but not on others as far as I can see.

I cut out the top, filed it to shape including the curved corner on the rear straight, but 90 degree angle on the forward "wall"





05/09/2020 15:55:44

the main mast for the TYNE is now structurally complete with the brackets fitted to support the top ends to the hydraulic rams that raise and lower the mast.

however,. I will NOT be motorising it as a special effect....too much hassle for the small WOW!! effect that it might bring...……….lights will be good enough for my lack of electrical capacity, lol.

the mast can now be separated from the main cabin and painted and eventually wired up for the lighting.

the cabin and hull are ready for going to Dave Stavros Jones when he is available to meet, and I will get on with some casting of fittings for my boat's fittings.





Thread: FREE Bespoke Model of WWII HMS Diamond
05/09/2020 15:50:47

I am amazed that no one as yet has jumped at the chance...……… is a lovely looking model, and well detailed.

Not my kind of model, as unfortunately where I sail on Fleetwood's salt water lake, which is as rough as the proverbial dogs bum it would be sunk in minutes...……….

but c'mon people, a wonderful offer and a chance to own a lovely model whilse making a decent contribution to the RNLI.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
04/09/2020 21:09:18

just my computer screen Bob...……..nothing MI6 or anything like that lol.

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